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Dear Edi,

Your email found me buried in paperwork plans, reports, deadlines so I was a bit late in replying
back to you. The beginning and end of every school year are annual festivals and orgies of
bureaucracy. Nothing has changed in paperwork, as you say, since the times of those who carved
imperial decrees on stone tablets.

We have had the golden and yellow fall since July. I hope that the Lucifer heatwave is history. The
house of Topalovi survived! The soybean yield is fantastic 7mc instead of 22, which is the average
value. The corn seems to have survived we will find out as soon as we have harvest. Maa is fine;
she walks steadily and sometimes runs, but she moves her legs off her body.

You asked me about Pupin's autobiography. You will find it if you follow the links I am sending to you.
Tell Tereza to order it. It is her duty in your house.

When I wanted to get Pupin and Tesla books for you, I asked Ljubia to order them when he went to
the USA. And Lj ordered both books, took them and brough to Serbia and sent them by post to me.
So I gave you the books that arrived from America!

I hope you have your copy and that you want to give another to someone else.

I am sending you the link for every available Pupin book in English. Some of them have already been
used, so you will enjoy them more. Some were printed in 1927. Marvelous!

We could chat soon. Say hello to all good people up in the mountains.