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Dear Teresa,

Serbian-style cabbage salad can be made easily the trick is that you should feel how much spice
you need to add.

Most importantly, cabbage should be cut into thin strips keep changing the angle until you get thin
strips. First (before you start cutting into thin strips), chop the cabbage in two.

Add some salt to the sliced cabbage and knead it gently. The cabbage will release its juice. Add some
oil and vinegar if you wish. It depends on the quantity. You may add some pepper, but just a little.

Please send me a recipe for kajmak. I am not sure if you found the right recipe/specialty. You need
a huge amount of milk in order to get 0.5 kg (about 1.1 lbs) of kajmak. If you just say cream for
kajmak, it does not mean much.