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1 Identify and demonstrate understanding of the purposes of operating system

Is software that manages hardware and software resources and affords common services for
computer programs. The operating system is an indispensable element of the system software
in a computer system. A huge application programs generally need an operating system to
function properly.

1.2 What different between batch system, real-time system, multi-tasking system

Batch system: were created to minimize responses time between the operators to machine. It mean the
system do the same operation most of the time without any external aid. An example of a batch system
is when a device (Meganac) processes huge E-Commerce transactions and them sends them out to the
bank all results at once rather than individually.

Real-time system: Is a system that uses to control instantly events, such as industrial systems and
networking devices (Routers, Switches, firewalls). An example of Real-time system is when an
administrator has to apply a new policy on the main configuration of a firewall. This policy it will be
applied instantly without interruption of the main running services.

Multitasking system: is capable to do multiple tasks at the same time with the main hardware. An
example for that is when it using virtualization software. It will allow having more than two operation
systems working at the same time and using same hardware resources.

1.3 Compare and contrast different operating systems and their features

Common features of Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux are that provide application programs to allow
using and easily interaction with the main OS interface. It means that give huge visual tools to be used
for beginners and experts in IT. Furthermore, these have compatibility with huge manufactures of
peripherals. In addition, nowadays there are e-communities that are providing information about the
most common issues related to these OPs.

Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux have common features; however these OPs have huge things in
contrast. An example for this is, OS Mac costs even more than Windows that is the reason which
enterprises prefer to use Windows. In addition, Windows training is cheaper than Mac and Linux
training. On the other hand, GNU/Linux needs less hardware resources to run properly than Mac OS and

1.4 Search about the basic functions of operating system, including file system, memory
management, process scheduling (300 words)

1.5 How to manage virtual memory