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Facilities Management Software

BEIMS is Australias premier facilities management software for

powerful, flexible and easy to use solutions.

T he maintenance of built assets and associated

facilities and equipment is generally supported by
systems referred to as Facilities Management Systems
Benefits and features of BEIMS:
99Effectively manage all types of maintenance,
(FMS), Computerised Maintenance Management both planned and unplanned through utilising
Systems (CMMS), Maintenance Systems or Asset a comprehensive and fully integrated asset
Management Systems. register.
BEIMS is Australias premier facilities management 99Comprehensive libraries to meet legislative
system that has been the FMS of choice for leading and regulatory requirements for the built
organisations in Australia and New Zealand since 1989.
BEIMS is the system of choice for any organisation
environment in Australia and New Zealand.
for whom efficiency and safety is as important 99Integration with most major Financial, ERP
as the requirement to maintain comprehensive
and other systems to provide reliable, timely
maintenance records at all times.
and easy to manage total work flow solutions.
Our clients include some of 99Minimises data entry, and speeds up
Australias & New Zealands reporting of costs and provides timely
most prestigious organisations. management reporting.

Our list of clients also includes: 99Extensive operational and financial reporting
Hospitals and regional health care providers on all types of work, assets and costs.
Retirement villages and aged care providers
Higher Education institutions and schools 99Rapid, professional implementation, training
Places of public entertainment including casinos, and support by qualified and experienced staff.
sports centres and entertainment centres
Community care providers
99BEIMS is an excellent, proven Facilities
Public housing Management System that can be readily
High-value commercial and residential buildings expanded through an extensive range of
Facilities Management companies options to ensure the system supports different
organisations operational and management
99BEIMS is a very reliable and well supported
system that provides an excellent Return on
Investment (ROI).
At the heart of the BEIMS System lies Core BEIMS.
A ll our clients who require a FM system, whether they are small, single site operations
or widely spread national organisations, use Core BEIMS. Core BEIMS is a proven,
reliable and very practical system that will ensure you have the information needed
to efficiently manage your facilities at all times. Core BEIMS is augmented by an
extensive selection of options to ensure that the most effective delivery mechanisms
and technologies that suit your organisation are used. A list of these options (or
additional modules) appear in the following pages of this brochure. This page contains
the components of Core BEIMS.

Core BEIMS Functional Overview

Asset Management Information Setup
The BEIMS asset register is a comprehensive, flexible, BEIMS is a flexible system that is easy to configure.
asset register that can accommodate any type of asset, This puts control of the system in the hands of the
keep comprehensive asset maintenance histories and nominated BEIMS administrator and does not require
comprehensive asset financials. The BEIMS asset expensive consultants should expansions and
register is considered to be superior to those in many changes be required.
larger, more expensive Financial/ERP systems.
Enterprise Reporting
Maintenance Management The BEIMS Report Launcher provides
Using the customizable BEIMS Work Orders (that have authorized users an extensive choice of
made BEIMS a market leader) any type of work can parameters for over 200 standard reports c o v e r i n g
be recorded, issued, tracked and costed. The BEIMS all aspects of maintenance and asset management.
Work Orders system has been finely tuned over Customised reports can also be created from
many years of operations and is one of the within BEIMS using Crystal Reports. BEIMS also
most effective and practical system available allows data to be extracted directly from Excel by
anywhere. Together with the BEIMS Asset authorised users.
Register it forms the heart of the BEIMS The BEIMS Supervisor Dashboard provides real-
system. time feedback of BEIMS Work Orders to supervisors
Planned Maintenance System (PMS) and managers.
BEIMS provides a flexible and visual, calendar-based The BEIMS Corporate Dashboard provides real-
planned maintenance system that can be set up time reporting of the overall performance of the
quickly for an organisations assets. Any type of task maintenance operations for senior management.
can be planned against an asset. The BEIMS PM
system, when combined with other asset information
Document Linking
and a history of maintenance, provides a powerful Electronic documents such as contracts, photos,
aide for asset life-cycle and replacement decisions. measurements, spreadsheets, maps or manuals can
be linked to elements within BEIMS for easy viewing.
Cost Control
BEIMS Cost Control function effectively records all
costs associated with Work Orders including labour Core BEIMS uses an ODBC compliant client-server
costs, purchases, invoices and stores cost to give architecture to ensure maximum security and
you a total history of commitments and costs. The performance. Core BEIMS is enhanced by .NET and
invoice entry and purchase entry functions are highly web-based options to ensure it is flexible, easily
streamlined and superior to those found in large distributable and scalable. BEIMS is supported on
financial/ERP systems. MS SQL Servers and Oracle databases. BEIMS uses
industry standard components with low infrastructure
and minimal IT support requirements.
Fully integrate with BEIMS modules for advanced functionality
B y selecting those options that best fit your management style, BEIMS can deliver the optimal solution at
affordable costs to your organisation.

BEIMSWeb BEIMS Task Library

An easy to use, web-based facility to allow requests Our experienced consultants have
for any type of service to be submitted via a web assembled an extensive library of
browser. BEIMSWeb is easy to setup and has been maintenance requirements to meet
used effectively by hundreds of thousands of persons statutory and regulatory standards for
in hospitals, aged care villages, universities, places the occupancy of buildings in all states
of entertainment and many other organisations to and territories in Australia and New
request maintenance and other services. Its ease Zealand. Using the BEIMS Task Library will ensure a
of use and excellent feedback options through the rapid and comprehensive set up of maintenance plans
web and by email has helped improve relationships for all of your buildings and associated equipment.
between requestors and those needing to respond to
the requests.
BEIMS Help Desk
A customizable module that is ideal for sites where
ContractorWeb.NET requests are primarily made by telephone such as in
ContractorWeb.NET streamlines interaction with a call centre for maintenance. The BEIMS Help Desk
contractors, allowing them to retrieve and allows the rapid entry of data to raise a Work Order,
manage their Work Orders via the web. provide automated email (or web) feedback and
ContractorWeb.NET is ideal for contracting keep track of any follow-ups that are required.
companies and work teams who work out
of a depot and need to be on the move.
Finance Agent
Work Orders can be viewed and updated from work A bi-directional data exchange mechanism that
stations, iPads, iPhones, Android devices and other automates the exchange of data between BEIMS
mobile devices. and most major Financial/ERP systems. The BEIMS
Finance Agent is both configurable (for rapid and
Contracts Management System (CMS) standardized set up) and customizable (where
The CMS enhances the basic contracts management specific business rules are imperative).
features for assets in core BEIMS. The CMS provides
a single point to manage any type of contract and When implemented with the BEIMS Advanced
provides rapid access to all sites, assets, tasks and Work Financials option, the Finance Agent provides full
Orders undertaken or planned under the contract. financial asset management capabilities which are
Automated alerts will ensure contract renewals can superior to those found in most larger, more costly,
be scheduled in a timely manner. Financial/ERP systems.
A sophisticated software filter that provides the BEIMS Advanced Purchasing
ability to operate multiple semi-autonomous entities Core BEIMS includes the ability to enter purchase
such as companies, hospitals in a network, different order (PO) information and also raise purchase orders
campuses, or different business streams in the one to support BEIMS Work Orders. The BEIMS Advanced
BEIMS database. Implementing BEIMS DOMAINS can Purchasing module provides a full purchasing module
greatly increase the overall flexibility and security of to allow the raising of purchase orders for any goods
managing maintenance and assets in large or services (they do not have to be related to Work
and/or complex organisations. Orders). This module includes the ability to specify
multiple receiving points and the partial or full
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Fully integrate with BEIMS modules for advanced functionality
B y selecting those options that best fit your management style, BEIMS can deliver the optimal solution at
affordable costs to your organisation.

BEIMS Advanced Purchasing (cont.) entered directly. The BCA is ideal for long term capital
works planning.
receipting of goods. Where relevant, purchase order
information also links to Work Order information. pocketBEIMS
Departmental Asset Register (DAR) A variety of modules that greatly improve the mobility
and reliability of issuing and collecting data for
The BEIMS DAR allows the responsibility for
maintenance staff who are required to be mobile,
the maintenance of asset information to be
especially those in remote, restricted or harsh work
devolved to departments or cost centres who
environments. Designed to work with any Personal
can access it using a web browser. The DAR
Digital Assistant (PDA) running the Windows
allows those responsible to stocktake their
Mobile operating system, pocketBEIMS can
assets and initiate asset transfers.
significantly improve the reliability and productivity of
Materials Management System (MMS) your maintenance staff.
The BEIMS MMS is a comprehensive and very effective pocketBEIMS includes modules for:
system to help manage stores and inventories based Work Orders* - receive, assign, update and complete
on a catalogue. It includes sophisticated re-order Work Orders in online or offline mode.
calculations based on min-, max-, usage rates and lead Asset Collections set up user defined
times to help optimise stock levels, overall stores and asset collection profiles to collect or
supply efficiency. The BEIMS MMS will fully integrate update asset information while in
with BEIMS Work Orders so that costs for parts used the field.
from stores are automatically updated as are stock Asset Stocktake stocktake your
levels for both issues and returns. distributed assets. This is a powerful
Visitor Registration System (VRS) tool when used in conjunction with the BEIMS
The BEIMS VRS enables the registration and monitoring Departmental Asset Register as it ensures that all
of visitors, especially contractors, on a site. Contractors parts of a large organisation can take full responsibility
can have their site induction records set up to ensure for their assets.
they are approved to work on site. Items can be Remote Request submit requests for services
issued to contractors and recorded. Contractors can securely from anywhere while on the move. Get
self-sign on and off using their identity cards or can be feedback on progress via the web or by email.
registered by reception or security. Signing off can be Space Audit carry out an audit of building, floor
effected at different stations thus improving flexibility and room numbering and nomenclature.
of monitoring on large open campuses. Records are *Also available on iPhones and iPads.

automatically kept of visits and other information. BEIMS Tools

Building Condition Assessment (BCA) BEIMS is supported by an extensive range of utilities to
The BCA is a web-based module that allows the help load data such as Assets, Planned Maintenance
condition and other criteria to be collected and stored schedules and many BEIMS tables. This greatly speeds
against buildings and all their constituent elements. A up setting up and implementing BEIMS and the
number of different assessment schemes can be used transfer of data from other systems. Various tools are
and data can be loaded in bulk via spreadsheets or also available to make global database changes and to
monitor the performance of your system.

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