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People in lack state dream of being a millionare

Take one sense and love the energy flow of money

Follow own residence and excitement

You gotta have a leap of faith

You will have to face your beliefs

Once you break through your beliefs and get faith, it builds up

Take a leap of faith

Quantum Leaps- people who dont give a shit anymore and just do it

Start feeling it as your seeing it

You must be playful with the feeling, but if you become too serious and hoping than you ruin it

You must continue to do what you do and no insistence on the outcome

And you visualize it

You gotta be constantly generous with your money and learn to give

*I am where I am* means

Whatever you offer vibrationally is the least resistance

Mantra for money negativity: Say it out loud when you feel bad about money and say it multiple times a
day. , money does not exist apart from me, literally

Money waiting; there is no money apart from me, literally say this

Dont say im waiting for the money

The money flow depends on you

there is no money apart from my decisions mantra

Dont put money as circumstance of thing you want

Bliss can be peaceful and doesnt have to be completely crazy

Witness the obstacle and turn 180 and see if your fenced in is the fence within awareness?

If in state of sick and tired; dont go into negativity and use it as a energy source to break all bad beliefs

You need to love (choose to accept unconditional love)

The more you find the vibrational feeling; the more successful youll be at manifesting

Amplify the feeling of being

Unconditional Abundance- getting the feeling of abundance before you have the actual thing

*15:50 Abraham Hicks , The art to manifest big money - powerful segment

You must make money into feelings of prosperity

You get into the feeling first and then do what ya got to do

8:24 - "get happy and stay there and good things will come to you

Find alignment than act

Ex: If someone has to win it might as well be me

Attitude: excitement and wonderment on what the universe is bringing me

Find something to think about that has numbers 12:30

You have to work your thoughts around until you find the good feeling

6:00- you work other peoples behavior around in your mind

*8:40- care about how you feel

Sloppy thinking makes big time flops

Expectation- desire and belief in the same place

You just expect money to come to me

If you can just say; whats the feeling Im reaching for; youll get what you want

Say its always satisfying when thinking about the feeling of what ya want, instead of thinking perfect

The path to least resistance is anything that is good for you

Do a vibrational warm-up befe eating; come into alignment with food for 15 mins for 30 days

Ex: tonight I am in a wonderful environment related to food

Be grateful for the food and other things before you eat.

Make a decision and take the resistance out of the equation

I want a million dollars and want a way that is comfortable to me

When you talk about what you want and why positily; it helps

Take subject you dont care for but twist it to a better feeling and to what you want instead.

*5:40 my body reposnds to my thoughts and my thoughts feel good to me

My inner being is appreciative of my body

Start focusing on vibration, not money

You wanna have conversations on how life feels!

Ex: Life feels great and abundant. I feel ease; confident, alive, free

I feel connected to my inner being

Stop talking about money altogether when it feels bad

You gotta find flow; stop talking about money! 10:20

You must look at other aspects of your life and practice the vibration till it shifts

Maintain vibrational alignment; this matters the most regardless of the subject

The things you want and havent got just let them go

Just Think of being happy

The things that matter most dont exactly make you happy

Sustaining your vibration is key

Let how you feel be more important; when you decide that how you feel matters to you and catch them
and into what feels good, itll help with manifestation awareness.

When you hold back with negative thoughts; it works against you

Every negative emotion holds you back

Habit of thought affects you

When you feel someone has wronged you, feel lack, someone is bad; the source will never go to you

The art of allowing and understanding is to be

Negative emotion is you not keeping up with you

The better you feel, the more you say yes; the worse you feel, the more you say no

Being happy means you are on the right track; feeling good is a great indicator
You have to quantify your journey; you must leave all the negative comments out of the equation

The quest is to always to feel better and feel better

Source answers what you ask, it becomes it as well

You must become vibrationally up to speed with what you become

Ideal experience is to not have a huge vibrational gap

Dont focus on lack, focus on what ya would want- thats how you close the gap

1. You will always be living life in the gap

2. You cannot get it wrong because it is never done

You gotta make a decision on how you feel and have everyones opinions mean little to you

Its better to be quiet when out of alignment

Sometimes not talking about it doesnt stop your momentum

You dont need the conditions to cause change in your life

The resolution your looking for is the feeling

When you can control how you feel, itll help you to gain whatever it is you want

Source is unconditional

You have to be unconditional in your feelings

Money Vbration cleaning method

Say no wild goose chase

Your higher self is having to call you through your beliefs is why its dull vibration

You must stay overly optimistic

I am satisfied where I am and so eager for whats next!- you can use this

Success is about closing the gap of feelings

The real jackpot is alignment

No doubt in law of attraction; just think about things you feel good about and its all about timing; which
is about alignment

Your work is to not apply more effort in energy flow

Must eliminate doubt

Strong desire and strong resistance defeats the purpose

Only thing that matters is how you feel with your vortex

Get off the subject to make the resistance less on what ya want

Talk about endless goods coming to you

You could let a feeling of freedom in; feeling free that you are your own master

Itll help you with the feeling/ vibration of prosperity

Hope is full of resistance and it has I want this but feeling

For 30 days

-withdraw from reality as much as you can and explore the resources of your vortex

-fire up imagination

Think in terms of vibrational reality

Appreciate everything

Manifestation Steps

1. Ask
2. Alignment
3. Feeling Good
4. Absence

Start practicing yourself into alignment

Say everyday: my financial success doesnt require hard work

There is no shortage of money or time

The better my story gets, the better my life gets

Your instantly manifesting with the vibration you got

The better it feels, the more specific

What ya think and how you feel always match

When you appreciate, you guide the thought

Point of reception

The universe revolves around you

Most often; the children reflect the beliefs of the parents

You gotta find the frequency and practice around with it

The universe responds to what you mean, not what you say

You cant be responsible to the vortex and responsible to your reality at the same time; you gotta pick

Having debt doesnt mean squat to the Vortex

Have inside the Vortex conversations instead

Get in the Vortex and make it personal

As long as you see the debt as a investment to the vortex; itll help

If you can look at debt as a game rather than a burden,

Get a column pad and write down the dept and make it into a game of watching it shrink

The universe doesnt know what your vibration is about regardless of situation

The more you lighten up, the more the universe is responsive

You want to convince you have a cooperate universe

19;00 focus wheel video

Take the vibrational vortex

Envision a big circle which is you in the vortex;

I said to the universe; I want $100,000 and in a way that will make me laugh and is so ridiculous that it
shows the law of attraction works

1. State a condition for a win

You can open the vortex in a odd way

Abraham Hicks ~ I just won Lottery ! Video*

The universe knows the perfect timing of all things

I want something amazing to happen to me my final drill that will make me feel happy and free last drill
You must move into the vibrational state of expecting good things

Must practice vibrations!!!

Ex: I am so tired of being deprived of the things I wanna do

If you can accept its natural that life

Its all about alignment, not money

I so adore my freedom to create because of the fluidity of abundance that moves in and out of my

Im allowing more and more fun into my life

You must be able to shift vibrations without the thing you want already there

If something is negative; smile and end it

When you start saying this is Being fun, your molding

The creation of life is the joyful experience; you are the subject of your creation

Everything gravitates towards the whole sum of your vibration

Dont kill your thoughts with your doubt

Your emotions are that relationship

If you can act in vibration with something you want that ya dont have; itll be strong

You have to be in a place of clear view for the universe to work for you

Find things that feel good and focus on them

If you relax and remind yourself who you are and reach for thoughts of appreciation, youll get back into
a vibration of appreciation

If you can be patient; things move faster in manifestation

Take the path of least resistance

You decide early in the day the vibration of least resistance

Things manifest in the vortex

Its an incredible experience to have manifested $100,000

Wither it comes from the lottery or etc, is not our work to figure out on how money will come to us and
find the vibrational feeling to it
Relax and feel the feeling towards it

A feeling of wanting but not having is self defeating

Amplify the well being of already having


1. Ask
2. Source will answer
3. You gotta become a vibrational match of what you are asking for/ remove resistance
4. Have a feeling of abundance before the abundance comes

Spend a month thinking of what you want and what the feeling is of getting what it is you want

Ex: The reason I chose something big is because it shows im in alignment

Its my alignment I seek

Before you win; your joy, apprecitation, happiness is indication of alignment!!



The not being of there halts the manifestation process

When you are on the sources opinion of you; its what clarity feels on

That was than this is now; phrase to use throughout the day on something negative

How to Get rid of resistance; focus on feeling of least resistance

*we dont assume everything is small, its all incremental

Gotta stop justifying reasons why things are arent going your way

Stop comparing your life to others

Solar Plexus translates emotions on how on point or off point you are.

Your allowed to have negative emotion; only in being deliberate is satisfaction

When you open your connection between you and you, the clarity and point of attraction is increased

1. Ask
2. Answer vibrationally/ source
3. Meditate; you ready the source of being ready
When your not thinking your own thoughts, thats your higher self

You want to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready

Source energy is at a vibrational level

When you quiet your mind, you allow souce energy to flow to everything you want

Meditate, reach happy thoughts, follow thoughts, live happily ever after

Stop nit picking on HOW youll get happiness

If you can be satisfied with Happiness now, things will come

You can feel better anyway,


Adjust your vibration by getting the feeling

Motivation is the antithesis of inspiration

Cant beat yourself up on one thing

The words you say dont matter, only feeling

When you talk about your dislikes, all you say is that you are practicing the vibration of them and
enforcing it more

Let go and go with the flow= art of allowing; your life caused you to ask

The thought of frustration is a feeling of anger; let go of it

Point of attraction; open up the pipe line for wealth and meeting wonderful people

Whoever has the most momentum dictates

If you buy a ticket out of fear, boredom, etc; it wont work

Dont buy the ticket till you line up the energy

Until you leverage through alignment, not much will happen

Appreciate and look forward to the money that is coming to you

When you tell yourself positive things about money and feelings of it (positivity), you open an
abundance of money and maintain the good feelings of it

I just need to tune in the stream

Mind doesnt allow fake it till you make it

Another technique is to have a notebook. Each day, on the left side page write what you are thankful for
what you have now, and on the opposite page (right) write in present time your feelings about what you
want to accomplished but in present time. For example, on left page I write "Thank you for the salary I
have" or "Thank you for the wonderful kids I have" etc. On the right "I thank you now for the wonderful
house by the beach I have" Even though you don't have the beach house, you thank the universe for
having it already and as you write, imagine how it feels to have it now. It is very powerful. It is called the
thankfulness notebook. Buy one and decorate the covers with pictures that depict your wishes and

On manifestation story; write down your story

How you would feel, what you would have, your name, how people would be

-you can modify it

Ex: how family reacted, how your friends felt

Write it in present tense; focusing on feelings of already having it

-you can write it once and keep looking at it over and over again; can put it everywhere and read it all
the time

Just sit down and write down your dream and desires

-write it all in detail and in the present tense and pin the feelings down