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1. The Supreme Court of which of the following representations or appeals against the
Countries had struck down a law passed by the government of environmental clearance to
Parliament which granted immunity from project was created in which year by an Act?
contempt of court charges to the countrys (a) 1992 (b) 1995
senior elected officials? (c) 1997 (d) 1999
(a) Bangladesh 8. Indian Evidence Act is applicable to
(b) Nepal (a) Judicial proceedings in courts
(c) Pakistan (b) Proceedings before the arbitrator
(d) None of the above (c) Proceedings before tribunals
2. Who among the following was the Prime (d) All of the above
Minister of India when the impeachment
proceedings against Justice Ramaswamy was 9. Which of the following films won the Best
held in the Parliament? Film Award at the 59th National Film Awards
(a) VP Singh
(a) Deool (b) Byari
(b) PV. Narasimha Rao
(c) Three idiots (d) Both (a) and (b)
(c) Rajiv Gandhi
10. The practice in which a woman bears a child
(d) None of the above for a couple unable to produce child in the
3. Can a person who is not a member of usual way is called
Parliament be appointed a Minister? (a) Live-in relationship
(a) No (b) Surrogacy
(b) Yes (c) Adoption
(c) Yes, provided the Parliament approves of (d) None of the above
such an appointment
11. Indian Penal Code is
(d) Yes, but he has to become a member of
Parliament within six months of his (a) Procedural law
appointment (b) Substantive law
4. The function of a court of justice is (c) Adjective law
(a) To ascertain the existence or non-existence (d) None of the above
of certain facts 12. Who is the author of The Finkler Question?
(b) To apply the substantive law to ascertained (a) Dick Francis
(b) Howard Jacobson
(c) Declare the rights and liability of parties
(c) Salman Rushdie
(d) All of the above
(d) Anurag Mathur
5. The instruments by which the court is
convinced of a fact is called 13. Name the religious movement started by
Emperor Akbar in the late 16th Century?
(a) Document (b) Evidence
(a) Din-I-Ilahi (b) Jizya
(c) Proof (d) Witness
(c) Jauhar (d) Kharaj
6. The Hunter Commission was appointed by the
British Government which was compelled to 14. The first Governor General of the East India
look into Company in India was:
(a) Bardoli Satyagraha (a) Robert Clive
(b) Chauri Chaura (b) Warren Hastings
(c) Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (c) Sir John Shore
(d) None of the above (d) Marquis Hastings
7. A National Environmental Appellate 15. With which of the following countries despite
Authority to deal with petition, complaints, 1997 boundary agreement India signed an
agreement to expedite the process of resolving (c) Hitesh Padmashali
border disputes? (d) None of the above
(a) Bangladesh (b) Nepal 24. Police can arrest a person without warrant if
(c) China (d) Russia the offence is
16. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (a) Cognizable (b) Non-Cognizable
(UDHR) was adopted by the United Nations (c) Compoundable (d) Non-compoundable
General Assembly in
25. What does adjudication mean?
(a) 1948 (b) 1947
(a) A decision given by an Umpire
(c) 1950 (d) 1951
(b) Mediation
17. A criminal complaint is filed before
(c) Decision given by a Court
(a) Police Officer in charge of a Police Station
(d) None of the above
(b) A Magistrate
26. An insolvent person is
(c) The Sub-Divisional Police Officer
(a) Notable to work (c) Financially unsound
(d) The High Court
(b) Bankrupt (d) Infirm
18. Chipko movement relates to
27. One of the following cannot be taken as
(a) Conservation of forests Intellectual Property
(b) Ozone layer depletion (a) Patents (b) Copyright
(c) Green House warming (c) Know how (d) Discovery
(d) Noise pollution 28. A writ by a Court, to some person or body to
19. Bio-Medical Waste means compel it to perform some public duty
(a) Waste generated during harvest of (a) Quo Warranto (b) Habeas Corpus
medicinal plants (c) Mandamus (d) Prohibition
(b) Surgical Waste generated at hospitals 29. The Constitution of India is
(c) Plants which have no medicinal value (a) A wholly unwritten Constitution
(d) Roots of Medicinal Plants (b) A wholly written Constitution
20. The minimum age for voting in a Panchayath (c) Partly written Constitution, partly based on
Election in India is Custom
(a) 18 years (b) 21 years (d) A matter of ancient Indian Traditions
(c) 16 years (d) 17 years 30. What is the legal name for the name and fame
21. Attorney General of India means of a Trading Firm?
(a) Supreme Judicial Power (a) Goodwill (b) Fame
(b) Topmost legal advisor of Central (c) Image (d) None of the above
Government 31. A person climbing the Hill bends forward in
(c) Advisor to the Supreme Court (d) order to
President of the Legal System in India (a) Avoid slipping (b) Increase speed
22. On what basis the States have their (c) Reduce fatigue (d) Increase stability
representation in Rajya Sabha?
32. Smog is a common pollutant in places having
(a) Area (b) Lok Sabha seats excessive amount in air of
(c) Population (d) None of the above (a) Sulphur dioxide (b) Ammonia
22. On what basis the States have their (c) Nitrogen (d) Oxygen
representation in Rajya Sabha?
33. Finger prints on paper can be made visible by
(a) Area (b) Lok Sabha seats spraying the solution of
(c) Population (d) None of the above (a) Sodium thiosulphate
23. Who amongst the following designed the (b) Silver nitrate
symbol for Indian Rupee?
(c) Ninhydrin
(a) Sharukh Irani
(d) Ferric chloride
(b) Udaya Kumar
34. Which of the following is a mixed fertilizer? (b) The Indian scientists are notable to do
(a) CAM research on this
(b) Urea (c) The soil condition in India does not help in
high yield
(c) Ammonium Sulphate
(d) Due to destruction of yield by pests /
(d) NPK insects
35. Chemical reactions involve 44. Principle constituents of Biogas are
(a) Electrons (b) Protons (a) Methane and Carbon dioxide
(c) Neutrons (d) Nuclei (b) Butane and Hydrogen suiphide
36. Socialistic Pattern in Indian economy comes (c) Ethylene and carbon dioxide
(d) Methane arid carbon monoxide
(a) Nationalization of industry
45. Opium is obtained from
(b) Adoption of mixed economy
(a) Dried seeds as oil
(c) By removing tax burden on the poor
(b) Dried leaves by distillation
(d) None of the above
(c) Unripe capsules as latex
37. The emphasis in the First Five Year Plan was
on the development of (d) Roots are latex
(a) Industry (b) Agriculture 46. Which of the following countries does not lie
on Equator
(c) Education (d) Trade
(a) Gabon (b) Colombia
38. The Decline of Village Industries was due to
(c) Tanzania (d) Indonesia
(a) The Industrial Revolution
47. Ruhr Industrial Belt is situated in
(b) Heavy Taxation
(a) Germany (b) USA
(c) Export of Raw Material
(c) UK (d) Russia
(d) British Policy in India
48. Bering Sea is locate4 in
39. Green Revolution was meant to
(a) North Pacific Ocean
(a) Increase food production
(b) South Pacific Ocean
(b) Improve the living conditions of farmers
(c) North Atlantic Ocean
(c) Organise peasants into a body
(d) South Atlantic Ocean
(d) Grow more trees
49. The Worlds busiest inland waterways is
40. The oldest large scale Industry of India is
(a) St. Lawrence (b) Suez
(a) Iron & Steel (b) Jute
(c) Rhine (d) Danube
(c) Cotton Textiles (d) Paper
50. The greatest diversity of animal and plant
41. Gandhijis Champaran Movement was for species occurs in
(a) The security of rights of Harijans (a) temporate deciduous forests
(b) Civil Disobediance Movement (b) tropical moist forests
(c) Maintaining the unity of Hindu Society (c) heavily polluted rivers
(d) Solving the problem of Indigo workers (d) deserts and savannas
42. The area under irrigation has .during 51. Plan expenditure in India is met from
the five year plans.
(a) Internal borrowings and other measures
(a) Increased
(b) External aid from other countries
(b) Decreased
(c) External aid from IMF
(c) Remained unchanged
(d) External aid and assistance from OECD
(d) None of the above countries
43. In India the yield of dais / grams is not 52. Isabgol is an important cash crop in which of
improving even after green revolution because the following states
(a) It is difficult to produce high yield variety (a) Madhya pradesh (b) Haryana
(c) Rajasthan (d) Gujarat (c) Prof. Radha Kumar
53. Which one of the following rivers flows (d) None of the above
through a rift valley? 62. Which of the following was not a member of
(a) Godavari (b) Narmada the Swaraj Party?
(c) Krishna (d) Mahanadi (a) G.E. Das
54. The Uri Hydro Electric Project is located in (b) Motilal Nehru
(a) Jammu & Kashmir (c) Vittalbhai Patel
(b) Himachal Pradesh (d) SardarVallabhbhaj Pate!
(c) Uttar Pradesh 63. Jalianwala Bagh Tragedy took place in
(d) Haryana (a) 1919 (b) 1925
55. Which of the following parts of India are (c) 1929 (d) 1909
closest to Equator? 64. Who said Go back to the Vedas?
(a) Kanya Kumari (b) Lakshdweep (a) Vivekananda (b) Dayanand
(c) Nicobar Islands (d) Minicoy Islands (c) L.K Advani (d) Ashok Singhal
56. A promise made without the intention of 65. The Cabinet Mission did not recommend
performing it amounts to
(a) A Constitution making body elected by
(a) Innocent misrepresentation the provincial assemblies
(b) Fraud (b) A Federal Union consisting of British
(c) Negligent misrepresentation Indian Provinces and Indian States
(d) Wrongful misrepresentation (c) Setting of an Interim Government
57. A contingent contract is (d) The date of transfer of power
(a) Void (c) Valid 66. Socialism stands for
(b) Voidable (d) Illegal (a) State ownership of all property
58. Promises forming consideration for each other (b) Equal distribution of wealth to all citizens
are known as (c) International peace
(a) Independent promises (d) None of the above
(b) Dependent promises 67. Security Council in the U.N.O. has
(c) Reciprocal promises (a) 11 members (b) 9 members
(d) Mutual promises (c) 15 members (d) 12 members
59. Consideration must move at the desire of 68. The number of Elected Members in the Lok
(a) The promisor Sabha is
(b) The promisee (a) 500 (b) 525
(c) Promisor or any third party (c) 540 (d) 542
(d) Both promisor and the promise 69. Who is considered the father of politics?
60. A person who is not a party to a contract (a) Plato (b) Socrates
(a) Cannot sue (c) Aristotle (d) Herodotes
(b) Can sue only in well recognized cases 70. Federal State is a
(c) Can sue (a) Union of States
(d) All of the above (b) Combination of States
61. Who among the following is the head of (c) Group of States
interlocutors appointed by the Government of (d) None of the above
India to hold a sustained and uninterrupted
dialogue withall sections of the people of 71. Indian Constitution envisages
Jammu and Kashmir? (a) A Federal Government
(a) Dr. Dileep Padgaonkar (b) A Unitary Government
(b) Prof. M.M. Ansari (c) A quasi-federal Government
(d) A quasi unitary Government (b) we who had left before he arrived
72. Fundamental Rights in India are (c) we who had went before he arrived
(a) Positive Rights (d) us who had went before he arrived
(b) Negative Rights 78. His love of poetry is well-known
(c) Imperfect Rights (a) love of poetry is
(d) None of the above (b) love for poetry is
73. Which of the following is the largest (c) love for poetry; is
Amendment Act passed by the Parliament so (d) love of poetry; is
79. Take alone a tape recorder or you risk
(a) 40th (b) 41st misquoting your interviewee.
(c) 42nd (d) 44th (a) Take along a tape recorder, or you risk
74. The Indian Constitution is (b) Take along a tape recorder or you risk
(a) Not the lengthiest Constitution in the world (c) Take along a tape recorder or you risk,
(b) Lengthiest Constitution in the world (d) Take along, a tape recorder or you risk
(c) One of the lengthiest Constitutions in the 80. Tonights performance. Im sorry to say. has
world been cancelled.
(d) None of the above (a) performance, Im sorry to say, has been
75. Right to life and Personal liberty is (b) performance, Im sorry to say has been
(a) A Constitutional Right (c) performance Im sorry to say, has been
(b) A Fundamental Right (d) performance, Im sorry to say has, been
(c) A fundamental of Fundamental Rights Fill in the blanks. Choose the word which
(d) None of the above completes each sentence to make a logical sense
Arrange the following in a logical sequence (76): (81-85):
76. (a) Nowhere else in Europe is gossip-writing a 81. Form is not something added to substance as a
highly paid and creditable profession; nowhere mere .adornment.
else would such a headline as Peer Cousin in (a) protuberant (b) precarious
car smash be even imaginable. (c) preponderant (d) polished
(b) In no other country do so many 82. Yes, this was the place for him; not because
newspapers devote so large a proportion of dictated, but simply because his
their space to a chronicle of the activities of instinct of test had found its home at last.
the merely rich or the merely enrolled.
(a) expectancy (b) expediency
(c) After a holiday from periodical literature,
lam always staggered, when I get back to a (c) discretion (d) prudence
well-stocked. 83. The person who is looking for sympathy
(d) And where else but in England can one talks..
findthree expensive but flourishing weeklies (a) petulantly (b) despicably
devoted to absolutely nothing but the life of (c) plaintively (d) deftly
the rich and the titled?
84. A speaker with a monotonous voice often
(a) abcd (b) cbda produces a effect.
(c) bard (d) cbad (a) soporific (b) sardoric
In each of the folk some part of the sentence is (c) cadaverous (d) nebulous
underlined. Below each sentence you will find
85. The reasoning in this editorial is so that we
four ways of rephrasing the underlined part.
Select the answer that produces the most effective cannot see how anyone can be deceived by it.
sentence. The first choice repeats the underlined (a) coherent (b) astute
words. Choose it f you think the sentence needs no (c) cogent (d) specious
improvement (7780):
Read the following and answer the question given
77. It was us who had left before he arrived below (86):
(a) us who had left before he arrived
This function of literature, the enlarging of our 90. OBSTREPEROUS
own life sphere, is itself of major importance. (a) attentive (b) vociferous
Additionally, however, it has been suggested that
solutions of social problems may be suggested in (c) oblivious (d) obsolete
the study of literature. The overweening ambitions 91. INSULAR
of political leaders and their sneering contempt for (a) parochial (b) insufficient
the law did not appear for the first time in the
writings of Bunstein and Woodward; the problems, (c) intact (d) decrepit
and the consequent behaviour of the guilt ridden, 92. RECONDITE
did not await the appearance of the bearded (a) abstruse (b) reckless
psychoanalysis of the nineteenth century.
(c) recent (d) queer
Federal Judge Learned Hand wrote, I venture
to believe that it is as important to a judge called
upon to pass on a question of Constitutional Law, (a) masterpiece (c) traffic
to have at least a bowing acquaintance with (b) riche (d) discourse
Thucydides, Gibbon and Carlyle, with Homer,
Read the following information and answer the
Dante, Shakespeare and Milton, with Montaigne
questions that follow (94-97):
and Rabelais, with Plato, Bacon, Hume and Kant,
as with the books which have been specifically In a party there are six members (A, B, C, D,
written on the subject. For in such matters E & F). In the parry there are two married couples.
everything turns upon the spirit in which he A is the brother of Ds husband. C is very fat
approaches the question before him. and she teaches in a girls school. F is an advocate
and is a bachelor. Bs wife is not present in the
86. The authors reason for quoting Judge Hand is
party Four of the persons in the party belong to the
same family. B and F are in the same
(a) call attention to the writing of Thucydides profession.
and Carlyle
94. How is F related to B?
(b) support the thesis of the author that
(a) Uncle (b) Aunt
literature broadens our understanding and
stretches our faculties (c) Niece (d) Cannot be found out
(c) point out that Constitutional Law is a part 95. Of the following groups which one consists of
of the great literature of our past members of the same family?
(d) show that everyone, including judges, (a) ABCD (b) ACDE
enjoys reading (c) ADEF (d) Cannot be found out
Identify the error from the underlined words in 96. How many unmarried male members are there
the following sentences. If the sentence is free of in the group?
errors, choose d (87-88): (a) One (b) two
87. (a) Although I would never admit it publicly, I (c) three (d) four
secretly believe that very
97. Who is married to C?
(b) Few people are better at grammar and
writing (a) A (b) b
(c) than me (c) C (d) E
(d) no error Questions (98- 100):
88. (a) did you notice how (1) All P and X are N
(b) beautifully the sky looked that day just (2) All N except P are X
after the rain (3) No P are M
(c) had stopped (4) No R are N
(d) No error (5) All M are either X or R
Pick out the word that is most nearly the same in (6) No Q are X
meaning as the word in capitals (89-93): 98. If statement (2) were shown to be false, which
89. REPROOF of the following would necessarily be true?
(a) reprimand (b) reprisal (a) Some M are neither X nor R
(c) repercussion (d) report (b) Some Pare not N
(c) Some N are neither P nor X (c) Cow (d) Sparrow
(d) Either some X are P or some N are neither 108. BDFH is related to JLNP in the same way
P nor X, orboth. as RTVX is related to
99. Which of the following statements must be (a) BDHF (b) BDFZ
true if the above six statements are true? (c) ZBDF (d) YZAB
I. No R are P 109. Demographer is related to People in the
II. Some X are P same way as Philatelist is related to
III. Some X are M (a) Fossils (b) Stamps
(a) I only (b) I and II only (c) Photography (d) Music
(c) I and III only (d) I, II and III 110. Paw is to Cat as Hoof is to
100. Which of the following must be false given (a) Horse (b) Lamb
the conditions as stated? (c) Elephant (d) Lion
(a) No Q are P Q.111-115: Stated below are a set of legal
(b) Some R are X principles. Apply them to the factual problems and
(c) All R are M decide from amongst the choices provided:
(d) Some X are met M 111. PRINCIPLE: It is a settled principle that an
occupier should not do a dangerous act
Questions (101 - 110): without adequate warning if he knows or
101. EGIK is related to WUSQ in the same way suspects that a trespasser is present.
as DFHJ is related to FACTS: A was cutting a large tree on his
(a) SQOM (b) BDFH land. Some boys were fooling about nearby.
(c) VTRP (d) ECGI A paid no attention as the boys were clearly
trespassers, when the tree fell, one of the boys
102. Food : Stomach : : Fuel : was hit by a branch and suffered injury.
(a) Automobile (b) Engine (a) The boy was illegally present and cannot
(c) Truck (d) Plane have the protection of law.
103. If Rs. 9,000/- of a 4% stock is sold at 112.50 (b) A was liable as he did not give warning
and with proceeds at 51/2% stock is bought at of the danger likely to arise by the falling tree
168.75, what is the result change of dividend. although he knew that the boy was present.
(a) Rs.28 loss (b) Rs.31 loss (c) A is not liable as there is no duty to do
(c) Rs.30 loss (d) Rs.30.50 loss good and warning a person illegally on the
premises, of likely danger would fall in this
104. What sum must be invested in 23/4% consols at
961/4 in order to obtain our income of 100 per
year? (d) A was carrying out his lawful profession
on his own land and anyone came there at his
(a) 3,450/- (b) 3,400/-
peril. Hence A was not liable.
(c) 3,550/- (d) 3,500/-
112. PRINCIPLE: The State is liable for the act of
105. In what proportion must a merchant mix salt at its employees. When the act is of private
0.22 paise and 0.28 paise per oz. so that by nature in the same manner and under the same
selling the mixture at 0.30 paise per oz. he conditions as any other employer. The State is
may gain 25%? not liable when the act is in the exercise of
(a) 2:1 (b) 2:3 sovereign power or in performance of an act
of State.
(c) 2:4 (d) 2:1.5
FACTS: An army truck driven by a military
106. A watch, which gains 5 seconds in every 3
driver A was proceeding on duty to check the
minutes is set right at 6 a.m. What is the true
army menon duty at different military posts.
time in the afternoon of the same day when the
The truck hit a civilian B and caused
watch indicated a quarter past 30 clock?
material injury The fact showed that the injury
(a) 4.00 p.m. (b) 2.00 p.m. was caused due to rash and negligent driving
(c) 2.30 p.m. (d) 3.00 p.m. by the military driver A. The injured civilian
107. Fruit is to Banana as Mammal is to B brought a suit in tort against the Union of
India. The suit:
(a) Fish (b) Snake
(a) succeeded on the principle of qui facit per (d) There was some other relief given to A.
alium facit per se (he who does an act through 114. PRINCIPLE: The last opportunity rule
another is deemed to do it himself). fixes the liability on the person who had the
(b) succeeded on the master and servant last opportunity of avoiding an accident by
relationship between the Union of India and taking ordinary care.
the military driver. FACTS: A fettered the forefeet of his donkey
(c) failed because the Union of India did not and left the donkey in a narrow highway. B
ratify the rash and negligent driving. was driving through the highway in a horse
(d) failed because the incident occurred in the driven wagon. The wagon was going too fast
course of discharge of sovereign functions of and killed the donkey. A used B.
the State. (a) A was at fault
113. PRINCIPLE: Even if the sovereign functions (b) A fettered the fore leg of his donkey. He
of the State are discharged negligently the was negligent
State is not vicariously liable in tort. (c) Despite A being negligent, B could still
FACTS: A was a trader in gold. There he avoid the accident
was arrested by Police and was detained in the (d) None of the above
police lock up after search. The gold with him
along with sundry other things were seized. 115. PRINCIPLE: A consideration is a price or
Later he was discharged. His possessions recompense in return for a promise.
seized by the police were returned. He moved FACTS: A has a right to fish one day a week
against the State in tort. In the words of in the pond in the estate of B. In return for a
Supreme Court there can be no escape from fixed monthly payment by B, A refrains
the conclusion that the Police Officers were from exercising the right to fish. The Act of
negligent in dealing with the property after it A.
was seized. One of the Constables was a (a) is no consideration as he is not paying
Muslim. He fled with gold to Pakistan. anything
(a) A succeeded because the servants of the (b) is adequate consideration and invalid for a
State were negligent and thus caused injury. binding contract
(b) A failed because the Constable who (c) is inadequate consideration and invalid for
seized the gold had fled to Pakistan and the a binding contract
gold was not with the State at all.
(d) is a negative consideration binding for a
(c) A failed because the acts of search and valid contract
seizure by the Police Officer were part of the
sovereign functions of the State.

1 (c)
25 (c) 48 (a) 71 (c) 94 (d)
2 (b)
26 (b) 49 (c) 72 (a) 95 (b)
3 (d)
27 (c) 50 (b) 73 (c) 96 (a)
4 (d)
28 (c) 51 (a) 74 (b) 97 (a)
5 (b)
29 (b) 52 (c) 75 (b) 98 (c)
6 (d)
30 (a) 53 (b) 76 (d) 99 (c)
7 (c)
31 (d) 54 (a) 77 (b) 100 (b)
8 (a)
32 (a) 55 (a) 78 (b) 101 (c)
9 (d)
33 (c) 56 (b) 79 (a) 102 (b)
10 (b)
34 (d) 57 (c) 80 (a) 103 (c)
11 (b)
35 (a) 58 (c) 81 (a) 104 (d)
12 (b)
36 (b) 59 (b) 82 (b) 105 (a)
13 (a)
37 (b) 60 (a) 83 (c) 106 (d)
14 (b)
38 (d) 61 (a) 84 (a) 107 (c)
15 (c)
39 (a) 62 (d) 85 (b) 108 (c)
16 (a)
40 (c) 63 (a) 86 (b) 109 (b)
17 (b)
41 (d) 64 (b) 87 (c) 110 (a)
18 (a)
42 (a) 65 (d) 88 (b) 111 (b)
19 (b)
43 (a) 66 (a) 89 (a) 112 (b)
20 (a)
44 (a) 67 (c) 90 (b) 113 (c)
21 (b)
45 (c) 68 (d) 91 (a) 114 (c)
22 (c)
46 (c) 69 (d) 92 (a) 115 (b)
23 (b)
47 (a) 70 (a) 93 (a)
24 (a)