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Micro Lesson Plan (5-6 students)

Thursday 31 August

Day: M T W T F Date: Thurs Time: 15 minutes Year: Kindergarten

Learning Area: Literature Topic: Retell a story

Curriculum content description: (from The Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) - Kindergarten
Curriculum Guidelines draw on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)). Outcome 5 Children are effective
communicators. Children engage with a range of text and gain meaning from these texts. (EYLF P41)

Students prior knowledge and experience:

(StudenOutline what the students already know about this topic)
The children have prior experience in listening to stories.
A crest is a showy tuft of feathers on the head of a bird.

Learning purpose:
In this micro lesson plan students will listen to the text Feathers for Phoebe by Rod Clement. Predict what will
happen and understand the story.
Learning objectives: Evaluation:
On completion of this lesson, students will be able to: (Explain how you will know that lesson objective have
(What will students know and be able to do at the been achieved / monitor student learning)
completion of the lesson specific, concise and Children will be able to orally retell the story and
attainable objectives) orally sequence the events of the story.
To enable learners to listen to and respond orally to the
To enable learners to retell the story.
To enable learners to have enjoyment from listening to
a story.

Preparation and Resources:

(Detail what resources will be used and what other preparation of the learning environment will be required)
Select Book from the school library, Feathers for Phoebe by Rod Clement.
Read through the story at home and prepare age appropriate questions.
Find other pictures / books showing crests on birds.
Go to the local library.
Catering for diversity (detail any adjustments considerations for educational/resource adjustments)
Be aware that one or two children do not use English as their first language. These children will use the pictures in
the book to help them understand the story.

Timing: Learning Experiences:

3 minutes 1. Introduction: (How will I engage the learners?)

Settle the children on the floor.
Focus question What do you think the grey bird is saying to the brightly coloured bird?
Let children give answers.
Explain to the children what a crest is on a bird.
Show some other pictures of brightly coloured crests on birds.
I would like to read you a story about two birds. A brightly coloured bird and her plain grey
2 mins friend.

2 mins 2. Read the first few pages pointing out the birds colourful crest.

Reading through the story and pausing to show the brightly coloured pictures.
2 mins
Read the next few pages and ask the children what do you think is happening?
2 mins
Read the next few pages and ask the students what had Zelda done to Pheobe?
2 mins
Before the end of the story show the children the pictures and ask them
what do you think had happened to Phoebe?
2 mins
Question Do you think she was happy at the end? - Why?

3. Sequence of learning experiences: (What will you do to help the students achieve the
learning objectives? What tasks and activities will the students be involved in to help
achieve the learning objectives?)
Identify and understand the story sequence.

The children will retell the story in their own words.

The teacher turns to the front page and asks what is happening here?
Going through the book and asking the students at different pages what is happening?

4. Lesson conclusion: (How will you summarise the learning and relate it to the lesson

To enable learners to listen to and respond orally to the text.

To enable learners to retell the story.
To enable learners to have enjoyment from listening to a story.
Ask the children who enjoyed that story?
When you are at a park with your family see if you notice any birds with brightly coloured

Lesson Evaluation:
(Reflect on the lesson. What worked? What did not work? What would you change? Why?)
Feathers for Phoebe was a rather longer story than Montys Mane that I read to the children on Wednesday.
Todays lesson I had planned was going to be given as a micro lesson to a small group. However the relief teacher
today told me to give the lesson to the whole class. It was good experience. It taught me as a teacher that you
have to be ready to change your plans and adapt. This book was too long. The children were getting restless and
were sitting on the mat for too long. I know now to be careful when selecting a book for this very young age
group. This was my first experience in the classroom and it has been very enjoyable.. I have been lucky to have
been placed with Katie who is a lovely person. She also gave me the opportunity to assess the childrens pencil
grip and pattern formation and showed me how to check off their names on a class list for evaluation.