bot_add BOT Causes bot_add_ct bot_add_t CONTROL a bot to be added to the game.

"bot_add" will add a bot to the team speci fied by the "bot_join_team" cvar. "bot_add_t" and "bot_add_ct" forces the bot on to the bot_kill This command respective <name, takes "all"> teams. either the name of a bot, or the keyword "all" - causing all bots command bot_kick This in the <name, game takes "all"> toeither be killed. the name of a bot, or the keyword "all" - causing all botsCONTROL These bot_all_weapons bot_snipers_only bot_pistols_only bot_knives_only BOT bot_difficulty This in cvar commands the determines game are [0-3] toshortcuts be the kicked. difficulty that set ofthe allbot_allow_* newly created cvars bots accordingly. (existing bots wil l retain the difficulty setting they were created with). Zero = easy, 1 = normal , 2 = hard, bot_quota Setting this <minimum 3cvar = expert. to number a nonzero Difficulty of bots> value values will cause higherthe than given 3 are number resetof tobots 3. to be m aintained in the game. If a bot is kicked, a new bot will be added to maintain t he quota. bot_prefix The given <string> To <string> disable will thebe quota, prefixed set to it all to zero. subsequently added bot names. This is bot_join_team Determines bot_join_after_player If useful nonzero, forwhich "clan-tagging" the [ct, bots team t,will any]wait the [0,1] bots bots. will to join join. the game until at least one human player has of All bot_allow_shield bot_allow_snipers bot_allow_grenades bot_allow_machine_guns bot_allow_rifles bot_allow_sub_machine_guns bot_allow_shotguns bot_allow_pistols joined. the "bot_allow" cvars can be either 0 or 1. If zero, the bots will not bu y or bot_allow_rogues If nonzero, use theallows given [0,1] category bots to occasionally of weapon. "go rogue". Rogue bots just "run and gun ", and NAVIGATION Each ofwill theMESH respond following EDITING tobot_nav_ all radio commands commands operate with "Negative". on the navigation mesh, allowing hand-tuning of the automatically learned data. It is recommended that these com mands the CAUTION: Marks bot_nav_mark Deletes bot_nav_delete Splits bot_nav_split be the the bound There currently currently currently to no is keys selected "undo" selected selected for ease operation. nav nav nav of area area usefor area. while Save into later your two editing. operations. new navigation nav areas, mesh along often. the white s plit line. Merges bot_nav_merge the currently selected nav area and a previously marked nav area into a n ew, single nav area. The merge will only occur if the two areas are the same siz e along a Creates bot_nav_connect the ONE merge WAY link line.from the currently marked area to the currently selected area, telling the bots they can walk FROM the marked area TO the selected area. For most areas, you will want to connect the areas in both directions. However, for some "jump down" areas, the bots can move one way, but cannot get back the o Disconnects ALL connections from the currently marked area to the currently sele bot_nav_disconnect ther. cted area. These bot_nav_end_area bot_nav_begin_area two commands allow the creation of new nav areas. "bot_nav_begin_area" mar ks one corner of the area. "bot_nav_end_area" marks the opposite corner of the a rea and creates it. To cancel the operation, issue a "bot_nav_begin_area" comman d again.a new nav area between the currently marked area and the currently selec Creates bot_nav_splice ted area, and bidirectionally connects the new area. This command is especially usefulthe Flags bot_nav_crouch forcurrently creating selected sloped nav area areas. as "crouch", requiring bots to crouch (duck) t o movethe Flags bot_nav_jump through currently it. selected area as "jump". This is a hint to the bots that the y shouldthe NAVIGATION Analyze bot_nav_analyze jump MESH navigation toPROCESSING traverse mesh this to determine area. Approach Points and Encounter Spots. Th is mayThis NOTE: takecommand severalrequires minutes one based bot onto the besize in the andgame. complexity The recommended of the map. procedure Saves bot_nav_save is tothe save current the mesh, navigation add a bot, meshand to disk. quickly The enter navigation bot_analyze. mesh ("nav" file) is a utomatically named to correspond to the current map file. For instance, if the m ap is Clears bot_nav_load NAV bot_nav_edit Setting MESH de_dust.bsp, the this EDITING current [0,1]to cvar the navigation 1 allows nav file mesh, hand-tuning willand be loads de_dust.nav. of the it bot's from disk. navigation mesh. Once edi t mode bot_nav_zdraw This value has determines been <height activated, value> how high the above bot_nav_* the ground commands tocan draw bethe used. "nav mesh" when in n av edit mode. If the terrain is very irregular or highly sloped, it can be usefu l to bot_quicksave If nonzero, increase the this [0,1] analysis value phase to 10 of or map 15. learning The default will value be skipped. is 4. This is useful w hen iteratively hand-tuning nav files. Note that withough this analysis, the bot s will bot_walk DEBUGGING Force bot_stop bot_show_nav bot_show_danger If nonzero, all not [0,1] bots look all the [0,1] to around bots nav [0,1] "danger" walk mesh will the (disallow near in stop world each each moving properly. running). nav bot area and is is responding. drawn. draw as a vertical line. Blue lines bot_traceview bot_debug Used Displays bot_about MISC Causes bot_goto_mark represent for one internal the <value> danger bot bot <value> inversion for map debugging the CTs, number, to and of move red bot and to lines navigation. behavior. information the are danger center of about the forcurrently the's marked author.area. Th is is useful for testing the walkability of specific portions of the navigation mesh.

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