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Debating Rubric

Team Members:
Debate Question:
Criteria 5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point Total
Respect for the other All statements, body Statements and Most statements and Statements, responses Statements, responses
team language and responses responses were responses were and body language were and body language were
were respectful. respectful but body respectful, but there borderline appropriate consistently not
language was not was some sarcasm. with some sarcasm. respectful.
Information All information presented Most information Most information Some information was Information had some
in this debate was clear, presented in this debate presented in the debate accurate, but there major inaccuracies OR
accurate and thorough. was clear, accurate and was clear and accurate, were some minor was usually not clear.
thorough. but was not usually inaccuracies.
Rebuttals All counter-arguments Most counter- Most counter- Some counter Counter-arguments
were accurate, relevant arguments were arguments were arguments were weak were not accurate
and strong. accurate, relevant, and accurate and relevant, and irrelevant. and/or relevant.
strong. but several were weak.
Organisation of Every major point was Most arguments were Most arguments were Most arguments were Arguments were poorly
arguments well organised and clear and organised in a clear and organised in a clear organised in a organised and had no
supported with several logical fashion logical fashion and some tight, logical fashion but supporting facts,
relevant facts, statistics supported by facts, were supported by with no supporting statistics or examples.
and/or examples. statistics and/or facts, statistics and/or facts, statistics or
examples. examples. examples.
Presentation -Clear voice -Clear voice -Voice clear but too -Voice not clear and too -Voice not clear and too
-Variation in tone and -Tone and pace mostly quiet quiet quiet
pace varied -Tone and pace -Tone and pace varied -Tone and pace didnt
-Multiple pauses and -Some pauses and sometimes varied once vary
questions used for questions used -One pause and one -One pause or one -Pauses and questions
emphasis and audience -Eye contact regular but question used question used not used
involvement palm cards referred to -Eye contact sometimes -Eye contact irregular -Little to no eye contact
-Eye contact regular with sometimes. and palm cards referred and very reliant on palm and fully reliant on palm
no reliance on palm to most of the time. cards. cards
Time Deductions
Total Score