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In this experiment, gravimetric analysis was used to determine the mass by difference of the
precipitate by isolation of an ion in solution by a precipitation reaction, filtering, washing the
precipitate free of contaminants, conversion of the precipitate to a product of known
composition. 0.5 Molar Zinc Chloride solution was prepared by dissolving 1.2 grams of Zinc
Chloride (ZnCl2) in 100 mL distilled water. The filter papers were cut in circles and then folded
to achieve a fluted filter paper. The filter papers were measured using a digital scale to determine
their initial weight. The fluted filter paper was placed in a funnel to collect the precipitate. The
setups were filtered separately and were measured after filtering the residue. The calculated
weight of the precipitate was 4.4 for the first setup and 4.5 for the second setup. These are the
precipitate formed from zinc chloride(ZnCl2) using gravimetric analysis.