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David Poon, AGP teacher

US history. Students chose a topic related to

Hello again everyone. Here’s the latest AGP
this unit to research and creating power
news for 5th grade. My web page is alive so
point presentations to share what they
check it out when you get a chance. It’s on
learned about the topic with the rest of the
the teacher link on the school’s main home
class. Students will also be viewing footage
about homesteading and geography of the
country to gain a better appreciation of the
Congratulations to Lindsey M. for displaying
hardships that people faced as they
this week’s character trait of courage while
journeyed across the country.
having to navigate around the school recently
on crutches due to an injury.
Students are currently writing their first
drafts of their personal narratives; created
Students have finished reading the realistic
an original Important Book as an extension
fiction novel entitled Maniac Magee by Jerry
of a Read-A-Loud that was done in class
Spinelli. They are also presenting their
and are continuing to write in their journals.
“Books in A Bag” book reports in class. They
Our class book’s cover was illustrated by
will also be responding to Read-A-Louds
Lindsey, Jordan L., Dominique and Chris. It
done in class.
has been placed in the library for other
students in the school to read. Students are
They are reading independently in class, in
also continuing to do daily edits.
their book clubs, as well as reading several
selections from their textbooks related to the
Social Studies unit on Westward Expansion.
Please encourage your child to get his/her
homework done each night. A standard
Students should also be to reading their
assignment is to read 20 minutes a night
second book for their next book report.
and record that reading in their reading logs.
Specific criteria and due dates for the book
Please sign their reading logs once/week
report will soon be announced/posted.
but feel free to sign each day if you like.
Book orders
Students should be working on an
The next Scholastic Book order has been
independent research project which is based
sent home and is due to be ordered on-line
upon a topic of their interest/choosing. The
by October 8.
August Library Media Center
goal of this assignment is threefold:
-to allow students to go in depth on a topic
Put make note of these program dates on
-to promote discovery learning (inquiry)
your calendar for October
-to help develop passions for interest areas
11, 12 &13-Parent-teacher conferences
18-Early Release Day
They will present their findings to the class.
23-Red Ribbon Week
As a general guideline they should complete
26-End of 1st quarter
a project once every quarter. This is an on-
30-Fall Make up Pictures
going homework assignment although
students are allowed to work on them in class
as well.

Social Studies
I will be conducting binder/desk checks periodically as a means of helping students stay organized
and would appreciate it if you could do the same at home. Staying organized is an important key in
keeping up with your school work. Students should have a spiral notebook for journaling, sections in
the binders for Social Studies, Reading, one for Boggles (ask your child what that means), and a
folder for homework. All handouts that are given out in class should be placed in the proper section of
their binders. Students’ names should be written on all papers that are handed in or passed out.

Parent Program
Dr. Sylvia Rimm will be speaking to parents on the topic of “Growing Up To Fast”. This program is
sponsored by the South Carolina Consortium for Gifted Education and will be held on Tuesday,
November 27 from the Radisson in Columbia. The hotel is at 2100 Bush River Road.

Social Studies Text

I am working on enabling your child to access the textbook from home. They will need a pass code
and I will let you know what that is when I finish setting it up. Stay tuned.

~Mr. Poon
Your collaborative partner in education…