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Marie Richards

Masters of Applied Linguistics Candidate, emphasis on TESOL

Masters of Education, PMP, Certified Professional in Healthcare IT

Led business projects within Agriculture, Healthcare, and Healthcare IT in the
USA and in the UK
Business Conversations
What are your interests?
What are my interests?
What are your resources?
What are my resources?
What are your needs?
What are my needs?
How can we help each other?
Before: Business Conversations
Solidify conversations in writing
Occasional Letters

Continue conversations
Phone calls

Build business relationships

Social gatherings
Now: Business Conversations + Writing?
Business Conversations and Writing
Business Conversations strengthened with Business Writing

Business Relationships

Good social skills A work

Key Take-Aways
Needs are different
Needs are different
Students needs are
Needs are different

for learning

L1 Literacy and
Needs Assessment

Demands of Target program, business or academic

Necessities Standardized Tests

Rhetorical Arrangements
Gaps Socioliterate situations
Literacy skills relative to target genres

Interests, reason for enrolling

Goals Learning style
Needs Assessment
Composing strategies
Lacks Strengths, weaknesses

Students views
Wants Realistic

Stable or cyclical
Priorities End results what learners will be able to do
How prepared are you.Divergence form Plans

For students to diverge from your well laid plans?

How have you handled this issue in the past?
How will you handle this issue differently in the future?
Follow the Standards - Explicitly
Type and specificity of goals may vary but, must aligned with
accepted benchmark for skills and progress
Mandated for student writers
Convinces student that this vision is aligned with 21st century
Integrate Business Conversations and Writing
Argumentative Essays
Customer proposals, marketing
GRE Prep

Research to Build and Present Knowledge

Research and Development
Issue diagnosis through evidence and resolution

Production and Distribution of Writing

Email responses
Issue resolutions
Customer outreach
Project reports
Integrate: Syllabus and Lesson Plans
New structures and sequences
New instructional aims, units, lessons, classroom activities, and
assessment procedures, and assignments
Marking Errors
Deductive Feedback Inductive Feedback
Looking Forward
Bring a whole new dimension to business conversations
Small class sizes , nimbleness and flexibility
Greater student retention
Incorporate targeted mini-lessons as needed
Better analysis of student writing samples
More thorough feedback
New Focus - Finishing the Conversation
Best Tool Received The Assessment Rubrics
How will the students react to explicitly knowing the standards of
writing expected ?
Will they be energized to make progress towards their goal?
Writing Rocks!

Marie Richards 214-668-6781