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ANI DALAL the magic word for everything that can
be measured in Germany, including the official
German typeface, appropriately...called
DIN-Schrift. Since it is available in digital form,
this typeface has been picked up by many
graphic designers who like it for its lean,
geometric lines.

- 1920s

- 1940s

- 1960s

- 1980s

- 2000s
- 1910s

- 1930s

- 1950s

- 1970s

- 1990s
http : / / i d sg n. o rg / p o sts/ know-yo ur -typ e -d i n/

T h e h i story of the re a list sa ns-se r if known With renewed interest

to day as DIN g oe s b a ck to 1 9 0 5 . At the time, among graphic
th e Pru ssia n ra ilwa y cre a te d a se t of designers in the
letteri ng with the p urp ose of unifying the 2000's, several
descri ptions on the ir fre ig ht ca rs. Following modern variants of
a m erger of a ll G e rma n sta te ra ilways in DIN 1451 comes in two DIN 1451 have been
1 9 2 0 , the ma ste r d ra wing s of the Pr ussian flavors: DIN 1451 surfacing.
rai lw ay b e ca me the re fe re nce for most Mittelschrift (the main
rai lw ay le tte ring . Ba se d on the master typeface) and DIN 1451 In 1995, type designer Albert-Jan Pool ex panded DIN
draw i ng s, the D. Ste mp e l AG foundr y Engschrift (condensed, 1451 into a more polished form acceptable for graphic
released the e a rlie st ve rsion of a DIN face which should only be design and publishing, known as FF DIN. Today, FF
in 1923. used when there is not DIN has been widely adopted for use in magazines,
enough space to use advertisements, the web, and corporate logos.
Notably, DIN Nex t
The t ypeface was adopted by Ger many in 1936 as (desgined by Akira
a standard k nown as DIN 1451 (DIN is an ac ronym Kobayashi of
for Deutsc hes Instit ut fr Nor mungin English, Linotype) and PF Din
the Ger man Inst it ute for Standardiz at ion). The Display/Tex t
ty p eface became a standard for traffic signs, (designed by
stre et signs, house numbers and license plates. Parachute), each with
Ove r the next decades t he typeface also found their own unique take
use on var ious household goods and produc ts, on the classic
ma king it synonymous wit h Ger man design. German typface.