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Since high school, my career and academic goals have changed countless times.

However, the one thing that has remained constant is for me to be involved in work
that has a large and tangible impact, and for me to be able to make change in
peoples lives. I originally came to the U with the intention of studying civil rights
law and becoming an attorney. However, after taking a civil rights law course my
sophomore year, I realized that this was not the field of law for me. Ive always been
very interested in global politics and globalization as a general economic/political
movement. Being an international emphasis polisci major and focusing on
international trade in my econ major, I naturally began to take more classes
concerning globalization and international institutions and actors. This interest was
cemented when I worked this past summer in Washington DC as a correspondence
intern for the Diplomatic Courier, and international affairs magazine.

Throughout the summer, I was given the incredible opportunity to go to events in

nearly every embassy and meet incredibly distinguished individuals such as the
Dalai Lama and Ambassador Power. This past summer in D.C. has sparked an
incredible passion for politics and international relations for me. Ive seen multiple
facets of the international political realm, and was given the huge responsibility of
producing immediate responsive reports to major international events such as
Brexit. After this summer, I realized that my passions definitely lie within the global
realm. Although Im not sure if law school is still in my horizon or not, I still feel a
strong pull to attending and studying international law.

As for my immediate plans, I hope to go into finance and consulting for a few years
out of graduation, and to work specifically with large international corporations. In
this way, I can supplement the knowledge I have of the political and macroeconomic
global economy with the very business-centric corporate side. Im hoping that after
a few years of gaining hands on industry experience, I can go to law school and
eventually work for the state department as a diplomat or directly for the United
Nations. In my capacity as an international agent, I hope to champion and push for
human and civil rights, which are at the forefront of many policy debates today.

This scholarship would help me immensely in striving for these goals. Every dollar
that Ive received in scholarship money has been an incredible show of support from
the college and from the school. At the forefront are obviously fiscal reasons Im
paying my own way through college without loans, and am financing this by
applying for scholarships and by working part time. However, this coming year is
my last, and I would like to dedicate as much time as possible to my honors thesis.
On top of this, I believe I have strived towards excellence in all of my courses, and so
receiving a scholarship is also an honor on top of being financial support.