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Narrative Elements

Mariel Diaz, Luisa Prez, Luceldi Jaque, Andrea Cubero

argument Plot

character narrative
elements secondary

point of characters antagonist Narrator

Luceldi A. Jaque Morales

In this project i remembered the narrative elements and reaffirm what i know about it, also i try my creativity with my

team with the making of the mind map and the explanation.

Now i identify the diegesis,the plot, the way is divided in parts and the narrator with is the way a story is told; in first

person, second person and third person.

I think my friends and i review this topic well and we all can identify the narrative element and also because in class

we have been making exercises which i liked. I hope we keep doing this type of projects and also with our websites.
Luisa Perez Bisteni

Working on this portfolio made me realize that I still did not have enough knowledge about narrative elements. With the

help of my teammates we made a mental map that helped me in many things. On the one hand, it made us open our

creativity by putting images and arranging each one of its parts; on the other hand, it helped me to know about each

one, its components, and I learned how to identify them in a story or narration. I think it can also help me on the exam,

remembering the mental map and so it would be easier for me to get a good grade. I liked this project because it was

very simple but useful for us.

Mariel Diaz Martinez

By working in this portfolio I learned a lot of things about Narrative Elements. I learned about its elements such as plot,

narrator, characters and arguments, what they are, its components and how to identify each one. First I learned a little bit

about them in class with the teacher, reading the manual and making exercises, but now after doing this project I know

more about it. In the mind map we explained the elements and we put some pictures to identify them easily, it helped me

to have knowledge about this topic, thoroughly understand the subject, to have a good grade and be prepared in the

partial exam. At least, this topic was easy for me.


In this project I learn the elements of narrative. Those are plot, narrator, and digenesis or arguments. In

my opinion those are really important to write. If someone doesnt know the elements would not write

correctly a narrative, and the text will be a mess. Writers have a clear idea of the elements thats why the

can expresses exactly what they want in the text.

In this project I had a lot of fun with my teammates because we share our knowledge and with the opinion

of each one create a complete definition of the elements and topics of this partial. Working in teams is

hard but we learn more because we complete what we learn.

I really hope that the next partial we would be able to make another team project so we can share the

ideas learned.