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Reflection on field research Worksheet

Name of person you interviewed/listened to:

Bree Kloda____________________________________________________________

Position: Marketing Manager

Organisation: Gold Coast Airport

Workplace Reflection

When people think about a young and successful woman, Bree Kloda would be a prime
example that haven’t let her age be something that would hold her back. Instead she trusted
herself and did everything she could to make herself more competitive on the market.

When the interview was undertaken, she was working at the Gold Coast Airport as the
marketing manager. The most valuable thing for her to get jobs, was her network that she had
acquired. This has helped her both in the past, current and in the future if she ever would need
help. Since marketing is a way of connecting your organisation and yourself to others. You need
to be able to identify and find the new and current opportunities for your company to adapt after.

Being a marketing manager involves being a very creative person that can look to every
situation need and requirements. Bree talked about how satisfying it could be to build a brand-
new project from the foundation to when it’s all done. No matter how many hours of hard work
it takes, it’s always worth it in the end. Working as a marketing manager involves working with
a team, seeing different locations and organisations all over the world and making new
connections with people.

She states how important soft skills such as teamwork can be, they always had a team meeting
where the team sat down and brain stormed together so they would get all the team members
ideas and could combine it into one. Since every member in the team can get their thoughts and
idea into the meetings it also becomes much more valuable, since then everyone can feel as
they’ve accomplished something in the project.

Being able to have effective communication skills such as meeting, networking and talking with
and in front of people is an important role of a marketer’s job. To be prepared to do this kind of
tasks in the workplace, you need to expose yourself to situations where you have to do this
which will make you much more comfortable in with that, it also gives you an opportunity to
increase your networks.

A clear point in her interview is that having a big and stable network around you in a broad
range of different types of industries will help you in the future when you’re searching for jobs
and looking to make a career.

Another point she did was that, if you have a real passion for the chosen career you’re working
in. Then the employer will most likely help you in finding a place in the company to continue
improving yourself and increasing your competitiveness. Without a proper network people
won’t know who you are and if you even exist. So, the best day to start building your network
and improving upon it was yesterday. So, start as fast as you can and have a big advantage long
before the others understand the same.

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