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DATE 6th September 2017

Global Context Key and Related Concepts 21st Century Learning Skills
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Statement of Inquiry Approach to learning IB Learner Profile (s)
- -
Learning ENGLISH ACTIVITY (spelling) Inquirers
Area (s) Knowledgeable
Learning At the end of the lesson : Thinkers
Outcome (s) Communicators
1. Students will be able to add their vocabulary o Principled
2. Students will be able to spell words o Open-minded
3. Students will be able to know the meaning of o Caring
the words they spell. o Risk-takers/
Success o Balanced
Criteria 1. Students can spell words correctly o Reflective

Prior Toolkit(s):
Knowledge Things around you
o Human Graphing
Starter: o Recap Groups
1. teacher pasted a lot of numbers on the manila o Exit Card
card o Think-Pair-Share
2. teacher divide the students into groups of 4 o Diamond ranking
students. o Rocket writing
3. Teacher appoint one person to be in charge of o Presentations
the choice of numbers on the board o Gallery walk
4. The number will determine words that they o Sharing
have to spell. o Question Builder
Main: o Chain Link
1. Students need to choose their number o Brainstorming
2. Teacher ask the students to spell words from o _____________
the list according to the numbers o _____________
o _____________
Plenary :
1. Marks will be rewarded to the students
who can spell correctly
Resources/ Number cards
teaching aid
Who didnt meet What would I How did I Notes
the objective (s) change? differentiate?
Everyone in the I need to use I am so happy with their
Assessment/ class participated easier words participation. Even though
Reflection actively. they are poor performer
but they are very excited to
try and I believe they enjoy
the game very much