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Analysis and Design of Information Systems

Donni Prabowo
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Who am I ?
Donni Prabowo, M.Kom
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Education & Experience
Education :
Master of Information Technology, MTI STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta ( 2012 2014 )
Bachelor of Information Systems, STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta ( 2008 2012 )

Work Experience :
CEO at CV. Indonesia IT (2014 Now )
Lecture - Freelance at AKRB Yogyakarta (2012 2015)
Programmer at Innovation Center AMIKOM (2011 2012)

Award :
Winner INAICTA (Indonesia ICT Award) 2015, Jakarta
Nominee APICTA (Asia Pasific ICT Awards) Aliance 2015, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Nominee APICTA (Asia Pasific ICT Awards) Aliance 2014, Jakarta
Nominee APICTA (Asia Pasific ICT Awards) Aliance 2013, Hongkong
Nominee Innoserve Contest 2012, Taipei, Taiwan
Winner INAICTA (Indonesia ICT Award) 2013, Jakarta
Winner INAICTA (Indonesia ICT Award) 2012, Jakarta
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Absence in Mid Term and Final Test, youll get empty grade.
If attend in one of these (Mid Term or Final Test), max grade C
Crosscheck responded according to the schedule
30 minutes tardiness tolerance, more than it then presence doesnt allowed
Assignment and Quiz can occur at anytime
Assignment collected via email
About Assignment

Collection of Assignment:

Assignment collected via Google Mail, ( You must

use email )
We will use Google Drive as Media Sharing
Assessment Criteria


Participation include presence and contribution in the class.

Assignment Mid Term Final Exam

* Assessment aspect can be change anytime.

Whitten, Bentley, Ditman :

System Analysis Design Method, Sixth Edition. 2004

Hanif Al Fatta, M.Kom

Analisis & Perancangan Sistem Informasi untuk Keunggulan Bersaing Perusahaan &
Organisasi Modern. 2007

Donni Prabowo, M.Kom

E-learning STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta. Modul Perkuliahan

Students know and understand how to analyze and

design an information systems.
Students be able to modelling an information
Why ANSI is important?

Bachelor Alumni should be

able to do Problem Analyze

There is an Analysis Step in

your thesis.
Source :
Main Topic

System Fundamental
Stakeholder of Information Systems Development
Project Planning
Feasibility Analysis
Analysis and Design of Information Systems
Problems Analysis with PIECES
Requirement Analysis
Data Modeling with ERD
Process Modelling with DFD (Data Flow Diagram)
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Next meeting we will discuss about Systems

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