NASA Daily News Summary For Release: Nov.

1, 1999 Media Advisory m99-227

SUMMARY: No Press Releases Today

Video File for Nov. 1, 1999 ITEM 1 - KENNEDY SPACE CENTER SUPPORTS X-34 PROGRAM - KSC (replay) ITEM 2 - NASA TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE - JSC (replay) ITEM 3 - INSPECTION '99 PSAs - JSC (replay) NOTE: We mistakenly aired a video file at noon for which the accompanying press release is not yet ready. It will be reaired once everything is in place. Sorry for the inconvenience. Live Television Events This Week: November 4, Thursday 6:00 - 10:00 am - Land Mine Neutralizer Live Satellite Interviews - MSFC

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***************************** Video File for Nov. 1, 1999 ITEM 1 - KENNEDY SPACE CENTER SUPPORTS X-34 PROGRAM - KSC (replay) Contact at NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL: Joel Wells (Phone 407/867-2468). ITEM 1a - KSC SUPPORTS X-34 TRT 1:13

NASA and Kennedy Space Center Engineering technicians assist in modification efforts on the X-34 reusable launch vehicle technology demonstrator. Eight KSC experts have been providing hands-on support at NASA¹s Dryden Flight Research Center in Edwards Air Force Base, CA, since September. ITEM 1b - INTERVIEW EXCERPTS John Tinsley, KSC X-34 Project Manager ITEM 1c - ANIMATION TRT 1:57 TRT 1:35

The X-34 is a reusable launch vehicle technology demonstrator that was designed and built by Orbital Sciences Corp. in Dulles, VA. It will launch from the belly of a modified L-1011 airliner.

ITEM 2 - NASA TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE - JSC (replay) Technology Demonstrations Contact at NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX: Newsroom Staff (Phone 281/483-5111). ITEM 2a - INSPECTION DAY VIDEO TRT 1:35

Footage from previous inspection days at the Johnson Space Center. ITEM 2b - ENDOCARIOGRAPHY LAB TRT :44

Footage from the Endocardiography lab at Texas Children¹s Hospital ITEM 2c - MICROENCAPSULATION DEVICE TRT 1:33

Footage of the Microencapsulation Device, about which Dr. Dennis Morrison explains. ITEM 2d - INTERVIEW EXCERPTS: BERNT JELLESOE President, Unitech International ITEM 2e - INTERVIEW EXCERPTS: DR. TIM BRICKER Chief of Service, Texas Children¹s Hospital ITEM 2f - INTERVIEW EXCERPTS TRT 1:15 TRT 1:20 TRT 1:01

Dr. Dennis Morrison, Principal Researcher, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

ITEM 3 - INSPECTION '99 PSAs - JSC (replay) The following videos are public service announcements for NASA's Technology Showcase Inspection '99 at Johnson Space Center on November 3 - 5, 1999. Contact at NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX: Ed Campion (Phone 281/483-5111).


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