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Cinema is a reflection of its own society Shoreh Aghdashloo. The role of women in todays film industry
clearly exposes the male dominated society we live in. The only subfield where you can find women in a
considerable amount is the acting field. But the percentage is far below equal. Based on a study the percentage
of female cinematographers working in major films is a little above 2 percentage. And this shows us that we
still have to go miles before we can establish a coequal scenario in the Film industry for women. And an all
women Film institute would be an ambitious beginning in the process of balancing gender in the field. In a
culture bound society like India an all women film school will give confidence and an opportunity for hundreds
of women to pursue cinema. Which would result in the rise of many female filmmakers and the exposition of
their ideologies to the world. As Cinema reaches huge number of people, the rise of such women Filmmakers
and their films would inspire millions of women in our society to take a step forward towards equality in every
discipline of work.

A film is a collaboration of individuals from various creative fields. And any individual of a particular field must
possess basic knowledge of all the other fields. And a film institute is an institute which teaches all the skills
required to make a film. The objective of a film school is to train individuals in the fields of Screen writing,
Direction, Cinematography, Acting, Editing, Music, Sound engineering and recording, Visual effects and
animation, Television production, and Film theory. Film Institutions all over the world currently teach both the
theoretical and practical aspects of filmmaking and also train individuals in a philosophical level. Each field
would require classrooms, studios, labs, stages and auditoriums, based on their needs. It would also require
geniric requirements any institution would need. An all women film school will be responsible to create
talented female individuals in respect to the above fields and it's main motive would be to inspire more women
to enter into the film industry.

The aim is to plan and design a campus for a film institute, which would attract, welcome and give a sense of
belonging to women of all backgrounds. The finished design should also be a reflection of the fantasy that
cinema creates in human minds.

To understand the basic working process of a film institute by extensive case studies and literature

To study the mentality of women on Cinema and careers in the film industry in today's scenario.

To study the history of indian cinema and the changes it has undergone.

To do a detailed study on the technological status of cinema and the equipment required in the field of

To create an architectural space which could provide all the amneties required by a film institute and a
student interactive campus.

The film industry in India currently produces above 1000 films a year with a wide number of opportunities for
young talent. Yet there are only two major film institutes in India. These institutes have a very little number of
student Intake. Working in cinema, being a taboo for most of the women and their families in India would
provide an all women film institute a huge chance of bringing more women to pursue cinema. With half the
population of India being women the scope of an all women film institute is extremely high.

There are only two major film institutes in india. There are a few smaller institutes throughout but they lack the
infrastructure and technicalities a good film institute should offer. And the student intake in all these
institutions are very less only producing a few hundreds of qualified individuals to work in such a massive
industry. The participation of women in these institutions is extremely low and an all women film institute
would be very feasible.


National Film and Television School, London

Australian Film Television and Radio School

Beijing Film Academy

The Filmacademy

Satyajit ray film & television institute, Calcutta
Whistling Woods International Institute, Mumbai