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Assignment 1

Problem 1: The soft drink market is an extremely large and growing market in
the USA and worldwide. In a recent year, 9.6 billion cases of soft drinks were
sold in the United States alone. Where are soft drinks sold? The data shown
below from Stanford C. Bernstein research indicate that the four leading places
for soft drinks sales are supermarkets, fountains, convenience/gas stores, and
vending machines.

S.No. Place Percentage of Sales
1 Supermarket 44
2 Fountain 24
3 Convenience/gas stations 16
4 Vending 11
5 Mass merchandisers 3
6 Drugstores 2

Based on the above statistics please explain you answer using pie-chart and
histogram. Additionally, mention the quantities of sales in units against each

Problem 2: Explain the meaning of central tendency, its measuring methods,
and differences among them using suitable examples.

Problem 3: What is difference between percentiles and quartiles? Explain using
suitable example and data set.

Problem 4: Explain the meaning of meaning of mean absolute deviation,
standard deviation, and variance, indicating their mathematical formulas.

Calculate the following using Microsoft Excel:

Problem 5:

The GMAT produced by the educational testing service in princeton is widely
used by business schools in USA. In a recent year, the mean GMAT score was
494 and the standard deviation was about 100. What is the probability that a
randomly selected score from this administration of GMAT is between 600 and
the mean? That is,
p ( 485 ≤ X ≤ 600 ! μ=494∧σ =100 )=?

..Problem 6: What is the probability of obtaining a score greater than 700 on a GMAT test that has a mean of 494 and a SD of 100? Assume GMAT scores are normally distributed. No……………. MBA Semester 3rd Test 1 Subject: IT LAB . what is the probability of randomly drawing a score that is 550 or less? p ( X ≤ 550 ! μ=494∧σ =100 )=? Problem 8: What is the probability of getting a score of less than 400 on the same GMAT test? p ( X <400 ! μ=494∧σ =100 )=? Problem 9: What is the probability of randomly obtaining a score between 300 and 600 on the same GMAT exam? p (300< X <600 ! μ=494∧σ =100 )=? Problem 10: Explain the difference between discrete and continuous distributions? What is centre limit theorem & it is relevant for which type of distributions? Please submit your answers in the following format with the given head given below: National Institute of Technology Calicut School of Management Studies Name………………. p ( X ≥ 700 ! μ=494∧σ =100 )=? Problem 7: For the same GMAT examination. Reg. Monsoon Semester 20—20-.