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The Long
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Trip West
by Joseph Blaire

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Reader Response
The Long
1. Why did the author write about the Louisiana
Purchase and the Corps of Discovery?

Trip West
2. What was Sacagawea able to do for Lewis and
Clark? Where in the text did you look to find the
3. Make a chart similar to the one below. List scents
you think belong in each category.

Scents on Lewis
Scents in My Life and Clarks Trip

4. How did the map on page 15 help you understand

where the Corps of Discovery traveled?

by Joseph Blaire
illustrated by Tom McNeely

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In 1803 Thomas Jefferson was president of the
United States. At that time the United States was
smaller than it is today. Much of the land west of
the Mississippi River had been owned by Spain.
But in 1800, Spain had given the land to France.
Jefferson wanted to buy the land from France.

President Thomas Jefferson

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On April 30, 1803, the leader of France agreed Jefferson knew that Americans would begin
to sell this land to the United States. The deal was migrating, or moving. They would move from
called the Louisiana Purchase. It doubled the size east to west into the land the country got in the
of the United States. Louisiana Purchase. This new territory, or area,
spanned west from the Mississippi River to the
Rocky Mountains. It spanned south from British
North America to the Gulf of Mexico.

British North America



Missouri River


Mississippi River

United States and W E

territories around 1803

Gulf of
4 5
In 1803 President Jefferson also created the Lewis and Clark, more than forty-five other
Corps of Discovery. The Corps of Discovery was a people, and Lewiss black Newfoundland dog
team led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. named Seaman became the Corps of Discovery.
The teams job was to find and write about the President Jefferson gave them the money they
rivers, mountains, animals, and Native American needed for their trip.
nations of the American West. The teams goal
was to reach the Pacific Ocean.

The Rocky Mountains lie to the west. The Corps of Discovery loads trip supplies.
6 7
On May 14, 1804, the Corps of Discovery left The group met many Native Americans. Lewis
the wharf of Camp Dubois in what is now Illinois. and Clark needed to be able to talk and trade
They began the long trip westward on the with the Native Americans. A woman named
Missouri River. The trip was difficult. Some of the Sacagawea helped them. She was part of the
men became ill. It was also very hot. Clark made Native American Shoshone nation. She translated.
many maps. Lewis studied plants and animals. She also helped the group find plants to eat. She
He took notes and made simple drawings of his knew the land and helped guide the trip.

The Corps of Discovery sets sail toward

the west on the Missouri River. Sacagawea translates for Lewis and Clark.
8 9
On May 26, 1805, Lewis scanned the horizon. The trip over the steep mountains was tough.
He saw the Rocky Mountains for the first The weather was very cold. It was hard to find
time. They were rugged and tall. The Corps of food. Many of the men were starving.
Discovery traded with Sacagaweas Shoshone and
with another Native American nation, the Salish.
They got horses to ride through the mountains.

Meriwether Lewis sees the Rocky Mountains. The team travels through the mountains.
10 11
But the Corps of Discovery kept going. They The scent of saltwater filled the air. The men
made it over the mountains. Now they had to decided to rest. They built Fort Clatsop near the
cross rivers. They left the horses behind and coast in what is now Oregon. They stayed there
made canoes. The Corps of Discovery yearned through the cold, wet winter. Lewis and Clark
to see the Pacific Ocean. In November 1805 the worked on their maps and scientific records of
Corps of Discovery finally reached the ocean. plants and animals. Then on March 23, 1806, the
Corps of Discovery began the trip back home.

The Corps travels in canoes toward the Pacific. The Corps of Discovery sets up camp.
12 13
They reached the docks of St. Louis on The United Sates is a richer nation because of
September 23, 1806. It was close to where they the Louisiana Purchase and men like Meriwether
had started about 2 12 years before. They had Lewis and William Clark. President Thomas
traveled nearly eight thousand miles across Jefferson also achieved his goal of exploring the
America! They had mapped rivers and created American West. These early Americans helped
scientific journals. They had been introduced to to make the United States of America what it is
many Native American cultures. And they had today.
proved that travel across the continent to the
Pacific Ocean was possible.

Fort Clatsop

The trip west

The trip back home

St. Louis


The journey of the Corps of Discovery Ocean
comes to an end in St. Louis, Missouri.

Trail of the trip

Gulf of

14 15
Glossary Reader Response
docks n. platforms built translated v. changed 1. Why did the author write about the Louisiana
on the shore or out from one language into Purchase and the Corps of Discovery?
from the shore; wharfs; another.
piers. 2. What was Sacagawea able to do for Lewis and
wharf n. a platform Clark? Where in the text did you look to find the
migrating v. moving built on the shore or out answer?
from one region to from the shore, beside
another. which ships can load 3. Make a chart similar to the one below. List scents
and unload. you think belong in each category.
scanned v. glanced at;
looked over hastily. yearned v. felt a Scents on Lewis
longing or desire; Scents in My Life and Clarks Trip
scent n. a smell.
desired earnestly.

4. How did the map on page 15 help you understand

where the Corps of Discovery traveled?