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"Who is big enough in this world now to sacrifice

him/her for universal

service and love?"
- Sri Babaji

Mahavatar Babaji

Reiki is a gift form God, share it for free!

Edmond C.
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A few thoughts
Illusions about Reiki
Inns and outs of Reiki attunements
Suggestions for each Reiki level
How to improve your Reiki flow?
Japanese Reiki techniques
Questions and my answers
Energy exchange
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A few thoughts

Be courageous.
Dont get caught in your ego trips!
Be attentive.

Give, give, and give.

There is nothing else I would like to say to you.

Edmond C.
Illusions about Reiki

Misconceptions about Reiki outlined bellow are real beliefs of living people, whom I've met
on the Internet or in person during my teaching and learning experiences.

One has to be something special to learn and practice Reiki.

Well, I guess one has to be something special to work for NASA and to go to Mars or
something......but to practice Reiki one only has to be alive, nothing else.

Reiki attunement destroys bad karma.

No, this is impossible. Reiki attunements are done upon etheric level, and our
happiness and distress (what is usually referred to as karma) and causes for it are
much higher/deeper - in our abstract mental body, ahankara.
And even if Reiki initiation had been done upon mental plane, it would still have been
impossible. No one can take away our own ignorance and the sense of separateness
but ourselves (except if you are THAT blessed by God)...
Reiki initiation only brings Reiki flow to our awareness, nothing more. It cannot
influence ahankara directly, not even in a million years.
All Reiki does is increasing the vibration our etheric body thus forcing old emotions
and negative thought patterns to surface. It is up to each one of us what we do with
those surfaced negative energies...

One can/may become Reiki master only if s/he is completely dedicated to teaching
Everyone is good enough to receive 3rd initiation! Please, it is completely up to you
what you do in your life - with or without master Reiki level...

One has to pay for receiving Reiki attunement or healing session.

I believe this is the most serious misconception in Reiki world today. Not only does it
impart confusion on people (and takes advantage of naiveness of these exact people),
it also clearly demonstrates true state of awareness of those Reiki masters that
propagate this idea.
This is sad.
Reiki brings (provided one is opened and willing to advance) harmony, warmth, love
and laughter - things very familiar to our heart, things that constitute our true nature...
Do you believe one has to pay for our true nature to manifest? Look into your heart
and see for yourself...

Energy exchange theory is very important factor in making money.

This is absolutely true! ...LOL...

Jesus and Lord Buddha used Reiki for healing.

I don't think so. Jesus did many drastic healings and even restored dead men to life.
Reiki does not reach that high/deep, not even close.
I've read a lot of Buddhist text and haven't encountered single example of Lord
Buddha's healings. His miracles were different form those of Jesus, He showed the
humanity how to liberate (achieving nirvana) oneself, not to fill/stimulate someone's
etheric body...
I believe this concept was born only to attract many people and to make a lot of

It is most important which master gives you attunement.

Yes, this is true... but only if you believe you are not an individual soul and if you
want to deny your own free will.
Some masters are "better" channels and their attunements are seemingly "better", but
eventually, it is up to you what you make out of particular attunement.
Only "blind" (in the sense of denying their own independence) ones are caught up in
this trap called "hiding behind others"...

Lineage is also very important.

Again, only if you believe your life depends on others (in this case on previous Reiki
And, of course, if your goal is making money (you know, famous lineage - more
money and all...).

One has to be careful where Reiki is practiced.

Reiki can be practiced everywhere, its flow does not depend on surroundings.
With other words: one can practice Reiki dressed as s/he wants, with or without
candles or soft music playing and in ALL possible life circumstances.
Reiki is not that sacred at all but very natural system of energy flow and control.
My opinion, of course...

Reiki symbols/kotodama are to be kept hidden.

<deep sigh>
The whole world is opening up, old and morbid systems are breaking and giving birth
to new ideas, the entire humanity is begging for harmony and understanding ......and a
lot of people still believe that gentleness and love Reiki symbols and Shinto
mantras/Kotodama carry must be kept locked in a safe box!?

Reiki symbols are so sacred that only chosen ones are allowed to see them.
You were "allowed" to see them on this (and many others) web site, weren't you?
Hmm. This can mean only two things:
a) you are not the chosen one...LOL...
b) the concept in question is completely meaningless.
Now, which is it?

Reiki symbols will lose its power if displayed publicly.

My experience is different. I have reiki symbols on my web sites and reiki is still
Why is that?
Because Reiki is independent energy field and symbols are just visual manifestation of
this energy field.

The one who uses Reiki symbols has to empower them with his/her will.
Reiki will flow no matter what we do or don't do with our bodies or our will.
It is my belief Reiki masters who teach concepts like that are either too insecure to
trust Reiki or haven't got enough experience in the first place.
In fact, after a long time of every day use, symbols seem to lose their purpose. They
dissolve in overall presence of energy field called Reiki.

Reiki is a very powerful and effective system of healing.

Unfortunately, this is very common misunderstanding. I have met Reiki and Karuna
Reiki masters who believed this to be true. Many of them are no longer using Reiki
(I wonder why...) and one guy is even back to drinking alcohol again (so much for
almighty Reiki...)
No, Reiki is not that powerful a technique. It is an energy and like every single energy
it bows down before our free will.
That's why one can even deny its effects or, in other words, one has to be opened for
Reiki to help him/her. Enough said.

Reiki Kotodama can be dangerous if used incorrectly. They are very special.
As far as I can see the technique in question is neither dangerous nor special in any
Hmmm. The same thing was said about Reiki symbols at first, wasn't it?
I have a lot of experiences with Reiki and many more with other a great deal
more powerful and effective techniques. So, I have somewhat different perspective on
the whole Reiki stuff...
Special technique? I really don't see what the fuss is all about ...
There is nothing special about Reiki nor about any other (even more effective)
But, some seem to actually need to believe they are using some secret and special
technique...who would bother to practice a common and casual technique, anyway?

By sharing info on Japanese Reiki techniques one is doing a big disservice to the
worldwide Reiki community, because new information will simply stop flowing from
Japan as a result.
I think me or anyone else for that matter would be doing a disservice to those that
think they own these not-so-special techniques and not to those that want to learn
As for info flow from Japan, I believe the decision whether Japanese masters will keep
sharing or not is in their own domain. We can be polite, good and kind boys and gals
and so on... but the decision is still the matter of their freedom of choice.
And if they feel/think that in this particular moment in time the world needs more
"closed circles", that's ok.
I perceive learning and teaching process somewhat different. For me to learn and teach
is to share and receive and I don't like/want to confuse politics with personal and
spiritual progress (with or without Reiki).

Distant healing works but distant attunements do not.

Honestly, I was at first kind of hesitant towards distant Reiki attunement. While I did
most of my Reiki work using distant techniques, attunement itself seemed to me a
little farfetched (I guess I lacked the necessary self-confidence).
Hmm. Odd thing, considering I got my master Reiki level from my Spiritual Master
who was away form me...
But, one learns every day... Now I know distant attunements do work. Reiki is an
energy and it follows our intent. If intent (on master's side) and openness and sincere
desire (on the receiver's end) are present, I see no sound reason why distant
attunements should/could not work.
In fact, it is my experience distant attunements can be even more profound and strong
than in-person ones.
In the end, only our intent matters, nothing else.

Reiki symbols are to be used every time one uses Reiki.

Well, IMHO this is only a half truth. While at first stages of learning Reiki one has to
use them, in more advanced stages of Reiki practice symbols dissolve in the overall
presence of Reiki.
Thus, Reiki symbols are only tools, training requisites...necessary only as long as one
wants/needs them.

Reiki is God.
No, Reiki is not a God. Reiki is energy of God, just as sunshine, water and gravity is,
nothing more.
If Reiki had been God, there would have been no need for differences amongst Reiki
schools we are all witnessing today, for it would have been all-powerful and perfect
(just as God is), for everyone, at any given moment and in any state of consciousness
and mind, forever.
I have been blessed and experienced the state of union with God (samadhi, satori)
many times, and, believe me, states like that (and God, if I may be so bold...) are
faaaaaaaaaar beyond etheric body where Reiki flows in. Even most abstract thoughts
cannot touch those states, what to speak of Reiki that obeys our thought patterns...

Reiki has its own intelligence.

I am sorry, but this is not quite right. Reiki is just energy, nothing more. Yes, it has its
own seasons and it follows predictable patterns (i.e. it will always flow to where there
is the lack of harmony...) but that is all.
That's why one has to be very careful when applying Reiki to open wound or
immediately after medical surgery. Reiki will blindly try to fix the issue, which is not
quite intelligent especially if you still have a stitches in your head ...

Reiki is a very ineffective system of healing.

No. It is very effective provided one wants to advance and is willing to face and
surpass causes for problems in his/her life.
It is true, however, Reiki is very gentle and soft just like love is. It takes some time to
see the progress when using only Reiki. I would say, a couple of months for most
people should be enough to perceive progress.
That's why I tell my students to combine Reiki with some kind of mental technique.

Reiki masters need to be worshipped.

Reiki master is not at all worth of worshipping. Why? Simply because master Reiki
level is nothing special.
Moreover, Reiki master level brings no deep spiritual (absolute) experiences, like
samadhi/satori nor anything else worth worshipping, IMO.
There are very evolved beings who have attained incomprehensibly high spiritual
states of consciousness (i.e. Mahavatar Babaji or Ramana Maharshi), which are truly
worthy of worshipping, only they do not make any fuss about it.
Go figure...
It is wrong to make money with Reiki.
No, not at all. IMO, what is wrong with Reiki business today is that most masters are
charging their clients for Reiki, for the energy itself.
If you insist on making money, then at least be honest and tell people Reiki belongs to
no one and that they are paying you for your time, manuals AND not for Reiki!
Just don't kid yourself you own the Reiki!
Inns and outs of Reiki attunements

- What is it and how does it work?

- What is happening to a recipient during initiation?
- In-person vs. distant initiation
- Reiki initiation walkthrough
- Secret of Reiki initiations

What is Reiki initiation and how does it work?

Initiation into Reiki is an energy event, a pleasant one I might add.

It is done upon etheric level of our whole existence - upon etheric body.

Etheric body has four sub-levels Chakras reside on the 4th one.
Reiki initiation is performed right there, upon our chakras.
Since it is done on this rather non-special and very relative level,
it simply cannot be said Reiki initiation is a spiritual event.

To me, spiritual means everything that completely surpasses our relative

(physical/etheric, astral and mental) bodies.
True spiritual energy, events (like Samadhi or Satori) and healings
have their origin faaaaaaar above etheric body where Reiki flows in,
even beyond mental body.
If you have experienced state called Samadhi (Oneness with the Absolute truth, God),
you will know what I mean...

Reiki initiation or attunement opens channel in your etheric body to enable Reiki flow.
This channel starts in your crown chakra (Sahasrara) and goes through
heart chakra (Anahata) to your hands.
Only someone who has the direct connection to Reiki source (so called Reiki master)
can do this for you, in person or at distance.

At certain stage of openness and spiritual development ability to connect to source of Reiki
may manifest spontaneously.

What is happening to a recipient during initiation?

Reiki initiations are very nice and pleasant events during which etheric body of a
recipient is literally flowed with pure energy from Above.
The presence of Reiki is felt as heat, dizziness, cold,
gentle pressure in various parts of the body or as other sensations...
Due to high vibration of new energy, old and suppressed emotions, pains and aches
may surface only to be released and to make "room" for new and fresh energies.
Of course, experience of attunement itself depends on the
openness of the receiver.
It is my experience in giving both in-person and distant attunements
that more open, dedicated and sincere students do get more out of it all
than not-so-dedicated ones.

Seriousness and dedication prove to be very important after

initiation into Reiki as well. This particular kind of energy is too soft and
not so strong to be enough on itself. Reiki practice demands a lot of attention, time and
openness on our part. Left on its own Reiki becomes just another lifeless item in our lives,
TV, sunshine or Ray-Ban sunglasses.
That's why so many people leave Reiki practice after some time
(in my experience more than half)...

Anyway, Reiki attunement is an energy event, and energy can not do much
if your mind is not flexible, open and your intent clear...

In-person vs. distant initiation

I have initiated/attuned into all levels of Reiki a lot of people,

both in-person and at distance.
While most of my students received in-person attunement,
some of them do feel distant ones are more potent.
My love, for example, who is very down-to-earth human being
(and I love her for it...) says that
during distant attunements she perceives energy deeper and stronger.

To me, distant attunements are more real and energy flows really strong and deep.
That's because I dont have to deal with physical body. I can just sit there and forget about
physical plane and can really focus on what I do, on mental activity.

So, what is better, in-person or distant attunement?

Well, my dear visitor, try not to think about it in terms of good and bad...
It is my belief and experience one can get to the point of direct connection to
the source of Reiki spontaneously and even without attunement.
Also, the whole Reiki deal completely depends upon receivers state of consciousness
and his/hers openness and trust.

So, what kind of initiation should you take?

If you are open, have got flexible mind and can believe in Reiki without someone
giving attunement to you in person, then go for distant attunement.
There is no difference between the two really.
Everything is up to you anyway...

I have received master Reiki level (and many other more important and more "absolute
from my Spiritual Master from a distance and see where it has brought me: for the last
4 years I have been giving attunements into all Reiki levels, both in person and at distance.
See? All from one single distant attunement...

On the other hand, if you have any doubts in Reiki in the first place, then you will most likely
have hard time producing enough fate/trust/openness to receive attunement from a distance.

If this is your case, then I suggest you to find yourself

someone to attune you in person.
It will probably be more expensive, but that's the whole point of Reiki business today,
not so open and rather naive people are being fooled for large sums of money
for receiving something they have already got...
Oh, what a mess!
<deep sigh>

Reiki initiation walk-through

Every Reiki master uses his/hers own procedure, but the basics are
always the same:
- you must be Reiki master yourself and
- both of you (recipient and yourself) must produce clear
intent to receive/give attunement.

Here's the procedure I use

(please note, my Reiki practice is most simple - I really hate to complicate things):

Focusing on goal at hand (in-person or distant attunement)

Coming forth with clear and strong intent
Intending Reiki to flow to receiver (and sometimes
visualizing Usui symbols entering Crown, Forehead and Heart chakras.)
Opening myself and letting recipient take as much as s/he needs/wants
(it is at this point that I usually notice great differences between
Closing the Reiki transmission as soon as I perceive Reiki has
been received by other party.
Drinking a non-alcohol

You may feel that above steps are lacking a dozen or two other steps,
but as I said I like simplicity, and above all, it works every single time,
both in person and at distance.
I came to use this format after a lot of attunement experience.

Secret of Reiki initiations

It is very simple, actually.

One (not three or four) Reiki initiation is enough for a human being to become a really helpful
Reiki practitioner and master/teacher.
In other words, you do not have to be initiated into Reiki more than once!

Reiki master initiates you into Reiki at Reiki level one and that is it.
Basically, no more initiations are needed nor required.
That's the power and simplicity of master symbol Dai-ko-mio.

Hmmm. Think for yourself:

What have you received and have got at level two that has not been
given you at Reiki level one? More energy? Hmm.

It is our mind that needs the whole drama and fuss around Reiki initiations.
One Reiki initiation bestows upon you everything that you need to become
(energetically speaking, of course) true Reiki master/teacher.

If you can live and cope with that, of course...

Most persons I come into the contact with have hard time receiving Reiki for free,
what to speak of only one initiation for all levels...?
Suggestions for each Reiki level

Reiki 1:

Do not follow Reiki precepts blindly

Have a clear idea what Reiki is and how does it work
Try to comprehend relation between symbol and overall Reiki
Use CKR as much as you can
Study symbol
Know Reiki healing is holistic - it helps you on more than one level
Practice self healing every day for at least one hour
Learn hands positions and use them on yourself
Learn about emotional causes for diseases
If possible, practice healing of others - very important!
Be careful when giving Reiki, keep in mind
you are just a channel, do not give your own energy!
Practice, practice, practice - there is no other way
Dont get overly attached to pleasant sensations, perception of
colors and other side effects, for you have just started - you still
have a lot to learn
Comprehend relation between you, your bodies and Reiki
Learn from experiences but ask questions as well

Reiki 2:

Take the whole affair more seriously

Meditate on new symbols as often as you can - this is very important!
Use SHK for emotional issues
Use HSZSN for mental issues
Use CKR in combination with other two symbols
Learn about sub-conscious mind and how mental body works
Get to know your past life and write down every single conflict
and trauma you have had
Use SHK and HSZSN to help you sort up your past
Use Reiki every day using every possible
technique you can think of (drink & food cleansing, energizing plants,
sending Reiki through time etc...)
Start to offer help to others (all living beings, even minerals)
Practice Reiki transmission and distant healing, choose method that suits you best
Try Hatsu Rei Ho and practice it every day
if you find it suitable
Again, meditate on symbols as often as you can
Open yourself up and be willing to change your ways
Really master Reiki symbols before you move on to the master level!
Reiki Master level:

Learn about Zen, Buddhism or any other

Path that leads to Enlightenment and
(try to) relate it to Reiki
Read the books of Meher Baba and Ramana Maharshi
Read Bhagawad-gita
Study differences between personal (healing, sorting out the past...)
and spiritual (enlightenment) progress
Meditate on all Reiki symbols as often as you can
Get to know master symbol energies by using them,
healing others etc...
Check if your feet are on the ground every single day!
Be careful not to kid yourself about your position as Reiki master,
for you are nothing special because of Reiki level III/IV!
Be sure to understand real position of Reiki
as a healing practice; do not think it is almighty!
Learn (through empirical knowledge) about relation between
each Reiki symbol and your bodies
Study Kotodama and use them as much as possible
Learn Gyoshi & Koki Ho and use it
Take Reiji Ho & Byosen into your practice
Learn about the concept of surrender, very important!
Study attunement process and practice it (on yourself first!)
Do not follow your Reiki master as a blind man/woman!
If you decide to teach and give Reiki to others,
write your own manuals based on your own experiences
Be original in your teaching methods, do not
hide behind a famous lineage or behind your Reiki teacher!
Make money with Reiki, no problem,
just do not kid yourself and others you own the REI KI!
As a teacher, be ethical and avoid passing your own limitations to your students
(i.e. demanding promises to be made to you etc...)
Do know you will be able to help others only to the extent
you are happy and enlightened!
How to improve your Reiki flow?

You will have to take in consideration at least
these four areas of your life:

time spent with Reiki

narrow-minded approach
your day-to-day life
your goal

Time spent with Reiki

Practice make perfect.

If you are serious about improving Reiki flow through your bodies, you will have to start
practicing it every single day!
It is not that hard to wake up 20 minutes earlier to do a Reiki self-healing nor it is too
demanding to let Reiki run through your bodies before you go to sleep!

One hour a day (for few years) should be enough to really open your bodies to Reiki.
But, for the most dedicated ones, this shouldn't be all!
There are a lot of various ways you can use Reiki. Use your imagination
and be creative! Use Reiki for/with everything in your life!
Try Japanese Reiki techniques.

Remember Reiki is energy and it all depends on your mental approach to it!

Narrow-minded approach

Personal and spiritual growth is like a marathon. One has to be careful and should try to avoid
pitfalls of this long distance running.

It is very easy to consider oneself very special or even a bit elevated when practicing Reiki.
But, it is the fact Reiki is not that special; it is just energy, nothing more.
Well, if you can live with that than you will have no problem understanding the need for
combining Reiki with some other technique.

Bodies of an average human being (like you and me) can get used to Reiki flow very
quickly......and the most important issues (causes for our unhappiness and distress)
in our life remain in-tacked.

Do not be narrow-minded!
Broaden your horizons!

It is the same thing with the books we read. I can choose books written by one author and
be done with it. No problem. But how many wonderful things do I miss due to my
narrow-minded approach?
How much does my openness (freedom, wisdom) worth if I stick only to
one single book (Reiki)? See?

Combine Reiki with one of many mental techniques (methods, which

work on mental plane) or yoga...
Don't kid yourself you can really advance using just one technique!

Your day-to-day life

The quality of your everyday life (your relationships with parents, children, partners,
coworkers, friends, animals and plants) determents your happiness and openness (and vice

Reiki flows through your etheric body, through your chakras. If these chakras are not working
optimally or, in other words, if they are blocked, Reiki will not flow as it could/should.

Chakras are usually blocked with old suppressed emotions (traumas from the past) and
negative thought patterns (compromises, avoidance tactics etc...)

If you choose to face these issues, you will enter into whole new area of personal progress.
And Reiki will be there for you all the way.

Questions bellow will help you to perceive where you truly stand (both personally and

Am I happy?
Am I satisfied with my life?
What am I trying to avoid in life?
What do I really want in my life?
What am I running away from in my life?
Am I really happy with relationships I lead?
Is my spiritual path making me more happy in my life?
Do I have a job that fulfills me?
Am I happy with relationship with my parents?
Am I really happy?

Take some time just once (although it is very important to check yourself
every now and then), sit down in locked room, turn off your cell phone and look within
It takes a bit of courage to answer these questions sincerely and to take appropriate actions to
remedy these areas in life, but it is worthwhile in the end.

I've been down this road, and believe me, Reiki flows much stronger and deeper if everyday
life is sorted out!
Your goal

It is very simple, really.

What is that you want (in life)?

Are certain side effects (heat, cold, seeing colors etc...) of Reiki flow all you can allow
yourself to experience?

Be very careful not to take Reiki practices to be goal on their own!

Why did you start to use Reiki in the first place?
Use Reiki as a means to get where you want to be, not as a goal itself.
Let Reiki be what it really is: a piece in mosaic called your eternal existence.

When one is really happy and full of joy Reiki flows through him more than all Reiki symbols
in this world can "force" it!
Japanese Reiki techniques

Myself, I don't use techniques outlined bellow regularly. My path lies elsewhere...

I know, however, that most Reiki practitioners here in the West haven't heard of these
Japanese methods before. This sharing is dedicated to these exact people.

Powers that be in the Reiki political world today are not satisfied to see these techniques
are being shared with you for free...
It still escapes me why...

I just can't imagine how it would feel like if I kept knowledge/info just to myself or share it
only for money...

Anyway, I hope you will find these techniques helpful for your physical, emotional and
mental health.

Reiki techniques as they are taught and practiced in Japan:

Hatsu Rei Ho - energy exercises

Kotodama - Shinto mantras
Gyoshi & Koki Ho - healing with the eyes & breath
Reiji Ho & Byosen - advanced sensing & intuition
Reiju empowerment - original Usui's attunement process

Hatsu Rei Ho

Hatsu Rei Ho is the basic Japanese Reiki technique.

It is a combination of meditation, minor empowerment and self healing.
Its practice enhances
Reiki flow and widens your "channel".

Hatsu Rei Ho contains the following techniques:

Preparation - Calming your mind

Kihon Shisei - standard posture
Mokunen - focusing your intent
Kenyoku ho - Dry bathing
Joshin Koku ho - The Cleansing Breath
Gassho - prayer mudra
Seishin Toitsu - Contemplation
Mokunen - focusing your intent
Preparation - Calming your mind
It is important to begin with relaxation which should bring about
still and focused mind.
Use technique that suits you best. Japanese are said to sing Gyosei.
The way and the rhythm of singing did effect the mind and calmed it.
I don't think here on the West singing Gyosei would help to
calm down the mind, since most of us don't even know Japanese language.
I suggest you to observe your breathing for a few minutes without interfering or
to use one of many mantras. Om Mani Padme Hum perhaps....
When you are done, move on.

Kihon Shisei - standard posture

Sit on the floor (on your knees, as in Zazen or Vijra asana) or chair.
Put a blanket under your knees. At first this posture will not give you any
immediate satisfaction but when your knees become more flexible, you will start to
perceive the benefits of this kind of sitting.

Relax and slowly close your eyes. Direct your attention onto your Hara or Tantien (3-5
centimeters below navel). Put your hands on your lap with palms down.

Mokunen - Focusing your intent

Say in your mind "I'll start Hatsu Rei-Ho now" to yourself.
With clarity in your mind just decide and do it.

Kenyoku-ho - Dry bathing or Brushing off

This technique will clean your etheric body and thus enable you
to be a better channel for Reiki.

Place your right hand on the left shoulder so that
the right fingertips are on the left shoulder (where the collar bone meets the shoulder).
The hand is open and lying flat.

Draw the flat hand down across the chest in a straight line, over the "V"
of the sternum (where the rib cage meets) down to the right hip.
The hand (palm down) stays in light contact with the body the entire movement.

Repeat this procedure on the right side, using the left hand. Draw it flattened
from the shoulder, in a straight line, across the sternum, to the left hip.
Place the right hand again on the left shoulder, fingertips on the
edge pointing outwards.
Slide the right hand down the left arm all the way to the finger tips,
keeping the left arm straight and at your side.

Repeat this process on the right side, with the left hand on the shoulder
and drawing it down the right arm to the fingertips.

Repeat the process on the left side again.

Connect to Reiki and raise your hands high up in the air, visualize and feel the vibration/light
of Reiki flowing into your hands and run through your whole body.

Jyoshin Koki-ho The Cleansing Breath

This is a breathing method.

Place your hands on your lap with palms up and focus your intention
on Tantien and relax. Then start controlled breathing.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
While inhaling, breath in the life force - Reiki - coming down through
your Sahasrara (crown chakra) into your Tantien. Let it fill your Hara and then
all of your bodies, melting all tensions and anxiety. Let it sooth you.

When you exhale, visualize that the light that filled up your whole
body, expands to outside of your body through your skin, onto infinity in
all directions. Radiate it from you to all the universe.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for a couple of minutes or as long as you like.

Just a comment here:

I have a lot of experiences with Kriya Yoga which is basically a breathing technique.
In years of Kriya practice I have learned that breathing exercises are very powerful and
effective. But they tend to be a bit "sharp". Our lungs, blood system and especially brain are
simply not used to fresh blood inflow.
So, I suggest you to take it slow and to breath normally and take step 2 once and then breath normally some
and only then do it again. Repeat this a few times to fill your body with energy.
Then again breathe normally for some time and after a while use step 3.
If you get headaches then know you are overdoing this breathing technique.
Gassho - Prayer mudra
Put your hands together holding them in front of your chest (like praying
hands) a little higher than your heart.

Gassho is called "Namaste" in the Indo-traditions.

Combined with bowing down it is very powerful mudra. Just by doing it every day one
derives benefits from it.

Seishin Toitsu - Contemplation

You are in the Gassho or namaste position. This
technique involves breathing through your hands.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
While inhaling, breath in the life force - Reiki - coming through
your hands into your Tantien. Let it fill your Hara and then
all of your bodies, melting all tensions and anxiety. Let it calm you.

When you exhale, visualize that the light that filled up your whole
body, expands to outside of your body through your hands.
It is normally for hands and Tantien to become warm and vibrant at this point.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for a couple of minutes or as long as you like.

My comment:
Please see my comment above.

Mokunen - focusing your intent

Put your hands back on to your laps with your palms down.
Finish with clear decision "I've finished Hatsu Rei-Ho".
That is it.

Allow your bodies to "come down" for a few minutes.

I suggest you to do the Maha mudra.
From Zazen, just put your hands on your back and catch hold left arm with the right one and
bow down with your forehead while exhaling and rise up again inhaling after a few minutes
of breathing normally with your forehead on the flour.
This mudra releases tensions and excessive energies from your head/upper chakras and
prevents headaches etc...

Some say Kotodama is dangerous technique. (if you don't pay for it, it could be...LOL...)

Please, you don't have to be something special to use these mantras!

Anybody can use them!

It is my experience the use of Kotodama is the same thing as using Reiki symbols (more or
less). Please, do try it for yourself.

Kotodama is a mental technique, which connects you to the source of Reiki.

It is very simple and as effective as the use of symbols or even more (it is said).

They work as a mantras and I believe this approach to mental and emotional control
has its roots in the same place as all other mantras do - in Buddhism, Shinto, Hinduism etc...
It is said Usui used this technique. He introduced symbols only to those in "need" of them.

As I've already said, I don't use this technique often. I tried it but found it very similar
or even the same as repeating the names of the symbols.
I kindda like it though, since I am used to do Nama Japa a lot.
But, I prefer to use (to me) more powerful and effective mantras, like
Om namah Shivaya or Hai-di-ya-khan-di.
Back to Kotodama:

How do you pronounce Kotodama

As is the case with most mantras, one has to be careful to pronounce the syllables correctly.
Remember these are all, in non-Japanese tradition so called bija-mantras (short and
meaningless words-syllables), filled with high vibrations.

So, be careful to pronounce them as it is shown bellow:

A ah

E as in hey

I ee

O as in nose

U as in blue

KU as in too

KI as in see or tree

HO as in go or throw

ZE as in may or play
NE the same as ZE

KO as in so or go

YO same as KO

There are four respective Kotodama used in Usui Reiki:

Name Symbol Kotodama Pronunciation

Focus Cho-ku-rei ho ku ei hoe koo ey-eeee
Harmony Sei-he-ki ei ei ki ey-ee ey-ee keee
Connection Hon-sha-ze-sho-nen Ho a ze ho ne hoe aah zay hoe neigh
Empowerment Dai-ko-mio a i ko yo aah ee coe yo

I perceive Kotodama as a way to activate certain energies within my consciousness. They

"produce" specific patterns in mental body, which in turn "produce" well-known energy effect
felt upon my energy or etheric body. In this respect, the effect is quite the same as the one
achieved when using reiki symbols. Here the term "produce" is used as a way of describing
certain inflow on energy from above (from plane even higher that mental plane).

It is said these mantras predate symbols. I don't know about this, but as I see it, if one was to
clothe one single Kotodama in a visible suit, s/he would certainly come up with a respectful
reiki symbol.
Names of symbols are derived from these Shinto mantras, anyway.

Kotodama are a great aid to those that walk the path of Enlightenment (as Dr. Usui did). As
healing of pains and aches (for which, unfortunately, Reiki is used or, better yet, under-used
today) itself is only a first step in the overall aim of achieving permanent Satori (perceiving or
being One with Absolute Truth), Kotodama can bring you a step further.

To even hope for Enlightenment, ones bodies have to be stable and clean. Absolute Truth has
most high vibration and our messed up bodies and nervous systems can not cope with it. Not
even by a long shoot. Well, here comes in the real power and usefulness of Kotodama.

When you are done with your past, when all suppressed emotions are faced and expressed,
when your mental body is freed from negativity (compromises, complexes, tactics of
avoidance etc...) and when you are really happy and satisfied with the way you are living in
your day-to-day life, then go on.

Use Shinto mantras outlined above to prepare your bodies for deep and real meditation.
Perhaps you will be blessed and even experience Satori or Impersonal aspect of Absolute
truth (also called Nirvana, Savikalpa samadhi, etc...)

Focus Kotodama for your physical and etheric body
Harmony Kotodama for your astral (emotional) body
Connection Kotodama for your mental body
Empowerment Kotodama for.........find out for yourself.

Just let the respectful Kotodama do its work and sooth each body
while enhancing its vibration. Do this every day.

Well, I still suggest you to use (in my experience) even more powerful mantras that have the
same effect as all of Kotodama together (like Om namah Shivaya), but since you are here on
Reiki web site, I guess you are more an energy oriented person not a mental one.

How to use Kotodama

You can use it in the same instances as you use Reiki symbols.
It is simpler, though. Just repeat it in your mind and that is it. You might also want to use only
one energy at once and don't combine them. Try it for yourself.
And use your creativity!


relax and sit on the chair or on the flour (on your knees, as in Hatsu Rei Ho).
focus your intention of Hara, Tantien.
in deep and low voice chant each kotodama starting with "Focus". Let it fill your
Know that the sound of each Kotodama can also heal.
while you breath in and out, let your voice vibrate your whole body.

You can also combine it with Hatsu Rei Ho.

Gyoshi Ho

I remember I was very attracted to the concept of healing through my eyes.

At that time I was only a greenhorn and very naive. I actually believed
most of the stuff Mrs. Diane S. said in her book...LOL...

Anyway, Japanese senseis seem to cleverly employ the very nature of

Reiki and its inherent characteristics.

As you know, most important thing in Reiki practice is intent.

So, Reiki being an energy, will follow our freedom of choice manifested through
our mental body as intent and flow through every possible media, yes, even eyes or breath.

You don't need special symbol for such a healing, just clear intent and some practice.

Begin with something simple, healing of plants in your living room:

Sit comfortably and take a casual look at your plant from a distance of
1 - 2 meters.

Do not focus your look on the plant, just look at its direction.
This is more etheric "operation" than physical one.
Do not rely too much on your eyes. They are just a "middle man",
a tool in your hands.

When you feel you are ready intend Reiki to flow via or through
your eyes in the direction of your plant.

As you advance in this practice you will discover that Reiki is not
flowing just through your eyes but through your 6. chakra and "Third eye" as well.
You need your physical eyes to some extent but the main work is done trough your
sixth chakra/Third eye (which is kindda logical, since Reiki dwells in our etheric body.)

You can use Kotodama to direct specific energies to flow trough
your physical and etheric eyes.

This practice is very beneficial in many ways:

- you can heal or "energize" whatever you can think of,
- send Reiki directly or distantly, even trough time,
- it will heal your physical eyes and Ajna chakra as well,
- it will increase your "altered perception" and intuition etc...

When you practice various techniques Reiki , know that only your imagination and creativity
are frontiers for your ability to help others.

Koki Ho

One can also intend Reiki to flow through breath.

This kind of conveying energy is practical only to some extent,
but not that useful really.
Try it and see.

Just have clear intent and let Reiki flow through your breath. You will need some time to
relax during Reiki - breath flow.

The easiest thing to start with is to be aware of your breathing.
Inhale, let it in and exhale, let it out... And again and again.
Then just intend Reiki to flow trough your exhaled breath.

Just let your breath flow naturally.
Do not exaggerate, just be relaxed and let Reiki and your breath
flow nice and easy.

When you are confident in combining Reiki with breath,
you can easily direct your breath to the areas where
you feel/know Reiki is most needed.

Advanced practice on Koki Ho

When you master above technique and feel relaxed and completely confident
in your healing with breath, you can move on:

While inhaling focus your attention on Tantien (Hara) and feel
how specific Kotodama is filling your "Life Center".
Use only one Kotodama at once! Do not combine energies!

You have learned to be a witness to your breathing and to let/intend Reiki to
flow through it. Now just add more conscious action:
let Reiki from your Hara flow trough your breath and direct exhaled air
to specific chakras or areas of recipient.
Be careful not to give your personal energy!

You can chant Kotodama to straighten effect of your healing trough your breath.

Reiji Ho and Byosen

There are two similar and scanning/intuitive techniques or abilities, used in the Land of the
rising sun Byosen and Reiji Ho.
Byosen is a scanning technique, which can help you to develop high level of sensitivity and

Reiji Ho is an intuitive technique, which can help you to develop your intuition to a level
where you will not need to scan anymore - you will then just *know*.


This is a method that helps you to "decrypt" sensations (Byosen) you get from the bodies of
recipient of your Reiki treatment.
If you heal hands-on a lot, you will know there are a lot of completely different sensations
you can get when giving Reiki:
heat, cold, vibrating, gentle flow of reiki, deep sensations of magnetism etc...

One can distinguish various sensations and can recognize particular disease based on
intellectual knowledge of health condition of a recipient of Reiki treatment.

Byosen is scanning technique based on intellectual activity.

But one can use far better tool: intuition.

Reiji Ho

Reiji Ho is a method, which helps or guides you to open yourself to better your intuition.

1. Practice Hatsu Rei Ho on daily bases.
2. When breathing the energy become one with it, let it help you.
3. Just open up and let energy guide your hands.
4. Be open to *know* what the true condition of your recipient is.

There is a important distinction between intuition and feeling, or to be more exact,

between knowing and sensing.
In more advanced stages of intuitive work one can perceive the basic difference between the
sense or feeling may not be always correct. Intuition on the other hand is always correct.
You can depend on your intuition 100%, on various sensations (Byosen) not.

Let me share one of my experiences:

I was treating my partner; at that time I was still practicing Reiki every day, and had still a lot
to learn. I used hands positions that are used here in the West.
Reiki flew nicely, my love was relaxed and from time to time she reported to me what was
going on inside her bodies, mind etc...
When I got to the legs I spontaneously put my both hands on her left foot. I got strange
sensation (Byosen called in Japan) in my hands and direct insight into condition of her foot.
At that time I did not trust myself enough to simply accept info I got through my intuition, so
I asked her about her left foot.
But, to my amazement, she said she did hurt her foot when she was a child, but it was the
right foot, not the left one.
Reiki flew powerfully to her left foot but I thought: "Hey, she should know, she was there...!".

Anyway, a day or two passed and my dear love came to me and said: "Edmond, remember
when you asked me about my left foot? Well, I've remembered just now: it was the left foot
that was hurt 15 years ago, I have just forgotten about it and thought it was the right one..."

What happened?
It is simple; my intuition enabled me to perceive something that even she did not remembered
at that time.
This was my first experience of my wakening-up intuition.

That's how intuition works, it is direct and it is never wrong. I use my intuition on daily bases
and it has never let me down (except on those occasions when I mistook sensing for intuition).

You can deliberately make yourself open to intuition.

Practice Reiki every day and clean your own impurities and what will be left at the end
will help you to perceive things as they are, and not as they seem to be (maya - that, which
Regular (lets say every week) Reiju empowerments can help you a lot to reach the goal of
pure intention.

I remember my intuition grew every time I experienced state above mental plane, called
Samadhi or Satori (enlightenment, Union with God).
Try it for yourself.

Reiju empowerments

Reiju is Usui's original way, a procedure that enables the recipient to channel Reiki.
It is believed that it comes from Tendai Buddhism.
This is where Hatsu Rei Ho and other Japanese Reiki techniques seem to have their roots in.

In Japanese approach to Reiki practice, students would gather every single week
and practice various Reiki techniques.
At the end of the gathering, during meditation, Reiki Master would give Reiju to every
student as a mean of initiating further progress on Reiki path.
It is said that Reiju was also used to "attune" (to use western term) students into
higher levels of Reiki channelling.

In Japan language, Reiju means: "accepting/giving energy".

What does Reiju do?

Reiju connects the student to Reiki source, strengthens this connection, and thus
enables more deep and strong Reiki flow. It is student that has most important role in
his development. Reiju enhances Reiki channel, but student must keep it open by
practicing various Reiki techniques, i.e. Hatsu Rei Ho.
Reiju helps the student's progress in every aspect of his life, by enhancing energy level
in student's bodies. This is also achieved by daily Reiki practice.
Giving (on Master's end) and receiving (on student's end) Reiju empowerments every
week or even daily, is very good opportunity to develop intuition and sensitivity to the
energy, and above all, to enable one to make small but important steps towards Satori,

Reiju can be used for self-empowerment also. Just like our western attunement processes can.

Hmm. As I write these words now, I clearly remember how it dawned on me one day
(before I knew about these Japanese techniques) that attunement process can be used
not just for attunements of others, but for self attunement as well.
At that time, I was just a greenhorn and after first self-attunement I got sick.
So much energy was present in my bodies that I (my awareness) couldn't cope with it at all.

But, soon I opened myself more and started to perform self-attunements on daily basis,
general attunement at first (channel sahasrara-anahata and palms) and specific attunements
latter on (each symbol to corresponding chakra).
Those initiations were very powerful and they helped me a lot.
Try it yourself! Just don't overdo it!

Back to Reiju!

Reiju Self-Empowerment

Clear intent is in order, as well as openness of your heart.

1. Raise hands to connect to the source of Reiki just like you do it in Hatsu Rei Ho.

2. Energy from above will flow gently down your hands into your Hara, Tantien.

3. Slowly lower your hands all the way down to the Tantien. At the same time keep intending
that as you do this pure energy is flooding your body through Sahasrara into Tantien. Try
to synchronize the movement and energy flow. Finish this movement by placing both
hands over your Tantien.

4. Open yourself up a bit more and know that by entering the Tantien, energy has got you. Do
away with thoughts and just open your bodies to pure light, which Reiki in fact is.

5. Don't move on until you perceive close and intimate connection with the Source of the
energy and with the energy itself also. At this point various energy side effect may
manifest: hot hands, heat in Tantien etc...
Do not be fooled by these effects. Just recognize them and let them be!
Movement outlined above is done only once.
Then move on by performing the following:

- Move your hands away from your Tantien and place them in the "connection position"

- Bring your hands slowly out to the sides, as you did before, and at the same time keep
imagining that as you do so, the energy is expanding and engulfing your body and aura.

- Place your hands again to your Tantien point as before.

6. Repeat these three movements three more times, each time finishing by placing your
hands in front of your Tantien.

Giving Reiju

It is done in two steps:

Your clear intent, opening to the energy. This is, logically, done only at the start of
Reiju procedure.
The individual empowerments for each student.

Individual Empowerments

The recipient should sit on a chair, relaxed, holding their hands in the Namaste
(prayer) position and with their eyes closed.

Here's how you should do it:

Touch the recipient's shoulder to indicate that the Reiju begins.

Look to the skies and move your hands high up above you and feel energy coming
down into your hands from Reiki source.
Focus your intent and continuously move your hands down in front of the
recipient, visualizing a thread of energy which enters the crown, and flows down
through the body to the base of the spine (muladhara chakra). At the same time
produce a clear and strong intent that energy thread opens each and every energy
centre, chakra as it moves along the spine.
Your hands are now at recipient's knees.
With firm intent, ground the energy by visualizing it flowing to the ground.
Touch the ground as you visualize it entering the flour.
Now comes the juicy stuff. You will be flooding specific areas by holding your
hands in certain positions. Relax and produce clear intent for energy to flow to
these areas.
You will be keeping your hands in each position for at least 15 seconds.
Sahasrara chakra:
Stand up place your hands one over another, above the student's head. Intent
energy to flow through the path from your first visualization, along the spine cord.
Let crown chakra be flooded with pure light from the Reiki source. Then just open
up and let go, let energy flow.
Now move your hands to both sides of the student's head, at the height of the eyes.
Flood temples with energy.

Ajna chakra:
Now move your hands to the front of the student's face and form a triangle with
your index finger and thumb tips, with the the rest of the fingers held together.
Place the center of thus formed triangle in front of the student's 6th chakra. This
chakra is most important of them all. Intent and let energy flow strong and deep.
Vishudi chakra:
When done with 6th, move your hands in front of and behind of, the throat, thus
setting them to flood 5th chakra.
This chakra represents our mental capacities, also very important chakra. Now let
energy flood this area of student's etheric body.
Anahata chakra:
Now move your hands behind and in front of, the heart area, and intent pure light
to flow to the heart chakra.
Forming a triangle with your hands, now move them down and around the
student's hands, without touching their hands. Intent pure light to flow through the
your student's hands all the way to arms and shoulders, thus balancing the energies
in his/hers bodies. Let energy flow through formed triangle.

Now proceed and move your hands down towards the knees. At this point,
smoothly separate formed tirangle and, with your palms facing down, perform
grounding as you did earlier..
Conclude Reiju:
You will end Reiju by intending or sending energy back to where it came from,
along the path you have opened earlier. That's the main difference between
western attunement and Reiju.
Quickly move your hands up, pointing (more visualizing) at the energy route from
Tantien to the sky, thus firmly connecting student's "Life center" or Tantien with
the source of energy called Reiki.
Do namaste and that's all.

Degrees of Reiju

You can use above format of Reiju empowerment as a general reference to Japanese
attunement/initiation/empowerment process. To impart higher levels of accessing Reiki
source on your students, you can use Kotodama for each corresponding level.

For 2nd level, use:

Reiju 1: while flooding areas as described above, silently repeat in your mind
Focus Kotodama
Reiju 2: while flooding areas as described above, silently repeat in your mind
Harmony Kotodama
Reiju 3: while flooding areas as described above, silently repeat in your mind
Connection Kotodama

For master level, use:

Reiju 1-3: repeating in your mind respectful Kotodama

Reiju 4: while flooding areas as described above, silently repeat in your mind
Empowerment Kotodama

Distant Reiju

If you are a Reiki master and do a lot of distant work or have been initiated at distance, then
you already know that physical distance does not matter in Reiki practice. Just like distant
healing, Reiju can also be sent through time and space.
To send Reiju to someone that is not in the same room as you are, just produce firm intent and
follow the procedure outlined above using visualization.
That's it. It works.
Questions and my answers

Below you will find my answers to relevant questions received via and email as
well as some parts of discussions from Usenet newsgroup alt.healing.reiki.

Please note!
Bellow are just my views and experiences, which may or may not be correct!
Relay on your own experiences!!!


- What is your working definition of "healing"?

- What is your sense of the scope of healing?
- Does practice of Reiki brings one closer to God?
- What are your views on Jesus's and Lord Buddha's methods of healing and Reiki?
- While I I was doing a treatment on my father the pain in stomach seem to worsen.
He asked me to stop because it hurt some much. What did I do wrong?
- What do you think about all these "new" symbols and stiles of Reiki being
channeled to our plain?
- On the Master level page you suggest to try to relate Reiki
symbols to our bodies. Can you elaborate on this a bit more, please?
- What do you think about sending distant Reiki healing without explicit permission of
the receiver (my father, to be more exact)?

Q: What is your working definition of "healing"?

To me "healing" is just the first step in an overall attempt to live completely happy and
This can only be achieved if I am conscious of my connection with God, Absolute truth (in all
of its aspects) or whatever you might call the Absolute reality.

To me "healing" is not a goal in itself but just a small step to realization of our true nature and
eternal quality and identity (which Dr. Usui was trying to achieve, and in fact he did if I
understand his experience of Samadhi on the holy mountain in Japan correctly...)

Q: What is your sense of the scope of "healing"?

Since this is a reiki web site lets talk about reiki "healing". Well, reiki is said to heal
spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. In theory this might be true but in practice
we can see it is not so. How else can you explain people being still unhappy and in deep
"sh*t" after years of reiki (energy) practice? I know quite a few of them...

True healing should take place on spiritual level, and to get there physical and especially
emotional and mental vehicles *must* be clean, stable and purified. It all depends how one
defines "spiritual", of course, but my experiences are reiki doesn't get nearly that far/deep. It
flows in physical/etheric body and works on emotional and mental body only indirectly (via
chakras). What to speak about spiritual, absolute body?

So, my answer to this very good question is that reiki in practice heals etheric and some of the
emotional body. If one is open to it, of course...
So, IMHO the stories of Reiki being almighty are too farfetched...

Q: Does practice of Reiki bring one closer to God?

Hmmm. It all depends how one understands the word God.
To me, God is completely spiritual, absolute and has got nothing to do with our relative
bodies -
it is pure consciousness.
From this point of view, Reiki does not help one directly to be closer to God, only
But, on the other hand, if God is absolute, how can one be separated from Him/her?

Q: What are your views on Jesus's and Lord Buddha's methods of healing and
First off, I would not agree that any "healing" is healing. There are a lot of various facts,
which need to be taken into consideration when labeling something as a healing:
- The state of awareness of a person.
- The level of existence "healing" is coming from.
- Level of our body it influences (physical, etheric, astral, mental, spiritual...)
- Possible effects of a "healing".
- Where does it leads to?
-What exactly can one expect from it?

I think every Reiki master should take all this into consideration when talking or teaching
about almighty Reiki falling under the same label as teachings of Buddha, for
Furthermore, as you suggested, there are various kinds of "healing". Some work directly on
physical levels (reiki...), some on etheric levels (also reiki...), other on emotional and mental
(not reiki), and a few techniques even on Spiritual level(s) (blessing of a true Spiritual being).
The higher the level that technique affects, the better and more permanent results.

And Reiki does flow in our etheric body - that's why its effects are...ummm (...I am looking
for a kind word here...)...not that permanent.
I cannot say the same for Kriya Yoga, for instance. One can ignore or deny Reiki, but one can
never ignore effect of Kriya Yoga...

I would say, there are many different ways of healing and not all of those methods fall under
the term of healing.
Healing, as we Reiki people understand it, influences only physical and etheric levels. That is
What kind of healing is that, anyway? One can practice Reiki, Karuna reiki etc... for 10 years
and still be avoiding problems in his life (I have seen this more than once!).

No sir, real healing (as I understand it) begins when one has his life and past sorted out,
loving relationships with parents, children co-workers, and friends...
And real teachings of a Buddha and Jesus start even *after* or *beyond* above mentioned
accomplishments in life (although many of us seem to avoid life and follow these exact
teachings because we do not have the courage to face our problems in life...)

Also, I cannot agree that Lord Buddha could use Reiki for his healing (for he has not been
healing others, not like we do with reiki, anyway).
True, no one really knows (how could we?). But, I know His teachings and they are coming
from much higher plane than our energy called Reiki. I know this from experiences each
approach gave me.

Well, to sum up, there are various methods for healing and they do not fall under same label.
And Reiki healing and teachings of Lord Buddha and Jesus are as apart as me and opera
singing are.

Q: While I was doing a treatment on my father the pain in his stomach seem to
He asked me to stop because it hurt some much. What did I do wrong?
It is quite natural that pains increase when you are doing reiki.
This is in fact a prove reiki is flowing and that it is helping.
I understand your father is in pain and that he doesn't like to be in such condition, but the pain
he is experiencing during reiki treatment will not last forever. In fact, the pain itself is just
coming out of his life, it is surfacing only to be released and thus stomach problem solved (if
he minds what he eats and drinks, of course. Also I would take a look at his emotional life, for
most stomach problems have causes in suppressing emotions...)

I would keep treating him and at the same time explain to him what I have written above.
Also, he might want to breath more deeply when you are treating him. Fresh oxygen does the
trick every time...

Q: What do you think about all these "new" symbols and stiles of Reiki being
"channeled" down to our plain?
I believe Reiki is an energy that pervades everything. It has different names in various
traditions: Chi, Ki, Pneuma, Life Force, Prana, Bioenergy, Ions, Life Air etc...
There are different paths and methods of accessing and using this all-pervading energy. To
me, Reiki is the most direct and the simplest of them all.
It is just an energy, only one! But since we ourselves all differ from each other (due to our
free will), all these various methods and names has been brought forth.
As for "channeling", I must say this is another "kick in the fog" that New Age has brought to
us. No real or fundamental progress can be obtained through it.

Btw, how come the famous "ascension" has not taken place yet? Where are now star ships
that will take us up? Where is Sananda, Ashtar now? Are doors 11-11 opened yet?

It is my experience that info which is "channeled" has no real value, simply because it is
coming form a very illusive and relative astral plane. And astral plane is very attractive and
full of beautiful things - all of them just as relative as physical ones are. Yes, to those that are
in certain state of consciousness these astral experiences seem as real as they can get, but in
the end, no real personal or spiritual progress is made by using these illusive pieces of info
coming down from astral plane. Believe me I know, I have been down this road. It is a
complete waste of time. I know this now; I wish I had known it then...

Q: On the Master level page you suggest to try to relate Reiki symbols to our bodies. Can you
elaborate on this a bit more, please?
It is not a coincidence that there are four (4) Shinto mantras used in original Mystical
Buddhism. Nor it is a blind luck we can use four or five Usui Reiki symbols. Why?
Our whole existence is made out of 4 bodies. Physical (etheric), astral (emotional), mental
(mind) and spiritual (atmic); physical being the most dense and with lowest vibration.
So, if one is to be healthy, it is clear that all of these bodies must be brought under certain
control or in other words, healed, cleansed etc... The higher the body you work on, the better.
(Btw, that's why Reiki is not that effective: it flows in our physical (etheric) body and is
directly cleaning only the lowest part of our existence, leaving astral and mental bodies
completely intact.)
How can one accomplish this?
Well, gradually and step by step. First one should work on physical level, then emotions and
finally on mental impurities.
As you no doubt have already come to know, each Usui symbol carries specific vibration and
directly influences rather specific fields of etheric body (chakras) and only indirectly
corresponding levels/bodies/plains of our existence.
Kotodama are mantras and work directly on mental body. For more info please check
Kotodama page.
See bellow:


physical - 1st and 2nd ho ku ei Cho-ku-rei
astral - 3rd ei ei ki Sei-he-ki
mental - 5th ho a ze ho ne Hon-sha-ze-sho-nen
atmic - 6th & 7th a i ko yo Dai-ko-mio

As you can see in above table each symbol has its main effect upon specific chakra.
Moreover, completely balanced and properly working chakra has exactly the same vibration
as pure energy of respectful symbol!
You can experience all this through your own daily Reiki practice...
As long as we need to practice Reiki, that is to say, as long as we perceive the need for
healing, personal and spiritual growth, our chakras and respectful bodies are not in complete
If and when this happens we wont be needing Reiki no more. We will be spontaneously
letting our true nature manifest and will follow all possible precepts without doing anything in
Till then, God help us...

Q: What do you think about sending distant Reiki healing without explicit permission of
the receiver (my father, to be more exact)?
You can send Reiki healing without asking anybody for permission, of course you can. Every
one of us has the freedom of choice.
But, I don't quite see how you can love another human being (family member even) and at the
same time completely ignore his free will. You see, we are responsible for our own (health)
condition and have all right to be ill, sick or depressed.
Now, I can see you care about him and would like to help, but if the other party is not open to
reiki it simply will not work. Reiki is just energy and it obeys our free will and free will of
others. So should we...
Energy exchange

This is my truth about Reiki.

Seek, find and relay on your own truth!

I came in touch with this particular system of healing only 5 years ago. First three years
Ive practiced Reiki (self) healing for at least one hour a day. Last few years I have been
actively teaching Reiki and over 60 people have been initiated into all three levels of Reiki in-
person. I also have my dearly beloved Spiritual Master to assist me when my little ego wants
to be a king (most of the time ;-)...
I have plenty experiences with Reiki and I am pretty sure I know what I am talking about
No channeling, no angels, no cards nor any kind of New age guides or other "spiritual stuff"
involved. Just good old common sense.

Here we go:

The "energy exchange" theory tells us that everyone that receives Reiki in the form of
healing, instructions or attunement/initiation, HAS to pay for it one way or the other.
It is said Madame Takata has brought this concept to the West.
It is also said she realized students did not appreciate Reiki enough so she spiced
lessons up by high prices.
The price for master Reiki level in traditional waters is $10000. Today. I do not know about
you, but for me this is a looot of money. This kind of approach (read: give me money) has
triggered competition between Reiki masters and even brought some stiles to be trade

Although I can understand this and can respect decisions of those who ask
money for Reiki. No problem. Everyone has the freedom of choice bestowed from Above.
But, I am asking myself (and you, if I may) certain questions:
Can be the openness of our heart (crucial for the practice of Reiki)
measured in money?
Has one really got to prove s/he is going to respect Reiki and practice it sincerely by paying a
lot of money? (high prices should prove the truthfulness of the heart (!)

Furthermore, who owns the energy called Reiki?

Whom does it belong to?
Dr. Usui (who gave it for free, btw...)?
Do I really have to maintain the balance of the Universe, which is supposedly ruined if I get
nothing in return for Reiki?

It is my sincere believe the equilibrium of the Universe is in very good hands

and that we really do not have to worry about it with our little, unimportant and completely
insignificant egos and ego-roles (not in this way, anyway).
There is more:
If this had been the case, all great Teachers and Masters of humanity would have told us to do
so! I have met some really evolved souls in my life, read a lot of material on every
major system of belief on our planet and have never ever encountered not even one single
word from a mouth of Lord Buddha, Mohamed, Jesus Christ, Sathya Sai Baba, Ramana
Maharshi, Mahavatar Babaji, Maitreya, Meher Baba etc... about the need for "energy
exchange" most Reiki ego-masters are talking about!
They are all (from different views) talking about love, unconditional giving, mercy,
compassion, service to others and respect. Not even a thought about the need for "energy

I do have a lot of experiences with other methods and techniques for personal and spiritual
growth and I must admit Reiki is NOT an effective technique! It is not a very powerful
method of healing! Sorry.
It is energy, and like every other energy it obeys our thought
processes. Because of that, its effects can be easily ignored and denied.
Reiki "works" only on our etheric body and therefore it is not as effective as any kind of
mental technique, for example.

I like to compare Reiki to Kriya Yoga.

Kriya is several hundred times more effective and you can learn it for very low prices or even
for free. See?

Personally, I think in most Reiki schools there is no sign of love, sincerity, and service of
others and of giving anymore. Now it all boils down to marketing, money, business and other
ego-level games one cannot progress with.
Please, there is nothing wrong with having a lot of money or a good job or successful
business. Not at all! It is just sad naive people are being fooled all over our globe to pay for
something theyve already got.

It is most important for every new comer to Reiki to understand, and in time to accept, Reiki
has already been there in his or her bodies. Energy called Reiki is everywhere, was, and will
be. No one has the right to charge for it! Reiki, like the sunshine, moonlight or the dawn
belongs to no one upon this Earth! No one!
Please, let Reiki flow freely and let it help as many people as possible.

I believe humanity needs help now more then ever before. And Reiki, due to its simple use,
can help a lot of people. Let it help you too, my dear reader!
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edmond c.

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