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Physics Paper 1 [4531/1]

1 Which of the following steps can be taken to reduce parallax 6 Which of the following situation where all the forces are in
error while taking a measurement from the voltmeter ? equilibrium?
A The pointer needs to be seen through an A a = 0 ms-2
anti-parallax mirror.
B The pointer image is at the right of the pointer.
C Take several readings and find out the average.
D Use a more sensitive voltmeter. B a = 10 ms-2

2 Which of the following statements is true ?
A Zero error is an example of random error. v = 4 ms-1
B All the readings in systematic errors are inconsistent. C
C Random errors occur due to carelessness of the observer
when making a measurement.
D Random error will increase consistency.
7 The diagram below shows a bullet of mass 15 g is fired at 200
3 Which of the following is a vector quantity? ms-1 from a pistol of mass 2.0 kg.
A Age of sun
200 ms-1

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B Acceleration of gravity
C Mass of a ball
D Distance between Ipoh and Melaka

4 The diagram below shows a ball " collide" with a boy.


What is the recoil velocity of the pistol?

A -1.5 ms-1 D 5.0 ms-1
ball B 1.5 ms-1 E 10.0 ms-1
C 3.5 ms-1

8 Which situation relates to inertia?

What happen to the boy?

A Move together with the ball in the direction of the ball.
B Move together with the ball opposite the direction of the ball.
C Move alone in the direction of the ball.
D Move alone in the direction of the ball. A

5 The diagram below shows a squid moving forward by

discharging a jet of water from its body.


The forward movement of the squid can be explained by
A Principle of conservation of energy.
B Newton's first law of motion.
C Principle of conservation of momentum
9 Which of the following is not an example of fossil fuels? 13 The diagram below shows a container filled with cooking
A Coal D Natural gas oil. Assuming the density of the cooking oil is 800 kg m-3,
B Petroleum E Oxygen determine the pressure at point X.

10 v (ms-1)

t (s)
0 1 2 3 4 5
A 800 Pa D 3000 Pa
The graph above shows the motion of an object. How far does B 1600 Pa E 3600 Pa
the object move in 5s? C 2400 Pa

A 5 m D 20 m 14 The container in the diagram below contains incompressible

B 10 m E 30 m liquid. A downward force of 12 N is exerted on piston K.
What will be the magnitude of the upward force experienced
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C 18 m
by piston L?
11 The diagram below shows a simple mercury barometer. Air is cross
trapped in the upper portion of the glass tube. If the atmospheric area 5cm2
pressure is 76 cm Hg, what is the pressure of the trapped air in K L cross
the tube? area 20cm2

trapped air

A 10 N C 24 N
150 cm B 12 N D 48 N

26 cm
15 Two ships traveling in the open sea are not encouraged to
move parallel to each other in the same direction so as to
avoid colliding with each other. This can be explained by

A Archimedes Principle. C Pascals Principle.

A 16 cm Hg D 76 cm Hg B Bernoullis Principle.
B 20 cm Hg E 150 cm Hg
C 50 cm Hg
16 The diagram below shows the cross-section of a dam. Why
does the thickness of the dam increases towards the base of
12 Which of the following is not a characteristics of pressure in the dam?

A The pressure in a liquid is directly proportional to its depth

B The pressure at a certain depth of a liquid is the same on the
Earth or on the Moon
C The pressure in a liquid acts in all direction

A Water pressure increases with depth.

B The density of water increases towards the base of the dam.
C So that more water can be stored.
D Less material is needed to build the dam.

17 A 5W immersion heater is used to heat 0.1 kg of a certain liquid. 23 What is the physical quantity that is kept constant in Boyles
If the rise in temperature of the liquid after 2.0 minutes is 3C, Law, Charles Law and Pressure Law?
what is the specific heat capacity of the liquid, assuming all the
heat released by the heater is absorbed by the liquid? A Volume D Absolute temperature
B Mass E Pressure
A 200 J kg-1 C-1 D 4000 J kg-1 C-1
B 400 J kg-1 C-1 E 5000 J kg-1 C-1 24 The radius of curvature of a concave mirror is 40 cm. What
C 2000 J kg-1 C-1 is the object distance, u, must an object be placed in order to
produce an image at infinity?
18 What is the advantage of using mercury in a liquid-in-glass
thermometer? A u > 40 cm D 40 cm > u > 20 cm
B u = 40 cm E u = 20 cm
A Mercury is non toxic.
B Its specific heat capacity is high.
C It is a liquid. 25
D It expands uniformly when heated.

19 The sensitivity of a liquid-in-glass thermometer can be increased


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A Using a liquid which conducts heat better.
B Reducing the thickness of the wall of the bulb. The diagram above shows a stripe of mirror used in a meter
C Using a shorter tube. scale. What is the error can be minimize with the presence of
D Using a tube with narrower bore. the stripe of mirror?
20 What is the name given to the amount of heat required to change A Zero error C Parallax error
1 kg of ice at 0C completely to water? B System error D Relative error
A Heat capacity
26 Which of the following is not the nature of light?
B Specific heat capacity
C Specific latent heat of fusion
D Specific latent heat of vapourization. A An object can be seen is because the object is able to
emit light.
21 Which of the following statements is false regarding gas in an B The colour of an object can be seen is because the object
enclosed container that is suddenly compressed without any reflects the colour of the light.
change in temperature? C Light travels in a straight line in one medium.
D Light is absorbed by an black and dark object.
A The density of the gas increases.
27 A beam of light from a ray box is directed at point O as shown
B The average speed of the gas molecules increases.
in the diagram below. Which of the following is the beam
C The average kinetic energy of the gas molecules remains
of ray leaving point O?
[critical angle for glass is 42 ]
D The average distance between the gas molecules decreases.
22 Which of the following graphs correctly represents Charles B
Law? O
V (m3 ) V (m3 ) C
glass o
0 T (K) 0 T (K) ray box

V (m3 ) V (m3 )
28 What are the characteristics of the image of a distant object
formed by a convex lens?

A Real, inverted and smaller than the object.

B T (K) D T (K) B Real, laterally inverted and smaller than the object.
0 0
C Virtual, inverted and bigger than the object.
D Virtual, upright and smaller than the object.
29 A telescope has an objective lens with a focal length of 120 cm 36 In a 3-pin plug, blue is the colour of the
and eye lens with a focal length of 15 cm. How many times does
the image being magnified from the observed object? A live wire C neutral wire
B earth wire
A 2 C 8
B 6 D 10 37 A torchlight bulb uses a 4.5 V supply and the current flowing
through it is 0.2 A. How much electrical energy is used if the
30 Which of the following describes the way a water wave torchlight is turned on for 1 minute?
propagates from deep to shallow water correctly?
A 28 J D 60 J
Speed Wavelength B 45 J E 120 J
C 54 J
A Decreases Decreases
B Decreases Increases 38 Which of the following materials would you use as the core of
C Increases Decreases an electromagnet?
D Increases Decreases
A Bronze C Iron
B Copper D Silver
31 Sound can be diffracted by an opaque object but light cannot.
This is due to the fact that
39 The efficiency of transmitting electrical power by cable
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A sound travels slower than light. through great distance can be improved by
B sound waves have a longer wavelength.
C sound wave needs a medium to propagate while light can A lowering the voltage and using thick cable.
propagate through vacuum. B lowering the voltage and using big current.
C increasing the voltage and using thin cable.
32 Which of the following is the same in gamma rays, ultra violet D increasing the voltage and using thick cable.
rays and visible light?

A Frequency C Wavelength 40 Which of the following arrangements will produce the

B Velocity highest induced current in the solenoid?

33 Which of the following devices does not make use of stationary solenoid
stationary solenoid
electromagnetic waves in its operation? 1ms -1
1ms -1
A Radio set C Loud speaker A C G
B Mobile phone D Camera G

34 Tungsten is chosen to be used as the filament of an electric bulb stationary solenoid 1ms -1
1ms -1 1ms -1
rather than copper. This is because 1ms -1
A tungsten is a better conductor of electricity.
B the melting point of tungsten is higher. G

C tungsten is cheaper.
D copper burns easily.
41 The diagram below shows a current carrying conductor in a
permanent magnet field between two magnets.
35 All the resistors shown below are identical. Which of the
following circuits w24est effective resistance?


In which direction will the conductor be moved?


42 A magnet is moved towards a coil of insulated wire as shown 46 The diagram below shows a circuit whereby an a.c. supply is
below. connected to a resistor via a diode.

a.c mains supply


In which direction does the coil try to move? C.R.O

A Away from the magnet D Upwards

B Towards the magnet E Downwards What would the trace on the screen of the CRO looks like if
the time-base is switched on?

43 The process of adding a pentavalent element to a pure silicon

crystal is known as A C

A receiving C excitation
B donating D doping

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44 The diagram below shows the structure of a cathode-ray B D
oscilloscope tube. A fixed potential difference is applied across
the deflection plates.

anode 47 The diagram below shows a ray of light traveling from air into a
block of glass. Which of the angle is the critical angle?
cathode screen
deflection plates D
air A glass
Which of the following will increase the angle of deflection of
the spot on the screen?

A Decrease the distance from the deflection plates to the screen.

B Increase the length of the deflection plates. A vibrator in a ripple tank vibrates at a frequency of 6 Hz. It
C Increase the potential difference between cathode and anode. causes a wave with a wavelength of 0.02 m. What is the speed
D Decrease the separation of the deflection plates of the wave?

45 Which of the following electronic devices allows current flow in A 0.02 ms-1 D 6.00 ms-1
one direction only? B 0.12 ms-1 E 12.00 ms-1
C 3.00 ms-1
A Thermistor C Transistor
B Resistor D Diode 49 Air at room temperature of 27C is kept in a sealed container
at a pressure of 2 atm. If the air is then heated, without any
change in volume, to a temperature of 57C, what would be
the pressure of the gas now?

A 0.5 atm D 2.2 atm

B 1.0 atm E 2.5 atm
C 1.2 atm

50 Which of the following is true about buoyant force?

A A floating object does not experience any buoyant force.

B Buoyant force is influenced by the density of an object.
C An air bubble from the bottom of a lake rises to the surface
because the buoyant force acting on the air bubble is
greater than the weight of the air bubble.
D Buoyant force is a scalar quantity.