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New project starting, quick picture here
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hereby I post the nal photos of my new cnc-machine, its working great and time to make any other
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hereby a new set of pictures, plan was to nnish the machine before 2009- but I have to say its allmost

for now a Happy New Year, 2009!

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hereby a small photo update, the x-axis

is after milling a lot of parts nnished:

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Here are some new photos of my diy cnc machine, today I went to provak shop to get some parts to
assemble the y-axis. unfortunatly they didnt have the cross-dowels so I had to order those. most x-parts
are also nnished and due to missing parts I cant assemble this x-axis.

here are the photos, hope within few weeks more to come :
(do note there is an alu-tube only to sample the thread-rod alignment)
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after some drawing works and test ing I can say now that my new z-axis is nnished. Maby some
minor details but I continue now to the X / Y axis parts.

I like to design of the X / Y axis part to be mostly identical. quickly designed and create, and these parts
can also be used for both directions, this makes it easy to change the mill area.

Here are some pictures:

as wri en before, I will make new parts for an enhanced new cnc machine. with my handmade machine I
now can make this new version
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after a period of I guess 8 months building my own CNC machine, its time to say

here I put some information about my CNC machine, but feel free to contact me if you like to know more
about this.

More pictures
safety rst:
front view:
Parts used

constructed of MDF wood (23mm)

Aluminium and Steel angels (20x20x3mm)
Skateboard bearings used as runners
lots of M8 bolts and nuts
M6 thread-rod, for lineair guide
3 Axis, 3NM (425 oz-in) 24V steppermotors
Claw couplings
Bosch POF500 mill
table dimensions: 700mm X 1000mm (width x height)

Shop recommendations in the Netherlands

As not al parts are so easy to nd here, I can recommend following shops:
(not sponsored!)

It is nnished- and what now?

I want this machine to last, so my rst goal is to make some improvements to this CNC machine and
construct new parts for a second version.
I do have more ideas but Ill update this list at another time!

design and idea and how-to-make it for this CNC machine go to Patrick Hood-Daniel of

for a long time I was searching how to make such machine and what are the best materials to use and I
can built myselve. His idea / design / materials and videos made me to decide that this would be the way
I can also built my own.

How it started?
I think at lumenlab, Built your own videoprojector. I did also make my own some time ago, but it was
labor intensive and with such project very important to make it accurate. I did make a good
videoprojector- but there could be many improvements. Whats a way to accuratly make parts?- you can
make anything with a CNC machine. This could solve a lot for me!

And what, in the lumenlab forum theyre also talking about building your own CNC! and now they
extended there site with building your own CNC.

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