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Pasek, I Made B: Fitria;Ratna,Ni Made A; Susilowati. 2017 . The Factor that

Related to Prevention of Pregnant Women at Maternal Mother Incidence
in Watesumpak Village and Panggih Village Puskesmas
Tawangsari,Mojokerto, East Java,2017. Final Assignment, Faculty of
Medicine, Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya University.
Author : Dr. Tri Ratih Agustina, dr., MARS
Co-author : Atik Sri Wulandari,SKM,,M.Kes

Background : Infant and maternal mortality is a benchmark in evaluating the

degree the health of a nation. In the year 2015, to achieve the Millennium
Development Goals (MDGs) targeted maternal mortality rate (MMR) of 102 per
100,000 live births, and the infant mortality rate (IMR) to 23 per 1000 live births.
Maternal mortality is still a lot due to the pregnant women have no access to go to
the doctor or midwife on the region. On average 10% of mothers in Indonesia had
never checked the pregnancy to health workers and 30% of mothers do not give
birth on health workers. Indonesia's maternal mortality and perinatal is still high.
Demographic and health survey Indonesia (DHSI) in 2003 showed that maternal
mortality (MMR) 307/100,000 live births.
Aim: To analyze the effect of risk factors with precautions pregnant women on the
incidence of maternal deaths in the village of watesumpak and panggih village
working area of Puskesmas Tawangsari Mojokerto
Method: This research is an analytic research with observational approach and
using cross sectional method, Sampling method with Purposive Sampling. The
population in this research is pregnant the period January-July 2017 existing in the
watesumpak village and panggih village with a total of 64 samples of respondents.
To analyze the relation of independent variable with dependent using Chi-Square
test analysis.
Result: Data analysis using statistical test of Chi-Square on the results of the SPSS
version 16 obtained results P > 0.05 so revealed no relation between age (P =
0,505), education (P = 0,742), work (P = 0,693), parity (1.00), Resti (P = 0,124),
attitude (P = 0,719 ), information (P = 0,170), means (P = 0,074). Obtained as a
relation between knowledge (P = 0.003) and family support (P = 0,014) with
Precautions pregnant women Against the incidence of maternal deaths in the village
of Watesumpak and Panggih village

Conclusion: From all the variables research on parenting in the village of
Watesumpak and Panggih village concluded that Knowledge and support of the
family influence on the action of pregnant women on the incidence of maternal
deaths in the village of Watesumpak And Panggih village

Key Word : Knowledge, Family Support, Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)