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The Hawk In Paris is a musical collaboration between
AUDIO IMPERIA is a joint venture of producers & Grammy-award nominated and winning producers/artists
composers with years of experience in the trailer music Matt Bronleewe, Jeremy Bose, and Dan Haseltine.
and game music industries.
The Hawk In Paris draws from a wide palette of musical
AUDIO IMPERIA's Sinfonia Drums is the first instrument influences. They give credit to the pioneers of electronic
in our new Sinfonia signature series. music like Thomas Dolby and Kraftwerk, as well as 80s
synth-giants like Eurythmics, NIN, and Depeche Mode.
All of the products in the series are produced by The
Hawk In Paris, and is a collection of instruments that Older influences are balanced by the new breed of
represent the groups deep commitment to the tradition electronic artists such as M83, Trentemoller, The Friendly
and innovation of inspired music making. Fires, and Gotye.

I N S TA L L A T I O N & R E Q U I R E M E N T S


The Sinfonia instruments use the Continuata Connect IMPORTANT NOTE:

download system that offers a fast and reliable product
Sinfonia Drums requires the full retail version of Kontakt
delivery. or higher. It will not work past the demo period in
the free Kontakt Player.
Please download the latest version for your operating
system before downloading the instrument. Once the Please also be aware that when using multiple mic positions,
installation is complete, simply enter the download code the library can be RAM/CPU intensive.
that you received via email into the Connect download
tool, choose the location for the library, and begin the For both PC & MAC systems, we highly recommend at least
download. 4GB of RAM, a quad-core CPU and installation on an SSD
drive for optimal playback of the samples.

NOTE: While Continuata Connect allows you to Pause

Disk Requirements:
an installation and then continue the download at a later Sinfonia Drums: 10.42 GB Installed (compressed .ncw format)
time, please do not close the application before pressing
the Pause button first.
About Sinfonia

The Sinfonia Series offers two incredible resources: organic instruments

captured in a legendary studio environment, as well as re-designed
versions of those sounds that open up new musical directions for

In collaboration with Grammy-winning engineer Shane Wilson and a

team of masterful instrumentalists, we stepped into the legendary RCA
Studio A and captured a library of pure and organic tones along with
otherworldly sounds and textures.

We built this collection of instruments with vast amounts of creative

flexibility so that every time you use them, you can be inspired.

All patches can be tweaked by using the powerful custom-

made Kontakt engine that includes multiple mic positions,
multiple independent step modulators, global and
independent controls, and much more.

We spent months developing this engine, to provide the user

with something truly unique and new. Trying to give the user
as much control as possible, the engine allows you to tweak
the sounds in realtime with a dual FX page layout (Big Knob +
Insert FX) and the incredible step modulators.

Pitch Control

You can either set the pitch by using the Pitch knob thats on
the main page of the interface or by using the pitch keys on
the keyboard.

By clicking on the lock icon next to Pitch knob, you can

change pitch in full steps. When unlocked, the Pitch knob
allows you to make very detailed changes to the pitch in cents.


Because of the nine available mic positions, Sinfonia can a

resource-intensive instrument. To help with that, we added a
powerful Low CPU feature into the script.

Roto Toms*
Concert Bass Drum*
Cow Drum*
Irish Drum*
Vintage Marching Drum*
Designed Drums
Low Impacts
Atmospheres - with Tonal Mapping

Some of the patches also come in DFD format. DFD stands

for Direct From Disk and is a technique for playing back
large and very large instruments and samples without
loading them entirely into RAM. In fact, only the first portion
of each sample is loaded into RAM permanently; the rest is
read from the computer's hard disk while playing the
instrument. RAM is able to react virtually instantly, delivering
the first portion of any sample the user requests, while the
computer goes to fetch the next portion of that sample from
the hard disk. With DFD switched on you can load samples
with up to 2 Gigabytes each even with moderately
equipped computers.

*(also comes as a mixed mic + post-processed patch)

M a i n P a g e C o n t ro l s

Main: Main Page View / FX: FX Page View

Global (only available on the Designed Drums, Low Impacts, and Atmospheres
patches): When the Global button is active, volume/pitch/attack/release will have
the same effect on all loops and stems. Deactivating it, allows you to apply
individual settings for each loop and stem. This feature gives you more control on
an individual level.

Volume: Controls Sample Volume

Pan: Controls Sample Panning
Pitch: Controls Sample Pitch
Attack: Controls Sample Attack Time
Release: Controls Sample Release Time
Sample Start: Controls Sample Start Time

LP: (De)Activates/Controls the Low Pass Filter (Cutoff, Resonance)

EQ: (De)Activates/Controls the EQ Settings (Frequency, Bandwidth, Gain)
HP: (De)Activates/Controls the High Pass Filter (Cutoff, Resonance)

Available Mic Positions:

Cr: Crushed Mic (Mono)
K: (Kick Mic) Front Mic (Mono)
OH: Overhead Mics (Stereo)
RF: Room Far Mics (Stereo)
RM1: Room Mono Mic, Position 1 (Mono)
RM2: Room Mono Mic, Position 2 (Mono)
RN: Room Near Mics (Stereo)
RS: Room Stereo Mics (Stereo)
Sub: Sub Mic (Mono)
B: Bottom Mic (Mono)
Top: Top Mic (Mono)
F X P a g e C o n t ro l s

The controls on the FX page follow the way the signal path is set up in the engine:

1. Sinfonia Drums comes with a very unique step modulator script, which allows you to
draw complex curves for controlling up to 10 independent modifiers: 4 Volume
modifiers, 4 Pan modifiers, 1 Low Pass Filter modifier and 1 High Pass Filter modifier.
Volume and Pan are designed in a way, so that you can activate more than one step
modulator at a time without any conflicting. In addition, you can control the number of
steps, the frequency and the intensity.

The step modulator is controlled using keyswitches (from C6 to A6) and the color of
the tab corresponds to the keyswitch that controls it.

Save: Saves the selected step modulator values to an .nka file.

Open: Loads step modulator values from an .nka file to the selected step modulator
Reset: Clears the selected step modulator.

2. Sinfonia Drums offers a script concept called Big Knob, which was inspired by our
Klavier libraries (See next page).

3. The Insert FX section allows you to add selected Insert FX (Compressor, Distortion,
Lo-Fi, Rotator, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser) and control the individual FX parameters.
Important Notes: Both Insert and Send FX can be
controlled in the GUI as a standard FX page. They
4. The Send FX section allows you to add selected Send FX (Delay and Reverb) and
can also be controlled by keyswitches (A#6 to
control the individual FX parameters.

B i g K n o b C o n t ro l l e r

Big Knob

In a nutshell, the Big Knob serves as an additional Insert FX page or master

controller knob, to give you the power to make even more complex effects.

But the real power of Big Knob is that you can control any parameter of a total
of 7 (combinable) effects: Compressor, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Rotator, Chorus,
Flanger, Phaser.

Effect selection dropdown menu: Allows you to select an effect.

Effect On/Off: Clicking on the effect in the dropdown menu, allows you to
activate/bypass the selected effect.

Assign Panel

The Assign Panel allows to dive into the individual parameters for every effect
that you want the Big Knob to control.

Assign selection: Select a parameter to be controlled with the Big Knob. The
selection changes according to the selected effect.
Assign On/Off: Clicking on the parameter in the dropdown menu, assigns the
selected parameter to the Big Knob.
From: Determines the controller start point percentage.
To: Determines the controller end point percentage.

A huge
1965 r o u n d o f t h a n k s g oERAT
es to:

The Hawk In Paris, the sound wizards and sonic visionaries.

To m s L o b o s K u n s t m a n n , t h e g e n i u s b e h i n d t h e K o n t a k t s c r i p t .
Pavel Zayats and Darin Leach, for the wonderful cover artwork and font design.
Martin Hasseldam, for his insane post-processing work.
Bryan Leach, for the awe-inspiring sound design and atmospheres.
To m s a n d S c o t t , f o r t h e k i l l e r i n t e r f a c e w o r k .
Our incredible and loyal beta composers!
Drum Rental provided by SIR and Paul Moak.
Engineered by Shane W ilson, assisted by Gena Johnson.
Recorded at Grand Victor (Historic RCA Studio A) in Nashville, TN.
Audio Imperia LLC