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The study probed into the effects of socialization activities and their relationship

to academic performance of Level II nursing students. There were forty-six respondents

who participated in the study. Data were analysed using validated researcher-made


Respondents Sometimes participate in socialization activities with Sports

(Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Soccer and others) having the highest average

rating that the respondents Sometimes participate in. To Broaden my knowledge is the

topmost reason of respondents for participating in socialization activities. The topmost

effects of socialization activities on respondents are Promotes my mutual feeling

between classmates and it improves my communication ability and Widens my horizon

and increases my knowledge. There is significant relationship between the reason or

purpose of respondents for participating in socialization activities and their academic

performance as well between the effects of participation of respondents in socialization

activities and their academic performance.

The researchers concluded that there are socialization activities that respondents

prefer to take active participation more than other socialization activities; that student-

respondents participate in different socialization activities because of their need to belong

to a team and be accepted; that there are good and bad effects, positive and negative

effects of socialization activities on the nursing student-respondents; that male

respondents are as active as female respondents in participating in socialization activities;

and that male and female nursing student-respondents experience the effects of

socialization activities in the same degree or intensity on their academic performance and

personal life.

It was recommend to nursing students that they choose the socialization activity

that is most interesting for them, that would give them the greatest benefits, and that is

most related to their profession in the future. This is for them not to feel pressured by too

many socialization activities and by the demands coming from both their teachers, their

subjects, and from their peers and friends in the socialization activity. The nursing

student-respondents must realize that they could only do as much and that they could

only accomplish as much at a time. Thus, they must know well their priorities and