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IBM Cloud Identity Service

Cloud IAM TCO assessment:

How much could you be saving?
Whats the total cost of ownership (TCO) of cloud-based identity and access management (IAM)?
And how does it compare to on-premises options? Find out with this easy guide.
Discover the savings of Cloud IAM
in three easy steps
Adopting Identity as a Service (IDaaS), also known as Cloud IAM, can reduce your IT
costs, but how do you convince your organization to take the leap? Use this TCO guide
to compare the cost of on-premises and cloud-based IAM, such as IBM Cloud Identity
Service. Then, calculate your three-year cost savings to truly wow your team.

Step 1. Consider your cost drivers

Take a closer look at all the expensesfrom help-desk staff to technology
refreshes to system integrationrequired for an IAM deployment.

Software license and maintenance feesInitial purchase and upgrades

HardwareServer hardware and related expenses (networking equipment, power and cooling,
disaster recovery, redundancy and fail-over, etc.) 5
Self-service tools that support multiple languages and/or user populations
User registration Profile management Recertification approvals
Password resets Delegated user management 5
Username recovery Access requests and approvals


Application supportMaintenance, patches and upgrades 5

Server supportServer and operating system, patching, and maintenance 5
IT and help-desk supportGlobal 24x7x365 resources to provide knowledge base support,
operational interaction and reporting 5
MonitoringApplication performance monitoring and early detection of issues 5
Network communicationsNetwork charges for communications systems on a monthly basis 5
InnovationPlatform upgrades that are required to expose new advanced innovation, especially
around mobile, cloud and cognitive use cases 5
High availabilityContinuous operations with 99.9 percent uptime 5
Disaster-recovery data center and operationsGeographically separate data center and data
backup and recovery 5
Security compliance certificationImplementing, measuring and regularly certifying industry-
standard information security controls 5
Data governanceManaging the usability, integrity and security of data 5
User adoption and migrationMigrating users to the new solution and supporting adoption 5
Self-service portalOngoing maintenance of user registration, password resets, username
recovery, profile management, delegated user management, access requests and approvals, and 5
recertification approvals
Software development lifecycle (SDLC)Ongoing design, development and testing 5
Retention and certification costsRequired for specialized security skills 5
Included in solution or monthly subscription 5 Not included; additional budget required
* Based on IBM internal data. Results may vary.
Our total IAM costs were 2.5 times the national average before
IBM Cloud Identity Service displaced our on-premises infrastructure.

Step 2. Calculate your 3-year investment

Enter your estimated costs for an on-premises IAM solution. Then, add
them up for a three-year TCO comparison with IBM Cloud Identity Service.


Software license and maintenance fees Included Included

Hardware $ _____________________ None

Self-service tools $ _____________________ Included

Set-up costs $ _____________________ $ _____________________


Subscription fee N/A $ _____________________

Application support $ _____________________ Included

Server support $ _____________________ Included

IT and help-desk support $ _____________________ Included

Monitoring $ _____________________ Included

Network communications $ _____________________ Included

Innovation $ _____________________ Included

High availability $ _____________________ Included

Disaster-recovery data center and operations $ _____________________ Included

Security compliance certification $ _____________________ Included

Data governance $ _____________________ Included

User adoption and migration $ _____________________ Included

Self-service portal (ongoing maintenance) $ _____________________ Included

Full software development lifecycle management $ _____________________ Included

Retention and certification costs $ _____________________ Included

TotalPer month $ ______________________ $ ______________________

Total3 years $ ______________________ $ ______________________

Our deployment time was 50 percent faster with
IBM Cloud Identity Service than with previous IAM projects.

Step 3. Forecast your cost savings

Work with your IBM representative to estimate your return on investment
and total cost savings with IBM Cloud Identity Service.

When choosing an IAM solution, make sure you

Estimated savings of
choosing IBM Cloud $ _____________________ are taking a holistic view of your program costs.
Identity Service
IBM Cloud Identity Service helps lower total cost of
IBM Cloud Identity ownership by reducing the need to invest large capital
Service TCO, $ _____________________
year one
and operating expenditure for a non-core business
function such as IAM, empowering you to invest
Time to break even _______________ months
savings in your strategic business initiatives.

We realized a 60 percent cost savings with IBM Cloud Identity Service

when compared to our on-premises deployment.

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