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Ma. Chrisel P.



2nd year/ 08018

What Is God? From Belief to Knowledge


In this article, it has been discussed how a person is made of his or her faith. It has been

said that a mans inner faith is manifested in his acts and words, in his thoughts and feelings.

What struck me the most in this article is how the author have differentiated the different kinds

of person who goes to church or who have known God and how can a person know God. This

article have taught me that you dont need to wear a cross or bring a bible everyday just so to say

that he or she knows God or is living with the likes of God. What the article is saying is that what

matters is what is in the heart that comes out in whatever action that we do what is in the head

that expresses itself in speech.

This article also talks about the different kinds/class of believers. The first one is the

savage which is a large group of believers. They are the ones who believes his totem; he fears

God and propitiates him; he or she also praises God and also offers flowers and sacrifices to him.

The second kind of believer is the ordinary person. This kind of person is the one is that because

of the general knowledge possessed by the ordinary man, his belief about God and the nature of

God has become compartmental, separated from his life. But it does not mean that however great

and ever increasing knowledge does not help us to obtain definite knowledge of God. Though,
theres this last kind of believers is for me the most occurring action in and out of the church

the agnostics. They are not believers because they cannot see and thus, they cannot understand

what everyone is teaching.

Theres also this question that was posted in the article. It says Can the ordinary man

and woman, possessing modern knowledge, utilize that knowledge to know about God? and the

answer is divided into three parts. First one is that the knowledge that men and women who was

bookish or who loves to reads, that their knowledge will be second hand, hypothetical and

theoretical. The second one is that educated people can know about God if they will not divide

into watertight compartments whatever knowledge they possessed. These people will use the

knowledge acquired in schools and colleges, applying it to its own religious benefits, they will

succeed in obtaining some knowledge about God.

That in all that man do, as a universal being and through his own efforts realize that

universality is the basis of his or her own being. Therefore, as a universal being, man must seek

and find, worship and realize, that God, the Universal God; God of Universe, everywhere

present, everywhere, and hair. The man is the universal being. Therefore, we he or she should

look for god within themselves. And if they cannot find them there, we cannot find him