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org Fall 2016 CFC#25431

For 1st time,

PH Meets U.S.
Standards vs
By Paterno Esmaquel II,

or the first time, the Philippines
met the minimum standards of
the United States against human
trafficking, a $150-billion global

Rolex dela Pea/EPA

industry that includes prostitution,
forced labor, and other forms of mod-
ern-day slavery.
The U.S. State Department on
Thursday, June 30, announced that
Children at a feeding program for informal settlers in Quezon City, Philippines
the Philippines is now under Tier 1

1 in 3 Filipino Kids Still

of its annual Trafficking in Persons
(TIP) Report.
Countries under Tier 1 "fully

Malnourished, Stunted
meet" the minimum standards "for
the elimination of human traffick-
ing" under the U.S. Trafficking Vic-
tims Protection Act (TVPA) of By Patty Pasion, GDP per capita could or should 23% of children are stunted in Viet-
2000. significantly improve a range of nam while 32.9% are affected in

Tier 1 is the highest level, oor nutrition remains a major social progress indicators," it added. Cambodia.
which includes the U.S. itself. problem in the Philippines with But the Philippines, the 9th The Philippines' disturbing fig-
The Philippines is the only 3.4 million children found to be among the countries with the high- ures, the study said, are expected to
Southeast Asian country under Tier stunted and over 300,000 underweight est prevalence of stunted kids, has shoot up by 2030 if government
1. all under 5 years old. had slow progress in addressing the does not boost support for social ser-
Countries, in general, strive to A study released by the issue. vices.
get a good ranking in the TIP Report Inter-Agency Regional Analyst Net- From a prevalence rate of 38% According to the study, 20% of
because the US uses it as a basis for work (RAN) and the Action Against in 1998, the decrease has not been deaths among children under 5 years
granting aid. Hunger (ACF) said these figures are consistent, only reaching 30% in old are due to poor health services.
In this report, the U.S. State alarming, given the growing econo- 2013 based on the estimates of Unit-
Department cited the conviction in my of the Philippines. ed Nations (UN) agencies. Focus on Factors
the Philippines of 42 human traf- Titled "Socio-economy of Based on Food Nutrition and "Our call for the new adminis-
fickers, "including 5 for online childChronic Malnutrition in the Philip- Research Institute (FNRI) data as of tration of President Rodrigo Duterte
sex trafficking and two for forced pines: A preliminary key trends anal- 2015, stunting or the chronic mal- is to commit and invest in nutrition
labor." ysis by 2030", the study noted that nutrition rate among children is now as well as hold nutrition stakeholders
The U.S. State Department several theories have established that at 33.4%. accountable to meet targets to reduce
also said that "although pervasive "higher incomes automatically Lower-income countries like child stunting and wasting, and
corruption undermined efforts to improve the access to food." Vietnam and Cambodia are even far- strengthen and sustain the political
Continued next page "A relatively modest increase in ing better than the Philippines. Only Continued next page
1 in 3 Filipino Kids... continued from page 1
2016 Board of Directors
and Officers will to address malnutrition as a crucial concern ing routines may be affected if mothers are away.
of development," said Action Against Hunger "Long distances to work and irregular working
Mona Lisa Yuchengco, Founder and Chair Philippines country director Javad Amoozegar. shifts thus tend to be associated with suboptimal
The study suggests that the government feeding practices," the study said, adding that
Carlos Y. Abaya focus on the root causes of chronic malnutrition, overseas employment forces mothers to pass the
Leopoldo R. Briones, Treasurer such as poverty. role of taking care of children to other members
Sonia T. Delen, Secretary Children born from mothers with poor of the family.
Teddy Diaz De Rivera nutritional status before and during pregnancy Stunting, if not addressed, affects the physi-
Shirley B. Dimapilis
have a low birth weight (LBW) a likely deter- cal and mental development of a child conse-
Dr. Edmundo B. Duldulao
J.D. Estella IV minant of stunting. quences that are irreversible when a child reaches
Isagani F. Laguisma Stunting is also pronounced in informal set- the age of two.
James T. Lim, Executive Director tlements which do not have access to safe water Citing a World Bank report, the study said
Ben R. Olivas and sanitation. "that a 1% loss in adult height as a result of
Lyra Rufino-Maceda Ensuring education and local employment childhood stunting is linked with a 1.4% loss in
Regina Manzana-Sawhney for women, who are eventually going to be moth- economic productivity, making them earn 20%
Elaine R. Serina, Ph.D.
ers, is also key to reducing malnutrition in the less as adults."
France M. Viana
Chonette Zagala long run.
Work opportunities for mothers, preferably First published in, July 27, 2016.
Raymond Virata, Administrative Assistant near their homes or within the country, is associ- Reprinted with permission.
ated with fighting malnutrition since child feed-

For the 1st Time... continued from page 1

Financial Statement
Philippine International Aid tection resources that address the specific needs
Statement of Revenues of trafficking victims, with a particular focus on
and Expenditures male victims and mental health provisions;
For the year ended December 31, 2015
Develop and implement programs aimed at
REVENUES reducing the demand for commercial sex acts,
including child sex tourism and online child sex-
Fundraising Income $ 210,774
ual exploitation;
Campaign Income 13,502
Increase efforts to identify labor trafficking
Photo by Francis Malasig/EPA

Donations 19,588
Restricted Income 191,058 victims, especially children subjected to forced
Other Revenue 85 labor;
Total Revenues $ 435,007 Increase efforts to investigate, prosecute,
and convict labor traffickers who exploit victims
EXPENDITURES within the country; and
Fundraising Expenses $ 71,954
Increase efforts to investigate and prosecute
Licenses 185 A couple, suspected of trafficking and child government officials for trafficking and traffick-
Utilities 2,344 pornography, is escorted at the National Bureau of ing-related offenses.
Office Expenses 1,881 Investigation in Manila, Philippines.
The U.S. State Department, after all, said
Total Expenditures $ 76,364 that "while Tier 1 is the highest ranking, it does
combat trafficking, the government convicted not mean that a country has no human traffick-
GRANTS DISBURSED $ 273,649 two immigration officers and charged 5 officials ing problem or that it is doing enough to address
EXCESS OF REVENUES allegedly complicit in trafficking." the problem."
OVER EXPENDITURES $ 84,994 Laudable, too, was the boost in funding for "Rather, a Tier 1 ranking indicates that a
the Commission on Filipinos Overseas "to facili- government has acknowledged the existence of
Fund Balance 1/1/15 $ 236,711
(Note 1)
tate anti-trafficking prevention campaigns for human trafficking, has made efforts to address
migrant workers." the problem, and meets the TVPAs minimum
Fund Balance 12/31/15 $ 321,705 The government also "assisted roughly standards," the U.S. State Department said.
Note 1 The amount of $52,725 is committed and considered 1,500" trafficking victims within the period cov- It added, "Indeed, Tier 1 represents a
ered by the report. responsibility rather than a reprieve."
Note 2 The organization is incorporated in the State of
California. It enjoys Federal Tax Exempt status under Section
To sustain its gains, the U.S. State Depart-
501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax I.D. Number ment made the following recommendations to First published in, July 1, 2016.
the Philippines: Excerpted and reprinted with permission.
Increase the availability of shelter and pro-
2 Philippine International Aid
PhotoS by noel ferrer/snow photography


More Fundraisers in 2016

or tickets, participation and more informa-
tion on any of these events, please visit our
website, or call our office at

Giving Hope to the Children

Model volunteers at last year's fashion show event "Giving Hope to the Children 2015" 2016
For its milestone event fundraiser, PIA,
Giving Hope to the Children 2015 together with Wells Fargo, Cora and Pablo Tellez

IA, together with Philippine Airlines, Wells Fargo, and Cora and Pablo Tellez, and Philippine Airlines, will feature Giving
presented Giving Hope to the Children 2015, a luncheon fashion show fundraiser last November Hope to the Children 2016. The luncheon con-
22, 2015 at Hyatt Embarcadero featuring the designs of John Ablaza. The event netted $116,800. cert show, presenting father and son Martin and
Robin Nievera, will be on October 2, 2016 at the
Photo courtesy of Mona Lisa Yuchengco

Hyatt Embarcadero.

Volunteers at the "Golfing for the Children 2016" at the Chardonnay Golf Club in American Canyon,

Golfing for the Children 2016

PIA returned to Chardonnay Golf Club in
American Canyon, California for its "Golfing for Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Children 2016" tournament last June 26, 2016. A special pilgrimage trip to the Holy Land
The event drew 61 golfers and netted $9,145. with Fr. Rey Culaba will be held from October
30 to November 11, 2016. This spiritual journey
"Right Footed" Movie Screening includes visits to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv in Israel and
PIA, together with the Maria Elena a post-tour to Jordan. Couples will have the
Yuchengco Philippine Studies Program of the opportunity to renew wedding vows in Cana. For
University of San Francisco, hosted a screening of more information, visit:
"Right Footed," a film on the life of Fil-Am arm- pilgrimage-to-the-holy-land.html
less pilot, motivational speaker, disability advo- Disability advocate Jessica Cox and Consul General
cate Jessica Cox last August 6, 2016 at the Uni- Henry Bensurto, Jr. at the "Right Footed" screening Special thanks to Vivian Yuchengco for des-
versity's Presentation Theater. The full-house at the University of San Francisco. ignating PIA as the beneficiary of her 65th birth-
event netted $8,414. day celebration. The event raised P1.3 million.

30th Anniversary Celebration 3

Grants for 2016
Photo by Mona Lisa Yuchengco

Scholars of the "Off the Streets-Off to School" Program

n 2016, the PIA board approved to renew the following grants (for a description of each grant, please

Alay Kapwa Educational Foundation (Cavite and Cebu) - $12,000

ACAY Missions Philippines Inc. (Bataan and Manila) $6,000
Bukid Kabataan Center (Cavite) - $9,000
Cameleon Association (Iloilo) - $1,250
Catholic Ministry to Deaf People, Inc. (CMDP) (Manila, Cavite and Bohol) - $10,000
Child Alert Mindanao (Davao) - $8,000
ECPAT, Philippines (Manila) - $7,000
Kanlungan sa Er-Ma Ministry (Manila and Luzon) - $10,000
Katilingban Para sa Kalambuan, Inc. (Zamboanga) $7,000
Open Heart Foundation Worldwide, Inc. (Manila) - $5,000
Peoples Recovery, Educational, Developmental (PREDA) (Olongapo) - $5,000
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Preschool (Alabang) - $5,000
School of Indigenous Knowledge & Tradition (SIKAT) (South Cotabato) -$4,000
Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc. (San Francisco) - $5,000

Philippine International Aid-U.S. Scholarship Fund

IA approved a grant of $10,000 to deserving students for the school year
2016-2017. Wells Fargo is a long time supporter and contributor of this
fund. For eligibility and selection criteria, please visit our website at www.

This year's scholars are:

Camila Bautista Darren De Leon Kyle Espiritu Camila Llora Bautista - Pre-Nursing, California State University,
Long Beach, California
Darren De Leon - Public Health Sciences, University of California, Irvine
Kyle Espiritu - PsychoBiology - University of California, Los Angeles
Kathleen Villanueva Liongson - Civil Engineering, University of California,
Makena Law - Stanford University (undeclared) n

Kathleen Liongson Makena Low

4 Philippine International Aid
Grants for 2016
New Grants
Rock of Ages Christian
An approved grant of $1,000 provides
school supplies for 81 children who receive reli-
gious education at the center in Las Pias City.
The fellowship began in November 1997. Besides
religious education, the center provides monthly
feeding sessions, financial assistance with school,
and school supplies.

Davao School for the

In 2011, there were approximately 592,000
blind people in the Philippines. Davao School for
the Blind is the only learning institution for the
blind in southern Philippines. There are currently
51 students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade
8 who learn from a full curriculum through lec-
tures and individualized instruction methods.
PIAs grant of $4,000 covers educational assis-
tance and food for the 51 students.
Photo courtesy of Mona Lisa Yuchengco

The Childs World - A

Growing Center
A grant of $4,000 was approved for the
educational assistance of special needs children.
For 34 years, The Child's World - A Growing
Center has provided a focused program for chil-
dren and adults with special needs to help them
cope and integrate better with the mainstream

30th Anniversary Celebration 5

PIA Thanks
List of 2015 Contributors
(based on payments received by December 31, 2015)
Maria Mangubat Sarah Jane Ilumin Terrence and Bonnie Gosliner
Guardian Angel Regina Manzana-Sawhney Inquirer Interactive Marketing Elmer Jason Grande
$30,000 and above
Lourdes D. Martinez Ken and Lupita Kashiwahara Tom Haidlen
Katrina Montinola John and Graceamanda Mangini Hauser Family Foundation
Tina and Jerry Gutierrez Manuel Monzon Orlando Mayor Christopher Hest
Mona Lisa Yuchengco New York Life Foundation Carrick McLaughlin Invision Investments, Inc.
Mark and Imelda Oppenheim Gloria Melone Jade Chocolates
Ninong/Ninang Zinnia S. Orosa Amy Millman Andrew Javellana
$10,000 - $19,999 Pacific Gas & Electric Company New York Life Helena Leiner Katz
Viki Parker Edwin Pacis, Jr. Adam and Dr. Ester Kotowski
Teddy and Jeanine Diaz De Rivera Wayne Quasha Philippine Association of University Deborah D. Landstrass
Tellez Family Foundation Crisanto and Evelyn Raimundo Women LBC Mundial Corporation
The Joseph and Mercedes R. Javier San Juan William Radulovich Jonathan and Kai Lee
McMicking Foundation Eliseo and Norma Serina Ray B. Riess Tricia Lin
Western Union Financial Services SJ Engineers Lourdes F. Rius Aurora and Eric Linak
Annabelle Yuchengco Mitchell Stark Marie Rivera-Yip Ernie and Mila Llorente
George and Barbara Sycip Bess Roces Michael Louie
Community Backer Tancinco Law Offices Javier Rodriguez John Magbitang
$5,000 - $9,999 Peter and Jessica Tcherepnine Maria Sabado Patricia S. Makalintal
Cora M. Tellez San Francisco Manila Sister City Eliodoro Marasigan
Alex and Babsy Abela Thomasians, USA Committee Marita Mayer
William and Sally Chao Vicky and Brian Tierney Mario A. Santos Katrina Mayol
Manny and Lyra Maceda Toppings Din Corporation Richard and Ma. Lourdes Scheerer Lorna Mello
Ben and Rose Olivas UBS Employee Giving Programs Mary Jo Smith Vaughn Josefina Mendoza
Elaine R. Serina, Ph.D United Way California Capital Region Conchita Taylor Joan Mersch
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. USA Gateway Inc. Carlos Urrego Christina Meyers
Wells Fargo Capital Management Dr. Cesar and Suzette Veluz France M. Viana National Pension Consultants
Yvonne Yuchengco Victor N. Villagracia Wells Fargo Community Support Maximo and Patria Natividad
Dr. Anthony Villanueva Campaign Mark T. Ng
Vicky Wong K. G. Nichols
$3,000 - $4,999
Maria T. Zuschlag Donor Emily Nishi
$300 - $499 Rovimay Nubla
Renato and Josie Castaeda Patron Dr. Lourdes Olivares-Agcaoili
$500 - $999 Ruben Abesamis and Dr. Marietta PG&E Campaign for the Community
Roderick C. M. Hall Vivian Poblete
Joyce and Archie Ibardolasa Angtuaco
Carlos Y. Abaya Academy of Martial Arts Shotokan, Inc. Maria Puletti
Consuelo H. McHugh Jeffrey Rapadas
John and Susan Ocampo ABS-CBN Foundation Col. Nestor and Dr. Rozanna Verder
Carmencita and Arnaldo Agcaoili Aliga John W. Rhodes, Jr.
United Way San Francisco Marisa Robbins Mizono
Jose and Maria Albano Eliseo Argamaso
Cesar and Ana Alegria Arkipelago Books Edna and Rodel Rodis
Sponsor Alan and Natalie Aliga Auntie Ems Fine Foods Daisy Rodriguez
$1,000 - $2,999 Dan and Maria Linda Altamirano Malou Babilonia and Marylou Salcedo Melissa Saulog
Maria L. Amora Kavoos Bassiri Dr. Edmundo and Brigida Somoza
ABS-CBN International Joseph Anonuevo Diana B. Bautista Agnes and James Strandberg
Marivic C. Agoncillo DDS, Inc. George and Frieda Baker Eliodora Belliss Carissa Suarez
Agnes Y. Alikpala, M.D. Ronald Banks Marie Bernardo Bernadette Sy
ANX Home Healthcare Patrick J. Boland Bradley Bertalan David Tsang
Dado and Maria Banatao Leopoldo and Eloisa Briones Biscocho Insurance Agency Noe and Cora Tuason
Bank of America Matching Fund Evangeline Canonizado Buell Dr. Wilma Bontuyan-Maniago Union Bank of California Employee
Benevity Community Impact Fund Romulo and Milagros Buenviaje Edele Borbon Giving
Marilen B. Bernardo Sherman and Ria Calinga Bunso Breads Marissa Vargas
Cenon and Mimi Carolino Dr. Cynthia Carsolin-Chang Frederic C. Calindas Irwin Ver
Herminia Chavez Dr. Norma C. Catajan Candlelion LLC Nina Verias
Chevron Texaco Matching Fund Community Safety Foundation Maryles V. Castro Jeanette Vives
Cielito and Polly Cortez Cornelius Cu Ann Bess Chanco Angela M. Watts
Dae Advertising Emil and Magdalena De Guzman Esther M. Chavez Karen S. Webb
Antonia David-Wright Genevieve Dee Coffee Adventure Company Steven Woo
Sonia T. Delen Dr. Erlinda Dizon Reggie and Donna Cunanan Celine L. Young
Evelyn and John Dilsaver Eliza D. Duerme Daniel and Jo Curtis Marcelo and Cirila Ysip
Shirley B. Dimapilis Jose D. Estella IV Sherida I. David
Dr. Edmundo and Tanya Duldulao Filipino American Communication Vicente and Grace David Supporter
Elizabeth J. Esteva Employees (FACES) Delphi Consumer Insights $100 - $299
Dr. Maryjane Fuster Carlos Fernandez Christina M. Dunham
Gareth and Ruth Hill Filipino American Association of Diane Dwyer Sharp Antonio Abarquez
The William and Flora Hewlett Foster City Eastopen, Inc. DBA Hotel Whitcomb David Abellera
Foundation Flawless Faces and Skin Care Eleanor Fernandez Alma Agtane
Mary and Nate Lane Erlinda T. Galeon Wilma Ferrer Susan J. Aguado
Margaret Lapiz Robert Gallo Fil-Am Friendship Network Albacruz Investments, LLC
Thomas Lee, M.D. Eric Joel Gatchalian John and Therese Finnegan Arturo L. Albano
James and Cay Lim Giggles and Grins Dental Care Prudence Gaspar Mary Allaire
Zenaida Mallari Michael and Patricia Gonzalez Marsha and Eric Golangco Marianne Almajose
Carlos and Charles Manese Nena and Edward Ick Goldilocks Bakeshop Alpha Biosciences, Inc.

6 Philippine International Aid

Oscar and Margarita Alvarado Carmen Esteva Grace Maramba Kyle Thomas Sterger
Felicisimo Alvendia Alvin Esteves Maria B. Marsella Streamline Funding, Inc.
Richard and Wilma Andrews Bob Fan Ma. Therese S. Martinez Gerry Sy
Angelie Ang Roy Ferreira Mary Anne Yu, D.M.D. Arvin Tacorda
Ed Anicete Filipina Womens Network Estela C. Matriano Rebecca Tagle
Bruce and Alva Appel Chris Fitzsimmons Jack McClure Sean Talmadge
Al Aquino Five Js Sisters Inc. Terry McGee Giselda Modales Tan
Rebecca Aquino Al Floresca Karen McHugh Jauw and Lourdes Tan
Enrique and Titania Araneta Constante Foronda James McLeod-Warrick Rey Tancinco
Karen Arbues Dulce Franke Noel W. McNabola Lili Tarachand
Vincent Arcega William Fuller IV Tracy Melone Chiqui Tecson
Anne Hunt Archer Brian Fuller Genaro E. Mempin Rosalina Tecson
Dr. Azucena L. Arguelles Cynthia Galang Aleth Modena The Residences at Marin, Inc.
Ana Aspinall Francisco Galatas Eva Monroe The Reyes Family Trust
Nelia Asuncion Jacinto Gallardo Jennifer Navasero Timken Johnson LLP
AT&T Employee Fund Robert Gamboa Gemma Nemenzo Arlan Tirtaraharja
Dr. Trinidad Balbuena Dr. Corinna Gamez Ana Noy Emmanuel Topacio
Noel Bangalan Bernie Gano Daniel Oh Bo Torres
Noel Baris Peter Garcia Ma. Teresa D. Ojeda Truck Writer Insurance Services, Inc.
April Barker Josephine J. Gerardo Dante Oller Maria Y. Urquhart
Roy Barrun Odette Go Sylvia Omuro Lita De Lara Uyenco
Duarte Batista Giovanni Gomez William Osborn Erin Valdecanas
Enrico Batongbacal Denise Gonzalez Marissa Otto Antonio Vallejo
Bay Area Bumpers Gotuaco Ghosh Philanthropic Fund Deborah G. Ouyang Jose Mari Valles
David Bebb Great America Dental Center Consuelo Pallas Orville Ventura
Ana Belo Leslie Anna Guevarra Richard Panez Robert Viajar
Lourdes Ramirez Beltran, D.M.D. Deborah Gutierrez Rafael Panganiban Renato Villamil
Bennett Valley Jolene Hall Michael Pangilinan Karen Villanueva
Rodrigo Berdiago, Jr. Hana Zen Robert and Elizabeth Panlasigue Katerina Villanueva
Reginald Bernabe D. T. Hand Salvador F. Partible Allen Vives
Oscar Bernardino Handlery Hotel Patio Filipino Milagros R. Vizcarra
Books for the Barrios Hearst Business Media Voctoria T, Perez Ronald V. Wagner
Joaquin Borlongan Bruce Henderson Philhour & Associates Eden Walter
Richard Breneman Ana and Gonzalo Hernandez Victoria Plata Ethel A. Ward
Susan Brissenden-Smith Apolinaria Herrera Susan Po-Rufino John Warren
Alexander M. Brown Edwin Hidalgo Lydia and Edward Pomposo Jeane Williams
Raymond Buenaventura House of Sisig Principal Combined Fund Organization Dr. Dely Young-Cu
Barbara K. Bundy Chin-Wun Huang Christopher Punongbayan Christine Young
Margaret G. Burke Isabelo Iban Maria Raimundo Jeremy Yu
Linda Victoire Byers Elmer Ignacio Henario Ramirez Ms. Luisa Yujuico
Luisito Cabaluna Marissa Imperial Ben Ramos Kathleen Yulo
Dr. Lucia C. Cabreros J. Maliksi & Associates Dante Ravelo Jhed Yuzon
Olan Calara Theodore Jojola and Adelamar Alcantara Udo Renz Mary Jennifer Rose Zabarte
Benito and Ofelia Capuyan Benjamin Jones Gary Resurreccion Melencio Zagala
Ma. Angela Castro Paula Jones Edna Reyes Jesus Zapanta
Jennifer Centeno-Grullon Kaiser Permanente Mike Roces Zarate Dulany Law
Christine Chen James and Leslie Kaji Carmelo and Bernadette Roco Jess Zulueta
Alexandria Christakos Michelle Kenney Louis T. Rodrigo
Rene Ciria Cruz Gail M. Kong Greg and Vangie Roja Friend
Claims Services and Advocacy, LLC Calvin Kwan Adolph and Normita Roldan Below $100
Sarah Jane F. Cobb Vanessa Kwan Adelaida Rubia
Domindo Cosino Stanley and Marilou Lacambra Pixie Rufino Amazon Smile
Roderico and Elizabeth Cruz Rafael J. Ladao Eduardo Salaguban Christine Araneta
Dr. Joseph Cu Sophie Ladenla Leopoldo Sales AT&T Employee Giving
Winston and Pam Damarillo Remy Lahrman Alicia Quisao Salvador Steven Bentley
Annabelle Darauay Dr. Felicidad G. Lao-Domingo Laarni San Juan Bright Funds Foundation
Fe De La Cruz Eileen Laurena Inez F. Sandejas Elmer and Michelle Cabrera
Lydia S. De La Cruz Inger Laws Lydia Sandejas Kelly Carlson
Manzel De La Cruz Francis Lazatin Shauna Santos-Peterson Millie Chauser
Emilio De Vera Phil Le Carlos Santos Josephine and Roberto Dizon
Chris Degrande Van Le Claudia Santos Jose Escobar
Eufemia Deguia Karen Lee Hernan Santos Jim Ferrer
Cesar Del Castillo Stacey Leier-Valentine Jose Santos Maria Gallo
Arsenio Del Rosario Edward Libunao Richard and Maria Santos Gopal Gopalakrisnan
Mercedes Del Rosario Tony Limgenco Nylette and Danilo Saulog David Greenfield
Roenna Del Rosario Tess Lipat Save A Tahanan, Inc. Jeanette Guinn
Ceres De La Paz Ramon Lopez Rohit Sawhney Andrea Huse
Felicito H. Desuasido Alvin S. Louie Tyson Scofield and Maya Ruiz Suratos Kareene
Alejandro Alvarado Diesta Lawrence Lua Scrubbed.Net Natalia Magsino
Clarissa Dimacali Dr. William D. Lubart Eugene Serina Evelyn Melone
Jim Dominguez Rafael C. Lumanlan Gerard Silva Erlinda and Ricardo Noble
Roland Dori Mabuhay Golf Club Jack and Robin Simke Robert and Violeta Reyes
Flor Duncan Puri Magdaraog Mark Skillings Patricia Rocha
Eagle Star Properties Michael Gil Magnaye Alexis Sohrakoff Sixto Salumbides
Elaine M. Cabreza, DDS, Inc. Sam and Maria Malasig Maria Solleza Bernadette Smith
Elaine Elinson Tina and Jacob Malasig Bob Sorongon Robert Stahler, Jr.
Juannie Eng Romulo Mangoba Ken Souttaphonh Annie Thai
Leonardo Enriquez Elana Manson Steve James St. George Patricia Yadao
Pancho Escaler Manuel Edison Lada Stankovic Jason Zabate

30th Anniversary Celebration 7

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