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What's All the Chat

Abo ut S n a?ch at? By Ted Janusz

You may believethat sellingto mi lenniaLs isthefuture "When someone sends you an image or vrdeo via Snap
of your lnsurance agency. Butyou aLso knowthat, as a chat, they choose how ong you get to vrew the mage r

group, mi ennlals are hard to reach or vldeo [from one to ten seconds]," says Danah Boyd,
founder of Data & Socrety Research lnstitute. "The under
n fact, where did more IB-Io'24 year olds watch cover- ly ng message is simple,You've got seven seconds. Pay
age of the first 2015 COP presidentia debate? attentlon. And when peop e do choose to open a snap,
a. Network te evision they actual y stop what they're doing and look . Snap
b. Snapchat chat invites focus."

lfyou answered "b. Snapchat,"you are correct. That's My Story!

n 2aL3, the "stories" featu re of Sna pchat was adde d Sto
Nearlytwice as many of this demographic got their ries show "a day in the fe," a col ection ofthese photos
information about the debate from this exploding social or vldeos taken by that person over the ast 24 hours.
media network. An average indivldua TV networl< on y
reaches 6% of the same demographic Unlike a sing e image (asyou rnay see on that other socia
media sitethat is aisoa brg hrtwith mi ennials - lns-
Millennials and Smartphones tagram),you use a series of photos orvideostotellyour
So if millenniais are not watchingtelevision, where are story. Also, un i<e on other socia media sites, the photos
they spendi ng their time? o r videos a re viewed from th e begin n ing of the d ay to the
end,lust asyou would telia story.
You cou d conductyourown surveyand determrnethat
more than 90 percent of adults age 18 34 own smart- Further, unlil<e with other soclal med a p atforms,you will
phones Snapchat is the first socia media platform that see no cornrnents and no likes aboutyour story.
was designed solely for the smartphone.
So Why ls Snapchat So Popular?
According to the Nielsen Media lmpact study, on any "65%of Snapchat users up oadtheirown photosda y.
g ven day, Snapchat reaches 4l% of all lB to 34year o ds They're engaged with the platform," says Sarah Whitney,
in the Unlted States. 77% of US co ege students use Marl<etrng and Communications Manager at Primacy
the app daily, according to a study by Sumpto. Further, "Engagement is reaLlythe keyto Snapchat. And a user
accordingto B oomberg, Snapchat has nearly 150 million with this level of emotiona tie ins promotes and buys far
peop e usingthe servrce daily, morethan the number of more than the passive user lust perusing the atest sound
peop e who use Twitter. bite or unique fact."

What Makes Snapchat Different? Snapchat also encourages frequent usage wrth a feature
Ratherthan starting bytyping words, asyou would with a caI led
"Sna pstrea k," wh ich shows the n u m ber of ti mes
f-acebook orTwitter post, with Snapchatyou begin with a you and yourfriend have snapped each other within 24
ph otogra ph. hours for more than one consecutive day.

"Snapchat a ways starts with a snap," says Snapchat CEO Promoting Your lnsurance Agency
Even Spiegel. "With Snapchat, in order to start a conver- So how can you use Snapchat to get the word out about
sation,you take a picture." Ratherthan using photos or iin r loonrv)
videos to capture important moments or to save memo-
r es, photos orvideos are used on Snapchat. . fortalking. lf you don't already have a Snapchat account,"first have
(Remember, mi lennia s don't need to buy an expensive a mi ennia demonstrate to you the workings of their
still or movie camera, pay for li m, or even walt for devel Snapchat account. (Many may be surprrsed thatyou even
oping. Just grab a smartphone and shootl) know what 5napcnat is;then they may be even more
impressed that you askedl)
Quick.. . Before lt's Gone!
Snapchat was founded in 2011 as an app for shar ng lf you don't have a millennial amongyour farrrly and
photos and videos that disappear as soon as the recipient
has viewed them.
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What's Al I the Chat...About Sna pchat? By Ted Janusz

friends,you can vierrv an exce ent tutoria on YouTube Ted Janusz has been honored to contribute articles to all etght

that has been watched over 2 mi ion times: "Howto Use annualP A Agency Marketing Cuides and has conducted
Snapchat for Beginners - Snapchat Tricks and Tips." multiy;le webinarsfor PIA on marketing Because Baby Boom
ers learn about and use social medro differentlyfrom other
Next, once you understand how Snapchat works,you ge n e rati o n s, Te d co n d u cts h i s wo rks h o ps fo r i n s u ra n ce a g e nts

(and the millennia ) may devise creatlve ways to use and insurance companies who want to use soctal medra to
prociuce a bottom line impactfor their agencies and compa
Snapchat. For starter ideas, you can access Snapchat's
nies. Learn more at
webpage ( )