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The family with a Jewish heart.

Number 1203, May 2012

News from Sid Roths Its Supernatural! Television and Messianic Vision

By transforming
root issues
recorded in
our DNA we
will be free to
walk in joy and
Read this amazing story
on page 3

Reprogram your DNA.

Change your world.
Dont let your past rob you of your future.

By Dr. Jim Richards

Dear Mishpochah

Welcome to the
Family with a

This has never happened

Jewish Heart!
In 1977, Sid Roth started
Messianic Vision. Sids
hearts desire is to reach out with the
good news of the Messiah, to the Jew
first (Romans 1:16 KJV). This is not
before in history.
just Gods historical order for spreading
the gospel, but also His eternal spiritual just got an amazing 35th anniversary an email from a man who was at the top of
order. When we follow this law of gift from the Lord. We have now the waiting list for a new kidney. He needed
evangelism, God opens a supernatural
received the funds to mail nearly a transplant or he would die.
door to reach greater numbers of
Gentiles. Gods heart is to reach all 200,000 more copies of my Jewish I had met him one day while I was out
people. His strategy is to the Jew first. evangelistic book to Jewish people. That walking and prayed for him to get a new
will give us a grand kidney. He was a total
Yeshua (Jesus) creates The
One New Man from Jews and total of 1 million stranger and I never
Gentiles. books mailed to saw him again.
Jesus came to break down the wall of 1 million Jewish The email says
separation between Jew and Gentile. families in North that from the day I
The Messiah was a Jew, and the first
believers were Jews. But how did America! This has laid hands on him, his
something that started so Jewish never happened kidney test stopped
become the opposite of Jewishness? before in history! its decline. He told
Gods answer for restoration is the
Shortly after this the transplant people
creation of the One New Man as
stated in Ephesians 2:14-16. He wants good news, I got a call to give the next kidney
to reconcile His family which has from our publisher to someone who
grown apart for centuries. When this who told me we have needed it!
happens, the stage is set for worldwide
revival. now printed and I believe this type
distributed over 2 of God encounter will
For He Himself is our peace, who has made both million of these Jewish become normal in
[Jews and Gentiles] one, and has broken down evangelistic books your life.
the middle wall of division as to create in
Himself one new man from the two.... EPHESIANS worldwide. Take a And I know what
2:14-15 NKJV look at the brand-new cover of They Thought will release these miracles. If you can walk
for Themselves. in the God kind of love 24/7, this will

mishpochah Then I got a call from a Yeshiva

student (almost a rabbi) who came to
activate all the promises of God.

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Then I just received Page 2
Cover Story from page 1. This amazing story could change your life.

Reprogram A sound mind makes for a r

your DNA. of these trapped says imaginations] and every

Change your
emotions. Once we high thing that exalts itself against
are single-minded, the knowledge of God, bringing
we will have faith for every thought into captivity to the

world. the impossible.

I have seen more
obedience of [Messiah].
Bringing something captive to
people healed by the obedience of Messiah means
praying the prayer Im going to make a determination:
of transformation Does this argument or imagination
included in this or doctrine really line up with what
article and replacing Messiah accomplished through His
negative thoughts obedience? If it doesnt, then Ive got
and emotions with to totally reject it.
the truth of Gods All of our destructive behavior is
Word than anything driven by some destructive feeling.
else in 40 years The problem is, we either havent
of walking in the identified that feeling, or we havent
miraculous. understood how detrimental that
Paul tells us in 2 feeling is.
Corinthians 10:4-5 There is a biblical principle that
how to deal with the says every seed bears after its own
destructive thoughts kind. If a negative feeling or thought

and feelings that drives me to speak words or take
fter 35 years of come to us as a certain actions, the outcome of those
studying health and result of hearing or believing things actions will produce more of the
medicine, I have that are not true. In verse 4 he says negative feelings that started the
discovered that the weapons of our warfare are whole process.
nothing affects our not carnal but mighty in God for We cant be driven by negative
health more than our feelings and pulling down strongholds. The word feelings and expect to have healthy,
emotions. We often dont notice weapons could just as well have positive outcomes. For example,
these negative feelings until they been translated as tools. Paul says many times were moved by fear and
are triggered by circumstances. these tools are not we try to tell ourselves
But did you ever consider that the based on the flesh, All of our its faith. We waver from
feelings and bad reactions were but they are mighty one opinion to another
trapped inside your body before the for the pulling down destructive behavior because we dont keep
bad circumstance occurred? of strongholds.
is driven by some our thoughts and feelings
These negative emotions are These are not in harmony with the
like the thorns that choke out demonic strongholds. destructive feeling. promises of God.
the good seed in the Parable of They are intellectual, Whats the answer?
the Sower. In order to see healing cultural and religious After all, in real life, its
and breakthrough in every area strongholds. They are philosophical very rare that youre going to be able
of our lives, our hearts need to be structures. And Paul says in verse 5 to just stop everything when you
transformed to believe God. We are that with these tools, hes going to encounter a negative feeling and
double-minded in our heart because cast down arguments [King James go somewhere to a quiet place to

Page 3
a robust body, but runaway emotions corrode the bones.
meditate and get in touch with your from my past. I just want to give God and forgive every person, place or
heart. We need a tool that we can use permission to go to the very root of it. circumstance that has contributed to
quickly whenever our feelings try to Go to the very root of my being, and this feeling of being overwhelmed.
take us anywhere inconsistent with resolve this origin in order to bring I choose to express my love for
the Word of God. every aspect of my spirit, soul and myself and my right, as a child of God,
Ive written what body into harmony with by allowing every mental, emotional,
I call the prayer We cant be driven by Your truth, and my true spiritual and physical disease, and
of transformation identify in Messiah. inappropriate behavior based on this
to immediately negative feelings and Were not trying to root problem recorded in my DNA,
stop the wavering get God to do something to be transformed. It is my right as a
process. The moment
expect to have healthy, that hasnt already child of God to exercise this authority.
we recognize any positive outcomes. been paid for. Were And I have to love myself enough
negative thought or bringing this thought to do this. I want to transform every
feeling, weve got to or feeling captive to inappropriate aspect of how this has
immediately interrupt it. the obedience of Messiah. Jesus has been expressed in my life, and I really
If you use this prayer, you have to already paid for my deliverance from want this thing rooted out of my DNA,
be intentional about every part of it. feeling overwhelmed. Jesus has already rooted out of who I am.
Otherwise, it just becomes a religious paid for me to have the power to And then, Im going to make a
exercise. Heres a real-life example of accomplish things, to have peace, and positive declaration: I choose being at
how to pray. to have the mind of Messiah. My issue peace and confident. I choose feeling at
Lets say youre feeling is, will I take hold of the power to make peace and confident. I am at peace and
overwhelmed. Our first tendency is it work in my life? confident. Its done, its finished, its
to rationalize why we are feeling that Continue to pray. Search through mine, by the resurrection of Jesus! And
way: Ive got so much work to do, so every generation Why every I thank You Holy Spirit for the grace
much pressure on me, and Im under generation? Because we have learned to live in the fullness of my identity
tight deadlines. But if you give in to that through cellular memories we as a child of God, a new creation in
that, even if you meet your goals, its pick up traits from our relatives going Messiah. And I thank You Jehovah my
still going to end badly somewhere back several generations. Healer, Who is good and only good.
along the way, because every seed Search every generation, every Youre my God, my strength, my hope,
bears after its own kind. We must resist cellular memory, and every action and my salvation.
the tendency to justify the negative because Ive probably done things After you have prayed, express
feelings and instead make a choice to that have contributed to this and your personal love and appreciation
get rid of them. every expression of this feeling of to Him!
Heres how I would pray in that being overwhelmed. And heal me You might find yourself doing
circumstance (prayer in bold type): completely, according to the finished this more times a day than you can
Heavenly Father, search my heart and work of Jesus, until Your life, light, imagine. But I would rather deal with
discover the origin of this feeling of love, truth, righteousness, peace feelings of anger a hundred times
being overwhelmed. and joy empower me to completely a day for two weeks than to end up
Why do I want Him to discover the forgive myself for every inappropriate with cancer ten years from now. I
origin? Because I dont know if this expression I have to forgive myself would rather deal with my feelings
feeling of being overwhelmed is really for every way Ive given expression to of being overwhelmed than to always
about how much work I have to do. I my dysfunction for every distorted endure back pain. I know if I dont
dont know if its because this situation perception and every destructive confront these negative feelings they
reminds me of a negative experience behavior (and heres the clincher) will continually manifest in my life.

Page 4
es. Proverbs 14:30
The Message (MSG)
The Prayer of
Keep this sample
Put off the old and relationship
prayer with you so problems begin to Heavenly Father search my heart and
that the moment feelings and disappear. discover the origin of this (thought or
you feel any kind of I call this process, feeling) of______________________.
negative feeling thats
emotions and putting off and putting
Go to the very root of my being and
resolve this origin in order to bring
inconsistent with the put on the on. Put off the old every aspect of my spirit, soul, and
finished work of Jesus, feelings and emotions body into harmony with Your truth and
you can immediately truth of Gods and put on the truth of my true identity in Messiah.
put a stop to it. You Gods promises. Now
promises. Search through every generation, every
might have to do this you will be able to
cellular memory, every action and every
often at first, but soon believe Gods Word with
expression of this (thought or feeling)
you will notice that the negative your whole heart. of _____________________________.
feelings are greatly reduced. Or Dont let your past rob you of
even when the thought of them your future! Heal me completely according to the
shows up, the feeling isnt there finished work of Jesus until Your life,
to drive your behavior. And light, love, truth, righteousness, peace,
and joy empower me to completely
then you will start noticing that Dr. Jim Richards, founder
of Impact Ministries in
forgive myself for every inappropriate
sicknesses and diseases will begin expression, distorted perception, and
Hunstville, Alabama, has
to leave your body. Watch financial seen miracles, signs and destructive behavior, and forgive every
problems, employment problems wonders of nearly every kind. person, place or circumstance that has
contributed to this (thought or feeling)
Sids Family Picks of _____________________________.

I choose to express my love for myself

Science is finally catching up to the Bible. and my right as a child of God by
Dr. Jim Richards has three doctorate degrees and has studied health allowing every mental, emotional,
and alternative medicine from a biblical perspective for 35 years. spiritual and physical dis-ease and
inappropriate behavior based on this
He has discovered the biblical way to remove blockages that are root problem recorded in my DNA to
preventing us from believing God with all our heart. be transformed.
As I have listened to his 8-CD series, Change Your Heart, Change
I choose being ___________________.
Your World, I have experienced freedom from layer after layer of I choose feeling __________________.
trapped emotions. This series will change your life. I am ___________________________.
Dr. Richards has found that when people are set free from negative
It is done! It is finished; it is mine by the
emotions and feelings, many receive healings they have sought after resurrection of Jesus!
for years without success. This powerful 8-CD series is
available for a donation Thank you, Holy Spirit for the grace to
live in the fullness of my identity as child
of $40 or more ($48 of God and a new creation in Messiah.
Canadian) code
9143. To order, I give You thanks, Jehovah my Healer,
Who is good and only good. You are
please return the my God, my strength, my hope and my
enclosed reply card, salvation!
call 800-548-1918,
(Now express your personal love and
or go online at appreciation to Him!)
Fulfilling the Great Commission

I want you to be under the same

favor of God I walk under.
hen I was a young Jewish you received this gift. But this gift is in seed will be stress free. When you are stress free
believer, a prophet sang this form and must grow. Did you know that you can hear Gods voice and see every
song over me. I sing this faith for all Gods promises works by this promise in Gods Word come to pass in
prophetic song over you now in the spirit. gift? (Galatians 5:6). your life. His teaching helps eliminate the
You were chosen before the world began The best way for this seed to grow is to static and fine-tunes your spirit into Gods
To be My servant. meditate (mumble out loud) the frequency. I cant wait to hear the reports
You were chosen before the world Word of God and then once you are mentored with Jims eight
began act on these promises. teaching CDs entitled, Change Your Heart,
To be My slave. This is not natural love Change Your World. It is truly the missing link
You were chosen not by your choice but supernatural love. to all Gods promises.
but by Mine. You cannot walk in this
You were chosen. God kind of love on Shalom and Love,
You were chosen to bear My Name. your own. This is why
You are gifted with a gift that comes I suggest you meditate
from above. on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Sid Israel Roth
You are gifted with a gift of three times a day. The
abundant love. enclosed bookmark will P.S. When we raised the money to send
You are chosen. help. But even as the one million Jewish evangelistic books we
You are chosen to bear My Name. fruit is developed there did not allow a margin to use for our other
I now see why God says in are still obstacles that expenses. All your money went into souls.
1 Corinthians 14:1a (Amp.), try to prevent us from Now we must increase our income as our
Eagerly pursue and seek to believing Gods Word expenses have increased dramatically.
acquire [this] love [make it your with all of our heart. I want you to be under the same favor
aim, your great quest] Dr. Jim Richards has of God I walk under. Please pray about
Did you know that this identified these obstacles increasing your partnership and watch God
supernatural, miracle-working and teaches us how to be smile on you.
love of God is already alive free. Once you are free,
in you? When you were born you can live in love, joy and Below left: Sid with recent guest Grace Williams.
again, according to Romans 5:5 peace. In other words, you Below right: Our new control room.

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