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Site Observation ( Finishing of

23-July-17 floorslab) 10 hours

8:00 AM- 7:00 PM Doing checklist and cutting list
Observe pouring of concrete
Learning how to monitor and
24-July-17 record all project activities 13 hours
Learning how to analyze all
processes to ensure all work
according to quality
8:00 AM- 10:00 PM requirements
Write Accomplishment Report
Learning how to monitor the
manpower and evaluate their
25-July-17 performance 13 hours
8:00 AM- 10:00 PM Update Progress Report
Site observation (installation of
26-July-17 trusses) 10 hours
Site observation ( Pouring of
8:00 AM- 7:00 PM concrete column at 2nd floor)
Write Daily Accomplishment
Site Observation (Installation
27-July-17 of trusses) 13 hours
Site Observation (Pouring of
8:00 AM- 10:00 PM Slab)
Write Accomplishment Report
Site Observation (Installation
28-July-17 of trusses) 13 hours
Site Observation( Finishing of
8:00 AM- 10:00 PM Floor Slab)
Update Progress Report
TOTAL 129 hours
Typical Construction and Trading Corporation is located in Laguna which has
a contact number of +63 49 534 3958. Business address is at Kilometer 52, National
Highway, Barangay 1, Calamba City, 4027, Laguna. Business service
category/products-construction equipment and materials supplies. It is owned by
Engr. Rommel M. Alignay, a civil engineer who lives in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Typical
Construction and Trading Corporation was founded on year 1998 and started as a
small time construction business. As the time goes by, it was able to conquer the
world of construction business, gained the trust, the good reputation, and the strong
connections that only few companies here in the Philippines have, and also establish
itself as one of the most reliable construction company in the Philippines. As of now,
Typical Construction and Trading Corporation is currently teaming up with the worlds
well known construction company which is Kajima Corporation (Philippine branch) as
general contractor. Now, Typical Construction and Trading Corporation handles not
just millions of peso worth of projects but billions of peso instead. Recent projects
such as the construction of approximately 6 hectares factory owned by Philippine
Manufacturing Co. of Murata Inc. It costs about 2.4 billion pesos and was indeed a
huge project to handle.


Typical Construction and Trading Corporation aims to be the preeminent
provider of superior construction services by consistently improving the quality of their
product; to add value for clients through innovation, foresight, integrity, and
aggressive performance; and to serve with character and purpose that brings honor
to God. It aims to contribute its own share in the upliftment of the standards of
performance of the construction industry in order to serve as an effective partner of
the government and the private sector in infrastructure development for the
improvement of national and global economy. It also envisions to be a diverse family
owned construction and asset management business that will grow to be the most
respected in the industry.
Typical Construction and Trading Corporation mandates to work as closely as
possible from start to finish. Any project starts with doing the proper planning. In
conjunction with the designer/architect of the clients choice, the company will assist
in an in-depth pre-project assessment to ensure that an understanding of the clients
lifestyle and priorities are met. The company will work to establish a realistic budget
and to discuss what should be expected as projects progress. Typical Construction
and Trading Corporation team will professionally manage all aspects of the project to
ensure the project is a success.