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Transcendent Value
To be moral is to be human.
Idealists vs. Relativists
Living by the right values humanizes.
Values have cognitive, affective, and behavioral dimensions.
Value formation includes formation in the cognitive, affective, and behavioral aspects.
Value formation is a training of the intellect and will.
The intellect proposes and the will disposes. St. Thomas Aquinas
Self- training training the intellect and will
Developing the intellect
3 Functions of the intellect:
a. Formation of ideas
b. Judgment
c. Reasoning
Developing the will => to act on the good and avoid the bad => SELF-TRAINING
Virtuous vs. Vicious Life
Virtuous = abundance and joy
Vicious = perdition and misery
Max Schelers Hierarchy of Values
Values of the Holy
absolute objects
belief, adoration, bliss
Spiritual / Mental Values
Values independent of the whole sphere of the body and environment
aesthetic values
Values of right and wrong
Values of pure knowledge
Vital Values
Values pertaining to:
WELL BEING (e.g. health)
VITAL FEELING (e.g. excellence)
Pleasure Values
SENSUAL Feelings
Something to ponder upon:
Take care of your thoughts, they become your actions;
Take care of your actions, they become your habits;
Take care of your habits, they become your character;
Take care of your character, it becomes your destiny.