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01 REAL PROPERTY TAX: granting amnesty or relief on penalties, fines,

surcharges, interests, and/or arrears to delinquent real property
08 ROUTES JEEPNEYS: prohibiting inter-municipality public utility jeepneys from
picking up passengers along existing Baguio City public utility
jeepney routes and providing penalties therefor
16 RICE: half-rice ordinance of the City of Baguio
23 RESERVED SPACES: penalizing any person or falsely representing oneself
by using or facilitating the use of reserved spaces intended for
Person With Disabilities and senior citizens in all public and private
establishments in the City of Baguio
42 RIGHTS OF PATIENTS: declaring the rights of patients and prescribing
penalties for violations thereof
45 ROAD CLOSURE: temporary closure to vehicular traffic a portion of a national
road located at Gibraltar Barangay, Baguio City for public safety for
a duration of sixty (60) calendar days upon approval of this