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LaSWAP A and AS level results 2017
LaSWAP is London’s longest- Whilst the national average successful on vocational courses,
standing consortium of school improvement at A*-B grades is 0 .1%, making outstanding progress
LaSWAP grades improved by 3% for in their time at LaSWAP. This is a
Sixth Forms, and includes the top grades. comprehensive sixth form and we
La Sainte Union, William LaSWAP students are taking are proud that we offer opportunities
Ellis, Acland Burghley and up places at prestigious universities for post-16 study to young people
across the country once again arriving with a range of GCSE
Parliament Hill. including Oxford and Cambridge. qualifications. A number of our
Nearly 1000 A levels and BTEC Our Higher Education progression students, who would not have been
qualifications were taken across rates are very high and students allowed entry to advanced level
LaSWAP this summer, and students will be following a broad range courses elsewhere, have gained
congregated at La Sainte Union of courses across the sciences, top marks and have been offered
School this morning for results day humanities and arts, with English and degrees at prestigious universities.
and to celebrate their numerous law being favourite courses for top Several of our students have also
successes. With many taking the performing students. taken advantage of the excellent
new A levels, which have little or We are very pleased with apprenticeship opportunities
no coursework, and are entirely the grades awarded to our high- available in Camden and the
examined at the end of the two achieving students who will be local area as a positive alternative
years, we are delighted they have heading off to top universities but to university, with the possibility of
sustained an A Level success rate it is important to note that many sponsored degrees in the future
of 99%, above national averages. other students have been equally while still working. Tazy Jessett-Nash
who achieved 3 A grades in biology,
English and film, will be pursuing a
higher apprenticeship.
The successful performances
reflect the work ethic and
determination of our students.
Much credit must also go to the
teachers across LaSWAP, who
worked together across the schools
to meet the challenges of these
more difficult A Levels. Our teachers
collaborated and planned many
assessments so the students were
not disadvantaged by the lack of
practice papers available from
the exam boards. They were well
prepared for the final exams.
We wish all our students every
success in the future, and look
forward to welcoming many back to
inspire future generations of aspiring
LaSWAP Sixth Formers.

Some of LaSWAP’s
high-achieving A level students
Students from Acland Burghley who have attained exceptional results:

Mila Jacob Syer George Sumner Smith Jamal Julien
Sociology (A*) History (B), Business (A*, A*)
English Language & Literature (A) Spanish (A) Maths Studies AS (C)
Photography (A) Chemistry (B)
Philosophy (B) University of Sussex
University of Southampton (Accounting & Finance)
University of Leeds (Spanish and History)

Buket Komur Isabella Worthington Maya Fleury
English Literature (A), English Literature (A) English Literature (A)
Psychology (B) Psychology (A) Art (A)
Film Studies (B) Drama (B) Biology (B)

University of Birmingham University of Leeds Kingston University School of Art
(Film Studies and English) (Mathematics) (Art & Design Foundation Diploma)
Students from La Sainte Union who have attained exceptional results:
Zelda Feldman Isabella McDonald Zuzanna Jurek
Classics (A), Art (A*) Geography (A)
English Literature (A) English (A*) English (A)
History (A) Classics (B) History (B)

University of York University of Bristol UCL
(English Literature and History of Art) (English) (Geography)

Grace King Chesnay Dubique Elishia Payumo
English (A*) Psychology (A*), History (A),
Religious Education (A*) Sociology (A) Business (A)
History (B) Biology (B) Religious education (B)

King’s College London University of Kent University of Kent
(English) (Psychology with Forensic Psychology) (Law)

La Sainte Union vocational students also achieved accepted at the University of Birmingham to study for
excellent results and seven of our triple award BTEC a degree in Law. Congratulations also to Mohammed
Business & IT students achieved the highest grades Ahmed-Bari, Tarek Aziz, Thuany Furlan-Correa, Veronica
possible of Distinction* Distinction* Distinction*. Tife Ade- Isayas, Christelle Kisuka and Natalie Owusu-Ansah for
Oguns who achieved this on the BTEC course has been their A*A*A* achievements.

Students from Parliament Hill who have attained exceptional results:
Grace Savage Bethany Green Anna Sumner
Psychology (A*) Chemistry (A*) Chemistry (A)
Geography (A*) Maths (A*) (Maths (A)
Biology (A) English (A), (B in EPQ) Physics (B)

University of Bristol Selwyn College Cambridge University of Manchester
(Geography) (English) (Chemical Engineering)

Jam Byam Melanie Hudd Eebbaa Elfneh
English (A*) Art (A*) English (A*)
Film (A*) English (A*) History (A*)
Geography (A) History (A) Spanish (A)

King’s College London University of Leeds University of Edinburgh
(English) (Art foundation) (History)

Students from William Ellis who have attained exceptional results:
Saskia Hern Xavier Roach Ziyad Al-Ajeel
Biology (A*) Geography (A) Chemistry (B)
Chemistry (A) Biology (B) Biology (B)
Maths (A) Chemistry (B) Maths (B)
English Literature (B) AS Maths (C)
Loughborough University
Oxford University Gap year then (Engineering)
(Biochemistry) Canadian University

Nadia Carrier-Solomon Mariam Ahmed Eva Dalmau
Geography (A) Maths (A) History (A)
Politics (A) Economics (B) Spanish (A)
Photography (A) Biology (C) Religious Education (B)
English Literature (C)
Newcastle University SOAS, University of London
(Politics and Sociology) (Economics) Manchester University

William Ellis Advanced BTEC business students have The following students all achieved double
done particularly well including Raphael Rosa achieving distinctions on our new Level 3 Applied Science course:
ABB with his sociology A level, who is going to Middlesex Daniela Brites, Anna Masaba, Anastasja Mihhailov,
University to study Business, and Sophia Photiou, who Habsa Osman, Sabrina Pereira, Fahim Rahman, Joelle
achieved BBC with a Media A level and will study Media Takyi and Noemi Vullo.
and Communication at Birmingham City University.
Students from LaSWAP celebrate together

There was a clear celebratory mood for all students as they found out about their university and apprenticeship
places for the upcoming year.

Students and staff reflect on their success
Jam got A* in English literature, A* in film studies La Sainte Union headteacher Maureen Williams, said:
and an A in geography. She is going to King’s
College London to study English literature. “We are delighted with the results and improvements
across LaSWAP, especially in the top grades and
“I decided not to look online to see if my university given the context of grade marks being altered
offer had been accepted and just headed to the and the more rigorous exams this year. Credit is
school to get my results. But I had to get my close due to all of those involved in this achievement.”
friend to open my envelope and read the results
for me. It was such a relief and now I’m ecstatic.” Acland Burghley headteacher Nicholas John, said:

Eva Dalmau, 18, who lives in Hampstead gained an A “Our students are going to universities across the
in history, an A in Spanish A, and a B in religious studies. country, whether they are our highest performers
She is going to Manchester University to study law. or those who have secured university places
despite the challenges they have faced.”
“Having grown up in Spain I started school in England
at 16 and initially I struggled to adapt to the English
system, but I worked hard and I’m really relieved to get
these results and know that my hard work paid off.”

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