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Our favorite jetsetting Journyists share their best 7 bites if they could do breakfast, lunch,
dinner and more anywhere in the world. Because we’re fans of teleportation.


Photographer. Coffee Snob. Crazy Cat Lady. Ceramics Collector.
She’s worked with Ruinart, Cartier, St. Regis, NY Times, WSJ and
more. Dream job? The Hermes catalog. Looks forward to making
pourovers at home.



Writer. Footwear Enthusiast. Booker, Chefs Club by F&W.
His work’s been in the likes of TIME, Bon Appétit, FOOL and
National Geographic. Aaron is authoring a book about tipping
points in the history of gastronomy.



Visual Storyteller. Egg Lover. Digital Art Director, Barneys NY.
Got nicknamed after her egg-shaped head. Has worked with WWD,
Vogue, Refinery29, The Plaza Hotel, Dr. Jart+ and British Airways.



Creative Consultant, Visual Journalist, Architecture Geek.
Launching @bonweekender. DTLA advocate, fighting against
‘disappearing cities.’ Featured in WSJ, Who What Wear, Elle,
London Evening Standard.



gojourny. @alice_gao CHECK OUT THE NEXT BITE .com @gojourny 1st BITE BREAKFAST of sugar-coated Xuxos at BAR PINOTXO in Barcelona. NJ . @lusttforlife @sqirlla BREAKFAST at HOLY BELLY in Paris for pancakes with a side of sausage and a latte. www.she makes the best home-cooked Korean food.the sorrel pesto rice bowl is my favorite. @pocketfork BREAKFAST at MOM’S HOUSE in Old Tapan. @eggcanvas BREAKFAST at SQIRL in Los Angeles .

@pocketfork BRUNCH at LONGMAN & EAGLE for the most sinful. @eggcanvas @lebernardinny COFFEE at CAFÉ MYRIADE in Montréal. @alice_gao CHECK OUT THE NEXT BITE . savory brunch dishes @lusttforlife BRUNCH at SQIRL in Los Angeles. The sorrel rice pesto bowl haunts my dreams. @gojourny LUNCH at LE BERNARDIN 2nd BITE in NYC for an extraordinary fine-dining seafood experience.

www. @alice_gao CHECK OUT THE NEXT BITE . my favorite coffee producers in the world. @lusttforlife COFFEE at SINGLE ORIGIN ROASTERS in Sydney for a piccolo. @pocketfork COFFEE at CAFÉ KITSUNÉ in Paris for a quick coffee by the Palais-Royal.gojourny. where they use Ninety @gojourny 3rd BITE LUNCH of bloody steak with a bottle of Jérôme Prêvost’s La Closerie Fac-Simile champagne at EXTEBARRI in Atxondo. @eggcanvas @single_o COFFEE at NAMUSAIRO in Seoul.

where the produce and vegetables are out of this @gojourny LUNCH at L’ARPÉGE 4th BITE in Paris.gojourny. @pocketfork CHECK OUT THE NEXT BITE . a delicious crispy / creamy coconut custard at STREET VENDORS in Bangkok. My favorites are tiramisu and stracciatella. @eggcanvas LUNCH at DISHROOM in London to load up on all the spices. and Alain Passard is the kindest 3-star Michelin chef I’ve ever met. @lusttforlife @dishoom SWEET SNACK of Kanom Krof. www. @alice_gao GELATO at LA SORBETTERIA CASTIGLIONE in Bologna.

@alice_gao @parmnyc DINNER at HARTWOOD in Tulum for the zestiest open-fire seafood on Earth. 5th BITE On the rocks. @pocketfork SNACK at PARM in NYC for a guilty pleasure of mozzarella sticks. @lusttforlife DRINKS WITH A VIEW at AMANZOE in Kranidi with a glass of Sauvignon @gojourny DINNER at NOMA in Copenhagen for a mahogany clam. @eggcanvas @aman CHECK OUT THE NEXT BITE . www.

6th BITE I grew up eating Sichuan food. @pocketfork CHECK OUT THE NEXT BITE . @eggcanvas DRINKS at THE MICHELBERGER HOTEL BAR in Berlin for organic cocktails in a far-from-ordinary hotel. @lusttforlife DESSERT of Fior di latte and pistachio gelati at LA CREMERIA DELLA ERBE in Genoa. craving ma la (numbing red peppercorn spice) and ordering mapo tofu from every Chinese place in town.gojourny. MCF’s version is probably my favorite. @gojourny DINNER at MISSION CHINESE FOOD in NYC for mapo tofu. @alice_gao @taylorhang DINNER at SUKIYABASHI JIRO in Tokyo for the sushi of my dreams.

COM FOR MORE EXPERT TRAVEL ADVICE . @attaboy134 @lusttforlife MIDNIGHT CHEESEBURGER at AU CHEVAL in Chicago. They fresh-press ginger into the juice and it makes all the difference in the world.gojourny.GOJOURNY. www. @eggcanvas @hartwoodtulum NIGHTCAP at ATTABOY in NYC. cooked over an open fire. @pocketfork VISIT WWW. Start with an Imperial Buck. @alice_gao LATE NIGHT EATS at MISSION CHINESE in @gojourny LATE NIGHT EATS at HARTWOOD 7th BITE for local culinary delights using fresh seasonal ingredients. home to my favorite chicken wings on the planet.