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Componentes de un equipo de Perforación:

Rig equipment
Simple diagram of a drilling rig and its basic operation

typically includes at least some of the following items: See Drilling rig (petroleum) for
a more detailed description.

• Blowout preventers: (BOPs)

The equipment associated with a rig is to some extent dependent on the type of rig but
(#23 & #24) are devices installed at the wellhead to prevent fluids and gases from
unintentionally escaping from the borehole. #23 is the Annular (often referred to as the
Hydril, which is one manufacturer) and #24 is the Pipe rams and Blind rams.

• Centrifuge: an industrial version of the device that separates fine silt and sand
from the drilling fluid.

• Solids Control: Solids Control Equipments for preparing drilling mud for the
drilling rig.
• Chain tongs: wrench with a section of chain, that wraps around whatever is
being tightened or loosened. Similar to a pipe wrench.
• Degasser: a device that separates air and/or gas from the drilling fluid.
• Desander / desilter: contains a set of Hydrocyclones that separate sand and silt
from the drilling fluid.
• Drawworks: (#7) is the mechanical section that contains the spool, whose main
function is to reel in/out the drill line to raise/lower the traveling block (#11).
• Drill Bit: (#26) device attached to the end of the drill string that breaks apart the
rock being drilled. It contains jets through which the drilling fluid exits.
• Drill Pipe: (#16) joints of hollow tubing used to connect the surface equipment
to the bottom hole assembly (BHA) and acts as a conduit for the drilling fluid. In
the diagram, these are stands of drill pipe which are 2 or 3 joints of drill pipe
connected together and stood in the derrick vertically, usually to save time while
Tripping pipe.
• Elevators: a hinged device that is used to latch to the drill pipe or casing to
facilitate the lowering or lifting (of pipe or casing) into or out of the borehole.
• Mud motor: a hydraulically powered device positioned just above the drill bit
used to spin the bit independently from the rest of the drill string.
• Mud pump: (#4) reciprocal type of pump used to circulate drilling fluid through
the system.
• Mud tanks: (#1) often called mud pits, provides a reserve store of drilling fluid
until it is required down the wellbore.
• Rotary table: (#20) rotates the drill string along with the attached tools and bit.
• Shale shaker: (#2) separates drill cuttings from the drilling fluid before it is
pumped back down the borehole.