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Hand Positions for Self Healing - illustrated

Healing Others
Now that you have completed a Reiki treatment on yourself, follow the same
procedures for completing a Reiki treatment on your client.

Before beginning a treatment on your client, stroke their aura. This will help to relax
your client and prepare them for the treatment. Move away from your client when
returning from the lower area of their body back to the top or upper area, so as not to
disturb the auric field.

As a beginner, you may find that your client progresses rapidly through a series of
emotional encounters. They can range from uncontrollable laughter to deep emotional
crying. Again, do not be alarmed! Allow your client to process these feelings while
continuing to administer the Reiki treatment.

Positions 1 through 21 and Optional Hand Placement Alternative show the placement of
the hands for the healer.

Points to remember:

1. Some states require you to be a licensed massage therapist in order to place your
hands on another person. In this case, place your hands approximately 1" above
your client's body. The effects of receiving Reiki will be the same. They energy
will still go to where it is needed and will be as effective as if you had actually
placed you hands on their physical body. WE ARE ALL ENERGY BEINGS!!
2. Do not touch your client's personal areas. Your client can consider this a
violation of trust and confidence. So to avoid any embarrassment for both you
and your client, place your hands approximately 1" above these areas.

Reiki I Hand Positions

Healing Others
The Front

Healer stands or sits behind person receiving healing

1. Hands cupped 2. Over the cheeks, 3. Hands under the 4. Hands cupped
gently over the eyes. healer’s little finger head – healer does gently over the eyes.
rest lightly against the lifting.

Healer comes to side of person receiving healing

5. Between breasts – 5a. Alternate of 6. Below breasts over 7. Just below 8. Across pelvic
fifth position
optional position. lower ribs. waist. area above
Use with respect pelvic bone.
not to violate
women’s body

Healer moves further down the side.

9. Both hands across lower 10. Front of both knees. 11. Front of both ankles. 11a. Ankle and knee at once.
abdomen above pelvic
bone. Do both

legs. Preferred position –


10 and 11.

12. Bottoms of both feet.

12a. Alternate of twelfth position.
Bottoms of both feet done one at a time.
Reiki I Hand Positions
Healing Others
The Back

Healer returns to the head of the person receiving the healing.

16. Lower back below

13. Back of neck. (Healer 14. Over shoulder 15. Middle back.
waist – over sacrum.
moves to receiver’s blades.

Optional head position –

One hand on crown and
other hand on back of head
(at occiput). Person
receiving healing will have
her head turned to the side.

17. Over tailbone 18. Back of both knees. 19. Back of both ankles. 20. Bottoms of both feet.
(coccyx) – optional

19a. Hold back of one knee and ankle together. Do both legs.
Optional Hand Placement Alternative

Optional hand placement alternative for torso and back.

Place hands side by side instead of end to end.
Replaces hand positions 6, 7, 8 and 9 on front and 14, 15, 16 and 17 on back.

Group Healing
In many communities there are centers or places that are available where Reiki
practitioners can gather to give Reiki treatments and share new techniques.

In administering group treatment the number or practitioners can be as little as one, or

as large as the room or area will hold.

In group sessions, the sacredness of the process should always be observed. Remember
you are healing and any socializing should be held until the end of the sessions.

If only one practitioner is available, they will administer the entire session. If there are
two practitioners, one practitioner will do the upper area of the client’s body and the
other practitioner will do the lower area of the client’s body.

If there are three practitioners, one practitioner will remain at the head positions, one at
the torso positions, and one at the legs and feet positions.

For any more than three practitioners, place one practitioner at the head of the client,
one practitioner at the feet of the client and divide the remaining number of practitioners
among the upper and lower areas of the client.

Allow your collective consciousness to guide the group. If room allows, you may want
to administer treatment to more than one person at a time.

Additions to a Reiki Treatment

“Running Reiki” Energy
In addition to the basic Reiki positions that are shown, Reiki energy can be run from the
client’s feet and their arms. This is beneficial for broken bones, arthritis, infections,
AIDS, poor circulation, cancer (stimulates white cell production for the bone marrow
that enters the spleen, where the thymus hormone combines to produce the t-cells.) It is
also beneficial for stimulating the immune system.

Begin by placing the left hand just above the head at the 7th chakra. Place the middle
finger of the right hand at the base of the spine (coccyx). Hold this position for as long
as you are guided.

This position is used to balance energy and the spine.

Reverse the hand and place the middle finger of the left hand on the base of the spine
(coccyx) and the right hand just above the head at the 7th chakra. Again, hold this
position for as long as you are guided.

This position is used to reduce hypertension, reduce excess energy, reduce an over
expanded auric field, and reduce feelings of hypersensitivity.

After you have completed these steps, follow figures 1 through 6 for running Reiki.

Release Spinal Tension

Use the following to release spinal tension and relax the spine.

Figure 7

Place the thumb and middle finger of the left hand on the occipital bone (base of the
skull, "Occiput Position"). And place the middle finger of the right hand on the coccyx
(base of the spine).

Continue to hold this position until the pulse is synchronized between the fingers of
both hands.

Figure 8

Place the left hand in the “occiput” position to balance the spine.

Figure 9

Place the left hand at the neck and the right hand on the sacrum. Move the hands
equally toward the center of the spine, keeping each movement one hand-width closer
than the last placement. Hold each position until you can feel the pulse of the aura
become independent from the pulse of the heart of the body.

Maintain constant contact with your client during each movement. While touching the
spine, slowly move the hands by pulling the heels of both hands to the fixed position of
the middle finger, then sliding the fingers toward the central point.