The door closes. MEL, female age 16, CHASSA, female age 15, and MARV, male age 18, are sitting near the back of a classroom. There's a flatscreen TV at the front of the room. Mel gets up and checks the door. MEL It's locked. Mel sits down again. CHASSA Detention sucks yo. MEL You sound like an idiot! Chassa stands up. CHASSA If I sound like an idiot then you're largely discussed among literary professors. MEL What's that suppose to mean? CHASSA I don't know... Shut up! Mel stands up. MEL No, you shut up! CHASSA Up shut you're face!

Marv covers his ears. MEL That doesn't make any sense! Marv stands up. NOTE: Marv never makes eye contact. MARV (very loudly) Shut up! Mel and Chassa turn and look at Marv stunned. MARV I'm sorry for yelling. Mel and Chassa continue staring at Marv. Marv sits down. MARV What? MEL I've never heard you speak before. CHASSA And I always thought you were French or something. MARV Well I'm not... CHASSA That's a relief. I actually made it a point not to interact with you because of my hatred of the French and their nudity filled movies. Mel and Chassa slowly sit down. MEL

So... MARV Do you guys think our parents are evil? Mel and Chassa turn their chairs around to face Marv.

MEL Ah... why would you asked that? MARV Have you ever researched the Engelsikarios Corporation? CHASSA One time I read a pamphlet my dad brought home. MARV That doesn't count. Chassa gets up and walks over to the teacher's desk. MEL So you mean like Goggle and internet research. Chassa breaks into the teacher's desk and starts searching through it. MARV It's called Google, but yeah. A bunch of people rush down the hall outside the classroom. MEL Oh, well I can't say that I have. CHASSA I haven't either.

MARV Well I have and I've discovered some really disturbing stuff-Chassa closes the teacher's desk and sits in the teacher's chair. CHASSA All companies have dirty little secrets. MARV Not like our parents' company. The Engelsikarios Corporation is like Weyland-Yutani or Cyberdyne. MEL Give us an example of something "disturbing". Chassa starts throwing the pencils on the teacher's desk up into the ceiling. MARV Well, when somebody really pisses them off they kidnap the person and hook them up to the mainframe. CHASSA Why would they do that? MARV They use the person's brain as a hard drive or something. MEL Where'd you hear that? MARV A guy on the internet told me. He called himself Guildenstern and he's been able to travel around the internet even though he's hooked up. The company can't figure out how to stop him.

CHASSA That shall be labeled bull crap and it will be good. MARV It's true! He showed me all sorts of stuff about the company. The lights start to dim a little. MEL Whatever... MARV He told me that they've been researching the occult and-MEL Oh, let me guess! They also believe the earth's hollow and they're secretly nazis. MARV That's not true. Chassa runs out of pencils to throw and leans back in the chair. CHASSA You know what... my parents have always seemed sort of evil to me. I mean why do I have to go to a weird school owned by the company. It's like their trying to indoctrinate us. SUDDENLY the SOUND of some sort of warning siren starts. Chassa, startled by the siren, leans to far back in the chair and it falls over. Mel, startled by the siren and the chair falling over, screams. Marv covers his ears. MARV (yelling) What does that mean?

MEL (yelling) I don't know. I've never heard it before. Chassa gets up off the floor and rushes over to the door. She tries to open it but it's still locked. CHASSA (panicking) What are we suppose to do? The SOUND of the siren starts to CRACKLE and STUTTER until it finally stops. Marv uncovers his ears. MARV That didn't sound good. The lights go out. Mel screams. CHASSA Quit it with the screaming! A few of the desks and chairs start shaking. Marv and Mel stand up and join Chassa at the door. All the desks and chairs start moving around the room. MEL What's going on? The classroom is SUDDENLY bathed in red light. The ongoing SOUND of clanging and rapid electronic breathing. PA SYSTEM (V. O.) (deep and electronic) One, one, zero, one, zero, zero, one, zero, one, now stop... Hammertime! MARV Buffy was right! High School is

Hell! CHASSA Who's Buffy? MARV A fictional character! The SOUND of clanging STOPS. The desks and chairs stop moving. The red light begins to dim and after a few seconds it finally goes away leaving the room very dark. CHASSA Maybe it's going away.

MARV I can still hear it breathing though. The SOUND of something banging on the door. Marv, Chassa, and Mel quickly move away from the door. The SOUND of something invisible walking from the door to the flat screen TV. When the invisible thing walks through some of the desks and chairs they get pushed aside. MEL (quietly) Oh crap... it's like that movie Paranormal Activity. The SOUND of the invisible thing STOPS in front of the TV and the SOUND of the electronic breathing stops. The TV turns on and displays "snow". MEL (quietly) Now it's sort of like that movie Poltergeist which I never saw but heard about.

The "snow" on the TV goes away and is replaced by black. NOTE: Everything the VIRUS says gets displayed on the tv screen in weird colorful fonts and the Virus' voice sounds electronic and unnatural. VIRUS (V. O.) (from television) This... is... my... voice... Come... closer... please... CHASSA No way! VIRUS (V. O.) (from television) I... will force... you then! Three chairs move behind Chassa, Marv, and Mel. Then the chairs move forward forcing the three of them to sit. Finally the chairs move the three of them over in front of the TV. MARV What's going on? VIRUS (V. O.) (from television) I am... the... destroyer... I will... destroy... Engelsikarios! MEL Why? VIRUS (V. O.) (from television) My... creators... designed me... to destroy... Engelsikarios! MARV Who are your creators? VIRUS (V. O.) (from television)

They are... (pauses) They are... something... (pauses) Something... other... (pauses) Other... than you... MARV Are you're creators human? VIRUS (V. O.) (from television) They... are... not! MEL Why are you telling us this? MARV Yeah, our parents work at Engelsikarios. We could warn them. VIRUS (V. O.) (from television) You can't... warn if... you can't... escape! CHASSA That still doesn't explain why you're telling us all th-SUDDENLY a bright flash. Chassa, Marv, and Mel have disappeared and the TV's off. CUT TO BLACK: THE END