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Quantitative Analysis:

We have conducted a survey on age groups starting 18 and above. The following are the results
obtained from the quantitative analysis of the questionnaire survey data.


Male Female


Male participants are 129

Female participants 106

Age Group

18-25 26-35 36-50 >50

Age Group:

18-25 139

26-35 60

36-50 23

50 and above 9

Most of the participants were in the age group 18-25 followed by 26-35.

Self Employed Salaried Student


Self Employed 35

Salaried 77

Student 123

Students are the majority in the survey participant followed by salaried people.

Motivational Importance

yes no

Motivational Speech Importance

Yes 200

No 35

Majority of the people felt that motivational speeches are important for their lives.
Motivational Speeches Attended in 2 Years

0-10 Oct-30 >30

Motivational Speeches attended in 2 years

0-10 172

10-30 48

>30 15

Majority of the people have attended less speeches that is less than 10.

Speeches paid or free

Free Paid Combination

Speeches paid or free

Free 159

Paid 9

Combination 64

Majority of the people have attended free speeches followed by the combination of free and paid. Only
9 members attended paid speeches.
How Often

Weekly Monthly Yearly

How often:

Weekly 23

Monthly 100

Yearly 112

Most of the people have attended motivational sessions yearly followed by monthly.

Living Upto Expectation

Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

Living upto Expectations

Strongly agree 29
Agree 109
Neutral 84
Disagree 10
Strongly disagree 3
Most of the people were satisfied with the motivational sessions. It reached their expectations.
Impact of the Sessions

1 2 3 4 5

Impact of the sessions:

1 16
2 27
3 56
4 39
5 12
Though the previous result showed the the sessions were satisfactory, this result shows that the impact
was not that great.

How Long Did the effect last

one day one week one month > one month

How long did the effect last?

One day 42

One week 81

One month 53

More than a month 59

For majority of the people the effect last more one or more than one month.

Will you Attend More Speeches in Future

Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

Attend more speeches in future

Strongly agree 76

Agree 27

Neutral 99

Disagree 14

Strongly disagree 14

From this result we get to know that some of the people got motivated and moving on their lives so they
gave the response as neutral and some of the people feel that they need more sessions to increase their
motivation, inspiration etc. in their lives.