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The Student Government Association

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FeelGood Chapter
FeelGood Chapter Constitution

Article 1 Name of Organization: FeelGood

Article 2 Purpose, Goals, and Vision

Section 1. The Purpose of FeelGood is to be an innovative, non-profit food service,

apparel, and event planning business working towards a world free from suffering,
hunger, and gender discrimination by raising money for The Hunger Project. We believe
that proven, altruistic business practices and the inherent goodness in people, when
combined, provide the needed synergy to make this world a better place.

Section 2. Major Goals:

• Raise over $30,000 annually for The Hunger Project on (Your University) soil.
• Provide a simple opportunity for students and faculty to give back and to create an
awareness of social responsibility in a friendly atmosphere.

Section 3. Vision Statement: When college students across the nation have the option
to buy their delicious, healthy lunch from an organization which exists to make this world
a better place rather than just making a profit, FeelGood will have arrived. Business can
do a lot of good and FeelGood wants to help prove that.

Article 3 Expectations of Members – FeelGood will create an environment that makes

its members passionate about what they are doing and help them to feel instrumental in
making a difference in this world. FeelGood strives to not be stressful but rather
empowering. The passion of its members will be the driving motivation for holding
members responsible.

Section 1. Dues – Members do not have to, but are encouraged to purchase a FeelGood
t-shirt for $15. There are no membership renewal fees so long as current members bring
in a new member for each new school year.

Section 2. Events – Members must be on at least 2 event committees. Members must

attend all events unless discussed with the President.

Section 3. Meetings – Members must attend 3 out of the 4 monthly meetings.

Section 4. Grilled Cheese Stand – Members must work the grilled cheese stand for 1-2
hours/week depending on the hours of operation.

Article 4 Officers – Feelgood must have a President and Treasurer to operate. Other
officers such as Vice President, Deli Manager, Secretary, and Fundraising Chair
arehighly recommended for effective management and operations.
Section 1. President – The president shall be the organizational director of FeelGood.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: holding meetings, directing strategic
management initiatives, and fulfilling responsibilities to the SGA on behalf of FeelGood,
including the completion of monthly progress reports. The president is expected to be
intimately involved in FeelGood at all levels from planning to daily operations.

Section 2. Treasurer – The treasurer shall be responsible for the management of all
financial transactions occurring within the FeelGood Gourmet, Apparel, and Events
departments. The treasurer will be the chief liaison to the SGA regarding club finances.

Article 5 Meeting and Quorum

Section 1. General Meetings – General meetings should be held, ideally, weekly and no
less than 3 times per month.

Section 2. 2/3rd of members are needed to conduct business to have Quorum.

Article 6 General Provisions

Section1.The Hunger Project- All proceeds of money raised by FeelGood, whether

through the grilled cheese stand, t-shirts, or events, must go to The Hunger Project. If
there is a local or other charity the members are inspiried to support, they must appeal to
the FeelGood Headquaters.

Article 7 Amendments

Section 1. Ammendments to FeelGood’s Constitution should be made by writing a

request to FeelGood’s Headquarters. The specific requests should reflect the consensus
from all members.

Article 8 Removal of Officers

Section 1. In the case that FeelGood officers are not acting in the best interest of the
FeelGood, by a 2/3rd vote of our members we may remove him/her from the position and
replace them with another club member by election. In such a case, FeelGood
Headquarters must be notified.

Article 9 By-Laws

Section 1. Main Product – Our main product is gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.
Sandwiches are to be sold for a donation.

Section 2. Quality of Product - FeelGood gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches are

guaranteed to be delicious and high quality. The bread must be picked up 3 times a week
and produce must be kept at 40 degrees. Sandwichces must be made with care and
Section 2. Main Service - Our main service is providing a simple opportunity for
students and faculty to give back and to create an awareness of social responsibility in a
friendly atmosphere.

Section 3. Events - FeelGood organizes activities such as music concerts, fun runs,
movie nights, etc… to raise money for The Hunger Project. It gives FeelGood members
the opportunity be creative about ways to raise money and create spaces for building
awareness of our causes in a recreational setting.

Section 4. Apparel – FeelGood apparel is sold at our Gourmet campus Kiosks and on
our website. Our apparel products are produced by local/low-production artists. All
profits go to The Hunger Project.

Section 5. Spreading the philosophy and principles of The Hunger Project – Part of
the FeelGood mission is to raise awareness about the issues surrounding world hunger.
The Hunger Project’s philosophy of seeing hungry people as the solution and author of
their own sustainable life, rather than the problem should be communicated to FeelGood
customers in a creative effective way. Members also must stand for the key principles of
The Hunger Project which are that of gender equality, socioeconomic equality, and
sustainability. The Hunger Project’s philosophies and principles are key to unleashing the
human spirit, which is what FeelGood is working for.