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NEW courses
pre-primary course |
Leading to A1
primary course |
Leading to A1-A1 examinations
B2-C1 | p. 81

British edition | p. 6 British edition | p. 12

secondary and young *Pioneer Online

adult course | A1 - C1 Pack | A1 - C1
B2+ - C1+ | p. 81

British edition | p. 20 *Pioneer Online Pack:

Workbook print edition

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new website!
pre-primary courses  2

Funny Phonics (American/British Edition) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (leading to A1)*  4
NEW Hi Kids! (American/British Edition) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (leading to A1)  6
New Yippee! (American/British Edition) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (leading to A1)  8

primary courses  10
NEW Young Stars (British Edition) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (leading to A1 - A1)  12
Get Smart (British Edition) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (leading to A1 - A2)  14

secondary & adult courses  16

Full Blast (British Edition) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (A1 - B2)  18
NEW Pioneer (British Edition) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (A1 - C1)  20
Traveller (British Edition) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (A1 - C1)  22

grammar  24
Smart grammar and vocabulary (Primary) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (leading to A1 - A2.1)  26
Enter the World of Grammar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (leading to A1 - B2)  27
Junior English Grammar (Primary) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (leading to A1 - A1.1)  28
Live English Grammar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (A1 - B1/B1+)  29
Full Blast Grammar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (A1 - B1)  30
Traveller Grammar Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (leading to A1 - A2)  30
Grammar & Vocabulary Practice Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate . . . . . . . . . . . . . (B1 - B1+/B2)  31

skills development  32
New Plus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (A1 - C2)  33
Double Plus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (B1+ - B2)  34
New Plus Michigan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (B2 - C2)  35

examinations  36
Go Starters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (leading to A1)  38
Go Movers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (A1)  38
Go Flyers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (A2)  38
NEW Practice Tests for the Cambridge English: First (FCE) Examination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (B2)  38
Plus Michigan ECCE Practice Tests . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (B2)  39
Plus Michigan Proficiency Practice Tests . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (C2)  39
Use of English B2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (B2)  40
NEW IELTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (B2+ - C1+)  41
NEW MM Practice Tests for the TOEFL iBT exam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (B2 - C1)  41

video courses & online material 42

Whats on? (Primary) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (leading to A1)  44
NEW World watch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (leading to A1 - A1)  45
Network - a video-based course (Secondary & Adult) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (A1 - B1)  45
MM online placement test . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (testing A1 - C1)  46
MM online material . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (A1 - C1)  46
NEW MM site  47

readers  48
Little Books  50
NEW Primary Readers  51
NEW Top Readers  56
Graded Readers  61
Classic stories  61
Original stories  61

ISBN list 65
solutions from Binary Logic 69
e-learning  70

* Common European Framework of Reference: see details on page 68

pre-primary courses
{ Carefully designed by expert Recommended
teachers in early language
Pre-Primary 1
learning, our pre-primary courses Red and Blue (Little Books)
Yellow and Green (Little
offer teachers the right material Books)
5 Marbles (Little Books)
to introduce learners to the Baby Brother (Little Books)
Cookies (Little Books)
fascinating journey of language Wheres Lucy? (Little
learning. Books)

Pre-Primary 2
With beautiful illustrations, Yellow Ted (Little Books)
The Old House (Little
stimulating stories and systematic Books)
My Family (Little Books)
revision of linguistic items, Toy Party (Little Books)
Lets Go Home (Little
learners take their first steps into Books)
Wheres Fluffy? (Little
the world of English language Books)

learning with confidence and Pre-Primary 3

pleasure. |
My Red Car (Little Books)
Black Ant (Little Books)
Big Shoes (Little Books)
Jumping Hat (Little Books)
Snowy (Little Books)

A Funny Story (Little Books)


Funny Phonics
pre-primary courses
British edition CEFR: Leading to A1
Funny Phonics familiarises young learners with the sounds of the
English language. It enables them to link the sounds to alphabetical
symbols and then blend them to form words. In this way, children
are helped to develop not only reading, writing and spelling skills
but also listening and speaking skills at the same time.

course features components

Funny stories
Chants and songs
Colour-in activities
Students Book Activity Book Teachers Book
Students flashcards
Revision section
Board games
Students audio Class Interactive
CD/CD-ROM CD/CD-ROMs Whiteboard

pre-primary courses
sample pages from Funny Phonics 1, Students Book
eye-catching full-colour illustrations introducing
warm-up activities new vocabulary and simple phrases

Unit 2


Look a bird!

Shh my baby.



bird b, b, b


for baby

FF_U2_.indd 8-9 19/1/2012 2:07:37

vocabulary presented song

with clear illustrations activities for practice
and consolidation

Unit 2 Unit 2


B b
Bb B b b b
b B B b


A baby with
a balloon.

FF_U2_.indd 10-11 19/1/2012 2:08:08

Hi Kids!
pre-primary courses
NEW British edition CEFR: Leading
Designed for very young learners, the Hi Kids! course, which consists of three to A1
books, is sure to thrill and delight children. Its aim is to make learning and
teaching English as fun and as easy as possible. Students are immersed in the
language and learn English the same way that native speakers do - by listening
and speaking first, before they learn to read and write.

course features
Units which include songs, stories, games, listening activities as well as a wide range of hands-on
Alphabet / phonics section
Revision units to recycle and consolidate through various activities which promote students
autonomous learning
Activities promoting critical thinking skills
Cross-curricular topics


Students Book Workbook Students audio Alphabet Books Alphabet book Teachers Book
CD/CD-ROM (1 & 2), 3 audio CD/CD-ROM

Class CDs Interactive Flashcards Posters Puppet Readers p. 50


* Teachers Resource Pack:

Alphabet book audio CD/CD-ROM Flashcards
Teachers Book Posters
* Teachers
Resource Pack Class CDs Puppet
Interactive Whiteboard material
pre-primary courses
sample pages from Hi Kids! 1, Students Book
Unit 13 - Lesson 3 Unit 12 - Lesson 2


clear photos introducing humorous episodes with

new vocabulary attractive illustrations

Unit 3
2 - Lesson 4 Unit 3
2 - Lesson 4

Welcome to school

a c

b d

Share your things with your friends.

picture stories with the moral of the story

attractive illustrations

New Yippee!
pre-primary courses
British edition CEFR: Leading to A1
Designed for very young learners, the New Yippee! course, which
consists of the Red Book, the Green Book and the Blue Book, is sure
to thrill and delight children. It is based on the Multiple Intelligences
Theory and its aim is to help children learn English the same way
that native speakers do - by listening and speaking first, before
they learn to read and write.

course features
8 topic-based units which include songs, stories, listening activities, picture dictionary,
stickers, as well as a wide range of hands-on activities
4 revision units to recycle and consolidate through songs and games
Cross-curricular activities
Extra activities


Students Book * Fun Book & Teachers Book Flashcards Posters Puppet

Class CDs Interactive Readers p. 50 * In the Red Book, the Fun Book is
included in the Students Book.

pre-primary courses
sample pages from New Yippee Red, Students Book (which includes the Fun Book)

Lesson 1

2. A rainbow
Lesson 1

1. Introduce new items. 2. Listen and repeat the words. Stick the stickers. 3. Talk about the picture. 4. Listen and
12 13
repeat the dialogue. 5. Act out the dialogue. 6. Colour in the spaces, the appropriate colour. 7. Play a game.

stickers lively illustrations introducing

new vocabulary

sample pages from New Yippee Green, Students Book

attractive lively illustrations introducing
illustrations new vocabulary

4. My family
Lesson 1

Lesson 1

1. Introduce new items.

2. Draw family members.
3. Listen and repeat the words.
Stick the stickers.
4. Talk about the picture.
5. Listen and repeat the dialogue.
6. Act out the dialogue.
7. Play a game.
8. Make a family poster.
9. Do the Fun Book (p.27).

22 23


primary courses
{ Our primary courses have been Recommended
crafted with tried-and-tested PRIMARY 1
syllabi that set strong foundations Red and Blue (Little Books)
Yellow and Green (Little Books)
for secondary English courses. 5 Marbles (Little Books)
Baby Brother (Little Books)
Designed with a proven pedagogy Cookies (Little Books)
that appeals to every learning style Wheres Lucy? (Little Books)
and developed with captivating Yellow Ted (Little Books)
The Old House (Little Books)
and beautifully-illustrated content,
My Family (Little Books)
our courses make learning fun and Toy Party (Little Books)

teaching a delight. | Lets Go Home (Little Books)

Wheres Fluffy? (Little Books)
My Red Car (Little Books)
Black Ant (Little Books)
Big Shoes (Little Books)
Jumping Hat (Little Books)
Snowy (Little Books)
A Funny Story (Little Books)
Cookie Land (Primary)
The Ugly Duckling (Primary)
Jaspers Pot of Gold (Primary)
The Princess and the Frog (Primary)
Pinocchio (Primary)
The Fox & the Dog (Primary)
Aladdin (Primary)
Felix and the Fairy (Primary)
The Selfish Giant (Primary)
The Kings New Suit (Primary)
The Tin Soldier (Primary)
Puss in Boots (Primary)
Rumpelstiltskin (Primary)
Jingles Christmas Adventure (Primary)
Sleeping Beauty (Primary)
The Emperors Nightingale (Primary)
The Wishing Fish (Primary)
Mowgli (Primary)
Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves (Primary)
Peter Pan (Primary)
The Short-necked Giraffe (Primary)
Tom Sawyer (Primary)
Theseus and the Minotaur (Primary)
The Happy Prince (Graded)
Paul and Pierre in Paris (Graded)
Lisa goes to London (Graded)
Robin Hood (Primary)
Gulliver in Lilliput (Primary)
Lisa in New York (Top)
The Table, the Ass and the Stick (Graded)
Lisa visits Loch Ness (Graded)
The Mix-up (Graded)
White Fang (Graded)
The Magic Ring (Graded)
Beauty and the Beast (Graded)
The Wizard of Oz (Graded)

Young Stars
primary courses
Beginner to
NEW British edition Elementary
CEFR: Leading to
This six-level Primary course allows learners to immerse naturally into
the English language. It gives them the chance to learn vocabulary in A1 - A1
context, practise necessary skills, comprehend, explore curriculum
topics but most importantly learn! Give your students that extra boost
to becomeYoung Stars!

course features
Well-balanced modules with songs, stories, Self-evaluation sections
factual texts, cross-cultural information, Star skills section
cross-curricular learning and skills development
Board games
A variety of activities (listening, speaking, games, Phonics
short writing activities with grammar practice,
hands-on activities and projects)
My alphabet book
Revision units Videos
Comic-strip stories

primary courses

Students Book Workbook with Teachers Book Grammar Alphabet Book Flashcards Videos
Students audio

* Teachers Resource CD/CD-ROM:

Class CDs Interactive Posters Readers * Teachers Video worksheets
Whiteboard pp. 50-64 Resource Self-evaluation sheets
Material CD/CD-ROM
Special Days
Online multimedia resources for students
Extra activities (Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening)
Online tests

sample pages from Young Stars 3, Students Book

vocabulary presented with clear illustrations activity based on the presentation grammar

Young Stars Module 1 | Young Stars

Yes, it is.
Is it a desk?
tablet rubber desk chair pencil case notebook No, it isnt.

2 Look and listen.

Yes, it is. Ha, ha! 3 Look and circle. 4 Look and write.
Yes, it is. No, it isn,t.
1. Is it a rubber?

Yes No 1. Is it a desk?

Yes, it is.
2. Is it a notebook?
2. Is it a notebook?
Yes No

3. Is it a chair?
3. Is it a computer?
Whats this? Yes No
Is it a rubber? Nice!

4. Is it a tablet? 4. Is it a chair?
1 2
Yes No
Hello, kids!
Whats that? My name is Tab. Wow!
Is it a computer?
5 Play a game.

Is it a tablet?
No, it isnt.
Is it a notebook?
Yes, it is.

Hello, Tab!
No, it isnt. Its a tablet.
My tablet! Look! 3 4
10 11

story including fun activities practising the new activity practising

lively dialogues language in an enjoyable way structures

Get Smart
primary courses
Beginner to
British edition Pre-Intermediate
Get Smart is an innovative six-level primary course in American English. CEFR: Leading to
It takes students from Beginner to Pre-Intermediate level, while carefully
A1 - A2
considering students particular needs and interests at each stage.
It follows the requirements of the Common European Framework of
Reference and the modular approach, allowing learners to explore familiar
and interesting topics in depth.

course features
A multi-dimensional syllabus organised into 10 Systematic recycling
well-balanced modules Board Games
A wide variety of songs, chants, games, phonics Phonics
activities, factual texts, dramatisation and stories
My alphabet book
Communication, cross-curricular activities and Videos
Gradual development of all four skills

primary courses

Students Book Workbook with Alphabet Book Teachers Book Class CDs Interactive Smart Grammar &
Students audio Whiteboard Vocabulary p. 64
CD/CD-ROM Material

* Teachers Resource CD/CD-ROM:

* Teachers
Videos Flashcards Posters Readers
pp. 50-64
CD/CD-ROM Video worksheets

Online multimedia resources for students
Extra activities (Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening)

sample pages from Get Smart 1 British edition, Students Book


2 Whats this?
Its a pen.
Whats = What is
Its = It is
Smart kids
bag pencil book ruler pen 2 LListen and circle.
1 Look and listen.

Whats this?
Its a pen. Mmm... No.
1. 3.
pen pencil ruler pencil

2. 4.
book ruler bag pen
1 2

3 P
Ah! Its a pencil. Yes, thats right.
Its a ruler.
Whats this?

14 15

Unit_2_School.indd 14-15 14/4/2008 4:03:56

storyline with attractive game providing a meaningful

characters in everyday situations context for practice

secondary & adult courses
{ Our secondary and young adult Recommended
courses equip the teacher with
enhanced support both in print and The Happy Prince (Graded)
digital form and motivate learners with Lisa in New York (Top)
The Table, the Ass and the Stick
engaging topics that sharpen their (Graded)
critical skills and deepen their insight of ELEMENTARY (A1.2)

the world. |
The Mix-up (Graded)
Beauty and the Beast (Graded)
The Wizard of Oz (Graded)
White Fang (Graded)
Huck Finn (Top)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
The Magic Ring (Graded)
A Connecticut Yankee in King
Arthurs Court (Top)
The Railway Children (Top)
Lisa in China (Top)
Save the Forest (Graded)
In the Year of the Dragon (Graded)
The Canterville Ghost (Graded)
The Mysterious Island (Graded)
Treasure Island (Top)
Oliver Twist (Top)
Kidnapped (Top)
Swiss Family Robinson (Top)
Swallows and Amazons (Top)
The Last of the Mohicans (Graded)
Excalibur (Graded)
Lost in the Cave (Graded)
Frankenstein (Graded)
David Copperfield (Top)
Level B1+
Captain Grants Children (Graded)
The Turn of the Screw (Top)

The Phantom of the Opera
Dracula (Graded)
Great Expectations (Graded)
Level B2
The Man Who Would Be King (Top)
Back to the Dreamtime (Graded)
Jekyll and Hyde (Top)
The African Queen (Top)
Wuthering Heights (Top)
The Coral Island (Top)
Advanced C1
Moby Dick (Top)
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Man in the Iron Mask (Graded)
The Tempest (Top)
The Creeping Man (Top)
A Midsummer Nights Dream (Top)
The Grapes of Wrath (Top)

Full Blast
secondary & adult courses
Beginner to B2
British edition CEFR: A1 - B2
Full Blast is a six-level course with exciting, contemporary topics and
unique features. It takes learners from Beginner to B2 level, while
demonstrating how English is used in real-life situations and enabling
students to communicate fluently, accurately and confidently.

A1.1 A1.2 A2

B1 B1+ B2

course features
Well-balanced modules Clear grammar presentations and practice
Six lessons and a revision section in each module A step-by-step guide to writing
Lively dialogues Culture and cross-curricular pages
Motivating and contemporary topics providing Lively, topic-based songs
students with multicultural and cross-curricular Useful tips

secondary & adult courses

Students Book Workbook with Teachers Book Workbook Class CDs Interactive
Students audio Teachers Edition Whiteboard
CD/CD-ROM Material

* Teachers Resource CD/CD-ROM:

Tests for the coursebook
Videos Grammar Book Readers * Teachers Portfolio with projects
p. 68 pp. 56-64 Resource Grammar Tests
Key to Grammar Book activities
Video worksheets
Online multimedia resources for students
Extra activities (Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening)
Online tests

sample pages from Full Blast 1, Students Book

special emphasis on vocabulary grammar practised
building (lexical sets) in context

3b Do you like sports? 3 rammar

Present Simple (negative - questions)

1 ocabulary
Match the sports with the pictures 1-8.
Learn whole phrases
(e.g. verb + noun), not just
isolated words.
I dont (=do not) play Do I
play? Yes, I
do. No, I

Then listen and check your answers. He he he he

She doesnt (= does not) play Does she play? Yes, she does. No, she doesnt.
It it it it
We we we we
You dont (=do not) play Do you play? Yes, you do. No, you dont.
They they they they
play table tennis
do athletics
Complete the sentences with do, does, dont or doesnt.
1 2 3 4 do gymnastics
1. B: No, we . We play on Mondays,
play football A: you like football? Wednesdays and Fridays after school.
go swimming B: Yes, I . I think its a great sport. A: What about at the weekend?
A: your brother like football, too? B: We play volleyball at the weekend.
play tennis
B: No, he . He like football My friends go swimming.
play volleyball at all. He likes athletics. A: What about you?
5 6 7 8 2. B: I like swimming.
play basketball
A: you and your friends play
volleyball every day?

4 isten
2 ead Listen to three short dialogues and circle
the correct words.
A. Listen to the dialogue.
Then read it out in groups. Dialogue 1
Pam thinks tennis is fun / boring.
Dialogue 2
Liv Im bored.
Daniel does gymnastics on weekdays /
Stu Ive got an idea. Lets play at the weekend.
Dialogue 3
Liv Oh, no, not basketball! Ken and Scott like / dont like football.
Bill Whats wrong, Liv?
Amy Liv doesnt like basketball at all.
Stu Really? Do you like volleyball or
other team sports?
5 peak
A. Do you like these sports? How much?
Liv No, I dont. I dont like sports very Draw a face next to each one.
much. I think theyre boring.
Yes, very much! Its OK. No!
Bill I think sports are fun and exciting!
Stu Yeah! I love sports, too. What
about you, Amy? gymnastics football
Amy I like tennis and Im a great player.
Bill Tennis is OK but table tennis is athletics tennis
great fun! Come on, lets play.
Liv No way! I hate table tennis. basketball table tennis
Amy Come on, Liv, please! volleyball swimming
An hour later... B. Read again and circle the correct words.
Stu Lets stop! Im tired. B. Now talk in pairs.
1. Liv likes / hates basketball.
Bill Me too. Do you like...?
2. Bill thinks sports are exciting / boring.
Liv What? Dont be silly! This is great Yes, I do. I think its fun. /
3. Amys favourite sport is tennis / table tennis. No, I dont. I think its boring. What about you?
4. Stu and Bill / Stu and Liv are tired. I like... very much. / Its OK. / I dont like... at all.
Stu Oh, be quiet, Liv!
5. Liv likes / doesnt like table tennis in the end.
Amy Ha, ha, ha!

38 39

FBlast_Module_3.indd 38-39 28/8/2009 3:39:53

realistic dialogues listening activity pairwork speaking

featuring the characters activity
secondary & adult courses
Beginner to
NEW British edition Advanced
CEFR: A1 - C1
Pioneer is an innovative course for young adults which takes learners from
Beginner to Advanced level. The course follows the requirements of the
Common European Framework of Reference and focuses on the systematic
development of key competences. The course is organised into twelve
topic-based modules, which allows learners to deal with a variety of topics
in depth. In this way, learners are enabled to communicate successfully in
English in a wide range of social situations and environments.

A1.1 A1.2 A2 B1

B2 C1 In Pioneer Level B2
and in Pioneer Level
C1 both British and
American English
have been used in
different written
and spoken texts,
thus preparing
students for various
examinations. British
English spelling
conventions are
used throughout
these books.

course features
Motivating and contemporary topics with A variety of communicative tasks
multicultural and cross-curricular information Step-by-step approach to writing
Lively dialogues presenting functional language in Activities encouraging critical thinking and
real-life situations personal response
Reading material from authentic sources Task-based activities preparing learners for
An integrated approach to the development of the the real world
four skills Practical tips helping students to become
Special emphasis on vocabulary building autonomous learners
Grammar presented and practised in context A round-up section in each module providing
Systematic development of reading and regular revision and consolidation
listening skills and subskills A grammar reference section

secondary & adult courses
* Pioneer Online Pack:
e-Workbook (online version of
the Workbook with interactive
Students Book Workbook (also Workbook key Teachers Book * Pioneer Online
available with key Booklet Pack
activities, digital glossary,
booklet) extra interactive activities,
videos & video activities)
Workbook print edition
** Teachers Resource CD/
Readers Class CDs DVD including Interactive ** Teachers
pp. 56-64 videos: Pioneer Whiteboard Resource CD-ROM:
Clips and Pioneer Material CD/CD-ROM Tests
on View
Extra material
ONLINE Video worksheets
Online multimedia resources for students
Extra activities (Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening)
Online tests

sample pages from Pioneer Intermediate B1, Students Book

warm-up activity
encouraging useful tips enabling students
personal response to develop skills and strategies

Reading MyJournal
C. Find words/phrases in the
texts that mean the same as
A. Discuss. B. Read the information about the five people below. This is a handy app for keeping a journal while the following:
Do you download apps Match each person with one of the apps on the right that
travelling. Through GPS you can record your location 1. sth that annoys you or causes
for your mobile phone you think would suit him/her the most. Write a-h. There are
three extra apps which you do not need to use. when a picture is taken. You can easily take notes, problems for you (John)
or tablet? record voice messages and even videos and store them 2. relating to a particular
What sort of apps do on a daily schedule. Then, you can upload your journal
First read the descriptions of the people carefully. Then Made by Vicky country; not foreign (text c)
you use? scan each text and look for the specific information Released 25/01/2013 to social media sites to show to your friends. Its an
3. not allowed by the law (text c)
What is the most useful mentioned in each of the descriptions. app you simply cant do without!
4. necessary and important
app you know of? d 0.79
(text c)
5. useful (text d)
Local M8 6. not able to manage without
Have you ever wanted to create your own personalised having sth (text d)
Wendy is studying to be a reporter and

travel guide? Just enter your destination and how
travels abroad frequently to ind topics to 7. annoyed or bored with sth
long you plan to stay and Local M8 recommends
write about. She enjoys keeping a digital that you have experienced for
places, things to do and how to get around. Its just
record of her experiences. too long (text g)
like staying with a local. Whats more, you can share
app Made by OfficeBox 8. to be happening soon (text g)
Released 16/11/2012
info and photos directly with social media sites. You
2 can even access this app offline if youre somewhere
Roger takes a lot of domestic lights without a signal. D. Discuss.
because of his job. His company pays e 0.99 Would you like to have any of
for all his travel expenses but he prefers these apps?
to use public transport to get around
When would you use them?
and rarely takes a taxi or rents a car. Its TaxiCall
important for him to arrive on time for SkyFinder
Convenient, practical, useful! All the taxi drivers who
meetings. You can always count on SkyFinder to find the right
work with TaxiCall appear on a map. With the press of
flight for you. Compare flight prices and then book
directly with the airline through the app. Flexible
a button you can book the taxi closest to you and save Listening
3 money on calls. Whats more, you can even pick which A. Listen to a conversation
when you fly? This app has unique search tools to find between two people. Which
Jessica loves travelling and whenever driver youd like! Look at the drivers profiles and the
the best prices over a month. It is available in 128 Made by Black Cat
three apps did the woman
she can aford to, she books a trip. She Made by JordanB Released 07/02/2013 reviews TaxiCall customers have given and choose.
languages and 61 currencies, and also has a section download for her trip?
Released 14/05/2013
has travelled to lots of cities and is now where you can search for car rentals. f 1.99
looking for more unusual places to visit. a 2.99
Since shes unemployed at the moment, appmarket
she has no time restrictions. Anytime she B4 U go
comes across a bargain, she can take it. Are you fed up with forgetting things when going on
Public Trans-buddy
a trip? Well, this app helps you get organised, makes
You will be impressed by this app. You can find SkyFinder Landmarx Rights For
sure you pack everything, and creates useful to do
4 information about bus routes, underground services,
lists. It also remembers previous trips and uses them
John has been reading about other trams, etc. for all major cities in the world. There are
as templates. Or you can choose from business, leisure,
cultures for years, but inds travelling a also live updates about changes in timetables or delays. Made by Norman Colt
Released 12/12/2012 family holiday, etc. It will also remind you when to do
hassle. The only times he has travelled It works with GPS, so it can find the nearest bus stops Local M8 B4 U go
Made by Mickey things. If you have a trip coming up, its an essential
abroad was to stay with friends. He really Released 29/09/2013 and stations from your location. It works both on
app to download B4 U go.
enjoyed this because he felt safe and smartphones and tablets. FREE
b g 1.99
relaxed. He would like to start seeing the
B. Listen again and write
world on his own, but feels anxious about
T for True or F for False.
it. Rights For Flyers!
Landmarx 1. The woman is meeting
Have you ever been stuck on the tarmac for more than
With a complete list of 900 famous landmarks, this some friends in Beijing.
5 three hours on a domestic flight? Did you know this
app is ideal for globetrotters. It includes information
was illegal? Well, the new RFF app lets you know all 2. The woman travelled to
Natasha used to be a tour guide. She loves and over 650 photographs. Theres an interactive
your legal rights as a passenger. It also has a section Moscow last year.
going abroad with her family, but it can be world map and you also have the ability to check the
showing arrivals and departures at most international 3. The man is worried about
a struggle as she has four children. Just Made by Charlie Nock landmarks you have visited. Have pictures of your
airports. Plus, it searches for the next available flight, if Made by AppTribe using an app on the plane.
trying to remember everything each of Released 05/04/2013
Released 28/06/2013 own? Save them in the photo gallery. This app works
yours is cancelled or you missed it. An essential app for
them needs and packing it all makes her with GPS so it can inform you about landmarks that 4. The womans app inds
frequent flyers. FREE
exhausted! As a result, she often has a c are nearby. Perfect for those who want to explore the a restaurant that the man
lot of anxiety before a trip but once shes world. has been to.
away, she has a great time. 4.99 5. The woman was an
organised person even
before she downloaded
the apps.
6. The man already has
one of the womans apps.

32 33

various types of authentic-like texts various types of listening activities

secondary & adult courses
Beginner to
British edition Advanced
Traveller is an exciting seven-level course for teenage and young adult CEFR: A1 - C1
learners, that takes them from Beginner to Advanced level. It follows the
requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference, the
modular approach and is organised into 8 topic-based modules.

A1.1 A1.2

course features
Motivating and contemporary topics
with multicultural and cross-curricular
Lively dialogues presenting real spoken
An integrated approach to the
development of the four skills
Special emphasis on vocabulary
Grammar presented and practised in
Systematic development of reading
and listening skills and subskills

A2 B1
A variety of communicative tasks
Step-by-step approach to writing
Activities encouraging critical thinking
and personal response
Practical tips helping students to
become autonomous learners
A round-up section in each module
providing regular revision and
A grammar reference section
Culture/Cross-curricular pages with
web links

B1+ B2 C1

secondary & adult courses

Students Book Workbook with extra Teachers Book Workbook Class CDs Interactive Grammar Book
vocabulary and Teachers Edition Whiteboard p. 69
grammar section and Material
Students audio CD/

* Teachers Resource CD/CD-ROM:

DVD Activity DVD p. 85 Readers * Teachers Portfolio with projects
Book p. 85 pp. 56-64 Resource Extra practice (Grammar & Vocabulary,
Reading and Speaking)

Online multimedia resources for students
Extra activities (Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening)
Online tests

sample pages from Traveller Beginners, Students Book

vocabulary presented
through visual prompts a variety of communicative tasks

1c Whos that? 3. GRAMMAR

THE VERB be (he, she, they) Yes, they are.
POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES (his, her, their) Are they classmates?
Listen and repeat.
No, they arent.
Read the examples and write the
teacher neighbours
short forms in the table.
colleagues Full forms Short forms
Hes Spanish. Shes Mexican.
friends He is
He isnt Mexican. She isnt Peruvian.
His name is Juan. Her name is Dora. She is
Theyre married. They are
They arent single. is not
Their surname is Torres.
are not
Yes, he/she is. Who is...?
classmates flatmate
flatmates boss Is he/she single? What is...?
No, he/she isnt.
2.. READ A.. Listen and read. Whos the star of the TV show?
Grammar Reference p.125

This is Maria and Craig.

Theyre married. 4. PRACTICE
Circle the correct words.
1. 6. SPEAK
Susan Theres Beata and her / their boss. Write the names of people you know on
a piece of paper. Then swap papers with
Carol Whats her / his name?
your partner. Talk in pairs and try to find
This is Norman. Norman Susan Antonio Panini. out who the people are.
and Barry arent colleagues.
Theyre flatmates. Carol He is / Is he Italian?
Susan No, he isnt / arent. His / Hes Spanish. Whos Kevin? Is he your neighbour?
2. Yes, he is. / No, he isnt. Hes my...
This is Fay. She isnt
married. Shes single. David Susan and Tina is / are best friends.
Maria is her best friend. This is Barry. Hes
single, too. Fay and Gary They are / Are they classmates, too?
Barry are colleagues.
David Yes, they are / are they. Kevin
Gary Whos theyre / their favourite teacher?
Their favourite place is a caf called...

David Mrs Garcia.
Gary Oh, yes, she is / isnt nice. Alexander
channel 3 Mondays 9.00 Mary

B. Read again and answer the questions about the people in the pictures. 5. LISTEN
Listen to three short dialogues and choose a or b.

1. Whats her name? 4. Whats his name? 1. Kevin and Gordon are .
a. flatmates b. neighbours
2. Is she married? 5. Is he single? Look at the example.

7. What are their names? 2. Mark and Ellie are .

Speak only in English.
a. friends b. colleagues
3. Whos her colleague? 6. Whos his flatmate? 8. Are they single? 3. Linda and Emma are .
a. teachers b. classmates
12 13

1.indd 12-13 15/4/2008 9:41:44

motivating topics related to the interests various types of texts (an practical tips helping students to develop
of teenage and young adult learners advertisement for a TV show) skills and become autonomous learners
{ Our grammar and vocabulary titles cover all
aspects of structural knowledge and vocabulary
development, ranging from a gentle introduction to
basic language structures to the advanced forms of
language use and vocabulary. |

grammar and vocabulary

Grammar Grammar
Beginner to
Smart is a carefully graded grammar and vocabulary series consisting of six books. Pre-Intermediate
It deals with traditional grammar and vocabulary through entertaining tasks. More
CEFR: Leading to
than just a grammar and vocabulary series, however, it introduces and develops
spelling, writing and phonic techniques which promote a broader understanding and A1 - A2.1
development of the English language.

A split edition is also available in which the material has been spread out.

key features components

Vocabulary practice
Grammar boxes
Colourful and amusing illustrations
Oral activities/songs encouraging communication Students Book Teachers Book Class CD

Revision units consolidating Grammar and Vocabulary

Spelling and writing techniques
Lively material for learning phonics

Enter the World of

Beginner to

CEFR: Leading to

Enter the World of Grammar is a graded grammar series consisting of seven books.
A1 - B2
It smoothly takes students from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate level, helping them
to acquire grammar naturally. Enter the World of Grammar features a variety of
communicative exercises, fun games and challenging activities.

key features
Clear grammar explanations
Colourful and amusing illustrations
Oral activities encouraging communication
Interesting exercises giving practice in Use of English
Revision units consolidating Grammar and Use of English

* Teachers Book:
Students Book * Teachers Book

Junior English
Beginner to

CEFR: Leading to

Junior English Grammar is a graded grammar series particularly suitable for very
A1 - A1.1
young learners. It is the split edition of Enter the World of Grammar a, b and 1. It
smoothly introduces young learners to the basic structures of English in a simple
and fun-to-learn way.

key features
Interesting characters presenting the grammatical structures through simple yet natural examples
Short and clear exercises which help learners practise the language
Carefully graded material providing learners with adequate practice without intimidating them
Colourful and amusing pictures throughout each book to stimulate learners interest
Revision units consolidating Grammar
Unique Teachers Book including lesson plans, activities and games, flashcards, worksheets, key and tests


Students Book Teachers Book

Live English Grammar

Beginner to
Live English Grammar is a graded series of grammar books. This highly exciting series Intermediate
covering four levels, from Beginner to Intermediate, adopts an innovative approach to
CEFR: A1 -
presenting and practising grammar, which enables learners to acquire it naturally.
B1 / B1+

key features components

Presentation of grammatical structures in meaningful contexts and realistic
Clear explanations and illustrative examples
Colourful photographs and illustrations throughout the book Students Book Teachers Book

Carefully graded and challenging exercises

Communicative activities which give learners the opportunity to practise * Teachers Resource
the structures in a natural way CD/CD-ROM
Oral and written practice in every unit
One revision exercise in each unit consolidating structures previously taught * Teachers Resource CD-ROM:
Regular revision units Tests
Key to tests

sample pages from Live English Grammar Elementary, Students Book

transformation 98 unit 16 unit 16 99
2 Sally: Mark, can I borrow your bicycle?
activity Mark: OK, you can have it if you (5) (promise) to bring it back in an hour.
e can you remember? activity
Sally: I promise. Answer the questions below.

practising Mark: And remember. If anything happens to it, you (6)

shop and you (7) (pay) to fix it, OK?
(take) it to the bike 1 What will you do when you finish your homework today? allowing
When I finish my homework today, Ill watch TV.
grammar Sally: OK, OK. Now if you (8)
(not be) back in an hour!
(not stop) talking to me, I (9)
2 What will you do when you get home from school tomorrow afternoon? learners to
structures c Rewrite the sentences below. Use unless. 3 What will you do if your parents dont let you go out next Saturday night? activate prior
1 I wont watch the film tonight if it is not a comedy.
I wont watch the film tonight unless it is a comedy. 4 What will you do before you go to bed tonight?

2 You might not pass the test if you dont study harder.
5 What will you do after you have breakfast on Sunday?
and practise
3 We cant go skiing if there is not enough snow. new language
f Communication
4 My father wont give me any money if I dont clean the garage. vocabulary box
fish igloo
Work in two groups. Gary Mackinsky wants to go on
hunt jungle
holiday, but he hasnt decided where yet, Africa or
5 If you dont explain the problem to me, I can't help you. bite wild animals
Antarctica? One group should think about Africa and
freeze tiger
the other about Antarctica. The students in each group
build penguin
6 If you aren't an electrician, you mustn't try to fix the TV.
should use the ideas in the vocabulary box and their
own to make Conditional Sentences Type 1. The group
go on a safari
with the most correct sentences is the winner.
writing activity
d Read the sentences and make Conditional Sentences Type 1.

1 I must run faster to win 4 Dont sit on that chair. It might

in which
activity e.g. A : students
the race. break.
If Gary goes to Africa, he will see lots of wild
If I run faster, I will win the animals.
B : If Gary goes to Antarctica, he will see lots of
checking race.

2 Kelly will try to finish her

penguins. practise taught
grammar homework before eight oclock.
Then she may go to the cinema.
5 Drive carefully and you wont
have an accident.
g grammar
awareness .
Write a few sentences about what you and a friend will do if the weather is good
tomorrow and what you will do if it rains.
structures and
through 3 Tony wants to visit Egypt. He will 6 Are you very tired? Then, you

see the Pyramids there. must go home and relax.
the use of .....................................................................................................................................

using their
illustrations own ideas

Full Blast Grammar Book
Beginner to
Full Blast Grammar is a four-level grammar series that follows the syllabus of Full Blast Intermediate
coursebooks. It can be used with any other coursebook as well.
CEFR: A1 - B1

key features Colourful photographs and

21 units that follow the syllabus Carefully graded exercises
of the Students Book Communicative activities
Structures presented in Oral and written practice in every Students Book Interactive Whiteboard
meaningful contexts unit Material
Clear explanations and Revision units
illustrative examples Tests available on CD-ROM Tests & key to Grammar Book
activities included in Full Blast
Teachers Resource CD/CD-ROM

Traveller Grammar Book 3 LEVELS

Beginner to
Traveller Grammar Book is a three-level grammar series that follows the syllabus of Pre-Intermediate
Traveller coursebooks. It contains a detailed presentation of the grammatical structures
with rules, tables and examples and a variety of exercises for practice and consolidation. CEFR: Leading to
It can be used with any other coursebook as well.
A1 - A2
A1.1 A1.2 A2

Tests & key to Grammar Book
activities included in Traveller
Teachers Resource CD/CD-ROM
Students Book
Grammar and

Intermediate to

Vocabulary Practice
Upper-Intermediate / B2
CEFR: B1 - B1+ / B2
Grammar and Vocabulary Practice prepares students for all exams.

sample pages from

Grammar and Vocabulary Practice

12 Determiners

A. Some / Any / No / Every / Each

Some, any and no are used with countable (singular and plural) and uncountable nouns. Each and every are used
only with singular countable nouns. The compounds of some, any, no and every are pronouns; no noun can be used
with them.
Use Examples
some in affirmative sentences Someone took my keys by mistake.
someone/somebody in questions when a positive answer is Are you looking for something?
something expected
somewhere in polite requests and offers Would you like some cake?
any in questions Is anyone in the kitchen?
anyone/anybody in affirmative sentences, meaning no matter You can visit us any day next week.
anything which
anywhere in negative sentences when not or other I dont eat anything spicy.
negative words (hardly, never, rarely, etc.) Hardly anyone has arrived yet.
are included
no in negative sentences instead of not any; He has nowhere to go.
no one/nobody no other negative words can be used
every when we consider people or things as Every car has a steering wheel.
everyone/everybody a group Nearly every house in this area has a
everything with nearly and not garden.
everywhere Not every room has a nice view.
every one of + plural noun/pronoun I found every one of these books
each when we consider people or things Each student came up with a different
separately idea.
each (one) of + plural noun/pronoun Each one of them received a free copy of
the magazine.

note Some of and any of go with a plural verb.

Do any of your friends speak Italian? grammar
The compounds of some, any, no and every go with a singular verb. Else can be used with
them (meaning more or different).
Someone else wants to speak to you.

Someone/somebody, anyone/anybody, no one/nobody and everyone/everybody

refer to both genders, so we use plural pronouns and possessive adjectives.
They didnt take any photos because no one had brought their camera with them.

Unit12.indd 64 20/1/2012 2:51:10

page 60 page 61

Grammar Practice C Circle the correct answers.

1. The Johnsons bought a beautiful house at a much / fairly good price.
A Put the words in brackets in the correct order.
2. I was able to finish reading the book much / most sooner than I thought since I had some free time.
1. My father always uses pan to fry fish in.
(a/an, aluminium, big, round, frying) 3. The babys temperature must have risen. He feels very / even warmer than before.
2. Mr Brown found boxes full of old photos. 4. Rays get-together is going to be quite / fairly an exciting event. He told me that its going to cost him very / far
(old, wooden, three) more than last years.
3. I got scarf for my sister.
5. This is a rather / bit good educational programme for children.
(a/an, Italian, silk, blue, beautiful)
4. We have table. 6. Im leaving for the USA pretty / a lot sooner than I had originally planned.
(a/an, oval, antique, dining, oak) 7. Its absolutely / very marvellous that you could make it to the reunion.
5. That is ashtray. Dont you think? 8. Margaret finds reading books most / much relaxing.
(a/an, strange, green, glass, triangular)
9. I like the car but its a rather / bit more expensive than I thought it would be.

B Choose the correct answers. 10. It must be far / pretty exciting travelling all over the world.

Pre-school teaching is a lot (1) than 1. a. more demanding b. demanding c. most demanding D Rewrite the sentences using the adverbs in brackets.
most other jobs. People think that looking after 1. Keith will go camping. (in the spring/probably/there)
young children is (2) than looking 2. a. easiest b. more easier c. easier
after (3) children, but then again the 3. a. older b. elder c. oldest 2. Steven knew nothing about the robbery that took place. (absolutely/yesterday/apparently)
job is not as (4) as some might think. 4. a. bad b. badly c. worse
What makes it difficult is that the (5) 5. a. young b. younger c. youngest 3. That restaurant is expensive, so I wont come with you. (definitely/rather/tonight)
they are, the (6) responsibility you 6. a. most b. much c. more
4. Young people find part-time work. (nowadays/in the summer/often)

Small children can be (7) . They are 7. a. funniest b. very funny c. much funny 5. Peter has arrived but Im sure he has forgotten about our meeting. (completely/just/pretty)
(8) worried than adults about saying 8. a. little b. less c. least
inappropriate things. Also, they are three times
E Using the words given and other words, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar

key features
(9) energetic as adults. The 9. a. so b. like c. as
meaning to the first sentence. Do not change the word given. (Use 2-5 words in total.)
(10) moments in the classroom are 10. a. rarer b. rarely c. rarest
1. We cant afford such an expensive holiday.
when its quiet. Of course, you always get some
as We cant afford that.
children who are (11) and 11. a. shy b. shyer c. shyest 2. As we climbed higher, we had more difficulty breathing.
(12) than others by nature. 12. a. more quiet b. quiet c. more quieter harder The it was to breathe.
I arrive at work (13) than teachers 13. a. earliest b. earlier c. early 3. Jane gave us a warm welcome when we arrived.
friendly Jane welcomed when we arrived.
who work with (14) children. Sure 14. a. old b. older c. oldest

Clear grammar explanations

4. The weather was getting worse by the minute, so we decided not to go out.
its not the (15) job in the world nor 15. a. easier b. easy c. easiest
and The weather was getting , so we decided not to go out.
the (16) paid. In fact, I know I could 16. a. good b. better c. best 5. Carl skates better than his brother Alex.
work elsewhere for (17) hours and get 17. a. few b. fewer c. fewest such Alex is not his brother Carl.

Grammar section and Vocabulary paid (18) money.

However, I believe its a (19)

rewarding job (20) many others I can
18. a. more b. much c. most

19. a. much b. most c. more

20. a. of b. than c. from
6. The journey was less tiring than I thought it would be.
as The journey I thought it would be.
7. This is the worst book I have ever read.
than I have never read this one.

section practising grammar and think of. 8. Dannys briefcase is similar to yours.
same Dannys briefcase is almost yours.

vocabulary Unit11.indd 60-61 13/5/2014 3:51:19

Revision units grammar practice

Practice Tests page 62

Vocabulary Practice
A Complete using the correct form of the phrasal verbs given.

1. Cant you read the sign? It says the grass!

hold on: wait for a short time
hold on to: hold sth 2. Craig working despite being tired.
hold up: (1) delay sb or sth (2) rob 3. Could you a minute while I phone Mr Bent?
hurry up: make haste, do sth quickly
4. No matter how hard I tried, I couldnt with
keep back: reserve sth, not reveal or
give away all of it Sam in the race.
keep off: stay off sth 5. Could you these bags while I buy some bread?
keep on: continue doing sth 6. ! If we miss the bus, the next one isnt for an hour.
keep out (of): stay outside a place, not
7. A masked man the National Bank this morning,

keep up (with): maintain the same level but he was caught later in the day.
or speed as sb else 8. The police information about the murders so as
not to scare people.
9. Please, the cat of the kitchen
because Ive just washed the floor.

B Complete using the prepositional phrases given.

1. The president of the company is the man

in common: sharing certain
things or everything. Nothing can be done without his approval.
characteristics 2. , I would like to thank you all for
in comparison with: compared with
listening to me.
in conclusion: lastly, finally
in control of: having the power 3. What do you do ? Do you read books?
to manipulate sth 4. I agree with you. I am renovating the house.
or make decisions 5. The witness was asked to describe the
about it
events which took place on 26th March.
in danger: in a dangerous
situation 6. last years records, it seems that our sales

Students Book Teachers Book Interactive Whiteboard * Teachers Resource in detail: analytically,
have increased.
7. These bright colours are this summer.
in the end: finally, lastly
Material CD/CD-ROM in fact:
in fashion:
actually, in reality
8. Even though we are brother and sister, we have nothing
in favour of: supporting sth

9. You should buy this second-hand car. It really is
in good/bad condition: in good/bad shape
in sbs free time: when sb is not

* Teachers Resource CD/CD-ROM: busy 10. This painting looks like an original Monet, but
it is a copy.
11. We couldnt decide where to go for a holiday, so practice
Tests we consulted our travel agent who
suggested New Zealand.
12. If you continue spending money like this, you are

key to Grammar & Vocabulary Practice activities

of losing your business.

Unit11.indd 62 13/5/2014 3:51:36

skills development
skills development { With a wide range of
topics introduced in
short units, our skills
development courses
cover your students
practice needs and
help them achieve
their full potential. |



New Plus

skills development
Beginner to Proficiency
New Plus is a unique series for skills development which CEFR: A1C2
consists of ten books and takes learners smoothly from
Beginner to Proficiency (C2) level. It is based on a multi-
dimensional syllabus and enables students to enhance
their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in an
integrated way.

Suitable for Cambridge and other Exams Suitable for Michigan Exams

B1.2 B2.2


vised 2015
updated for the re
: first (FCE)
Cambridge english

key features components

Units based on different topics and divided into three
thematically linked sections, each of which corresponds to one
of the three skills
Topics which both interest learners and are commonly found in Students Book Teachers Book

A variety of speaking and listening tasks providing extensive
practice in the language and functions which learners can use
Class CD * Teachers Resource
in the writing section
Guidance, plans, tips and tasks leading to successful writing of
all composition types * Teachers Resource CD/CD-ROM:
Teachers Books including key, listening transcripts and notes Tests
Key to tests

Double Plus
skills development
Upper-Intermediate to
Double Plus is a skills development series consisting of two Level B2
books. This series prepares students for the Cambridge English: CEFR: B1+, B2
First (FCE-Br.E), Michigan ECCE-Am.E and other exams at B2 level.
It develops students listening, speaking and writing skills.


Students Book Teachers Book

Class CDs
including tests

key features
Units based on different topics and divided into three thematically linked sections, each of which
corresponds to one of the three skills
Topics which both interest learners and are commonly found in examinations
A variety of speaking and listening tasks providing extensive practice in the language and functions
which are useful for the writing section
Guidance, plans, tips and tasks leading to successful writing of all composition types
Teachers Books including key, listening transcripts and notes

sample pages from Double Plus B2, Students Book


2. Answer these questions.

a detailed


a. What do you think the purpose of the first sentence in each paragraph is?
activities b. Which of the following headlines do you think is the most suitable for the article? Why? plan with
introducing Discuss the topic 1 2
How do you decide where to go on holiday?
the theme of guidelines

Do articles about places help you decide where to go on holiday? Why/Why not?

the section Sample writing

3 on how to
1. Read the rubric and the article below. The first sentence of each paragraph (topic sentence) in the main part is
missing. Read the sentences a-e below and choose three of them to fill in the missing sentences in the article.
An article is usually written for a newspaper or magazine. There are many different types of articles: news
You see this announcement ARTICLES WANTED reports (articles giving news or information), articles discussing issues (for-against) or stating opinions, making
in your school magazine.
Write about: An interesting place to visit.
suggestions, etc. This unit deals with articles describing places. They are written for magazines or travel brochures.
The aim of this article is to convince the reader to visit the place. Below is a plan for an article of this type, with
Write your article
(140-190 words). We will publish the best articles next month.
questions to help you when planning one. Read the plan and compare it to the sample.
Headline write an interesting headline

give general information about
How can you make the introduction interesting? written work
the place you are going to
What place are you going to describe?
describe (name, location, etc.)
Where is it located?
give reasons for choosing the
What makes the place interesting/special?

What is the place like?

describe the place (size, What are the important features of this place?

landscape, buildings, streets, Are there any sights worth visiting?

Main Part transport, sights, facilities, What sort of facilities (e.g. hotels, shops) can be found
(2-3 paragraphs) people, lifestyle, etc.) there?

discuss what activities people What are the local people like?

can do there What can people do there to entertain themselves?

What is the atmosphere of the place?
a guide to
make a general statement


Conclusion to sum up your ideas
make recommendations
What is your overall opinion about the place?
Would you recommend it? writing with


Guide to writing tips and


Write an original headline to attract the readers interest. The headline should be short and it can be in the form
of an exciting word or phrase (Get ready for fun!), a summary of the article (A trip to Paris), a question (Would

you go?) or a surprising fact (Two million holidaymakers a year!).
Write about a place you are familiar with. Before you start, try to come up with ideas and plan what you are which
going to write.
features that

Choose a few of the most interesting ideas and expand on them. Dont include too many details otherwise you facilitate
c. will exceed the word limit.

are essential d.

Use an appropriate style when writing. Articles can be formal or informal. The aim of this article, however, is

to convince the reader to visit the place you are describing. In order to achieve this, it is easier to write in an
the writing
to the task
informal, chatty style. Make your article sound lively and address the reader directly using the personal pronoun
you. process

New Plus Michigan

skills development
New Plus Michigan is a series of two books in American English which (Proficiency)
develop students listening, speaking and writing skills and prepare them
CEFR: B2, C2
effectively for the corresponding parts of the Michigan ECCE and ECPE


Students Book Teachers Book

Class CDs Tests

key features
Units based on different topics and divided into three
thematically linked sections, each of which corresponds to one of the three skills
Topics which both interest learners and are commonly found in examinations
A variety of speaking and listening tasks providing extensive practice in the language and functions
which are useful for the writing section
Guidance, plans, tips and tasks leading to successful writing of all composition types
Teachers Books including key, listening transcripts and notes

sample pages from New Plus Michigan Proficiency, Students Book

06 07
model essay WRITING


Writing tips

accompanied Discuss the topic O When writing an essay in which you are asked to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of an issue, follow
the general plan below:
How instrumental are the mass media in influencing public opinion?
by questions
Opening paragraph Introduce the issue to be discussed, referring to the ways in which it is
O Which medium (TV, the press, etc.) do you think plays the greatest role in forming public opinion? (Introduction) controversial.

Sample writing Main part Discuss one point of view in one paragraph and the opposing in another. useful tips and
helping (2 paragraphs) Alternatively, you can discuss the pros and cons of one aspect of the issue in
one paragraph and the pros and cons of another aspect in another.
1. Read the rubric and the sample essay below. What does the writer attribute the excesses of the media to? Do you
agree? suggested
students The media is not just a means of informing the public today; it also plays a major role in advancing or destroying
Closing paragraph
Summarize the pros and cons and state your opinion if it is required. Make
relevant suggestions or recommendations if appropriate.
careers and images. Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons to support your answer.
essay plans
O Use topic sentences to organize your paragraphs and develop the idea expressed in the topic sentence by giving
We are currently experiencing an unprecedented information explosion whereby news is instantly available examples, explaining it or expanding on it.
to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At the same time, more people than ever before are O Demonstrate a wide range of sentence structures by using participle clauses, for example.

its structure
finding themselves under the media microscope, and there can be no doubt that the media can make or
O Demonstrate a wide range of vocabulary by incorporating language relevant to expressing advantages and
break a career, build up or destroy an individual and even prompt the downfall of a government.
The media are in the enviable position of being able to reach millions of people at one time. They can
and therefore bombard us with stories and images and present us with news items that are deliberately slanted
to serve their interests. Even though people are asked to exercise good judgment, unfortunately, many
people's minds are quite impressionable.
Writing practice

organisation What is more, if the media decide to turn on a person, there is very little that person can do to fight back.
1. Read the rubric below and in pairs
discuss what you know about the

a variety of
Many people have been forced to resign from their jobs as a result of being pilloried by the media. People's process of cloning.
lives have been made miserable by the media invading their privacy and bringing to light all the sordid
details of their life. Advances in the field of genetics

tasks and
The media are aware of the fact that they are the singularly most powerful group in society and their power
have now made human cloning
will continue to increase until such a time as the public's thirst for information abates, something very possible. However, a number of
unlikely to happen. In fact, the excesses of the media, especially the excesses of tabloid journalism, are concerns have been raised relating

a wide variety activities

the result of the public's own appetite for scandal. to scientific, ethical and social
aspects of cloning and are the
2. Read the sample essay again and answer the subject of debate.What are the pros
of activities following questions.
a. In what part of the essay does the writer
and cons of human cloning? In your
opinion, do the possible benefits
focusing on
deriving from
outweigh any other considerations?
first express his/her opinion?
b. What argument does the writer build in
the second paragraph? 2. Read the introduction to the essay.
the sample c. What aspect of the issue does the writer
develop in the third paragraph?
Do you think it is satisfactory?
How would you improve it? planning,
essay and Technology and medicine have
made a lot of progress lately. There expanding
has been a lot of progress in the

focusing on Focus on vocabulary

field of genetics too. Now we can
even clone human beings. Imagine
that! Who would have thought that
on notes,
vocabulary, 1. Match the words highlighted in the text with their meanings a-f.
a. stigmatize
would ever be possible? But not
everybody agrees that we should.
There are advantages and
editing, etc.
syntax, b. remarkable
c. immoral or dishonest
disadvantages to cloning human
beings. Scientists have to think
about all that before they make a
and leading to
d. vulnerable
style and ECPE writing
e. biased
f. desirable

organisation 66 PLUS

Pr ac t ic e Te sts

Use Practice
of tests
English for the

for all exams
Michigan IELTS
Proficiency Practice Tests
Practice Tests


Go Starters / Go Movers /
Go Flyers CEFR: Leading to
Go Starters / Go Movers / Go Flyers is a course preparing students for the YLE Tests.

key features
14 topic-based Units
practising Grammar
and Vocabulary through
activities in the format of
the YLE Starters / Movers /
Flyers Tests
Four tests in a reduced
One Final Test in the exact
layout of the Test
Object Cards cut-outs
components An alphabetical Word List
at the back of the Students
Teachers notes (included in
the 2nd Class CD/CD-ROM)
Students Book with Class CDs including
Students audio CDs Teachers Notes

Practice tests Upper-Intermediate

NEW for the Cambridge English: First (FCE) Examination
Practice tests for the Cambridge English: First (FCE) Examination, Book 1,

consists of six complete tests, which follow the style and format of the
Cambridge English: First (FCE) Examination.

key features
A wide range of authentic material which reflects the variety used in the
Cambridge English: First (FCE) examination
A table including information on the layout of each paper
Vocabulary definitions for Paper 1, Part 1
Visual material for speaking practice
Sample answer sheets
Full-length exam standard CDs including instructions
Tests which have been pre-tested by students

components * Teachers Book:

Listening transcripts
Justification of answers for Paper 1, Parts 5-7
Suggested speaking points for Paper 4
Students Book * Teachers Book Class CDs Instructions for Paper 4
Plus Michigan ECCE

Practice Tests
Plus Michigan ECCE Practice Tests consists of six complete practice tests for the
University of Michigan Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE).

key features
A detailed presentation of each part of the examination in the first practice
test with: exam tips, strategies and techniques, composition plans
Extra Grammar practice of major structures in each test
Extra Vocabulary practice through revision tests


Students Book Teachers Book Class CDs

Plus Michigan ECPE 1 LEVEL

Practice Tests
Plus Michigan ECPE Practice Tests consists of eight complete practice tests for the
University of Michigan Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE).

key features
A detailed presentation of each part of the examination in the first practice
test with: exam tips, strategies and techniques, composition plans
Extra Vocabulary practice through revision tests


Students Book Teachers Book Class CDs

Use of English B2
Use of English B2 provides students preparing for the Cambridge English: First CEFR: B2
(FCE), Michigan ECCE and other exams with step-by-step guidance and practice. It
systematically teaches grammar and vocabulary and helps students develop all the
skills necessary to succeed in the examinations.

sample pages from Use of English B2

Grammar Review

Unit 8 Passive Voice

Passive Voice stresses the action itself, not who or what caused it.

Active Voice: The ire destroyed the factory completely.

Passive Voice: The factory was completely destroyed by the ire.


Verb Forms Active Voice Passive Voice
Present Simple Producers make horror ilms every year. Horror ilms are made every year.
Present Progressive We are removing the furniture right now. The furniture is being removed right now.
Past Simple The technician repaired my TV yesterday. My TV was repaired yesterday.
Past Progressive They were pursuing the thief when there The thief was being pursued when there was an
was an explosion. explosion.
Present Perfect Simple We have finished these reports. These reports have been finished.
Past Perfect Simple They had made a statement in Parliament A statement had been made in Parliament before
before the war broke out. the war broke out.
Future "will" Someone will make a speech on technology A speech on technology will be made tomorrow.
Going to They are going to hire a new employee. A new employee is going to be hired.
Future Perfect Simple I will have typed my thesis by next month. My thesis will have been typed by next month.
Present Ininitive We ought to finish the building before the The building ought to be finished before the end
end of the year. of the year.
Perfect Ininitive We should have finished the building The building should have been finished earlier.
-ing form We all appreciate other people helping us. We all appreciate being helped.
Modal verbs You must clean your room. Your room must be cleaned.
Imperative Please fill in this form. This form should/must be filled in.

The Present, Past and Future Perfect Progressive and the Future Progressive are not used in the Passive Voice.
By + agent is used to emphasise who does or what causes the action.
The new tax law was announced by the Prime Minister.

Note the following changes in:

Verbs with two objects
Active Voice
He gave her a painting.
Passive Voice
She was given a painting.
A painting was given to her.
Question words
(what, who, when, where, why, how)
Who composed this song? Who was this song composed by?
By whom was this song composed?
notany no The head teacher didn't expel any of None of the students were expelled.
not.any of none of the students. Nothing was found in the excavations.
not.anyone/anybody no one/nobody They didnt ind anything in the
notanything nothing excavations.
make, hear, help, see, etc. I heard her scream. She was heard to scream.

believe, consider, expect, ind, hope, People say that he is very wealthy. It is said that he is very wealthy.
know, report, say, think, understand He is said to be very wealthy.

key features
People say that he was very wealthy. He is said to have been very wealthy.
verbs with prepositions They separated him from his parents He was separated from his parents when
when he was young. he was young.

Presentation of lexical items and

grammatical structures in context unit
12 Section 1
(including collocations, expressions, Prepositional Phrases

phrasal verbs, words with prepositions, A Read the sentences and complete them with the prepositions on, at, by or to.

1 The author is a doctor profession but she prefers to work on her novels.

prepositional phrases, key word

2 I always shop impulse. I never make plans.
3 this day, nobody knows what became of the missing aristocrat.
4 Cancelling the meeting such short notice was an inconvenience for everyone.

transformations, words easily confused 5 Some of the artist's best works are
6 These elaborate rugs were all woven
display at the gallery.
7 My favourite football team is the top of the league.

and derivatives) 8 The school principal is good terms with all the teaching staff.

Clear explanations and useful exam tips

B Complete the blanks with the prepositions in and out of. In some cases both prepositions can be used.

fashion print work

business touch date

Exercises providing thorough practice danger


in Use of English (including multiple pain

the ordinary
place use the question

choice, matching, gap filling, open and C Complete the sentences with the prepositional phrases in the box below.

multiple choice cloze tests, key word out of season

in shape
out of reach
out of the question
out of control
out of date
out of place
in touch

transformation, and word formation) 1 The wild animal was

2 We looked
and nearly broke down the cage door.
wearing jeans in such an expensive restaurant.

Consolidation Units
3 It's difficult to find good oranges in summer, as they're .
4 The two friends kept during the summer break.

5 I stay by following a strict exercise programme.

A reference section including an

6 My parents told me that taking the car on Saturday night was .
7 The books on the top shelf were for most people of average height.
8 The machinery was the main cause of the company's financial collapse.
overview of English grammar, 104

vocabulary notes, exam tips and

comprehensive appendices unit 12


He will buy a car if he saves enough money. If I had been the Prime Minister, I would have given lots
He will buy a car if he will save enough money. of money to the poor.
I'll buy a car provided (that) I save enough money. (We use Conditional Sentences Type 2 for unreal situations

I'll buy a car provided (that) I shall save enough money. in the present or future.)
He would buy a car if he saved enough money.

points to
If I had studied harder last semester, I would have
He would buy a car if he would save enough money.
passed my exams.
(will, shall and would are not used after linking words/
If I studied harder last semester, I would pass my
phrases introducing conditional sentences.)
I won't go to the party if they don't invite me.
I won't go to the party unless they invite me.
I won't go to the party unless they don't invite me.
(We use Conditional Sentences Type 3 for unreal situations
in the past.) remember
If you should need me, don't hesitate to call me.
(unless = if not)
Should you need me, don't hesitate to call me.
I'll buy a bottle of water in case I get thirsty. If should you need me, don't hesitate to call me.
(=I'll buy it before I get thirsty; I might not use it.) If she needed your help, she would call you.
I'll buy a bottle of water if I get thirsty. Were she to need your help, she would call you.
(=I'll buy it when I get thirsty; I'll definitely use it.) If were she to need your help, she would call you.
If she had needed your help, she would have called you.
If he was taller, he could join a basketball team.
Had she needed your help, she would have called you.
If he were taller, he could join a basketball team.
If had she needed your help, she would have called you.
(were can be used instead of was in all persons in
(if is not used in conditional sentences starting with
Conditional Sentences Type 2.)
should/ were/ had + subject.)
If I were the Prime Minister, I would give lots of money to
the poor.

Students Book * Teachers Book Interactive Key Transformations

Whiteboard If you see Harry, ask him to return the books to the
Your application will be considered on condition (that)
you submit it on time.
If you should see Harry, ask him to return the books to the library. If he hadn't helped me, I wouldn't have finished my essay.

Material Should you see Harry, ask him to return the books to the
Had he not helped me, I wouldn't have finished my essay.
If it hadn't been for his help, I wouldn't have finished my essay.
If he doesn't study hard, he won't pass the exam. But for his help, I wouldn't have finished my essay.
He won't pass the exam unless he studies hard. I wouldn't have finished my essay without his help.
He has to / must study hard, or else / otherwise he won't We might go swimming, so bring your swimsuit.

pass the exam. Bring your swimsuit because we might go swimming.

* Teachers Book: Your application will be considered only if you submit it on time.
Your application will be considered provided / providing
(that) you submit it on time.
Bring your swimsuit in case we go swimming.

What would you do if the lights went out?

Suppose/ Supposing the lights went out, what would you do?

The Students Book with the key overprinted

Your application will be considered as long as you submit it on
What would you do were the lights to go out?

Photocopiable revision tests 107

MM Practice Tests for

NEW the TOEFL iBT exam
The MM Practice Tests for the TOEFL iBT exam includes six mini tests
and two complete practice tests.

additional components
A speaking appendix
with extra speaking
Students Book * DVD-ROM
Learning strategies * DVD-ROM:
and useful tips
preparing students Audio files (MP3) for mini tests 16 and
for the exam complete practice tests 1 and 2
Key and justifications Complete practice tests 1 and 2 in TOEFL
for all reading and iBT format for PC
listening tasks An interactive glossary
Suggested answers Animated videos demonstrating typical
to all speaking and
TOEFL iBT questions and responses
writing tasks
ONLINE Listening transcripts An additional complete practice test*
material in TOEFL iBT format for PC (with key,
There is also an A scoring section
online version justifications, suggested answers and
of the additional listening transcripts in PDF format)
complete practice test for PC,
tablet and smartphone.

NEW Practice Tests
IELTS Practice Tests includes five complete practice tests
CEFR: B2+ - C1+

(listening, reading, writing and speaking) and one general training

test (reading and writing), which follow the style and format of the
IELTS examination.

additional features components

Extra speaking and vocabulary
A writing appendix
Key and transcripts Students Book
Suggested answers to writing and
speaking tasks
Justifications for all reading and
listening tasks Glossary CD-ROM
Learning strategies and useful tips
preparing students for the exam

Audio CDs

video courses & online material
{ We offer teachers and learners enhanced digital support,
including new interactive whiteboard material, video-based
courses designed to consolidate all language skills covered in the
related Students Books, and extra online material addressing the
needs of both teachers and students alike. |



Whats on?
video courses & online material
Beginner to
Whats on? is a four-level DVD course for young learners of English. Leading to Elementary
A1 of the Common European Framework, this DVD course for young learners can
be used to supplement any Primary course. CEFR: Leading to A1

key features components

Each level consists of twelve episodes
Each episode includes:
4 the presentation of the key vocabulary DVD DVD Activity Book
4 the presentation of the language through fun
animated characters
4 a special section highlighting the language
presented in the episode and providing additional
Teachers DVD Guide (for all 4
practice levels) which includes teachers
Activity Book with activities for each episode notes and transcripts

World Watch

video courses & online material

NEW World Watch is a six-level video course in English specially designed for
young learners. It can be used to supplement any course at Primary level.
CEFR: Leading
The learners age and interests have been taken into careful consideration to A1-A1
in the design of the video series. World Watch consists of eight episodes per
level. Each episode includes the presentation of the key vocabulary and the
presentation of language structures.

Network is a four-level DVD course for teenage and young adult
Beginner to Intermediate

learners of English. It can be used to supplement any course at these

CEFR: A1 - B1
levels or as an independent video-based course, providing additional
practice for all four skills.


DVD DVD Activity Book Teachers Guide (for all 4 levels) including
transcripts and key to the Activity Book exercises

MM Online
video courses & online material
Beginner to

Placement Test
The MM Online Placement Test is a unique means of determining students
CEFR: Testing
A1 - C1

level of proficiency in the English language, and placing them at the appropriate level, from Beginner (pre-
A1) to Advanced (C1). Apart from being reliable, straightforward, and easy to take, the MM Online Placement
Test is a particularly effective tool for placing students, as it tests not only grammar and vocabulary, but
also listening, reading, and communication skills.

Students can visit our website (Students Area), take the test and have their level
determined automatically according to their score.

Screen grab from Reading Comprehension Screen grab from Listening Comprehension

key features
The Online MM Placement Test consists of three parts. The first and second parts of the test are available in
two versions, British and American English. The third part is available in one version including both British and
American English.Each part includes fifty multiple choice items and should be completed in 40 minutes.
Students should start with the first part and, depending on their score, they are either placed at Beginner
(pre-A1) or Elementary (A1) level, or proceed to the second part.
After doing the second part of the test, students, depending on their score, are either placed at Elementary (A1),
Pre-intermediate (A2) or Intermediate (B1) level, or they proceed to the third part.
After doing the third part of the test, students, depending on their score, are finally placed at Intermediate (B1),
Upper-Intermediate (B2) or Advanced (C1) level.

MM Online material 7 LEVELS

Beginners to
CEFR: A1 - C1

ONLINE Online multimedia resources for students

material Extra activities (Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening)
Online tests
Games for Primary series

MM Website

video courses & online material

NEW We have launched a new website!

Our new website has an easy-

to-use layout and rich content
so that your user experience is
a pleasurable one.
You can find everything you
need to know about our books
and materials, including extra
resources, sample pages, etc.

{ Colourful, charming, magical, delightful...
whatever you call them, our readers inspire
an enthusiasm for reading and complement
our courses perfectly. |



G raded R eaders
Little Books
Early Beginner
The series is aimed at kindergarten learners of English. The stories are based on CEFR: Leading to A1
topics which children love. The illustrations are colourful and attractive, making
children want to listen.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Red & Blue Yellow Ted My Red Car

Yellow & Green The Old House Black Ant
5 Marbles My Family Big Shoes
Baby Brother Toy Party Jumping Hat
Cookies Lets go home Snowy
Wheres Lucy? Wheres Fluffy? A Funny Story
Revision story that revises vocabulary and structures presented in previous Little Books

key features
Designed for very young learners (3-7 years of age)
Three levels available
Stories that feature high-frequency words
Full-colour illustrations
Rhyme/Song at the end of each reader
An activity page to practise the main vocabulary


Students Book Teachers Notes

with E-Book

Primary Readers

Early Beginner to
The series is aimed at young learners of English and consists of six Elementary
carefully graded levels. These charming short stories will make reading
CEFR: Leading to
both pleasurable and educational.

key features
Use of basic grammatical structures and limited vocabulary
Glossy detailed illustrations on each page
Simple activities and a picture glossary every four pages
Fully dramatised version of the story and picture glossary on
Instructions for staging a performance of the story
provided in the Teachers Book

components CD-ROMS
in British and
Students Book Teachers Book Audio

level 1 Headwords: 80-85 | Leading to A1 (CEF*) / Starters (YLE**)


Join Ricky, Lulu and Sam as they Nobody likes the little duckling Join Jasper, the leprechaun, and
journey to Cookie Land to save because hes ugly, so he sets off his friend Liam, and visit magic
the cookie population from the on his own. Rainbow Land.
terrifying Big Mouth!


A beautiful princess drops her Pinocchio is very naughty and

favourite golden ball in the palace keeps getting in trouble. How will
well. How will she get it back? A he manage to become a real boy?
little frog offers to help her. An entertaining story that also
teaches how important it is to be
good and honest.

level 2 Headwords: 100-120 | Leading to A1 (CEF) / Starters (YLE)


One day, a hungry little fox is An evil magician holds the little Aladdins life changes when he
walking in the forest... fairy his prisoner, but luckily Felix meets a stranger. First he finds an
and his friends are there to help. old lamp and then he wears the
strangers ring.

*Common European Framework **Young Learners English Tests (Cambridge)


The King has a new suit, and its A big giant lives in a big house
the most beautiful one anyone has with a beautiful garden.
seen. Or is it? Read this amusing Everybody likes his garden but the
story and see what happened to giant is selfish and wants it all to
the silly King. himself.

level 3 Headwords: 150-160 | Leading to A1.1 (CEF) / Starters (YLE)


The millers daughter is in trouble. Jingle, one of Santas elves, A wicked witch curses a beautiful
A strange little man with a funny disappointed by the childrens princess and she pricks her finger
hat offers her his help, but he selfishness, sets off for an on a spindle stick. The princess
wants a lot in return... adventure in the world of humans. falls into a deep sleep. However, a
handsome prince arrives to save
the day...


This classic story will capture the Puss in Boots is the tale of a very The Emperor hears the
readers heart and imagination. clever cat. Nightingale sing, and takes it to
The Tin Soldier is a delightful his palace. But then another bird
character. comes... What will the Emperor
do? Find out how the Emperor
learned to appreciate true beauty.

level 4 Headwords: 225 | A1.2 (CEF) / Movers (YLE)


This is the story of Mowgli - Omar makes a wish which turns This is the story of Peter Pan,
the jungle boy... out to be a disaster. a little boy who didnt want to
grow up.



Ali Baba discovers the forty One day, a little giraffe is born in
thieves treasure by chance and the jungle. But Jumaane is not like
becomes very rich. However, he the other giraffes, he is different.
will find himself in trouble. Follow Jumaanes story and find
out what it means to be different
and how this difference will make
a difference.

level 5 Headwords: 350 | A2.1 (CEF) / Flyers (YLE) / KET


Read this Greek myth and find out During their adventures around
how Theseus saved seven young the Mississippi River, Tom and his
men and seven young women. friend Huckleberry Finn find out a
lot about the real world.

*Key English Test

level 6 Headwords: 430 | A2.2 (CEF) / Flyers (YLE) / KET


Read about Gullivers amazing Read about Robin Hoods exciting

journey to Lilliput. adventures in Sherwood Forest.

Top Readers
Beginner to
A fascinating new series of classic and original stories which Upper-Intermediate
are sure to capture the readers imagination.
CEFR: A1, A2, B1, B2

key features (Classic & Original Stories)

Top Readers aspire to involve Ss from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate in the study of
literature and the exploitation of language through interesting texts
Full-colour illustrations
Two pages of activities for each chapter, including a variety of comprehension, vocabulary,
speaking and writing exercises

* Teachers Book:
Teacher's Notes
Step-by-step guidance for teachers
Students Book Audio Separate * Teachers Book
includes Activity CD/CD-ROM multilingual
Factfiles with background information
Section glossary and characters descriptions
Revision Tests
Key to Tests
level 1 Headwords: 400 | A1.2 (CEF*)


Lisas adventures continue in the

Big Apple. After winning an online
quiz, Lisa travels to the American

level 2 Headwords: 900 | A2.1 (CEF) / KET** (Cambridge)



In this classic tale three men in In the American South, an What happens when a nineteenth-
search of a huge and dangerous adventurous boy and a runaway century American is mysteriously
sea monster suddenly discover slave escape to find freedom. transferred back in time to King
that the creature is really a They sail down the Mississippi on Arthurs Court? Kings and queens,
submarine called the Nautilus... a log raft, but the river is often full knights and monsters, wicked
of surprises that block their way... magicians, theyre all there.



When Bobbie, Peter, Phyllis and This time Lisa sets off to China. Mary Lennox is a selfish ten-year-
their mother move to the country, She explores the country with old who lives in India. After her
near a railway line, a new life full her new friends and sees its parents death, she is sent to her
of exciting adventures and new many wonders. From Beijing to uncles house on the Yorkshire
friends begins. However, a terrible Shanghai and Hong Kong, Lisa moor, where she finds a new
secret is about to be revealed. becomes well aquainted with the home full of secrets. When Mary
Chinese culture. discovers a secret garden, she also
discovers friendship and love and
transforms into a different person.

*Common European Framework **Key English Test

level 3 Headwords: 1100 | A2.2 (CEF) / KET (Cambridge)


Oliver Twist is a penniless orphan Jim Hawkins is a young boy David Balfour lives quietly with
in 1830s England. Will Oliver find working at the family inn. He his uncle. He soon realises that
happiness and a family, or be discovers a treasure map in a dead the old man seems to be keeping
doomed to a life with thieves? mans chest and his adventure secrets from him.


On their way to Australia, the family of a Swiss Four children set up camp in Englands picturesque Lake District.
pastor ends up on a remote island, after a storm As they explore the lake in their sailing boat, the Swallow, they
destroys their ship. The four boys and their meet another boat, the Amazon, and an amazing adventure
parents use all their skill and craftsmanship to begins. Join the Walker children as they sail the high seas, capture
transform the place into a cosy new home. enemy boats and search for buried treasure in this thrilling tale.

level 4 Headwords: 1200 | B1 (CEF) / PET* (Cambridge)


Few Victorian mysteries are more A new governess comes to a large During World War One, missionary
haunting and sinister than Dr country house to care for two Rose Sayer and mechanic Charlie
Jekyll and Mr Hyde. young children. Small but strange Allnutt travel down the Ulanga
events begin to happen. The new River in a small steamboat, the
governess tries to find answers, African Queen, to escape the
and is pulled deeply into the Germans ...
strange history of Bly house and its

*Preliminary English Test


Peachey Carnehan and Daniel When young Davids mother dies, Wuthering Heights is the powerful
Dravot, two former British his cruel stepfather sends him to tale of the love between Heathcliff,
soldiers, decide to travel to work in a factory in London. The a poor boy, and Catherine, a
Kafiristan to become kings. Their working conditions are appalling wealthy young woman. However,
journey is difficult, but the men and David decides to run away Catherine decides to marry her
achieve their goal and manage and start a new life in Dover... Join rich neighbour, Edgar Linton, to
to become kings and gods in the David Copperfield as he journeys maintain her social status and
land of Kafiristan. from heartbreak to happiness in reputation. Hurt by her rejection,
this extraordinary tale of courage Heathcliff seeks revenge, with
and determination. tragic consequences.


When three young friends are

shipwrecked on an island in the
Pacific, theyre forced to use all
their intelligence and courage to
survive. Their tropical paradise is
then threatened when dangerous
natives and bloodthirsty pirates
arrive on the island, and a thrilling
adventure in the South Seas begins.

level 5 Headwords: 1500 | B2 (CEF) / *FCE (Cambridge)


In this exciting Sherlock Holmes Prospero, former Duke of Milan, When Captain Ahab loses his leg
adventure, the famous detectives has been living with his daughter to a white whale named Moby
powers of deduction are put to Miranda on a remote island for Dick, he devises a plan to destroy
the test when he is called in to fifteen years. When a ship carrying the animal at any cost; but
investigate the bizarre behaviour his greatest enemies approaches Ahabs quest for justice ends in
of a highly-respected professor... the island, Prospero has his tragedy.
chance for revenge.

*Cambridge English: First


Hermia and Lysander are in In America during the Great

love with each other. However, Depression, the Joads, a poverty-
Demetrius also loves Hermia stricken family from Oklahoma,
and Helena loves Demetrius. A travel to California in search of
fairy named Puck causes a lot a better life. The journey across
of trouble among the couples. the country quickly becomes a
A night of chaos and confusion struggle for survival. This famous
follows, but with a little magic, novel examines the troubles
order is finally restored. of an ordinary family facing
extraordinary circumstances
during one of Americas darkest

Graded Readers

1 Classic stories Beginner to
Enjoyable reading material providing a rich context for Upper-Intermediate
language practice. CEFR: A1, A2, B1, B2

2 Original stories
Beginner to Intermediate
CEFR: A1, A2, B1

key features components

(Classic & Original Stories)
Stories which have been carefully
graded for each level according
Students Book Activity Book with Audio
to vocabulary, grammatical multilingual glossary CD/CD-ROM
structures, sentence length and
plot complexity
Full-colour illustrations closely
integrated with the text which * Students Pack ** Teachers Book
stimulate learners and facilitate
understanding * Students Pack: ** Teachers Book:
The ideal springboard for the Students book Story book
development of learners reading, Activity book Activity book with overprinted
writing, listening and speaking Audio CD answers
skills Teachers notes
Revision tests
Key to tests
Classic stories
level 1 Headwords: 400-500 | A1.1 (CEF*) - A1.2 (CEF)


The main characters in

A beautiful sad tale unfolds
this amusing fairy tale are
when an unusual friendship
a carpenter, his three sons
between a statue of a
and a naughty goat that
prince and a swallow is
has difficulty telling the

level 2 Headwords: 900 | A2.1 (CEF) / KET** (Cambridge)


In this highly entertaining This famous fairy tale

story, three children come follows the adventures of
upon an enchanted castle Dorothy and her dog, Toto,
and a beautiful princess, who are carried away by a
who is not what she appears twister to the magical land
to be. of Oz.


This moving tale of love and

White Fang is a wolf-dog
devotion tells the story of a
growing up in the cold
rich man and his family. He
wilderness of the Canadian
loves all his children but his
North, often facing hunger
youngest child is so pretty
and the dangers of living in
that everyone simply calls
the wild.
her Beauty.

level 3 Headwords: 1100 - 1150 | A2.2 (CEF) / KET (Cambridge)


In this story, Cora and Alice

In this story, set in Victorian
Munro start a journey
England, a wicked old ghost
through the forest to see
tries in vain to terrify an
their father, Colonel Munro,
American family who have
at Fort William Henry but
settled in his house.
they face many dangers.

*Common European Framework **Key English Test


The story is set in war- A four-year adventure
ravaged England a long time begins when five men and
ago. When the old king is a dog escape the American
killed, everyone is surprised Civil War in a hot-air balloon.
when a young boy named They find themselves
Arthur shows that he is on an unmapped island
brave and strong enough to somewhere in the Pacific
become the countrys new Ocean and start a new life
king. there.

level 4 Headwords: 1200 | B1 (CEF) / PET* (Cambridge)


In this classic Dickensian In this classic Jules Verne

story, the life of an orphan adventure story, a message
boy named Pip is sealed by that the passengers and
his encounter with a convict, crew of the Duncan find
his acquaintance with the in a sharks belly launches
mysterious Miss Havisham the search for the missing
and his great love for Estella. Captain Grant.


Victor Frankenstein works day The beautiful Christine Daae Jonathan Harker visits Count
and night to create his monster, becomes an overnight success Draculas castle in Transylvania on
thinking it will be a great advance at the famous Paris Opera; yet, business. At the beginning of the
in the scientific field. behind her there is mystery. The journey, he cannot imagine what
Opera house is haunted. trouble hes got himself into.

level 5 Headwords: 1600 | B2 (CEF) / FCE** (Cambridge)


The former Musketeers

When the handsome Dorian return for yet another
Gray has his portrait painted, adventure. Their motto is still
he jokes that it is unfair for the same: All for one and one
him to grow old and the for all but this time the four
portrait to stay young. good friends find themselves
on different sides.

*Preliminary English Test **Cambridge English: First

Original stories
level 1 Headwords: 400 | A1 (CEF)


Paul, a young English boy,

travels through the Chunnel In this story, a young girl goes
to Paris. There, he meets his on a trip to London in order
pen-friend Pierre Dupont, to take part in the final of
Monsieur and Madame an international short story
Dupont and Pierres cousin competition.

level 2 Headwords: 600 - 800 | A2.1 (CEF) / KET (Cambridge)


In this contemporary story,

four American teenage
Lisa continues her adventures,
musicians are invited to one
this time along the banks of
of the most prestigious music
the beautiful but mysterious
awards in New York and
Loch Ness in Scotland.
expect to have the time of
their lives.

level 3 Headwords: 1000 | A2.2 (CEF) / KET (Cambridge)


Christopher Andrews lives

In this contemporary story,
in Aylesworth. He finds out
two brothers, Jason and
that his favourite place,
Nicholas, get lost in the midst
Aylesworth forest, will be
of Hong Kongs colourful New
cut down to build blocks of
Year celebrations after Jasons
flats. He decides that he has
plans are intercepted by his
to do something to save this
curious younger brother.
beautiful old forest.

level 4 Headwords: 1200 - 1250 | B1 (CEF) / PET (Cambridge)


In this contemporary story, Three teenage girls, Ellise,

Richard, a teenage Aboriginal Fran and Agnes join a
boy raised in white Australian potholers club in Derbyshire
society, is compelled to come and go with other club
to terms with his past by members on a trip to the Peak
forces outside his control. District National Park.

PRE-PRIMARY COURSES Teachers Book 978-960-478-177-5 Class CDs 978-960-478-868-2

ISBN list
Funny Phonics Flashcards978-960-478-211-6 Flashcards978-960-443-696-5
(British Edition) p. 4 Class CDs 978-960-478-271-0 IWB978-960-573-777-1
Funny Phonics 1 Class CDs American 978-960-478-339-7 Get Smart British 5
Students Book 978-960-478-736-4 IWB978-960-573-866-2 Students Book 978-960-478-853-8
Activity Book 978-960-478-818-7 New Yippee! Green Workbook978-960-478-854-5
Teachers Book 978-960-478-830-9 Students Book 978-960-478-203-1 Teachers Book 978-960-478-855-2
Class CD/CD-ROMS American 978-960-509-149-1 Fun Book 978-960-478-206-2 Class CDs 978-960-478-869-9
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Class CD/CD-ROMS British 978-960-478-879-8 Teachers Book 978-960-478-175-1 TR CD/CD-ROM 1-4 978-960-509-491-1
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Funny Phonics 3 Class CDs American 978-960-478-343-4 SECONDARY & ADULT
Students Book 978-960-478-738-8 IWB978-960-573-868-6 COURSES
Activity Book 978-960-478-833-0 TR CD/CD-ROM 978-960-478-276-5 Full Blast (British Edition) p. 18
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Class CD/CD-ROMS American 978-960-509-345-7 PRIMARY COURSES Students Book 978-960-443-877-8
Class CD/CD-ROMS British 978-960-478-880-4 Young Stars (British Edition) p. 12 Workbook978-960-443-878-5
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Activity Book 978-960-478-835-4 Class CDs 978-618-05-0376-0 Full Blast 2
Teachers Book 978-960-478-836-1 TR CD/CD-ROM 978-618-05-0226-8 Students Book 978-960-443-885-3
Class CD/CD-ROMS American 978-960-509-452-2 IWB978-618-05-0377-7 Workbook978-960-443-886-0
Class CD/CD-ROM British 978-960-478-881-1 Young Stars 2 Workbook Teachers Edit. 978-960-443-887-7
IWB American 978-960-509-721-9 Students Book 978-960-573-699-6 Teachers Book 978-960-443-888-4
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Hi kids!
(British Edition) p. 6 Class CDs 978-960-573-741-2 Students Book 978-960-443-901-0
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Alphabet & Phonics Book Audio
Class CDs 978-960-478-867-5 Class CDs 978-960-509-921-3
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(British Edition) p. 8 Get Smart British 4 TR CD/CD-ROM978-960-573-208-0
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ISBN list
MM Practice Tests for the
IWB978-960-573-215-8 Students Book 978-960-443-248-6 Elementary978-960-478-422-6 TOEFL iBT Exam p. 41
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Grammar & Vocabulary Practice material
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Split Edition p. 26 skills development
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Pioneer C1
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Students Book 978-960-509-907-7
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Class CDs 978-960-509-925-1
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TR CD/CD-ROM 978-960-573-211-0
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Traveller (British Edition) p. 22 Smart Grammar And Vocabulary 4a & 4b New Plus Pre-Intermediate DVD (PAL) 978-960-443-190-8
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Key To Activity Book &
Students Book 978-960-443-565-4 Students Book B 978-960-443-489-3 Teachers Book 978-960-379-885-9 Transcripts 978-960-443-169-4
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Teachers Book 978-960-443-568-5 Students Book B 978-960-443-491-6 Students Book 978-960-379-823-1 (Secondary & Adult) p. 45
Class CDs 978-960-478-576-6 Smart Grammar And Vocabulary 6a & 6b Teachers Book 978-960-379-824-8 Network - A Video-based Course Beginners
IWB978-960-573-822-8 Students Book A 978-960-443-492-3 Class CDs 978-960-379-983-2 Activity Book 978-960-478-425-7
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Enter The World Of Grammar  p. 27 Activity Book 978-960-478-426-4
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Enter The World Of Grammar  DVD978-960-478-430-1
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Book A 978-960-7955-14-2 Pre-Intermediate
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Book 5 978-960-7955-22-7 Students Book 978-960-573-173-1
Workbook Teachers Edit. 978-960-443-591-3 Level 1 (with Audio CD/CD-ROM)
Junior English Grammar p. 28 Teachers Book 978-960-573-174-8 Red & Blue  978-960-478-311-3
Teachers Book 978-960-443-592-0 Class CDs 978-960-573-175-5
Junior English Grammar Book 1 Yellow & Green 978-960-478-312-0
Class CDs 978-960-443-594-4
Students Book 978-960-379-317-5 New Plus Michigan p. 35 5 Marbles 978-960-478-346-5
Teachers Book 978-960-379-353-3 New Plus Michigan B2 Baby Brother 978-960-478-347-2
Traveller B1+
Junior English Grammar Book 2 Students Book 978-960-509-184-2 Cookies978-960-478-345-8
Students Book 978-960-443-607-1
Students Book 978-960-379-318-2 Teachers Book 978-960-509-204-7 Wheres Lucy? 978-960-478-382-3
Teachers Book 978-960-379-354-0 Class CDs 978-960-509-199-6 Level 2 (with Audio CD/CD-ROM)
Workbook Teachers Edit. 978-960-443-609-5
Junior English Grammar Book 3 New Plus Michigan Proficiency Yellow Ted 978-960-478-387-8
Teachers Book 978-960-443-610-1
Students Book 978-960-379-319-9 Students Book 978-960-573-190-8 The Old House 978-960-478-388-5
Class CDs 978-960-443-611-8
Teachers Book 978-960-379-355-7 Teachers Book 978-960-573-191-5 My Family 978-960-478-379-3
Junior English Grammar Book 4 Class CDs 978-960-573-189-2 Toy Party 978-960-478-381-6
Traveller B2
Students Book 978-960-379-320-5 Lets Go Home 978-960-478-380-9
Students Book 978-960-443-614-9
Teachers Book 978-960-379-356-4 exams Wheres Fluffy? 978-960-478-383-0
Junior English Grammar Book 5 Level 3 (with Audio CD/CD-ROM)
Workbook Teachers Edit. 978-960-443-616-3 Go Starters p. 38
Students Book 978-960-379-344-1 My Red Car 978-960-478-389-2
Teachers Book 978-960-443-618-7 Students Book 978-960-509-435-5
Teachers Book 978-960-379-357-1 Black Ant 978-960-478-390-8
Class CDs 978-960-478-107-2 Class CDs 978-960-509-447-8
Junior English Grammar Book 6 Big Shoes 978-960-478-392-2
IWB978-960-573-827-3 Go Movers p. 38
Students Book 978-960-379-345-8 Jumping Hat 978-960-478-393-9
Traveller Advanced C1 Students Book 978-960-509-449-2
Teachers Book 978-960-379-358-8 Snowy978-960-478-391-5
Students Book 978-960-443-623-1 Class CDs 978-960-509-454-6
Workbook978-960-443-624-8 Live English Grammar p. 29 A Funny Story 978-960-478-436-3
Workbook Teachers Edit. 978-960-443-625-5 Live English Grammar Beginners Go Flyers p. 38 Little Books Teachers Notes978-960-478-600-8
Teachers Book 978-960-443-626-2 Students Book 978-960-379-423-3 Students Book 978-960-509-448-5
Class CDs 978-960-509-455-3 Primary Readers p. 51
Class CDs 978-960-443-628-6 Teachers Book 978-960-379-424-0
Level 1
IWB978-960-573-828-0 Test Booklet 978-960-379-167-6 Practice Tests for the Cambridge Cookie Land978-960-443-011-6
TR CD/CD-ROM Live English Grammar Elementary English: First (FCE) Examination p. 38 With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-010-9
(Beginners - Pre-Intermediate)978-960-509-144-6 Students Book 978-960-379-425-7 Students Book 978-960-573-441-1
Teachers Book 978-960-379-426-4 Cookie Land (Amer. Edit.)978-960-379-495-0
TR CD/CD-ROM Teachers Book 978-960-573-442-8
Test Booklet 978-960-379-168-3 With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-436-3
(Intermediate B1) 978-960-509-178-1 Class CDs 978-960-573-438-1
TR CD/CD-ROM B1+ 978-960-509-179-8 Live English Grammar Pre-Intermediate Teachers Book 978-960-379-459-2
Plus Michigan ECCE Practice Tests p. 39
TR CD/CD-ROM Students Book 978-960-379-427-1 Jaspers Pot Of Gold978-960-443-013-0
Students Book 978-960-509-187-3
(B2 - Advanced C1) 978-960-478-265-9 Teachers Book 978-960-379-428-8 With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-012-3
Teachers Book 978-960-509-194-1
Test Booklet 978-960-379-169-0 Audio CDs 978-960-509-200-9 Jaspers Pot Of Gold
Grammar Live English Grammar Intermediate Glossary978-960-509-193-4 (Amer. Edit.)978-960-379-674-9
Smart Grammar And Vocabulary Students Book 978-960-379-429-5 With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-673-2
(Primary) p. 26 Teachers Book 978-960-379-430-1 Plus Michigan ECPE Practice Tests p. 39
Teachers Book 978-960-379-675-6
Smart Grammar And Vocabulary 1 Test Booklet 978-960-379-170-6 Students Book 978-960-509-188-0
Teachers Book 978-960-509-196-5 The Ugly Duckling 978-960-443-287-5
Students Book 978-960-443-244-8 Full Blast Grammar p. 30 With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-286-8
Teachers Book 978-960-443-245-5 Class CDs 978-960-509-203-0
Beginners978-960-478-166-9 Glossary978-960-509-195-8 Teachers Book 978-960-443-288-2
Class CD 978-960-443-252-3 Elementary978-960-478-167-6 The Princess & The Frog 978-960-443-466-4
Smart Grammar And Vocabulary 2 Pre-Intermediate978-960-478-180-5 Use Of English B2 p. 40
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-467-1
Students Book 978-960-443-246-2 Intermediate978-960-478-434-9 Students Book 978-960-443-928-7
Teachers Book 978-960-443-468-8
Teachers Book 978-960-443-247-9 Teachers Book 978-960-443-929-4
Pinocchio978-960-478-303-8 Gulliver In Lilliput Teachers Book 978-960-443-328-5 Pack978-960-379-473-8
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-478-302-1 (Amer. Edit.) 978-960-379-690-9 Students Book + CD 978-960-443-429-9 Frankenstein

ISBN list
Teachers Book 978-960-478-304-5 With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-689-3 The Tempest Students Book 978-960-379-804-0
Teachers Book 978-960-379-691-6 Students Book 978-960-443-482-4 Activity Book 978-960-478-578-0
Level 2
Robin Hood978-960-379-815-6 Teachers Book 978-960-443-483-1 Teachers Book 978-960-478-055-6
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-814-9 Students Book + CD 978-960-443-723-8 Audio CD 978-960-379-809-5
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-006-2
Moby Dick Pack978-960-379-811-8
Aladdin (Amer. Edit.) 978-960-379-498-1 Robin Hood (Amer. Edit.)978-960-379-694-7
Students Book 978-960-478-004-4 The Phantom Of The Opera
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-466-0 With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-693-0
Teachers Book 978-960-478-005-1 Students Book 978-960-443-029-1
Teachers Book 978-960-379-467-7 Teachers Book 978-960-379-695-4 Students Book + CD 978-960-478-018-1 Activity Book 978-960-478-020-4
The Kings New Suit978-960-478-306-9 Top Readers p. 56 A Midsummer Nights Dream Teachers Book 978-960-478-021-1
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-478-305-2 Level 1 Students Book 978-960-478-113-3 Audio CD 978-960-443-044-4
Teachers Book 978-960-478-307-6 Lisa In New York Teachers Book 978-960-478-132-4 Pack978-960-443-055-0
The Selfish Giant978-960-443-649-1 Students Book 978-960-443-657-6 Students Book + CD 978-960-478-135-5 Dracula
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-650-7 Teachers Book 978-960-443-658-3 The Grapes of Wrath Students Book 978-960-443-147-2
Teachers Book 978-960-443-651-4 Students Book + CD 978-960-443-661-3 Students Book 978-960-573-449-7 Activity Book 978-960-478-057-0
Teachers Book 978-960-573-450-3 Teachers Book 978-960-478-054-9
The Fox And The Dog 978-960-443-009-3 Level 2 Students Book + CD 978-960-573-568-5 Audio CD 978-960-443-150-2
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-008-6 20.000 Leagues Under The Sea Pack978-960-443-151-9
The Fox And The Dog Students Book 978-960-443-330-8 Graded Readers - Classic stories p. 61
(Amer. Edit.)978-960-379-494-3 Teachers Book 978-960-443-331-5 Level 1 Level 5
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-434-9 Students Book + CD 978-960-443-427-5 The Table, The Ass And The Stick The Picture Of Dorian Gray
Teachers Book 978-960-379-457-8 Huck Finn Students Book 978-960-379-714-2 Students Book 978-960-443-028-4
Students Book 978-960-443-470-1 Activity Book 978-960-478-278-9 Activity Book 978-960-478-208-6
Felix And The Fairy978-960-443-300-1
Teachers Book 978-960-443-471-8 Teachers Book 978-960-478-629-9 Teachers Book 978-960-478-164-5
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-299-8
Students Book + CD 978-960-443-663-7 Audio CD 978-960-379-745-6 Audio CD 978-960-443-043-7
Teachers Book 978-960-443-301-8
A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthurs Court Pack978-960-379-474-5 Pack978-960-443-053-6
Level 3 Students Book 978-960-478-009-9 The Happy Prince The Man In The Iron Mask
Rumpelstiltskin978-960-443-005-5 Teachers Book 978-960-478-010-5 Students Book 978-960-379-723-4 Students Book 978-960-443-157-1
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-004-8 Students Book + CD 978-960-478-028-0 Activity Book 978-960-478-157-7 Activity Book 978-960-478-385-4
Rumpelstiltskin (Amer. Edit.)978-960-379-499-8 Railway Children Teachers Book 978-960-443-971-3 Teachers Book 978-960-478-041-9
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-469-1 Students Book 978-960-478-297-0 Audio CD 978-960-379-749-4 Audio CD 978-960-443-160-1
Teachers Book 978-960-379-470-7 Teachers Book 978-960-478-298-7 Pack978-960-379-482-0 Pack978-960-443-161-8
Sleeping Beauty978-960-443-653-8 Students Book + CD 978-960-478-301-4 Level 2 Graded Readers - Original stories p. 61
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-654-5 Lisa In China The Magic Ring Level 1
Teachers Book 978-960-443-655-2 Students Book 978-960-478-823-1 Students Book 978-960-379-717-3 Paul And Pierre In Paris
Sleeping Beauty CD-ROM978-960-509-004-3 Teachers Book 978-960-478-824-8 Activity Book 978-960-478-591-9 Students Book 978-960-379-079-2
Students Book + CD 978-960-478-826-2 Teachers Book 978-960-478-200-0 Activity Book 978-960-478-148-5
The Tin Soldier978-960-379-998-6
The Secret Garden Audio CD 978-960-379-742-5 Teachers Book 978-960-379-081-5
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-997-9
Students Book 978-618-05-0245-9 Pack978-960-379-475-2 Audio CD 978-960-379-331-1
The Tin Soldier (Amer. Edit.)978-960-379-497-4 Teachers Book 978-618-05-0246-6
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-463-9 The Wizard Of Oz Pack978-960-379-484-4
Students Book + CD 978-618-05-0247-3 Students Book 978-960-379-729-6 Lisa Goes To London
Teachers Book 978-960-379-464-6
Puss In Boots978-960-443-283-7 Level 3 Activity Book 978-960-478-209-3 Students Book 978-960-7955-58-6
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-282-0 Oliver Twist Teachers Book 978-960-478-163-8 Activity Book 978-960-478-156-0
Teachers Book 978-960-443-281-3 Students Book 978-960-443-324-7 Audio CD 978-960-379-743-2 Teachers Book 978-960-478-216-1
Teachers Book 978-960-443-325-4 Pack978-960-379-483-7 Audio CD 978-960-379-324-3
The Emperors Nightingale978-960-478-309-0
Students Book + CD 978-960-443-430-5 Beauty And The Beast Pack978-960-379-477-6
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-478-308-3
Treasure Island Students Book 978-960-443-081-9
Teachers Book 978-960-478-310-6 Level 2
Students Book 978-960-443-474-9 Activity Book 978-960-509-471-3
Lisa Visits Loch Ness
Jingles Christmas Adventure Teachers Book 978-960-443-475-6 Teachers Book 978-960-478-165-2
Students Book 978-960-379-083-9
With Audio CD/CD-ROM978-960-443-036-9 Students Book + CD 978-960-443-722-1 Audio CD 978-960-443-046-8
Activity Book 978-960-509-834-6
Teachers Book 978-960-443-052-9 Kidnapped Pack978-960-443-056-7
Teachers Book 978-960-509-835-3
Level 4 Students Book 978-960-478-022-8 White Fang
Audio CD 978-960-379-332-8
Teachers Book 978-960-478-023-5 Students Book 978-960-443-162-5
Mowgli978-960-443-003-1 Pack978-960-379-485-1
Students Book + CD 978-960-478-029-7 Activity Book 978-960-478-149-2
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-002-4 The Mix-up
Swiss Family Robinson Teachers Book 978-960-478-040-2
Mowgli (Amer. Edit.)978-960-379-496-7 Students Book 978-960-7955-59-3
Students Book 978-960-509-100-2 Audio CD 978-960-443-165-6
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-435-6 Activity Book 978-960-509-472-0
Teachers Book 978-960-509-101-9 Pack978-960-443-166-3
Teachers Book 978-960-7955-63-0
Teachers Book 978-960-379-461-5 Students Book + CD 978-960-509-163-7 Level 3 Audio CD 978-960-379-325-0
The Wishing Fish978-960-379-832-3 Swallows and Amazons The Canterville Ghost Pack978-960-379-478-3
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-831-6 Students Book 978-960-573-176-2 Students Book 978-960-379-720-3
The Wishing Fish (Amer. Edit.)978-960-379- Teachers Book 978-960-573-177-9 Level 3
Activity Book 978-960-478-035-8
678-7 Students Book + CD 978-960-573-179-3 In The Year Of The Dragon
Teachers Book 978-960-478-036-5
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-677-0 Students Book 978-960-7955-72-2
Level 4 Audio CD 978-960-379-746-3
Activity Book 978-960-509-858-2
Teachers Book 978-960-379-679-4 Jekyll And Hyde Pack978-960-379-476-9
Teachers Book 978-960-7955-74-6
Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves978-960-443-292-9 Students Book 978-960-443-333-9 The Last Of The Mohicans
Audio CD 978-960-379-327-4
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-291-2 Teachers Book 978-960-443-334-6 Students Book 978-960-379-735-7
Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves Students Book + CD 978-960-443-428-2 Activity Book 978-960-443-961-4
Save The Forest
(Amer. Edit.)978-960-443-290-5 The Turn Of The Screw  Teachers Book 978-960-509-095-1
Students Book 978-960-379-087-7
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-289-9 Students Book 978-960-478-012-9 Audio CD 978-960-379-744-9
Activity Book 978-960-379-088-4
Teachers Book 978-960-443-293-6 Teachers Book 978-960-478-013-6 Pack978-960-379-472-1
Teachers Book 978-960-509-211-5
Students Book + CD 978-960-478-019-8 Excalibur
Peter Pan978-960-443-434-3 Audio CD 978-960-379-333-5
The African Queen  Students Book 978-960-443-038-3
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-435-0 Pack978-960-379-486-8
Students Book 978-960-443-478-7 Activity Book 978-960-478-037-2
Teachers Book 978-960-443-438-1 Level 4
Teachers Book 978-960-443-479-4 Teachers Book 978-960-478-038-9
The Short-necked Giraffe978-960-573-697-2 Students Book + CD 978-960-443-662-0 Audio CD 978-960-443-045-1 Back To The Dreamtime
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-573-696-5 The Man Who Would Be King  Pack978-960-443-054-3 Students Book 978-960-7955-76-0
Teachers Book 978-960-573-698-9 Students Book 978-960-478-136-2 The Mysterious Island Activity Book 978-960-478-171-3
Level 5 Teachers Book 978-960-478-137-9 Students Book 978-960-443-152-6 Teachers Book 978-960-478-162-1
Students Book + CD 978-960-478-140-9 Activity Book 978-960-478-158-4 Audio CD 978-960-379-326-7
Theseus & The Minotaur978-960-443-015-4
Wuthering Heights Teachers Book 978-960-478-172-0 Pack978-960-379-479-0
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-443-014-7
Students Book 978-960-478-623-7 Audio CD 978-960-443-155-7 Lost In The Cave
Theseus &The Minotaur Students Book 978-960-379-091-4
(Amer. Edit.)978-960-379-682-4 Teachers Book 978-960-478-624-4 Pack978-960-443-156-4
Students Book + CD 978-960-478-627-5 Activity Book 978-960-478-630-5
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-681-7 Level 4
The Coral Island Teachers Book 978-960-478-631-2
Teachers Book 978-960-379-683-1 Great Expectations
Students Book 978-960-509-096-8 Audio CD 978-960-379-334-2
Tom Sawyer978-960-379-834-7 Students Book 978-960-379-726-5
Teachers Book 978-960-509-097-5 Pack978-960-379-487-5
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-833-0 Activity Book 978-960-478-204-8
Students Book + CD 978-960-509-160-6 Teachers Book 978-960-509-367-9
Tom Sawyer (Amer. Edit.)978-960-379-686-2 David Copperfield Audio CD 978-960-379-748-7
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-685-5 Students Book 978-960-573-130-4 Pack978-960-379-481-3
Teachers Book 978-960-379-687-9 Teachers Book 978-960-573-131-1 Captain Grants Children
Students Book + CD 978-960-573-145-8 Students Book 978-960-379-732-6
Level 6 The product information, as well as any other
Gulliver In Lilliput978-960-379-830-9 Level 5 Activity Book 978-960-478-632-9 information included in this catalogue, are based
With Audio CD/CD-ROM 978-960-379-829-3 The Creeping Man  Teachers Book 978-960-379-734-0 on conditions existing at the time of print and are
Students Book 978-960-443-327-8 Audio CD 978-960-379-747-0 subject to change without prior notice.
CEF Common European Framework of Reference
for Languages
One of the aims of the Common European Framework is to describe the levels of proficiency required by
existing standards, tests and examinations in order to facilitate comparisons between different systems
of qualifications. For this purpose the Common Reference Levels have been developed. The table below
summarises the set of proposed Common Reference Levels in single holistic paragraphs and provides
teachers and curriculum planners with orientation points.

Common Reference Levels: global scale

C2 Can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read. Can summarise information
from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in
a coherent presentation. Can express himself/herself spontaneously, very fluently and
Proficient User

precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in more complex situations.

C1 Can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognise implicit meaning.
Can express himself/herself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching
for expressions. Can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and
professional purposes. Can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex
subjects, showing controlled use of organisational patterns, connectors and cohesive

B2 Can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics,
including technical discussions in his/her field of specialisation. Can interact with a
degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers
Independent User

quite possible without strain for either party. Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide
range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and
disadvantages of various options.

B1 Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly
encountered in work, school, leisure, etc. Can deal with most situations likely to arise
whilst travelling in an area where the language is spoken. Can produce simple connected
text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest. Can describe experiences and
events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for
opinions and plans.

A2 Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most
immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local
geography, employment). Can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a
simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. Can describe
Basic User

in simple terms aspects of his/her background, immediate environment and matters in

areas of immediate need.

A1 Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at
the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. Can introduce himself/herself and others and
can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people
he/she knows and things he/she has. Can interact in a simple way provided the other
person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

In the previous pages the correspondence of MM Publications books to the Common Reference Levels
is presented in order to facilitate teachers.

solutions from Binary Logic
English language


English language learning

ELTSKILLS Practise your English

anywhere anytime

Blended Learning Advantages for the students

in action! > Students can work anytime, anywhere.

ELT SKILLS is the ideal companion for the English > Students work at their own pace and can see
language learner and a valuable supplement to any their results immediately.
English language teaching course. > Students can work without interruptions and
Covers all the essential areas of foreign language
acquisition: reading, listening, speaking, writing, > Students gain greater self-confidence.
grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. > Students learn self-reliance.
Introduces and develops the English language > The environment helps them to be extremely
according to a spiral, topic-based syllabus where productive.
meaning, grammar, and communicative purposes
> Students have a more active role compared to
are woven together.
the role they have in the classroom.
Presents language in a context that can and should
be linked with the lives and experiences of the
learners and even expanded on. Benefits for the institution
> Expands the institutions curriculum to include
Includes a new educational philosophy.
interactive graded readers > Consolidates the English language teachers work.
> Helps institutions achieve a higher success rate in
> Updates the institutions educational methods to
correspond with current market trends.
> Improves the institutions image.
> Offers a value-added service to the students.
B I N A R Y > Integrated skills: Reading / Listening

ELTSKILLS / Writing / Speaking / Grammar
> Animations or videos with or without subtitles
presenting the English language in real-life
Specifically designed for students learning English as situations
a foreign or second language, it is intended to be used
in schools, universities, language and training centres > Carefully designed and graded activities
worldwide as a blended learning supplement to any > Online picture or photo dictionary with
ELT course. E-learning used and endorsed by thousands audio and examples of the word in use
of teachers and students.
> Interactive Roleplay activities
> Speaking activities and Accent Trainer
in downloadable apps for offline practice
6 levels for young learners > Topic related songs for primary levels
early beginners to pre-intermediate > Illustrated grammar section with audios
and examples of the grammatical item in use
ELTSKILLS Beginners-Upper Intermediate
> L anguage Review following the Common
5 levels for teenagers and young adults European Framework of reference guidelines
> Audio clips for extra practice on iPods
and other MP3 players
> Students Activity Book that is integrated into
for any device, the program
for any platform > E xtra graded reading with audio
and reading comprehension activities

the best way

to practise your English
The unique ELT solution
for language labs

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contact: answers to the exercises). We regret that neither multiple copies
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MM Publications provided.
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the making of multiple copies of parts of a book
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