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Ixalan Bingo!

Somebody shouts Somebody asks You hear Somebody makes

Somebody casts
RARGH during about Jace's someone singing a a Dinosaur Walk
Star of Extinction
combat ultimate ability piratey song the Plank
Someone steals a
A table shouts out Someone gains Someone controls
permenant using Someone
due to somebodys more than 10 life more than 5
Admiral Beckett ultimates Vraska
card they pulled in a game Treasure artifacts
You see someone Somebody attacks Someone asks
with Raptor FREE SPACE - A permenant
playing 5-colour about Crewing a
Companion and DINOSAURS! Transforms
"stuff" says "kill" Vehicle
A player takes a
Someone Equips a Somebody Pirates open a
Dinosaur hostage 3 Raid triggers in a
Dinosaur with activates Vona'sFiery Cannonade
with Hostage turn
Cobbled Wings ability upon Merfolk
Somebody turns a 3 Damage in a
Somebody Savage Somebody Somebody wins
Dinosaur into a turn from
Stomps with a Explores New with Revel in
Vampire (Mark of Lightning-Rig
Dinosaur Horizons Riches
the Vampire) Crew

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