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To: All EHS SSTA Users

From: MassHR Employee Service Center

Re: Accelerated Time Reporting and Approval Deadlines and Procedure for Labor Day
Date: Monday, August 28, 2017

This year, Labor Day is observed on Monday, September 4th, the day before payroll runs. In
accordance with our standard practice, the deadlines for online users - employees who enter
their time in SSTA (non-TCD users) - will be accelerated by 24 hours. The accelerated deadlines
for online users will be as follows:

Time Reporting Deadline: Wednesday, August 30, 4:00 PM

Time Approval Deadline: Thursday, August 31, 12:00 PM

TCD users should continue to swipe as usual.

TCD Approvers should approve all time through Thursdays 3rd Shift by Friday, September 1st at
12 noon. On Sunday, September 3rd, EOTSS will run a program to approve any remaining
unapproved, regularly scheduled reported time from first shift Friday, September 1st through
third shift Saturday, September 2nd for TCD swipes ONLY. These auto approvals will not include
the secondary approval required to generate overtime pay for the entire Week 2 which began
on August 20th and concludes on September 2nd. Overtime worked during Week 2 of this pay
period will be processed once secondary approval is applied, and will be paid in the next pay

TCD Approvers are required to validate these auto approvals in the next pay period to
ensure time approved via the auto approval was accurate. Any updates to an employees time
should be entered and approved on or after Tuesday, September 5th and will be processed as a
prior period adjustment.

Online users planning to use leave time during these critical dates can future date their time to
ensure prompt entry. Links to Job Aids for reporting Holiday Time can be found below.

All Approvers (TCD and Non-TCD) planning to use leave time during these critical dates are
encouraged to use delegation to manage your approval authority to ensure prompt approval of
reported time. Links to Job Aids for how to Delegate, Accept and Revoke delegations can be
found below.

For your convenience, links to job aids to report holiday time have also been included at the
bottom of this message.
Your attention to the revised deadlines will ensure accurate and timely payroll processing.
Please call the MassHR Employee Service Center at 617-979-8500 with questions regarding time
entry, time approval, or approval delegation.


Delegate Time Approval Authority

Accept Delegated Time Approval Authority

Revoke Delegated Time Approval Authority


Holiday Time Reporting Definitions and Quick Tips

Reporting Holiday Time Reported Timesheet

Reporting Holiday Time Punch Timesheet

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