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Judicial Interpreter of the Court of First Instance
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I, Rossy A. Bez Gonzlez, Judicial Interpreter of the Court of First Instance

of the city of Santo Domingo, National District, Capital of the Dominican
Republic, duly sworn for the legal exercise of my functions; CERTIFY: That
I have proceeded with the translation of a written newspaper article in
SPANISH language. the ENGLISH version of which, according to the
Undersigned, reads as follows:

Mercado Social Magazine March 31, 2017

Composer and Performer Marcio Garcia

Passion for the piano

Karla Nicole Angomas Ramirez

Santo Domingo
SANTO DOMINGO.- Since childhood we have dreams and goals
to fulfill, but over time, we become adults and those dreams are
forgotten, and even more so with the rhythm of life that society
demands. However there are people who make that dream come
true, with effort, dedication and sacrifice.
Such is the case of Marcio Garcia, who began to play by ear and to
improvise on the piano at age four, and in an exclusive interview
for, the young pianist tells the story of his
beginnings in music.
PREPARATION - Marcio began his musical studies at the age of
seven at the Centro de Educacion Musical Moderna (CEMM), a
nationally recognized school in which he remained until his
graduation at the age of 17, completing piano levels with honors ,
in addition with studying popular music at the National
Conservatory of Music.
I wanted to be a musician ever since I was a toddler; my mom had
a little toy piano and when my parents turned on the radio, I would
focus and play back what I heard by ear," said Garcia.
CHALLENGE ACCEPTED - In 2009, he was awarded a
scholarship from the Lamont School of Music at the University of
Denver, and earned his Bachelor's Degree in Classical Piano
Performance under the direction of David Genova, a pupil of
renowned pianist Leonard Shure. In 2013 he earned his master's
degree in Jazz Piano Performance, under the direction of Eric
Gunnison, at the University of Denver.
Marcio explains that when he arrived in Denver, he decided to
switch from classical music to jazz because it is a style of music
that can easily mix with others. "a jazz musician is a classical
musician who has the gift of being creative in the moment," he
"Today, young people are more accepting of this type of music,
especially thanks to the fact that globalization and technology
allow you to access music very easily," said Garca.
PERFORMANCES - Among his notable performances, Marcio
highlights his participation with Mark Mothersbaugh, founder of
the 70's American rock band "DEVO", as well as in the studios of
KUVO 89.3 in Denver. Other performances include the renowned
Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver, Colorado with his trio, as well as with
salsa, bachata and merengue group "Los Lunticos".
Garca was selected as the pianist for the Purchase Jazz Orchestra
and Purchase Latin Jazz Orchestra in New York City, performing
at the world famous Birdland Jazz Club and recently
accompanying the multiple platinum-winning singer, songwriter
and actress Ann Hampton Callaway at the Performing Arts Center
in Purchase, NY. His upcoming performances include Canadian
trumpeter Ingrid Jensen at Dizzy's Jazz Club, Lincoln Center and
at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York.
The pianist has received multiple awards and honors including
"Recital of Distinction" awards for his classical piano and jazz
recitals at the University of Denver, a special citation for
"exceptional musical mastery" at the 44th. Greeley Jazz Festival, at
the Next Generation 2016 Monterey Jazz Festival, being selected
among the five finalists of a group of 100 participants, first place at
the 2015 Lamont School of Music Jazz Solo Honors Competition
and first place at the 2015 Lamont School of Music Jazz Honors
Chambers Competition.
FAMILY- "My family, for me, is everything. Unconditional
support, motivation, source of advice and wisdom they have
always supported me in everything, even though in my family the
only one who chose a music career was me. My parents were
always there for me, making me understand that it was a difficult
career choice, but not an impossible one, said Marcio.
"But besides my direct family, family are also those friends and
musicians who have supported me in everything and have given
me a hand when Ive needed it."
PROJECTS - Marcio loves music education, especially aimed at
children and in recent years has devoted part of his time to this
activity. Because of his love and passion for music and recognizing
the importance of learning to play a musical instrument as a way to
develop qualities such as creativity, enthusiasm, perseverance,
discipline and concentration in the human being, he is developing a
scholarship program for children with musical talent who are in
"I want to teach the skills that I have learned throughout my years
in order to pass on knowledge to other musicians, while being a
source of inspiration," said the pianist.
In addition to musical education the artist is working on a new
project including recording his original compositions for next year
in a trio format.
"My goal is to continue transmitting my music at an international
level; a musician does not remain static, a musician is always
moving around, because you are a messenger that transmits culture
from one place to another," Garcia added.
The aforementioned is, to the best of the Undersigned, a true
translation of its original. Issued at the request of the interested
party, in Santo Domingo, National District, Capital of the
Dominican Republic on this 30th day of the month of June of the
year Two Thousand Seventeen (2017) and registered in my files
under No. 002/18