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McNeese State University

Department of Education Professions

Lesson Plan Template
Name Sarah Crews Email Phone 337-368-9706
Primary Subject Area English Grade Level 7th
Title of Lesson The Tell-Tale Heart Approximate duration 1-1:30

Overview of Lesson
To create an educational program that complies with the Virginia Standards of Learning. To use Poes short stories to teach students about
the different point of views, narration styles, and gothic literary devices.
Essential Question(s)

Prior Knowledge Expected of Students

Common Core Learning Standards

Educational Technology Standards

Additional Standards

Interdisciplinary Connections

Student Outcomes
Students will
identify and use point of view in literary works.
Experiment with narrative styles and how to use them effectively.
Practice and use new vocabulary.
Lesson Procedures
Pre-Planned Seed
Time Step-by-Step Lesson Procedures with Embedded Coding
15 min Have each student pick a character from the list below, and have students retell the story from that
characters perspective. They should only write what their character may have seen or heard. 1.
Old Man 2. Death 3. Neighbor 4. Police Officer
15-20 Split the class into four groups based on the narrative they chose and ask each group to create a
min script for their chosen character, retelling the story as they witnessed it. Emphasize the use of
diction (word choice) and descriptive language to make their narrative more persuasive.
25 min Groups present their narrative. Following each presentation, class will offer critiques and/or
Teacher Materials Student Materials Technology Resources References
Tell-Tale Heart with annotations
abbott/tom3t002.htm Printable
PDF version
The story The story Animated videos The Tell-Tale
Heart by Annette Jung
h?v=wDLLHTdVSgU Narrated by
James Mason

Exploration, Extensions, and Supplemental

Assessment Criteria for Success

Accommodations and Access for All

Post-Lesson Reflection