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Southern African Institute of Steel Construction

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Annual Report 2007 1

2 Annual Report 2007

The year under review was again marked by high levels of New challenges in the form of foreign participation in South
activity in the SAISC as outlined in Hennie de Clercqs report. African projects like the stadiums have to be considered.
His leadership and enthusiasm is an important ingredient in Indications are that South African companies are in some
the ongoing successes of the Institute: the new issue of the instances participating in a meaningful manner and that
Red Book has been sold out, the introduction and promotion good sense prevailed. This is going to present some of the
of steel framed housing is a reality, the annual awards func- biggest challenges in the near future.
tions were attended by a record number of participants, the
quality of the Institutes magazine is receiving international It is my view that this is a good time for steelwork contractors
recognition and each of the working Committees is active and for those who supply products or services to the industry
and adding value to the industry. Well done! to enhance their capacity, just like the mills are doing. We
know that many contractors have already responded by
The Institutes 50 year celebrations in 2006 is still followed by installing new equipment, employing staff and training, and
some of the best times the steel industry has ever experienced. we believe there is still more scope.
The last two years have been almost unbelievable in terms of
the demand for steel and especially the demand for structural A time of exceptional demand is also a time to grow market
steel. It is particularly noticeable that structural steel is used in a share. The Institute should not relax its promotional activities
very broad-based range of projects, resulting from a high level during this period, and everybody else in the broader steel
of activity in the building cycle. Virtually none of the power sta- construction industry should also pursue projects including
tions, stadiums, railway expansions or other major projects that those where the client and design team may have other
are being planned forms part of this boom. This implies that the materials in mind, with more aggression.
steel construction industry can look forward to an extended
period of prosperity even if the economy cools down, lasting I want to thank and congratulate the staff of the SAISC with
beyond 2010 and based on these major projects. what they have done and achieved again this year.

The South African steel mills have responded to this demand

in the short term by minimising exports, importing, and
doing whatever is possible to maximize production. Until
now, it has been possible to keep prices to favourable levels
compared with other countries, and to avoid significant proj-
ects delays. Both in the short and medium term the mills are
also bringing substantial new capacity on line. John Ellwood

Annual Report 2007 3


The world of business is constantly changing and any continuing to do so. The statistics at our disposal are very
organisation that hopes to be successful in this world needs to scant, but we judge that by the end of this year the
be constantly aware of the trends and forces that shape its capacity of the steel construction industry in South Africa
environment, and respond to these as effectively as it can. This will have doubled from its levels of before 2005. Increases
applies to the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction in the prices of erected steelwork have yielded the profit
as much as it does to any other organisation, and it also applies levels to enable companies to invest in new capacity.
to the steel construction industry in general. K Manpower and skills shortages, long predicted, but not
addressed because it was difficult to prepare for a scenario
In our view the most fundamental trend we need to take note that nobody really believed in, started to become quite
of is that the demand for structural steelwork has been at acute on the artisan, management and technical levels.
historically high levels this past year, while there are many This affected not only the industry, but also client bodies.
reasons to believe that strong demand will persist for at least This caused projects to come off the line slower than they
another five years. Several times during recent years we were might have, thus saving the industry some embarrassment
warned to meet thy boom but invariably the good times did and hopefully having the effect of spreading the project
not materialise and the extremely slack demand of the past more evenly over a longer period.
two decades just continued. Now, however, not only has the
K Stresses did however start showing. For example the
market for structural steel become feverishly hot, but the
sometimes suspect quality of the documentation that
whole industry seems to have become convinced that the
steelwork contractors receive to work with, often coupled
good times will last.
with greater urgency to proceed with construction that has
not yet been fully planned and designed.
Among the consequences of the strong market conditions and
the industrys belief in the future the following can be listed: K Until now, only a few contracts in South Africa have been
awarded to overseas contractors. Among the reasons for
K Companies in the industry have already installed a this may be that our market, even in its very hot state, is
considerable amount of additional capacity, and they are still regarded as rather small in a world of strong demand
for structural steel, and that our steelwork contractors are
actually very effective in handling projects that are not
completely designed. We are concerned, nevertheless, that
some of the large projects being planned will attract very
serious competition from abroad.

K In view of the strong local market, even those South African

companies who have traditionally been strong in the export
of fabricated structural steel, have shown a diminishing
interest in pursuing projects in other countries. We know,
however, that the strong local market will not last forever and
that it remains of the utmost importance for companies in
our industry to keep active in the export market.

Seeing our environment in the light of these observations has

had a distinct impact on the strategy and activities of the
SAISC. We are fundamentally a long term type of organisation
and we cannot take our eye off the ball of ensuring the long
term success of our industry. However, we also need to take

4 Annual Report 2007

note of what the industry needs right at this moment and Another aspect relating to our environment that has influenced
change our emphasis in certain respects to address certain our behaviour is South Africas great need for housing for all
immediate needs. In general, we have shifted our attention just our people. The technology of steel frame construction for
slightly from market development to manpower development, houses and other smaller buildings has made it possible to
and it will be seen in this report that we have invested a lot of respond in new ways to this market. Our actions in response to
resources into enhancing the skills of people and in producing this opportunity have been very strong and dynamic.
skilled people for the industry. We have also embarked on
concerted actions to improve the business environment of the What was said above constitutes the background against
industry by encouraging government, big clients and other
which this report should be read. We hope that readers will
influential entities to adopt policies and approaches that will
come to the conclusion that the Southern African Institute of
enable our industry to be more successful and thereby be a
Steel Construction is a body that has the stability and staying
better collective citizen of our country.
power to support the steel construction industry for many
years into the future, as well as the agility and energy to take
Taking note of changes in the environment did not limit us, in
whatever actions are required at any point in time to deal with
terms of new items on our agenda, to the more short term
whatever threats and opportunities may present themselves.
considerations that result from the present business conditions
in the local steel construction industry. Of particular interest in
this regard is the Institutes new interest in the subject of
sustainable development. In South Africa, being a developing
country, sustainability, and especially the environmental aspect
thereof, tends to receive much less emphasis than it does in
the developed countries. But the future prosperity of our
industry requires us to learn about this subject and to take
whatever action is required to make us sustainable and to
demonstrate the fact to the world. Hennie de Clercq

Annual Report 2007 5


The annual accounts for the financial year starting 1 July 2006
and ending 30 June 2007 are presented in another report and so INCOME BY SOURCE
are not repeated in this report save to say that the SAISC, SASFA
and ISF all ran on the basis of income exceeding expenditure. 41% SAISI
8% SAISC membership
This could be interpreted that we are under-spending and
15% Steel 50 / Awards
could indicate that we are able to finance more resources.
8% Bookshop sales
However, there are several factors that have made the Institutes 6% SAISC courses
management team tread carefully in how to spend these 6% Steel Construction
resources. 5% SASFA membership
4% SASFA events
3% Draughtsmen / CETA
Taking into account the additional funding the SAISC received
3% Misc
from ArcelorMittal South Africa and Highveld Steel and Vanadium
through the good offices of the SA Iron and Steel Institute, the
increased subscriptions from members and increased internally
generated funds, we hope that it is abundantly clear from what
you read in this report that the activities of the Institute have EXPENSES
already been seriously stepped up and we truly believe that the
investment you are making in the institute is reaping major 33% Salaries
20% Steel 50 / Awards
returns in terms of the output and benefits you all receive from
15% Education
our activities. The pie charts show the composition of our fund-
10% PR, marketing golf day
ing sources and how the money has been spent. 6% Courses and events
5% Steel Construction
The difficult cash flow period that we experienced during the 4% Admin, bank etc.

Steel 50 conference and the 25th Steel Awards (until all the cash 2% Rent
2% Membership fees
generated was collected) prompted the Board to instruct us to try
2% IT and equipment
to put together a nest egg upon which we can rely in the
1% Publications
future, should the need ever occur. We are pleased to report that
considerable progress has been made in this regard and we are
confident that in the future we should be able to weather the
proverbial storms. This type of fund will certainly help to bridge
the considerable printing costs of the various publications
planned for the next six or so months and to enable us to meet
the SAISC commitment to the draughting schools finances with-
out affecting our normal day to day cash requirements.

6 Annual Report 2007


MARKET DEVELOPMENT Steel Awards proved to be as successful this year as in the past,
both as a competition and as an event. Celebrating excellence
Over the past year we recognised that the steel construction
and bringing people together is what Steel Awards is all about,
industry as a whole has become immensely busy, and that for the
and it has achieved a status as the premier event on the South
moment, there were other issues that have become more
African steel industrys annual calendar. There is no better
important than getting work for the industry. Nevertheless, a lot
showcase for what this industry can achieve, and almost 900
of work was done under the heading market development, and
people gathered simultaneously in Durban and Johannesburg for
much thought was given to what the task of the Committee was
the function. The event in Johannesburg is worth mentioning
and how it should discharge its responsibilities. Such thinking led
because a live performance of the acclaimed Lippizaner horses
to the writing of a new market development plan, which is
made it quite exceptional.
currently being implemented.

Steel Awards was but one of the Institutes events that enabled
An important part of the implementation of the marketing plan
members, clients, the professions and others to rub shoulders
is the development of a communications strategy. The Institute is
and discuss common interests. Other examples of such events
as much a communications institution as it is anything else, and
were the golf days held in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng and
how we communicate what with whom is of fundamental
several breakfast meetings during which prominent speakers
importance to our success.
addressed audiences on issues of particular interest to the
Also flowing from the market development plan is the need for
the Institute to be more active in lobbying. We are eager to clarify
The Institutes journal, Steel Construction, remains our primary
that we do not see lobbying as simply the action of influencing
medium of communication. During the year the journal
decision makers (sometimes by dubious means) to favour us over
continued to grow in stature and we received many accolades
others, but rather as building a strong case for making our
from near and far. Alongside the journal stands the SAISC website
industry an even better positive force in the country. This includes, which continues to attract many visitors. We
collaborating with others to find the best way of unlocking the
also enjoy a sustained stream of publicity in a wide spread of
potential of the industry. In pursuit of this objective we have
appointed Kobus de Beer, a highly regarded and accomplished
member of our industry, on a part-time basis to our staff with
lobbying, in the broader sense, as his sole responsibility. It comes
naturally to his task that he would also get involved in issues such
as black economic empowerment.

Every August over the past 10 years the Institute has sponsored
the visit of a prominent overseas architect to this country to
address audiences consisting primarily of architects, and to
speak at the annual conference of the South African Institute of
Architects. This year the visitor was Michiel Cohen of the Dutch
firm Cepezed, winner of the International Iron and Steel
Institutes competition for architects for the design of
steelframed houses, among many other awards. Michiel
proved to be an exceptionally good choice as he is not only a
fountain of originality, but also a source of brilliant ideas for
using steel effectively in architecture a true inspiration to

Annual Report 2007 7

technical and industry publications throughout the year, and Construction, are either dedicated entirely to engineering or have
have had television coverage on a number of occasions. Only a an engineering content. The prominence of engineering should
few paid advertisements were placed in strategic publications, be obvious to anybody who stops to think that if the engineers
because we generally find it rather easy to reach our target and others, who design or specify steel structures, or who
audiences in other ways. supervise their construction do not find it easy, they will tend to
select other materials.
Sustainability is a topic that has started to receive ever more
attention from the Institute, where sustainability refers to the One of the activities that take up a lot of personnel time is giving
financial (economic), social and environmental aspects of advice to engineers, contractors and others. Not only does this
business. With regard to the contribution of steel to the economy enable us to solve peoples problems and feed good solutions to
we need but look around us and at our buildings and industrial common problems into the market, we are also often in a
plants to know that steel is sustainable. Equally, the number of position where we can resolve conflicts.
people filling good, well-paid jobs in the industry, and what steel
enables in respect of housing, commerce and industry testify One of the problems we could resolve during the year related to
loudly to this materials social contribution. Finally, steel is the tolerances governing the wall thickness of structural tubes.

environmentally sustainable thanks to its recyclability and the fact These tolerances were unacceptably large, causing concern

that for most applications only a few kilograms are required among members of the Engineering Committee about the

compared to other materials. As we learn more about steel, how inadequate strength of tubes falling at the bottom end of the

to use it effectively and how to bring its attributes to the range of permissible thicknesses. A process of mediation between

attention of all, it will become even better recognised as a the tube producing companies led to a resolution of the problem
to the benefit of all.
sustainable material.

On several occasions in the past the Institute was involved in

determining which grade of steel would be the standard steel
for structures in the country. During this year it was decided to
The technology of steel construction remains an important move away from the concept of having a South African steel
subject for the SAISC and continues to receive a great deal of quality, in favour of an international standard. The standard
attention. During the past year we appointed David Blitenthall as grade of structural steel has thus become Grade S355JR, in
development engineer and his time is dedicated entirely to accordance with European Standard EN10025. This will affect
engineering. Other senior members of the Institutes staff also literally everybody in the industry.
spend much of their time on various aspects of engineering.
Furthermore, as reported under other headings, several aspects The Institute does not have a large number of publications, but
of our work, such as the courses we run and the journal Steel those that are published tend to be very popular and are used
intensely. During the year we republished the book Structural Steel
Tables (the Blue Book) and over 1 000 copies have already been
sold. We also found that the Southern African Steel Construction
Handbook (the Red Book) had sold out after 2.5 years, whereas it
was intended to last for 5 years. The need to reprint gave us an
opportunity to fix some errors that appeared in the book almost
an inevitability with any major review of a book and to bring it up
to date, for example in the use of S355JR as the standard steel. The
third publication, the Southern African Structural Steelwork
Detailing Manual (the Yellow Book), is scheduled for reprint early
in 2008. This publication has proven to be particularly influential in
setting detailing standards in this country.

The complexity of modern codes of practice makes it imperative

to have design aids in the form of handbooks, tables and graphs,
but also computer programmes. During this year we developed
spreadsheets for the design of beam-columns and also for welded
beam-to-column connections, with or without haunches. These
spreadsheets can be downloaded freely from the SAISC website.

8 Annual Report 2007

A difficult type of query the Institutes engineers frequently have problems in completing everything we tackle. One project that
to handle comes from the amateur who asks: What size beam remains in the incomplete state is the updating of the standard
should I use to pull an engine from a truck? Referring such a for the cladding of buildings, another deals with corrosion
person to a consulting engineer is seldom the solution, and we protection guidelines.
have taken the unusual step of doing a beams for dummies
screed to assist such people, while trying to steer clear of the
multitude of problems that can occur when a person without the STEELWORK CONTRACTOR AFFAIRS
requisite insight starts working with big forces.
The Committee for Steelwork Contractor Affairs is regarded as one
of the most important Committees of the Institute, but several
The Institutes Mining Structures Committee continues to do
factors conspired to make this a somewhat frustrating year for the
work of world standard with respect to codes for the design of
Committee, in that its important projects did not reach finality.
mining related structures. The esteem in which this work is held
Other matters of great importance to steelwork contractors resort
is demonstrated by the fact that moves are currently afoot to use
under other Committees, where they are reported on.
the South African codes as the basis for an ISO standard. This is
indeed an exceptional achievement.
The most important of the incomplete projects, considering the

We continue to be involved in a variety of projects of the South shortage of skills in the industry, is the training of structural steel

African Bureau of Standards, and the Executive Director of the assemblers. These are people who can do the assembly of

Institute serves as chairman of the Bureaus Committee structural steel assemblies, such as trusses or plate girders, but do

overseeing all standards for metal structures. not have the full range of skills of a boilermaker. Our efforts to get
such a course off the ground were frustrated by the fact that
As a small, developing economy we need to be constantly in training material for boilermakers is not as readily available as we
contact with organisations abroad in order to remain up to date assumed. Consequently we have engaged in a process to develop
with the newest developments. During this year we received a such material and this process is unlikely to be complete before
number of experts from abroad, attended conferences and the end of 2007. This is the Institutes first foray into the field of
technical meetings in New Zealand, Australia and Europe and artisan training.
participated in international programmes for the development of
publications and in international discussions of issues and A draft Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Charter was
problems. We are certainly regarded as significant participants on signed by the Institute, as well as most other representative
the international scene regarding steel construction technology. bodies in the construction industry, in March 2006. We geared
ourselves to promote the widespread implementation of the
Because of the wide scope of the Institutes activities and the Charter in the industry and to assist member companies in
large number of projects, we sometimes tend to experience achieving their BBBEE objectives. Unfortunately, the process the

Annual Report 2007 9

government has to follow in order to make the Charter legal is The other big event of the KZN Committee is their annual golf
extremely tortuous, and we now hope, at best, to have a binding day, which is always a capacity event and a great success.
charter early in 2008. We wait in anticipation.
The Institute has delegated the task of running conversion courses,
The project launched last year, entailing the development and which are aimed at familiarising engineers and technologists with
maintenance of a comprehensive price escalation index for the code for steel design, SANS 10162, to Greg Parrott, a member
steelwork, was continued this year, as it will in future. This index of the KZN Committee. He has run several successful courses in
system plays a big role in creating predictability of margins for most of the major centres in the country.
the steelwork contractor and is regarded to be of great
importance to the industry. Finally, the Committee takes active steps to recruit new members
for the Institute.
Safety remains a primary concern of the Institute and we
continued to market our Safety Manual, which can save
contractors and clients huge amounts of time and money in their EDUCATION
pursuit of safety on site.
The past year has been a particularly active one with respect to
courses for practicing engineers and other people involved in the
design of structures. This is in line with the emphasis the Institute
KWAZULU NATAL BRANCH places on the development of skills for the industry and the fact
The branch of the Institute in KwaZulu Natal serves as a living that teaching the industrys clients to use its products is a most
demonstration of what a dedicated group of people can achieve effective form of marketing. A course on the design of buildings
of their own volition and with very little help from Head Office. for industry and commerce (e.g. factories, supermarkets,
The Committee meets regularly and in effect operates like a mini- warehouses, etc.) proved to be particularly popular and was
institute, taking an interest in all subjects that concerns the offered to capacity classes in all major centres, sometimes more
SAISC, taking a view on matters, and proceeding to take than once per centre. Also popular, but more specialised, was a
whatever steps are required to achieve the desired outcome. course on the design of buildings for heavy industry, offered in
response to the need to grow a new generation of engineers who
The top event of the year for the Committee was the organisation are familiar with this subject. Finally, we offered a course on the
of the Steel Awards function in Durban. This was a superb event and design of structures subject to vibrations, responding to the same
extremely well organised and attended. The success of the event need to replace those engineers who used to design structures
was enhanced by the fact that more than 50% of the national for heavy industry.
awards went to projects in KwaZulu Natal the overall winner, the
Architects Studio of Elphick Proome, and four other projects. This year the prime achievement of the Institute under the
heading of education was the establishment of a structural steel
draughting training school. This brought our work of several
years finally to fruition. The Institute was instrumental in having
a qualification for structural steel draughtsmen registered, and
then had the learning material developed, at considerable cost.
However, we had no way of getting the school off the ground
until DSE took the initiative to make a considerable sum of money
available and to start making the arrangements for a big
classroom, equipment, furniture and other training facilities. DSE
approached the SAISC to join them in this venture, which is
called the SAISC-DSE School of Draughting. It is important to
note, however, that the school belongs to the industry and is
managed by a council, representative of companies in the
industry, and that all member companies of the SAISC are
welcome to send students to the school. The industry was
approached for financial support to the school and several
companies have already responded favourably. The first intake of
11 students is presently receiving training. Howard Fox, a highly
experienced draughtsman, was appointed as chief trainer.

10 Annual Report 2007

Our support for post graduate research remains an activity we steel design at the universities of the Witwatersrand and Cape
consider very important, not least because it yields a crop of highly Town, and also in a conference. He is widely regarded as a doyen
qualified people in the field of steel construction who can go on to of steel design and attracted substantial audiences to the public
fill positions in academia, consulting engineering, etc. This year the lectures we arranged.
Institute gave support to research programmes at Stellenbosch
University, Wits and UCT. We received regular feedback from these
universities and are satisfied that the funds are well spent. It can also MEMBERSHIP
be noted that some of the research projects from previous years
In as much as the Institute is a representative body carrying the
have already led to changes in the way steel structures are designed.
flame for a whole industry we need to have members. In fact, our
It is noteworthy that Celeste Barnardo, until recently working on
membership should be representative of the industry. It is
SAISC sponsored research, received an award at the end of last year
certainly the Membership Committees objective to recruit as
as the most outstanding student in the whole of the University of
members, as many as possible of the companies and individuals
that are active in the steel construction industry. This will always
remain an elusive goal, however, as the owners of the smaller
Senior staff members of the SAISC are regularly called upon to make
companies in the industry are often not people who have the
presentations to students in engineering, architecture or building
science at universities, or as part of post graduate programmes in time or inclination to join associations and participate in their

welding. We have also, as in previous years, run Steel Enlightment activities. We can claim, however, that our membership

courses at several universities to give engineering or architecture represents the bulk of the fabricated steelwork produced in the

students exposure to steel production and fabrication. Outstanding country, because all of the larger companies are members, even

students in engineering received prizes from the Institute. though we dont encompass the majority of companies.

The number of students studying with SAISC bursaries has been The Institute is constantly thinking about how to be of value not
reduced to two, in response to some external factors and the only to big companies, but also to small ones. In pursuit of this
need to increase the size of our bursaries. We remain satisfied, objective we have not only had many discussions with people
however, that the students who receive bursaries are of a high from across the industry, but have also started to move further
calibre and we ensure that they spend the time prescribed in afield to recruit new members.
their bursary contracts, working in the field of steel design after
graduation. Many previous bursars have already reached senior The membership statistics of the Institute changed in that both
positions in industry. the number of steelwork contractors and the number of
individual members increased by 10% this year. New individuals
Prof. Ted Galambos of the University of Minnesota visited South typically come to the Institute unsolicited, but steelwork
Africa during the year to participate in post graduate courses in contractors need to be approached with strong motivations.

Annual Report 2007 11

Once they join and experience the value of membership, million m2 of floor area), compiling a Code of Ethical Conduct for
however, they tend to be very loyal. members, and establishing membership categories, it was decided
to run the Association as a division of the Institute to capitalise on
Honorary membership was bestowed on Siegfried Holtzhausen, a the industry standing, experience and technical support of the
consulting engineer of Walker, Ahier, Holtshausen, and Professor Institute, and to keep administrative costs as low as possible.
Peter Dunaiski of the University of Stellenbosch during the Steel
Awards function, in recognition of the huge contribution they It was decided that quality was the major determinant for the
have made to the steel construction industry during their careers successful development of this industry. Five major tasks were
and to date. tackled with vigour:
K Development of a SANS Building Standard for Light Steel
Frame Building
LIGHT STEEL FRAME BUILDING ASSOCIATION K Compilation of a Quality Checklist for builders and building
(SASFA) inspectors
K Initiation of training programmes for steel frame erectors
Perhaps the most outstanding achievement of the SAISC during
K Formulation of an accreditation scheme for SASFA members
the past year was the creation of the Southern African Light Steel
K Establishment of a reference library and an advisory service
Frame Building Association (SASFA), as a division of the Institute,
and the activities flowing out of this action. Through SASFA,
To obtain broad industry support, applications for membership of
under the directorship of John Barnard, we have succeeded in
SASFA were invited from January 2007. The first AGM of SASFA
largely getting a new industry established in South Africa within
was held in February 2007. Randall Everson, Technical Director of
the space of a single year.
BPB Gypsum, was elected as Chairman and John Barnard
appointed as Director. Similar to the Institute, SASFA operates on
In order to identify interest in light steel frame building, the Institute
a Committee basis and an Executive Committee, a Technical
arranged two industry meetings in April and July 2006. During
Committee and a Training Committee meet on a monthly basis.
these meetings, the needs and concerns of the industry were
determined, and SASFA was launched in October 2006 to serve as
To enhance awareness of light steel frame building a website was
a platform for the systematic development of this new industry.
established and seminars were held in the major centres
Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Windhoek. We were
Support was obtained from the six major material suppliers to this fortunate to get two eminent overseas speakers Alan MacQuoid
industry, viz ArcelorMittal South Africa, Everite, BPB Gypsum, and Pierre Bourrier, respectively the Vice Chairman and Chairman
Lafarge Gypsum, Owens Corning (now ISOVER) and Brits of the European Light Steel Construction Association to address
Nonwoven. After formulating the goals of the Association (market the audiences.
growth to 10% of all low rise building in South Africa by 2011 2.0
A seasoned Australian trainer, Lex Somerville, was contracted to
present a week long course on the erection of light steel frame
buildings for trainers two local companies are now presenting
this training course on a commercial basis. CETA accreditation for
the course is being obtained.

Exciting progress is being made with the development activities

the SASFA Code for light steel frame building has been drafted,
and the member accreditation scheme is currently being
launched. Acceptance of the building method has been obtained
from the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC),
as well as from some of the major financial institutions. SASFA
membership has grown to more that 50 companies, and the
industry manufacturing capacity has rapidly grown to more than
25 000 t of steel per year.

SASFA and light steel frame building have been heralded as a

success story, but much remains to be done to get this industry
established and challenging goals have been set for the next year.

12 Annual Report 2007

INTERNATIONAL STEEL FABRICATORS (ISF) They can be a real threat with respect to major projects in our
traditional market areas, but they can also be valuable people
The past year has been full of contradictions for the ISF. On the
to collaborate with.
one hand, it has become quite difficult to get South African
companies interested in exports, because the demand for
Several trips were made to the Middle East. A primary area of
steelwork in the local market has been so buoyant that
interest was the rising importance of mining a traditional
everybody in the steel construction industry had sufficient
strength of our industry in that region. One of these trips was
work on their plates at attractive margins. On the other hand,
to accompany the State President to Saudi Arabia to announce
ISF vigorously continued its activities, because it is realised that
the Arabian Gulf Export Group (AGEG) through which a
at some point in the future the local market will cool down
permanent representative will be stationed in the Middle East,
again and we will need the export market to fall back on.
charged with promoting exports on behalf of a number of
Allowing the South African steel construction industry to drop industries, including the steel construction industry. During
entirely out of exports is a strategy that will be rued in future. one of these trips time was set aside to study pre-engineered
buildings emanating from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait and
In response to world realities however, the emphasis of ISF did posing a threat to our industry in the area of industrial
shift during the year. We started to also give some attention to buildings throughout Africa.
countries in Southern Africa previously regarded as not
constituting exports especially from the point view of The South African steel construction industry was represented
defending the strong position of our industry in these countries. at a mining show in Buenos Aires, and some mines in
ISF also started to study steel construction industries in other Argentina were visited. This is considered to be important in
countries that may be in competition with our own industry, view of the good prospects for mining in South America. A
within South Africa or in other favoured markets of our industry. mining-focused visit was also made to Australia, aimed
At the same time, ISF considered these potential foreign particularly at establishing contacts with EPCM companies in
competitors as potential collaborators to strengthen our own that country that are charged with projects in Africa. ISF also
industrys capacity for the execution of large projects. A final shift participated in the governments International Trade Initiative
was to start paying some attention to South America, where delegation to Zambia and Tanzania, another trip aimed at the
much development in the mining field is planned. mining industry.

A reconnaissance visit to China occurred early in 2007. The Excursions aimed at power generation, transmission and
delegation, led by ISF Director Neels van Niekerk, was met interconnects, included in the first instance, a visit to the
with a great deal of friendliness and openness. China proved to African Development Bank in Tunis, and secondly, participation
be even more amazing than expected, also from the point of in the East African Power Convention in Ethiopia. This is a field
view of steel construction. We can hardly ignore the Chinese. in which the opportunities are huge.

Annual Report 2007 13


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Francois du Toit: John Barnard:

Hatch Africa (Pty) Ltd SASFA director
Kobus de Beer:
SA Institute of Steel Construction John Ellwood (Chairman): David Blitenthall:
EM Trading Structural Engineer
Hennie de Clercq:
SA Institute of Steel Construction Spencer Erling: Kobus de Beer:
SA Institute of Steel Construction Board member
Francois du Toit:
Hatch Africa (Pty) Ltd Randall Everson: Tiana Venter:
BPB Gypsum (Pty) Ltd Office manager
John Ellwood (Chairman):
EM Trading Jim Guild: Marl Lotter:
SA Institute of Welding Events manager
Spencer Erling:
SA Institute of Steel Construction Henry Herring: Leslie Harra:
AXIS Structural Engineers Administration officer
Randall Everson:
BPB Gypsum (Pty) Ltd Freddie Herselman: Patricia Khunou:
Department of Trade and Industry SAISC Catering/House keeper
Molefe Kgomo:
Cosira International (SA) (Pty) Ltd Molefe Kgomo: Pamella Mnyanda:
Cosira International (SA) (Pty) Ltd Receptionist
Helgaard Meaker:
ArcelorMittal South Africa Helgaard Meaker:
ArcelorMittal South Africa
J W Swallow & Associates Sagren Naidoo: COMMITTEE
Churchyard & Umpleby
Tim Tasioulas: Alan Armitage:
Tass Engineering (Pty) Ltd John Swallow: Steel Fabrication Consultants & Allied
J W Swallow & Associates Services (Pty) Ltd
Neels van Niekerk:
SA Institute of Steel Construction (ISF) Tim Tasioulas: John Barnard:
Tass Engineering (Pty) Ltd SA Institute of Steel Construction (SASFA)
Tiana Venter:
SA Institute of Steel Construction Neels van Niekerk: David Blitenthall:
SA Institute of Steel Construction (ISF) SA Institute of Steel Construction
Tiana Venter: Dave Dawkshas:
SA Institute of Steel Construction
Macsteel Service Centres SA (Pty) Ltd
Alan Armitage:
Rob Young:
Steel Fabrication Consultants & Allied Kobus de Beer:
Young & Satharia
Services (Pty) Ltd SA Institute of Steel Construction

Dave Dawkshas: Hennie de Clercq:

Macsteel Service Centres SA (Pty) Ltd SAISC STAFF SA Institute of Steel Construction

Kobus de Beer: Hennie de Clercq: Charles Dednam:

SA Institute of Steel Construction Executive director ArcelorMittal South Africa

Hennie de Clercq: Spencer Erling: John Ellwood:

SA Institute of Steel Construction Education director EM Trading

Charles Dednam: Neels van Niekerk: David Grobler:

ArcelorMittal South Africa ISF director Cosira International (SA) (Pty) Ltd

14 Annual Report 2007

Gary Jones: Albert Hafkamp: Wiessiek Masztalerz:
DSE Structural Engineers and Contractors DSE Structural Engineers and Contractors Department of Minerals & Energy

Danie Joubert: Tomm Katranas: Tony Paterson:

Clotan Steel Africon Engineering International (Pta) Aluminum Federation of SA

Lenin Kiviet: Sipho Malinga: Jack Richter:

Arctex cc Malitech Engineering Hatch Africa (Pty) Ltd

Johann Labuschagne: Franco Mordini: Tiana Venter:

MiTek Industries SA (Pty) Ltd Robor (Pty) Ltd SA Institute of Steel Construction

Marl Lotter: Dennis Nash: Rodney Voigt

SA Institute of Steel Construction KAYP Consulting Engineers (JHB)
Bert Werkman:
Don McLean: Michael Papanicolaou: WJ Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Young & Satharia Union Structural Engineering Works
Neels van Niekerk:
Franco Mordini: Bruce Saxby: SA Institute of Steel Construction (ISF)
Robor (Pty) Ltd Macsteel Service Centres SA (Pty) Ltd

Sagren Naidoo: Rob Schaffner

Churchyard & Umpleby
John Swallow: COMMITTEE
Rene Pretorius: J W Swallow & Associates
Ricardo Avellini:
SA Institute of Steel Construction Paolo Trinchero: Avellini Bros (Pty) Ltd
Dodds Pringle: Macsteel Trading
Gerry Boom:
Vital Engineering & Angus McLeod (Pty) Ian Upton:
OmniStruct Nkosi (Pty) Ltd
Ltd JW Martin & Associates
Mike Robertson: Louis Breckenridge:
Tiana Venter:
Association of Steel Tube & Pipe Mnfrs Constructional Engineering Association
SA Institute of Steel Construction
Terry Smith: Richard Butler:
Don Walker:
Hot Dip Galvanizers Association SA Cadcon (Pty) Ltd
DA Walker & Associates
John Swallow (Chairman): Hennie de Clercq:
Matthew Wolstenholme:
J W Swallow & Associates SA Institute of Steel Construction
DSE Structural Engineers and Contractors
Kobus Duvenage:
Rob Young:
Spencer Erling:
Eddie Biagio: SA Institute of Steel Construction
Trans African Consulting Engineers MINING STRUCTURES
Steve Horwitz:
David Blitenthall: COMMITTEE
Central Welding Works
SA Institute of Steel Construction Hennie de Clercq:
Claudio Leita:
SA Institute of Steel Construction
Jim Collins: A Leita Steel Construction
Walker Ahier Holtzhausen Engineering Wyndham Gay:
Consultants cc TWP Consulting (Pty) Ltd Sipho Malinga:
Malitech Engineering
Alan Davies: Zigi Holtzhausen:
Bergstan South Africa Walker Ahier Holtzhausen Engineering Michael Mamotte:
Consultants cc Genrec Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Hennie de Clercq:
SA Institute of Steel Construction Derek Karshagan: Kobus Marais:
Hatch Africa (Pty) Ltd DSE Structural Engineers and Contractors
Francois du Toit (Chairman):
Hatch Africa (Pty) Ltd Geoff Krige (Chairman): Peter Millar:
Anglo Operations Ltd OmniStruct Nkosi (Pty) Ltd
John Duncan:
Cadex SA (Pty) Ltd Pieter Kruger: Rob Mylroie:
Murray & Roberts Engineering Solutions Impact Engineering cc
Shaun Green:
Steel Fabrication Consultants & Allied Lappies Labuschagne: Malcolm Royal:
Services (Pty) Ltd Anglo Platinum Roymec (Pty) Ltd

Annual Report 2007 15

Andy Strachan Vincent Danoher: Colin Shaw:
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Robor (Pty) Ltd
Tim Tasioulas (Chairman):
Tass Engineering (Pty) Ltd Alan Davies: Terry Smith:
Bergstan South Africa Hot Dip Galvanizers Association SA
Jaco van Den Berg:
Genrec Engineering (Pty) Ltd Kobus de Beer (Chairman): Paolo Trinchero:
SA Institute of Steel Construction Macsteel Trading
Neels van Niekerk:
SA Institute of Steel Construction (ISF) Nick Dekker: Neels van Niekerk:
Dekker & Gelderblom SA Institute of Steel Construction (ISF)
Tiana Venter:
SA Institute of Steel Construction Peter Dunaiski: Carl van Rooyen (Jr):
University of Stellenbosch Transcape Steels (Pty) Ltd
Dawie Vos:
Genrec Engineering (Pty) Ltd Spencer Erling: Alan van Rooyen:
SA Institute of Steel Construction Trident Steel

Albert Hafkamp: Viv van Zyl:

KWAZULU NATAL REGIONAL DSE Structural Engineers and Contractors SA Institute of Steel Construction
Greg Parrott: Tiana Venter:
Pietro Avellini: Durban University of Technology SA Institute of Steel Construction
Avellini Bros (Pty) Ltd
Gerrie van der Walt: Dawie Vos:
Don McLean: Highveld Steel & Vanadium Genrec Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Young & Satharia
Ben van Rensburg:
Rob Mylroie: University of Pretoria
Impact Engineering cc
Tiana Venter:
Sagren Naidoo (Chairman): SA Institute of Steel Construction
Churchyard & Umpleby John Banks:
Rob Young:
Lafarge Gypsum
Greg Parrott: Young & Satharia
Durban University of Technology John Barnard:
SA Institute of Steel Construction (SASFA)
Fred Rodwell
Kim Capstick-Dale:
Paul Simpson:
Gerard Adema: Brits Nonwoven
Macsteel Trading
Adema Structural Consultancy cc
Steve Cullender:
Ian Upton:
John Barnard: Scottsdale SA
JW Martin & Associates
SA Institute of Steel Construction (SASFA)
Hennie de Clercq:
Tiana Venter: Chris Booysen: SA Institute of Steel Construction
SA Institute of Steel Construction Scaw Metals Group
Cedomir Djordjevic:
Rob Young: Leon Coetzee Everite Building Products (Pty) Ltd
Young & Satharia
Alan Davies: Randall Everson (Chairman):
Bergstan South Africa BPB Gypsum (Pty) Ltd
EDUCATION COMMITTEE Hennie de Clercq: Brent Harris:
Oludotun Adegoke: SA Institute of Steel Construction Vela Steel Building Systems (Pty) Ltd
K'Enyuka (a subsidiary of Read, Swatman Molefe Kgomo (Chairman): Danie Joubert:
& Voigt) Cosira International (SA) (Pty) Ltd Clotan Steel

David Blitenthall: Michael Mamotte: Stewart Murray:

SA Institute of Steel Construction Genrec Engineering (Pty) Ltd MiTek Industries SA (Pty) Ltd

Chris Brink: Rob Pietersma: Andrew Scott:

SA Institute of Draughtsmen CBC Fasteners (Pty) Ltd Isover

Fred Crofts: Granville Rolfe: Patrick Swanepoel:

Technikon Pretoria Macsteel Trading Hazy Crest Steel Structures

16 Annual Report 2007

Peter van Wyk: Terry Smith: Peter van Wyk:
ArcelorMittal South Africa Hot Dip Galvanizers Association of SA ArcelorMittal South Africa

Tiana Venter: Colin Thomas: Tiana Venter:

SA Institute of Steel Construction ArcelorMittal South Africa SA Institute of Steel Construction
Ben van Rensburg:
University of Pretoria
Richard Bailey: ISF BOARD
David van Zyl:
MiTek Industries SA (Pty) Ltd Jean Charoux:
Vela Steel Building Systems (Pty) Ltd
John Barnard: Concor Engineering
Tiana Venter:
SA Institute of Steel Construction (SASFA)
SA Institute of Steel Construction Dave Dawkshas:
Steve Cullender: Macsteel Service Centres SA (Pty) Ltd
Rob White:
Scottsdale SA
International Zinc Association SA Kobus de Beer (Chairman):
Peter Day: SA Institute of Steel Construction
Lance Woollley:
Jones & Wagener
Brits Nonwoven Hennie de Clercq:
Hennie de Clercq: SA Institute of Steel Construction
SA Institute of Steel Construction TRAINING COMMITTEE
Cesare di Giacomo:
Dirk Loubser: John Barnard: Transdeco GTMH (Pty) Ltd
SABS SA Institute of Steel Construction (SASFA)
John Ellwood:
Rudzani Mamphaga: Mike Crawford:
EM Trading
NHBRC Lafarge Gypsum
Spencer Erling:
Larry Naidoo: Mike Crocker:
SA Institute of Steel Construction
Lafarge Gypsum BPB Gypsum (Pty) Ltd
Claudio Leita:
Lisa Reynolds: Hennie de Clercq:
A Leita Steel Construction
Isover SA Institute of Steel Construction

Annemarie Robertson: Nick Joubert: Neels van Niekerk:

Everite Building Products (Pty) Ltd Tjeka Training SA Institute of Steel Construction (ISF)

Anna-Marie Sassenberg: Annemarie Robertson: Alan van Rooyen:

AMS Civil & Structural Consultants Everite Building Products (Pty) Ltd Trident Steel

Andre Schlunz: Paul Schutte: Tiana Venter:

BPB Gypsum Vesco SA Institute of Steel Construction

Annual Report 2007 17


STEEL PRODUCERS Boksan Projects cc Kingfisher Steel

Representative: L Boksan Representative: Hendrik Beyleveld
ArcelorMittal South Africa
P O Box 33, Olifantsfontein, 1665 P O Box 1522, Krugersdorp, 1740
Representative: Charles Dednam
Tel: (011) 316 2172 Fax: (011) 316 1645 Tel: (011) 769 1293 Fax: (011) 762 5716
P O Box 2, Vanderbijlpark, 1900
Tel: (016) 889 9111 Fax: (016) 889 5668 Branch Engineering (Pty) Ltd Linrose Engineering Gauteng (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Allan Crocker Representative: Jorge Pereira
Davsteel (Pty) Ltd P O Box 38092, Booysens, 2016 P O Box 1153, Bedfordview, 2008
Representative: Coen Otto Tel: (011) 493 1197 Fax: (011) 493 7884 Tel: (011) 827 0314 Fax: (011) 827 0878
P O Box 54, Vanderbijlpark, 1900
Bulldog Projects cc Louwill Engineering cc
Tel: (016) 980 2121 Fax: (016) 988 3760
Representative: Mike Book Representative: Deon Kotz
Highveld Steel & Vanadium (Domestic) P O Box 82741, Southdale, 2135 P O Box 10834, Springs, 1570
Representative: Vossie Vorster Tel: (011) 827 4221 Fax: (011) 827 4561 Tel: (011) 818 5186 Fax: (011) 818 5185
P O Box 994, Bedfordview, 2008 Cadcon (Pty) Ltd MAC Engineering cc
Tel: (011) 663 0280 Fax: (011) 454 0576 Representative: Richard Butler Representative: Mino Carniel
P O Box 35042, Menlo Park, 0102 P O Box 436, Nigel, 1490
Highveld Steel & Vanadium (Export)
Tel: (012) 664 6140 Fax: (012) 664 6166 Tel: (011) 814 1834 Fax: (011) 814 6620
Representative: Vossie Vorster
P O Box 111, Witbank, 1035 Central Welding Works Magnet Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Tel: (013) 690 9589 Fax: (013) 690 9322 Representative: Stephen Horwitz Representative: Paul G Catalo
P O Box 3013, Pretoria, 0001 P O Box 123703, Alrode, 1451
Scaw Metals Group Tel: (012) 327 1718 Fax: (012) 327 1727 Tel: (011) 908 3500 Fax: (011) 908 2723
Representative: Chris Booysen
Concor Engineering (a Division of New Skies Holding Co (Pty) Ltd
P O Box 61721, Marshalltown, 2107
Concor Holdings (Pty) Ltd) t/a Nancy Engineering
Tel: (011) 842 9364 Fax: (011) 842 9705
Representative: Jean Charoux Representative: Ricardo Adriano
P O Box 823, Johannesburg, 2000 P O Box 38508, Booysens, 2016
STEELWORK CONTRACTORS Tel: (011) 249 7800 Fax: (011) 249 7984 Tel: (011) 493 1585 Fax: (011) 493 1564
Cosira International (SA) Okirand Construction
Project Services Representative: John da Silva Representative: Tony Hunt
Representative: Arthur R White P O Box 16390, Dowerglen, 1612 P O Box 4002, Rivonia, 2128
P O Box 1783, Port Elizabeth, 6000 Tel: (011) 626 2317 Fax: (011) 626 2917 Tel: (011) 463 1423 Fax: (011) 463 1240
Tel: (041) 452 2151 Fax: (041) 456 1121 DSE Structural Engineers & Contractors Omni-Struct Nkosi (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Kobus Marais Representative: Dave van Asche
GAUTENG P O Box 68, Germiston, 1400 P O Box 122, Ferndale, 2160
Tel: (011) 871 4111 Fax: (011) 871 4141 Tel: (011) 474 9140 Fax: (011) 474 7487
A Leita Steel Construction (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Claudio J Leita Fabricated Piping Systems Prospan Structures cc
P O Box 912758, Silverton, 0127 Representative: Peter Crowe Representative : David Paola
Tel: (012) 803 7520 Fax: (012) 803 4360 P O Box 654, Glenvista, 2058 P O Box 1755, Bramley, 2018
Tel: (011 828 4388 Fax: (011) 828 2147 Tel: (011) 440 2116 Fax: (011) 440 2135
Bessemer Steel Construction (Pty) Ltd
Genrec Engineering (Pty) Ltd SE Steel Fabrication (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Fritz Hoogendyk
Representative: Jaco van den Berg Representative: David J Essey
P O Box 4102, Luipaardsvlei, 1743
P/Bag X035, Wadeville, 1422 P O Box 1326, Krugersdorp, 1740
Tel: (011) 762 5341 Fax: (011) 762 5345
Tel: (011) 876 2300 Fax: (011) 827 1733 Tel: (011) 953 4584 Fax: (011) 660 5855
Betterect (Pty) Ltd Karle Steel Manufac. & Construction Sectional Poles (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Gavin Scallan Representative: Andreas Mayer Representative: Phil M Koen
P O Box 4486, Luipaardsvlei, 1743 P O Box 7669, Bonaero Park, 1622 P O Box 17028, Groenkloof, 0027
Tel: (011) 762 5203 Fax: (011) 762 5286 Tel: (011) 422 4637 Fax: (011) 845 2867 Tel: (012) 348 8660 Fax: (012) 348 9195

18 Annual Report 2007

Spiral Engineering cc KWAZULU-NATAL Redfab Engineering cc
Representative: Colin Kirkland Avellini Bros (Pty) Ltd Representative: Jayram Reddy
P O Box 1966, Florida Hills, 1709 Representative: Pietro Avellini P O Box 562171, Chatsworth, 4030
Tel: (011) 474 9119 Fax: (011) 474 6528 P O Box 28340, Malvern, 4055 Tel: (031) 463 1673 Fax: (031) 463 1659
Tel: (031) 464 0421 Fax: (031) 464 0966
Steel Band Construction cc Robsteel Structures cc
Representative: Steven Smit Churchyard & Umpleby Representative: Robert Drysdale
P O Box 6030, Dunswart, 1508 (incorporating Superframe) 17 Hildray Crescent kloof, 3610
Tel: (011) 918 2454 Fax: (011) 918 3252 Representative: Mark Ferreira
Tel: (031) 764 3960 Fax: (031) 764 3960
P O Box 719, New Germany, 3620
Tass Engineering (Pty) Ltd Tel: (031) 705 4008 Fax: (031) 705 5815 SpanAfrica Steel Structures (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Tim Tasioulas Representative: James Pinnell
Impact Engineering
P O Box 3781, Kempton Park, 1620 P O Box 100606, Scottsville, 3209
Representative: Douglas Nidd
Tel: (011) 975 0647 Fax: (011) 970 1694 Tel: (033) 346 2555 Fax: (033) 346 1242
P O Box 174, Shakaskraal, 4430
Tegmul Engineering (Pty) Ltd Tel: (032) 947 1054 Fax: (032) 947 2017
Representative: Toby Esterhuizen MPUMALANGA
NIK Steel
P O Box 1602, Meyerton, 1960 Representative: Nico Reddy CICON
Tel: (016) 362 2007 Fax: (016) 362 1188 P O Box 2128, New Germany, 3620 Representative: Kobus Duvenage
Tricom Structures cc Tel: (031) 705 6878 Fax: (031) 705 9216 P O Box 691, Bronkhorstspruit, 1020
Representative: Udo Topka Ogilvie Engineering Tel: (013) 933 3445 Fax: (013) 932 2415
P O Box 1725, Silverton, 0127 Representative: Allan Olive Quality Steel
Tel: (012) 803 0041 Fax: (012) 803 6040 P O Box 369, Gillits, 3603
Representative: Andre D Potgieter
Tel: (031) 700 6489 Fax: (031) 700 6488
Turnmill Proquip (Pty) Ltd P O Box 12442, Nelspruit, 1200
Representative: Michael J Wragg Paragon Steel Structures Tel: (013) 752 2723/4 Fax: (013) 752 2407
P O Box 6272, Weltevredenpark, 1715 Representative: Peter Hallowes
Tubular Technical Construct (Pty) Ltd
P O Box 22432, Southgate, 3209
Tel: (011) 675 2424 Fax: (011) 675 1255 Representative: Carlos De Melo
Tel: (033) 386 8270 Fax: (033) 386 8276
Van Driel's Steel Construction P O Box 222, Witbank, 1035
Pro-Spec Steel Structures
Representative: Robby van Driel Tel: (013) 690 2335 Fax: (013) 656 2408
Representative: Tony Jugmohan
P O Box 375, Heidelberg, 2400
P O Box 428, Howick, 3290
Tel: (016) 341 6102/5 Fax: (016) 341 6685 Tel: (033) 330 2295 Fax (033) 330 2295 NORTH WEST

WBHO Services North Rebcon Engineering (Pty) Ltd Tricom Structures cc

Representative: Andrew Breckenridge Representative: Warren Butler Representative: David Hunter
P O Box 531, Bergvlei, 2012 P O Box 444, New Germany, 3620 P O Box 699, Kliprivier, 1871
Tel: (011) 265 4000 Fax : (011) 310 3578 Tel: (031) 705 5851 Fax: (031) 705 5855 Tel: (016) 365 5327 Fax: (016) 365 5320

Annual Report 2007 19

WESTERN CAPE Kulungile Metals Group (Pty) Ltd WESTERN CAPE
Belmet Marine (Pty) Ltd Representative: Sampie van Rooyen Macsteel Trading (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Daleen Prinsloo P O Box 995, Isando, 1600 (Cape Town)
P O Box 397, Bellville, 7535 Tel: (011) 929 5000 Fax: (011) 929 5062 Representative: Marinus Muilwijk
Tel: (021) 948 5682 Fax: (021) 948 0517 Macsteel Service Centres SA (Pty) Ltd P O Box 824, Bellville, 7530
Representative: Dave Dawkshas Tel: (021) 950 5500 Fax: (021) 950 5600
Mazor Steel cc
Representative: Shlomo Mazor P O Box 7729, Johannesburg, 2000 Transcape Steels (Pty) Ltd
P O Box 60635, Table View, 7439 Tel: (011) 871 0000 Fax: (011) 824 4994 Representative: Carl van Rooyen
Tel: (021) 556 1555 Fax: (021) 556 1575 Macsteel Trading (Pty) Ltd P O Box 210, Eppindust, 7475
(Germiston South) Tel: (021) 534 3211 Fax: (021) 534 5890
Prokon Services (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Martin Lotz Representative: Granville Rolfe Trident Steel (Pty) Ltd (Cape Town)
55 Muscat Ave, Blackheath, Cape Town P O Box 7729, Johannesburg, 2000 Representative: Cedric Palanyandi
Tel: (021) 905 4448 Fax: (021) 905 4449 Tel: (011) 871 4677 Fax: (011) 871 4667 P O Box 85, Wimbledon Road,
Blackheath, 7581
Scott Steel Projects Macsteel V R N
Tel: (021) 907 1600 Fax: (021) 907 1636
Representative: Dave N Scott Representative: To be appointed
P O Box 2344, Clareinch, 7740 P O Box 123813, Alrode, 1451
Tel: (021) 671 3176 Fax: (021) 671 8736 Tel: (011) 861 5200 Fax: (011) 861 5203
Triomf Staalwerke Bk NJR Steel Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Andrew Mentis (Pty) Ltd (trading as
Representative: Willie A du Plessis Representative: Mike J Riley
Mentis Sales)
P O Box 1367, Paarl, 7624 P O Box 58337, Newville, 2114
Representative: Ted Jarvis
Tel: (021) 862 1630 Fax: (021) 862 4899 Tel: (011) 673 4065 Fax: (011) 673 5962
P O Box 8045, Elandsfontein, 1406
Union Structural Engineering Works Sovereign Steel Tel: (011) 255 3200 Fax: (011) 828 1463
Representative: Mike N Papanicolaou Representative: Anthony Nathan
Augusta Profiles (Pty) Ltd
P O Box 55, Epping, 7475 P O Box 894, Isando, 1600
Representative: Roy E. Whelehan
Tel: (021) 534 2251 Fax: (021) 534 6084 Tel: (011) 392 1348 Fax: (011) 392 4112
P O Box 131176, Northmead, 1511
Stewarts & Lloyds Trading (Pty) Ltd Tel: (011) 914 4628 Fax: (011) 914 4748
Bolt & Engineering Distributors
Arctex cc Representative: Ronnie Turner
Representative: Mike Giltrow
Representative: Lenin Kiviet P O Box 14172, Wadeville, 1422
P O Box 14190, Wadeville, 1422
P O Box 146299, Bracken Gardens, 1452 Tel: (011) 824 1800 Fax: (011) 824 3402
Tel: (011) 824 7500 Fax: (011) 824 0890
Tel: (011) 900 4136 Fax: (011) 900 1837 Trident Steel (Pty) Ltd
Cavotec Gantrex (Pty) Ltd
Sach-Warr Construction cc Representative: Alan van Rooyen
Representative: Johann M Jankowitz
Representative: Kesavan Moonsamy P O Box 124054, Alrode, 1451
P O Box 13328, Witfield, 1467
P O Box 238, Roodepoort, 1725 Tel: (011) 861 7111 Fax: (011) 865 2042
Tel: (011) 963 0015 Fax: (011) 963 0064
Tel: 083 283 6636 Fax: (011) 760 2595 Tel: (011) 908 4686 Fax: (011) 864 7629
CBC Fasteners (Pty) Ltd
Zamani Engineering Services cc
KWAZULU-NATAL Representative: Rob J. Pietersma
Representative: David Nkosi
Discount Steel P O Box 670, Paardekraal, 1752
P O Box 1806, Witbank, 1035
Representative: Craig Lotze Tel: (011) 767 0000 Fax: (011) 767 0150
Tel: (013) 656 1978 Fax: (013) 656 1979
1 Edenpark Drive, Murrayfield Park, Future Africa Trading
STEEL MERCHANTS & SERVICE Pietermaritzburg Representative: Praveen Bechoo
CENTRES Tel: (033) 846 2222 Fax: (033) 346 1992 P O Box 14783, Wadeville, 1422
GAUTENG Gateway Industrial Supply Tel: (011) 821 5121 Fax: (011) 827 1201

Ferro Eleganza (Pty) Ltd Representative: David Marie Geo Stott & Co (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Chris Narbonees P O Box 2476, MECC, Representative: Dennis Dedwith
P O Box 470, Silverton, 0127 Mount Edgecombe, 4300 P O Box 43134, Industria, 2042
Tel: (012) 803 8035 Fax: (012) 803 5645 Tel: (031) 507 5696 Fax: (031) 507 5698 Tel: (011) 474 9150 Fax: (011) 474 8267

General Profiling (Pty) Ltd Macsteel Trading (Pty) Ltd (Durban) Global Roofing Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Gavin Poplak Representative: Paul Simpson Representative: Johan van der Westhuizen
P O Box 471, Crown Mines, 2025 P O Box 1757, Durban, 4000 P O Box 6461, Dunswart, 1508
Tel: (011) 839 2917 Fax: (011) 837 1617 Tel: (031) 913 2600 Fax: (031) 902 2345 Tel: (011) 898 2902 Fax: (011) 892 1455

20 Annual Report 2007

IBC International (Pty) Ltd Steel Fabrication Consultants & Allied Be-Del Mining Enterprises t/a Pel
Representative: Vernon Lucas Services Construction
P O Box 131560, Northmead, 1500 Representative: Alan Armitage Representative: Ben Delport
Tel: (011) 425 3190 Fax: (011) 425 4308 P O Box 566, Modderfontein, 1645 P O Box 11098, Klerksdorp, 2570
Le Blanc Communications SA Tel: (011) 450 4509 Fax: (011) 450 4502 Tel: (018) 469 3894 Fax: (018) 469 2783
Representative: Jeremy Richards Tudor Engineering & Draughting cc WJ Engineering (Pty) Ltd
P O Box 1592, Nigel, 1490 Representative: Braam Beukes Representative: Bert J Werkman
Tel: (011) 814 1404 Fax: (011) 814 1444 P O Box 17572, Sunward Park, 1470 P O Box 20985, Noordbrug, 2520
Macsteel Roofing (Pty) Ltd Tel: (011) 914 5163 Fax: (011) 914 5165 Tel: (018) 294 3395 Fax: (018) 294 5472
Representative: Dennis E White Vital Engineering & Angus Mcleod
P O Box 14085, Wadeville, 1422 (Pty) Ltd TRANSMISSION LINE
Tel: (011) 878 7502 Fax: (011) 827 1890 MANUFACTURERS
Representative: Dodds B Pringle
Macsteel Tube & Pipe (Pty) Ltd P O Box 6099, Dunswart, 1508 Andrew Satcom Africa
Representative: Robert Subotsky Tel: (011) 898 8500 Fax: (011) 918 3000 Representative: Gavin Hishin
P O Box 13640, Witfield, 1467
P O Box 78611, Sandton, 2146
Tel: (011) 897 2100 Fax: (011) 826 6333 MPUMALANGA Tel: (011) 719 6000 Fax: (011) 444 5393
Rivet & Weldstud Manufacturing cc Rosette Steel South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Babcock Ntuthuko Powerlines
Representative: Adriaan Fourie (LD Oosthuizen Konstruksie Bk)
Representative: Kevin McCabe
P O Box 9263, Cinda Park, 1462 Representative: Lammert Oosthuizen
P.O. Box 274, Nigel, 1491
Tel: (011) 914 5103/4 Fax: (011) 914 5106 P O Box 1125, White River, 1240
Tel: (011) 739 8200 Fax: (011) 739 8201
Robor (Pty) Ltd Tel: 083 462 6371 Fax: 0866 337 847
Transdeco GTMH (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Colin Shaw
P O Box 1229, Isando, 1600 NORTHERN CAPE Representative: Cesare di Giacomo
Tel: (011) 971 1830 Fax: (011) 392 4438 P O Box 31666, Braamfontein, 2017
Rufco Engineering cc
Tel: (011) 242 6600 Fax: (011) 242 6644
RVI (Robertson Ventilation Representative: Gandeloro Ruffini
International) P O Box 50, Postmasburg, 8420
Tel: (053) 313 1651 Fax: (053) 313 2081
Representative: Eric Whelan
P O Box 296, Modderfontein, 1645
Tel: (011) 608 4640/1 Fax: (011) 608 6443 NORTH WEST GAUTENG

Safintra (Pty) Ltd Almec Manufacturing Armco Galvanisers (Pty) Ltd

Representative: Steve Strydom Representative: Joan Basson Representative: Andre de Bruyn
P O Box 26060, East Rand, 1462 P O Box 20017, Matlosane, 2575 P O Box 63, Isando, 1600
Tel: (011) 823 4027 Fax: (011) 823 4288 Tel: (018) 469 3202 Fax: (018) 469 3200 Tel: (011) 974 8511 Fax: (011) 974 8510

Annual Report 2007 21

Barloworld Plascon Paints (Pty) Ltd Fluor SA (Pty) Ltd Lategan Bouwer Civil & Structural
Representative: Graeme Carr Representative: Carlo Zambon Engineers
P O Box 1227, Johannesburg, 2000 P O Box 784850, Sandton, 2146 Representative: Kas B Lategan
Tel: (011) 951 4500 Fax: (011) 955 2841 Tel: (011) 233 3400 Fax: (011) 233 3522 P O Box 1215, Secunda, 2302
Blastrite (Pty) Ltd Tel: (017) 634 4150 Fax: (017) 634 4188
Goba Moahloli Keeve Steyn (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Bradley Storer
Representative: John Cowden
P O Box 4585, Germiston South, 1411 WESTERN CAPE
P O Box 180, Sunninghill, 2157
Tel: (011) 873 4593 Fax: (011) 825 6456 Bergstan South Africa
Tel: (011) 236 3300 Fax: (011) 807 8535
Hot Dip Galvanizers Association of SA Representative: Alan Davies
Representative: Terry Smith Group Five Projects (Pty) Ltd P O Box 4733, Cape Town, 8000
P O Box 2212, Edenvale, 1610 Representative: Greg Heale Tel: (021) 487 4900 Fax: (021) 424 7653
Tel: (011) 456 7960 Fax: (011) 454 6304 P O Box 26807, East Rand, 1462
Kwezi V3 Consulting Engineers
Pyro-Cote cc Tel: (011) 899 4697 Fax: (011) 918 2707 Representative: Reg Barry
Representative: Trevor Miller Hatch Africa (Pty) Ltd P O Box 398, Bellville, 7535
P O Box 124114, Alrode, 1451 Representative: Francois du Toit Tel: (021) 912 3000 Fax: (021) 913 3222
Tel: (011) 864 5205 Fax: (011) 908 6636
Private Bag X20 Gallo Manor 2052
Sigma Coatings (Pty) Ltd Tel: (011) 239 5300 Fax: (011) 239 5790 MINING HOUSES
Representative: Dirk Becker Anglo American Corporation
P O Box 124055, Alrode, 1451 Representative: Geoff Krige
Representative: Tom Sawyer (Professional
Tel: (011) 389 4800 Fax: (011) 389 4832 P O Box 61587, Marshalltown, 2107
Tel: (011) 638 2061 Fax: (011) 638 4636
KWAZULU-NATAL Suite 156, Private Bag x3,

Phoenix Galvanizing (Pty) Ltd Paardekraal,1752

Representative: Anni Ramkisson Tel: (011) 660 3010 Fax: (011) 660 3300 MANUFACTURERS
P O Box 60161, Phoenix, 4080 Pollock Williams James & Partners cc Dowding, Reynard & Associates (Pty) Ltd
Tel: (031) 500 1607 Fax: (031) 500 1704
Representative: Tim James Representative: Leon Uys
P O Box 73245, Fairlands, 2030 P O Box 3567, Rivonia, 2128
Tel: (011) 679 2282 Fax: (011) 679 384 Tel: (011) 202 8600 Fax: (011) 202 8808
GAUTENG Roymec (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Malcolm Royal
Acecad Software Ltd
P O Box 41335, Craighall, 2024
Representative: Ray McCaig
4 McKinley Road, Kenilworth, 7708 Tel: (011) 804 5123 Fax: (011) 804 5185
Tel: (021) 683 0107 Fax: (021) 683 0107 SRK Consulting (South Africa)(Pty) Ltd
Africon Engineering International Representative: Jaya Omar
Representative: Keith Small P O Box 55291, Northlands, 2116
P O Box 905, Pretoria, 0001 Tel: (011) 441 1027 Fax: (011) 880 8086
Tel: (012) 427 2000 Fax: (012) 427 2924
WAH Engineering Consultants cc
Arup (Pty) Ltd Representative: Jim Collins
Representative: Ric Snowden
P O Box 48529, Roosevelt Park, 2129
Private Bag X38, Benmore, 2010
Tel: (011) 888 2150 Fax: (011) 888 2296
Tel: (011) 303 2500 Fax: (011) 303 2501
WSP Group of Companies
Bateman Projects Limited
Representative: Alistair McKay (LC Consulting)
P O Box 25937, East Rand, 1462 Representative: John Truter
Tel: (011) 899 9111 Fax: (011) 894 5175 Block A, Bryanston Place Office Park,
199 Bryanston Drive, Bryanston
BKS (Pty) Ltd
Representative: Izak Potgieter Tel: (011) 361 1300 Fax: (011) 361 1595
P O Box 3173, Pretoria, 0001
Tel: (012) 421 3500 Fax: (012) 421 3501 MPUMALANGA

Clearspan Structures (Pty) Ltd ASCH Professional Services (Pty) Ltd

Representative: Jeff Montjoie Representative: Anwar Davids
P O Box 26495, Eastrand, 1462 P O Box 51121, V & A Waterfront, 8002
Tel: (011) 823 2402 Fax: (011) 823 2582 Tel: (021) 418 4988 Fax: (021) 419 5187

22 Annual Report 2007


MAJOR MATERIAL SUPPLIERS Du Pont de Nemours Light Frame Homes cc

Manufacturer of weatherproofing Profiler, assembler and builder
ArcelorMittal South Africa
membranes Schalk van der Westhuizen
Producer of steel
Ray Bonser Tel: 021 982 6077
Peter van Wyk
Tel: 012 683 5601
Tel: 016 889 3189 MiTek Industries SA (Pty) Ltd
LSF roof trusses
Duro Pressings Richard Bailey
BPB Gypsum Supplier of steel door frames, doors and Tel: 011 237 8700
Producer of gypsum board windows
Randall Everson Stuart Cooper
Tel: 011 345 5300 Tel: 011 864 4333
SA Steelframe Systems
Profiler and assembler Interwil (Pty) Ltd Johan Marais
Brits Textiles Distributer of timber products Tel: 082 450 0086
Stuart Juds
Producer of insulation products
Tel: 011 453 1371
Kim Capstick-Dale
Tel: 021 577 1490 Vela Steel Building Systems Profiler and assembler Kare Industrial Suppliers Brent Harris
Distributer of fasteners Tel: 011 463 9446
Group Five Manufacturing (Everite) Reitze Hylkema
Producer of fibre cement board Tel: 011 941 3170
Cedomir Djordjevic
Tel: 011 903 8049 MANUFACTURERS United Fibre Cement Co (UFCC) Inno Steel Distributer of fibre cement products Profiler and assembler
Isover Leon Bekker Peter Wiehahn
Producer of insulation products Tel: 021 933 0052 Tel: 011 794 5436
Lisa Reynolds
Tel: 011 360 8200 Mystic Blue Trading 334 (Pty) Ltd
LARGE MANUFACTURERS Profiler, assembler and builder Dezzo Roofing Gordon Tidboald
Profiler and assembler Tel: 031 461 8224
Lafarge Gypsum Brandon Harding
Producer of gypsum board Tel: 031 713 6571 Steel Frame Developments
John Banks Profiler and assembler
Tel: 011 389 4515 Ryan Minietti Tel: 032 947 0979
Framelite Hermanus Profiler and assembler
Basie Oelofsen
Avlock International Hazy Crest Steel Clotan
Fastener and equipment supplier Profiler and assembler Steel service centre
Mohamed Khan Patrick Swanepoel Danie Joubert
Tel: 011 917 2110 Tel: 031 700 3121 Tel: 016 986 8000

Annual Report 2007 23

Framelite Martin & Associates Global Design and Build Solutions
Distributor of LSFB equipment Structural design engineer Developer, and builder of LSFB
Clive Stephenson Ian Upton Hilton van Deventer
Tel: 028 271 5778 Tel: 031 266 0755 Tel: 011 804 9048
Global Specialised Systems
AAAMSA Group Overberg Lite Steel Projects
Distributor of cladding and insulation
Association for promotion of fenestration, Erector and builder
insulation and ceiling systems Basie Oelofsen
Paulette Murison
Tel: 011 813 2078 Hans Schefferlie Tel: 028 312 3047 Tel: 011 805 5002 RS Driwall Solutions
Metal Rollforming SA Builder
CSIR (Built Environment)
Distributor of LSFB equipment Riaan Swanepoel
National building research institute
Dirk Moolman Tel: 079 494 6960
Llewellyn van Wyk
Tel: 028 316 1291
Tel: 012 841 2677 Tjeka Training
HDGASA Training supplier
Proroof Steel Merchants Association for promotion of hot dip Nick Joubert
Steel service centre galvanized steel sheet Tel: 011 410 4711
Dick Gibbons Terry Smith
Tel: 016 450 5800 Tel: 011 456 7960 Vesco Community Enterprises Training supplier
Scottsdale Association for the promotion of the use Phillip Nothnagel
Distributor of LSFB equipment of zinc Tel: 016 889 9903
Steve Cullender Rob White
Tel: 011 486 4195 Tel: 083 456 4989
Vincent Menge
LSK (European Light Steel Construction Tel: 011 326 0262
AMS Civil & Structural Consultants National association for the promotion of
Structural design engineer light steel frame building
Anna-Marie Sassenberg Pierre Bourrier
Tel: 058 303 7223
NASH (National Association for Steel-Framed Housing, Australia) Confident Property Investments
By Design National association for the promotion of Builder of LSFB
light steel frame building Johan Jansen van Rensburg
Structural engineer
Ken Watson Tel: 082 773 5056
Barend Oosthuizen
Tel: 021 883 3280 Pretoria Institute for Architecture Institute for architects
Group Five Housing
Maureen van Wyk
Entity Engineering Developer and builder
Tel: 012 341 3204
Structural engineer Paul Thiel
Darin D'Oliveira Tel: 011 253 8833
Tel: 011 462 8890 Standard Bank
d' Provider of home loans
Johann Strydom Semelo Developments
Framerite Structural Engineers Tel: 011 631 5977 Erector and builder
Structural engineer Pieter Kotze
Kevin Hohls
Tel: 011 472 8805
AB Housing
Hull Consulting Engineers South Coast Renovations
Structural engineer Janet Phillips Erector and builder
Mike Hull Tel: 086 1711 499 Dale Green
Tel: 011 468 3447 Tel: 072 720 4639

24 Annual Report 2007

1st Floor, Block C, 43 Empire Road, Parktown West PO Box 291724, Melville, 2109
Tel: (011) 726 - 6111 Fax: (011) 482 - 9644 Email: