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TIME: 1:30 Minutes



1 Fill in your name and exam number on the Answer Booklet provided.
2 There are three(3) sections in this question paper, Section A, B and C
3 Answer all questions in all three (3) sections. Write all your answers in the answer
booklet provided.
4 In section A, for each question, four (4) suggested answers are given A, B, C and D.
Chooses the best answer and show it in the Answer Booklet by marking it with a
For example if the answer is D



1 What name is given to a device that is connected to a computer in order to transfer data
to and/or from the computer?
A. Software
B. Hardware
C. Peripheral
D. Input devices

2 Which of the following printers are commonly used to print on very big paper.
A. Dot Matrix Printer
B. Plotter
C. Inkjet
D. Laser printer

3 Which of the following ways can a computer get infected with a virus?
A. Downloading and Installing illegal software
B. Using memory sticks without scanning it.
C. Sending emails without scanning your computer
D. Opening email attachments without scanning it

4 Which of the following is as a result of bad sitting posture?

A. Wrist injury
B. Head aches
C. Back and Neck Ache
D. Stress

5 The Hard Disk is an example of Backing Storage. Backing Storage is also known as?
A. Secondary Memory
B. Primary Memory
C. Non Volatile
D. Main Memory

6 Which of the following is not the removable storage media?

A. CD Rom
B. Memory Stick
C. Floppy Disk
D. Magnetic Tape

7 A floppy disk is a non-volatile media. This means that..

A. Its small in size
B. It loses its data when power goes off
C. It keeps data even if it loses power.
D. Once data is saved it cannot be deleted.

8 In Desktop Publishing, what do you call the cutting off bits that you dont want.
A. Distort
B. Resize
C. Crop
D. Fade

9 The computers part which used as an interface to connect a computer to a network is

A. Router
B. Network Interface Card
C. Bridge
D. Switch

10 A software that can be downloaded without paying is called.

A. Freeware
B. Open source
C. Proprietary
D. Share were

11 The user interface in which a user has to type command to use a computer is
A. Command line
B. Graphical user interface
C. Command prompts

12 A memory card is an example of a storage media.

A. Optical
B. Movable
C. Solid state
D. Magnetic
13 What is the name of the following device?

A. Mouse
B. Jolly Stick
C. MICR Reader
D. Track ball

14 Which of the following is not a secondary memory?

A. External Hard Disk
B. Read Only Memory
C. Magnetic Tape
D. Floppy Disk
15 . is a picture or word on a website which when clicked can open another page
or file.
A. Button
B. Link

SECTION B (25 Marks)

16 The computer memory which stores the computers boot up programs is called

17 The resources on the Internet which connects different files and documents together is
called the .

18 Two or more separate parts of the same network can be joined together using a

19 The two types of computer interfaces are and ..

20 . is the private network which belongs to a single organization.

21 The size of a memory is measured in bytes. 2 Terabytes has bytes.

22 The Central Processing Unit Speed is measured in ..

23 The name of an active cell in spread sheet is displayed in a

24 Small picture on the computer used to represent files are called

25 . is the name given to the first page you access if you open any website.
26 .. keep deleted files on the computer.
27 . is a secret code of numbers used to restrict access to computer
28 determines the type of a file and the program that can open it.
29 .. is the name given to devices which have a computer inside
them and are controlled by it.
30 . is a site on the World Wide Web.

SECTION C (25 Marks)


CRT Monitor A: Key board B: . C:

(a) Name device A, B and C [3]

(b) State two uses of device C [3]
(c) State two disadvantages of a CRT Monitor over a Flat screen monitor(LCD) [2]
(d) State the difference between a Keyboard and a PIN Pad [1]

32 The figure below show a website.

a. What name is the search engine? [2]

b. What is a link; give an example from the figure above. [2]

c. What is the use of the website above? [1]
d. What is the Uniform resource locator(ERL) of the website above [2]
e. What browser is being used to open the website? [1]
33 (a) State the possible causes of the following in a computer room
(i) Fire [1]
(ii) Electric Shock to users [1]
(iii) Over Heating of computers [1]

(b) Explain how the following can be prevented in a computer lab

(i) Theft [1]

(ii) Hacking [1]

(ii) Wrist injuries to users [1]

(c) What are the consequences of theft in computer security? [2]

34 (a) What is an operating system? [2]

(b) State two non-windows based operating systems. [2]
(b) State four uses of the operating system. [4]